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𝐁𝐞𝐧𝐢𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐮 𝐒𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐦𝐨𝐧 ♡
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Benimaru would be the type to fuck you raw after work to blow off steam
Warning: smut, overstimulation, dark themes, inappropriate language, size kink, implied daddy kink UNDERAGED DNI
Pairing: Benimaru ShinmonxFem Reader
Wc: 255 (small smut)
“nghh feel so good for me.” benimaru moans as he hoisted you up in the wall, your small figure pinned so easily being fucked just right. Thrust after thrust your thoughts slowly turns to nothingness only focused on how good he made you feel, his head nuzzled in your neck bottoming out with his already pink tip brushing the tip of your cervix “beni, s’too much i can’t take it!” you sob, your grip on his back growing tighter leaving crescent marks on him from your nails. “you can take it your taking me so well” he coos his hips snapping into you at a malicious pace. even with your face covered in tears, mascara and drool you couldn’t get over the fact of how good benimaru felt around your velvety walls the girth of his throbbing cock hitting your cervix over and over again. His lips finds it’s way to your neck biting down to cover muffled moans spilling from his mouth “shit- i’m so close“ benimaru grunts as his chest presses to yours and his pace grows the words “cum in me” falls from your lips like a mantra and who is benimaru if he doesn’t oblige to his baby’s needs? benimaru finds his thrusts growing sloppy as he comes undone in your convulsing cunt. His head finding its way back into the crook of your neck breathing heavily with your heart beats beating simultaneously with each other. You swear you can hear him mumble “One day I’m going to marry you…”
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Benimaru - Episode 18
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You Pick A Fight, I’ll Define It. 
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DILF week masterlist
Shinmon Benimaru x f!reader
Genre: Smut
Notes: OKAY so first Fire Force fic hello!! AU Beni and reader are married, the twins are their babies.
Synopsis: Your sex life with Benimaru has been near non-existent since the birth of your twin girls, so you try and spice things up by remembering an old kink from your early days of dating. 
Warnings: 18+, consensual sex, daddy kink, edging, jealousy//possessiveness, sir kink, breeding kink, degradation, slight choking, vaginal sex.
Words: 2.4k
Tumblr media
It’s been a year since the twins were born. A year of changing dirty diapers. A year of putting your whole life on hold to take care of your adorable little girls. Hikage and Hinata were little blessings. You may be biased, but they were honestly the cutest little baby girls you’d ever seen. For Benimaru, it was love at first sight. The adoration in his eyes for the two little girls was like nothing you’d ever seen. He’d die for them. You know he would. If anyone dared lay a finger on his perfect little angels you know he’d never rest until he’d hunted them down and made them suffer.
You loved your daughters, truly, you did. But the sleepless nights and constant attention they required took a toll on your marriage.
You’ve had sex four times since you’ve given birth. You’re constantly exhausted and Beni is working at Company 7 most hours of the day. It’s rare you get a chance to be together intimately, and even rarer you are both in the mood for it.
He’s convinced you to ride on top of him. You’re doing your best to rise and fall on his thick length, your tired legs are ready to give out at any moment. He can see in your face that you’re tired, he’s admiring how hard you’re trying for him. Using any of your remaining strength to please him, letting him use you as his personal fuck toy, allowing him to take his frustrations out on your cunt. A favourable form of stress relief.
With your riding becoming slower, Benimaru sees fit to take over. He pulls you down towards him, he slides his fingers in your hair and forces your mouth onto his. You kiss each other passionately and with so much love. It’s been so long. You know he loves you… of course he does. But being with him like this after so long; being with him so intimately and letting him have you in such a ferally ardent manner is reminding you who you belong to. It reminds you who you’re utterly devoted too. You remember who you want to spend the rest of your life with.
He wraps his arms around your torso, opting to take over from you and give you the break you deserve. He steadies your body as he begins to slam upwards into you. You can feel each thrust bruise your cervix. Each vein of his shaft stimulates your gummy walls. You’re moaning so loudly. Too loudly. He hushes you incessantly, but you can’t help it. You’re so close. He feels so perfect inside of you, you feel so full, so complete. The sweat on your skin and his are gluing you closer to each other. You don’t want this feeling to end. You don’t want him to leave you feeling empty ever again. You can’t help the raucous moans being pulled out of you. You can’t help the undeniable desperation to compliment him. To praise him. To tell him how fucking good he feels inside of you. So you do, in the best way you know how.
