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#atsushi sakurai

Doing some online cleaning, and would like to share some of my old photos and screenshots etc that only a scant handful have ever seen.

This isn’t my usual content here. I’m not a scans/screenshots/gifs blogger.

These are all my original vintage work. Screenshots have been heavily worked and edited. There’s a scan or two that I’ve painstakingly removed text from and brought to as close to studio quality as possible. All of this was done pixel by pixel without fancy software yesrs ago, with the typical image getting over 75 hours of work time. (you can see why I don’t want to just delete some of these)

Sadly, they’re not at their full original resolution that I created them at. If possible, I’ll replace them with better ones from my backup hard drive, but you know how it is- most fan stuff gets lost to hard drive crashes over the years.

Hit the hashtag “old photo rescues: mine” below to check out more of these posts.

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Been working on cleaning up and organizing my iPhone’s contents before replacing it with a newer model, to make the process go faster and more smoothly…

…and discovered how difficult it is to get animated GIFs off while staying animated. I ended up doing it in a very roundabout way. Thankfully there weren’t many.

Sakurai was looking miserable at the thought of being deleted.

OK, so yeah, he’s good at that. 😅

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‘KINGS REFLECT ’ 11•18•20

I haven’t done anything in awhile since having to replace my old computer. Getting parts had taken over 4 months and having to relearn a program has left me at a weird place in my art but I am happy to say this piece has made me quite happy. This is a companion to my 'Crown of Gravity’

I like to focus on things I feel I want to improve and often I choose a lot of the same subject to curate different developments and practice with shading and brushes that I like to work more with.

As things become chaos my mind had become so conflicted and busied. It felt really nice to finish this one. I will update more being this is what really makes me joyed in what little spare time I have.

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