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(aka i actually wrote a fic, wow)

It takes a little too long for Alex and Maggie’s giggles to fade after they leave the bar, and it leaves Kara biting at her lip, fiddling with her straw, tears pricking at her eyes. Her sister’s guilty eyes keep flashing behind her eyelids, and despite her overwhelming sadness, Kara wishes she weren’t acting so selfish. She’s an adult, and so is Alex. Plus Alex has a girlfriend now, and Kara knows — knows, but hates acknowledging — that Alex’s time isn’t all for her anymore.

“Alex deserves to be happy,” Kara whispers to her glass, in a pitiful attempt to change her own mind. “She deserves to be happy with Maggie.” The words are true, no matter the circumstances. But it doesn’t change the fact that Kara is unbearably and unequivocally lonely.

It’s her Earth birthday. Lucky thirteen. The one day she expected to be just her and Alex — no aliens, no Mon-el, no Maggie. Just the Danvers sisters as they always were. As much as Kara loves Alex and Maggie, she knows somewhere, deep down, that it shouldn’t be selfish to want this.

“Someone’s got their head in the clouds.” Kara glances up to find M'gann smiling at her. “Is everything okay?”

“Yes…no,” Kara admits, cradling her head in her hands. “I just — today’s kind of a big day for me, and I had planned to spend it with Alex.”

M'gann pulls up a stool and leans against the bar. “But Alex is with Maggie.”

“Yeah. And I know Alex is less available now, I mean, I wouldn’t want her being clingy on me if I were in a relationship, but I just wish she was here for this, you know?” Kara pouts slightly and looks up at M'gann. “Is that selfish?”

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