“F-Fuck, you feel so – fuck – so fucking good d-daddy.” you whine, almost breaking into a cry when you know your orgasm is near. But he stops. He completely stills inside of you, not a single word spilling from his lips. It’s scaring you, he is still in the crook of your neck refusing to make eye contact with you. “Beni? Is everything okay?” you ponder, hoping to coax a response from him.
“You shouldn’t have called me that.” he speaks in almost a scolding tone. He raises you off of him and skulks towards to bathroom.
You shouldn’t call him… his name? You know he likes you to say his full name is a specific way, but you didn’t think he’d be so irritated over you calling him Beni. It’s not like you’ve never called him it before. But the longer he’s gone, the more time you have to think. Of course he isn’t upset that you’d called him Beni. He was upset that you’d called him daddy. You jump up from your bed, swiftly opening the bathroom door to see him brushing his teeth.
“I always called you daddy. What’s the problem now?” you bark, irritated that he brought you so close to your release and stopped over something so petty.
“That was before the twins… Just seems more inappropriate now, that’s all.”
You sighed, getting comfortable into bed and facing away from him. He grinned at your petulance, you knew your temper tantrums didn’t work on him, but it was the only power you had right now. “Goodnight, Benimaru.”
Tumblr media
You’ve refused to speak to Benimaru since last night, through all of his attempts you’ve ignored him. He even went out to buy you some apology flowers, and still, you ignored him completely. You knew he stood by what he said, so an apology was useless. All he was doing was trying to keep you sweet for Company 8 coming over.
He needn’t have worried since you aren’t one to air your dirty laundry in public. You were happy to play the role of a doting, loving, not at all angry wife in front of the soldiers from the eighth. They were all cooing over the twins, you held both of them in your arms as you came to greet them. Obi was very excited when he saw them, taking Hikage from your arms and bouncing her softly in his own. You let Tamaki hold Hinata. You almost forgot you were angry with Beni when you turned to smile at him. It was unpreventable, you were too proud over how much everyone loved your girls.
“Can I hold one?” Arthur asked, you were about to object when Obi spoke on your behalf.
“Are you kidding? You’ll probably drop whichever poor baby ends up in your arms.” he comments, earning a giggle from everybody in the room. You felt sorry for Arthur, until his facial expression told you he was a little slow on the uptake of the joke.
“Arthur, if you sit down on the ground, you can hold one of them.”
Tumblr media
An hour went by of everyone fawning over your children. Benimaru and Konro isolated themselves from the group with Obi and Hinawa, clearly having some important fire force business to discuss amongst captains and lieutenants.
The rest of the members of both companies are talking amongst themselves, it’s hectic. Your head is pounding so you opt to go outside for some fresh air. Some alone time is just what you need. But no such luck, there’s never a place to be alone when the eighth are here. As soon as you step outside, you’re greeted by a kind smile from Vulcan. There are definitely worse people you could have been forced together with, Vulcan is a quiet unassuming guy. Apparently he has a temper, but you’ve never seen that side to him whenever he’s visited. He beams at the babies you’re holding and you’re more than willing to hand one to him.
“They’ve gotten big since the last time I saw ‘em.” he stated, simultaneously pulling goofy faces at the elder twin he was holding. It made you giggle, he was so sweet with her. You weren’t expecting him to be the type to coo over babies. You even told him so. “How could I not be obsessed with these little cuties, they’re adorable.” he smiled. Following his sentence in baby talk repeating, yes they are… oh yes they are…
“How come you’re sitting out here alone?” you pondered, seating Hinata more comfortably on your lap.
“I don’t know if you noticed, but they eighth can be a handful.” he snickered. You nodded, agreeing.
It was nice to converse with someone close to your own age. He’s a little younger than yourself and Benimaru, but not by much. He’s probably the most mature and relaxed member of the eighth. And if anyone were to ask you, he’s probably your favourite. Your cheeks warm when you think about the fact you have a slight soft spot for him.
