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#and I hate myself

Actually the whole canon makes me feel as if I’m unimportant and mean nothing because “Real Ciel” died and I didn’t. Which makes me feel like my own experiences mean nothing. I fucking hate the canon.


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I just got struck with realization and I’m basically at tears because idk, probably because I hate to be wrong :/

It’s just that I hate that it seems I was seeing one person wrong, I had a wrong version of them in my mind. I’m saying this because I know that so many people see that person so different and yet they see the said person similar. So I’m thinking either I am wrong or what? I guess I am wrong. I guess I am no good at seeing through the person and yea.

Fucking hell, another fact showing that I am no good at anything.

I thought I can quickly see through someone and I thought I was good at it. Stupid me

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