Vulcan jumps to his feet, holding his hand to his forehead in a soldiers salute, his other arm still holding your daughter. You turn around to see what caused Vulcan’s sudden motion, his quick jolt of movement. It’s Beni.
“Give her to me.” Benimaru commands.
“Yes Sir.” Vulcan responds, holding the baby girl out to your husband.
“Obi is looking for you.” Beni alerts him.
“Thank you Sir.” Vulcan gratefully answers, waving to you and the children before retreating indoors.
Benimaru is scowling at you, looking less than impressed. You hadn’t intended to make him jealous, he knows that you aren’t like that. But seeing Vulcan holding his daughter and sitting beside his wife ignited a rage within him. He was furious with you.
“Get inside.” he instructed, expecting you to obey instantly. And you do. You stand to your feet, facing him for a minute longer than he’s anticipating before you do as you’re told. But before you disappear back inside to reunite with the seventh and eighth companies; you turn to your husband with a petty, childish grin on your face.
“Yes, Sir. Right away, Sir.” you stick your tongue out, then quickly hiding inside before he can scold you any further.
Tumblr media
Another few hours fly by, and you’re finally saying goodbye to Company 8. Your husband holding both of your daughters in his arms while you wave them off. As you’re about to head inside Benimaru stops you. When you prepare to ask him what he’s doing he commands Konro to take hold of the girls, requesting he puts them to bed on both of your behalf.
“Beni what are you—”
He doesn’t let you finish speaking before he’s dragging you away by your wrist. You don’t go too far when you realise he’s taking you to the alleyway behind the seventh. He picks you up by your thighs with ease and settles you on some conveniently placed crates. While you’re trying to think of a sentence to speak, or a question to ask, his lips crash against yours passionately. You find yourself involuntarily bucking your hips into his crotch, feeling his growing erection against your clothed cunt.
“Beni what is this all about?” you ask him, finally finding the right words.
“I’m sorry about last night,” he told you. You were surprised since it actually sounded sincere. You felt guilty, you couldn’t be mad at him if a kink wasn’t working for him anymore. You waited for him to continue talking. “I know we aren’t as intimate with each other as we used to be. I know you miss me because I miss you.”
Without a second thought you were kissing him again. You were pulling at his clothes, a silent beg for him to take them off. He parted from you while he acquiesced. He pulled your dress down to reveal your heavy tits, still large and filled with milk for your children. Benimaru rolled a nipple between his thumb and forefinger while he sucked softly at your neck. You moaned softly, feeling totally at his mercy as he fondled you.
“You said something earlier, I liked it… more than daddy.” he huffed into your neck. You lowered your gaze to face him.
“What did I say Beni?”
He travels up your neck to plant a kiss on your jaw, and then keeps his mouth level with your ear.
“You were mocking me, like a petulant brat. But you called me Sir, and I’ve never been more aroused.” he whispered, carrying on his assault of kissing you gently. You kicked him softly away from you while you shimmied yourself out of your pink lace panties. Hiking your dress up and spreading your legs open for him to get a good look at your cunt.
“Do you want to fuck me, Sir?” you asked him teasingly. He instantly removed his throbbing erection from his pants and lined himself up with your entrance. “Jesus baby, if I’d known I would get you like this I would have called you Sir a long time ago.” you joked. Your giggling was cut short as the head of his shaft entered your hole.
“You’ve been giving me a hard time since last night,” he complained with a harsh thrust. “Did you think I was likely to let that go?”
“N-no, I-“
“No, what?”
“No Sir, I’m sorry.”
Benimaru spreads your legs open as far as they will go, wanting perfect access to your sweet little cunt. He slams into you harshly, wrapping a hand around your neck for better stability. You’re a little concerned when he begins to squeeze, it’s something you’ve never done or discussed before, but you know he’d never do anything to intentionally hurt you.
“You drive me wild ­– fuck – I want another baby. I’m gonna cum inside. I love you, - shit sweetheart – I love you so much.”
“Mmm, fuck baby. Fill me up Sir, wanna have your baby again. Cum in me please, please, please. I need it. Beni, I need you.” you babble coherently enough for your husband to understand. His lower abdomen hitting against your clit sends you tumbling over the edge. You scratch your nails across Benimaru’s back as your cunt clenches around him powerfully. The vice grip your pussy has on your husband is enough to bring Benimaru to his knees. It’s been so long since either of you orgasmed, his release seemed endless. It was the most heavenly feeling, it was so wonderful to feel so full of your husbands love. You both panted as you came down from your highs.
When you finally calmed down, staring into each other’s eyes the entire time, you weren’t quite sure why but you burst out into laughter and covered your mouth instantly. Even Benimaru cracked a smile, he was still inside of you, not wanting to lose this feeling of closeness. He pulled you into his chest as you carried on giggling, delivering chaste kisses on the crown of your head. It was a simple act of love, you felt so safe. You felt so excited at the prospect of bringing another symbol of your love into the world.
Tumblr media
© 2021 fuwushiguro
Tumblr media
I finally made a tag list!! If you wanna be tagged in my work, feel free to fill out this form, thank you hehe 💞
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I hate it when the best part of manga being cut off....😌
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ʙᴇɴɪᴍᴀʀᴜ { & } sᴏᴜᴇɪ⤸ ᴛʜᴀᴛ ᴛɪᴍᴇ ɪ ɢᴏᴛ ʀᴇɪɴᴄᴀʀɴᴀᴛᴇᴅ ᴀs ᴀ sʟɪᴍᴇ
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BENIMARU SHINMON for @ramenbowls
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slime tensei imgns!
- synopsis: sneaking in the hot springs to bathe with the best boys
- includes: rimuru, benimaru, and souei
- special appearances from: shuna, shion, gobta, hakurou (for the shts and giggles lmao)
- warnings: slight nsfw implications in beni’s part
Tumblr media
r i m u r u
oh to be the lover of a man loved by many, it can truly be a bother at times
example being your current situation
rimuru was in his human form, trapped between shuna and shion who were giving him remarks and praises about how well he gave his speech to the delegates from yuurazania
now, how will you take your man for yourself
using thought communication, you said to him, “i invited you over here for us to have a moment to ourselves, do explain why shuna and shion are also here with us, hmm? oh great rimuru-sama.”
you saw him flinch, slowly looking over to you who was sitting down a good 5 meters away from where he was
he smiled, making you scoff and roll your eyes
also using thought communication he replied, “(name) i’m sorry! i didn’t think anyone saw me come in here, but alas they followed me to the bath and before i had a chance to explain it was already too late! im sorry (name)! i really am!”
you then looked over to the two kijins, an idea suddenly appearing out of thin air, you smirked and said out loud, “oh dear, it seems rimuru is hungry from bathing for far too long. shuna, shion, would you two be a dear and grab some food for him? you have my utmost thanks.”
you then listed all sorts of rare and hard to cook cuisines to keep them occupied for a good five hours or so
the two kijins smiled and replied, “of course (name)-sama!”
they then glared at each other, immediately running out of the bath to fetch some food and be the first one to give them to rimuru
you smiled victoriously, “finally!”
rimuru swam closer to you and hugged your side, sighing he said, “you’re so warm.”
wrapping your arms around him, you kissed the top of his head and said, “love, we’re in a hot springs, what do you expect?”
dismissing your sarcastic reply, he kissed your lips, parting just enough for his lips to still touch yours, he said; “your hugs will always be the best.”
Tumblr media
b e n i m a r u
benimaru sighed in content as he dipped further into the hot springs designated for gentlemen
it was a pretty rough day, some overconfident human visitors thought it would be wise to try and pick a fight with him
he scoffed, it seems that their survival instincts needed some tweaking, seeing that they failed to see the murder seething from his eyes
after that encounter he had to train the kurenai elite troops in order to prepare for upcoming battles and to strengthen the defense and offense of the jura tempest federation
it truly was such a tiring day
benimaru opened his eyes, he was now standing in the bath, looking to every direction trying to determine the location of the noise when he suddenly felt a heavy weight from behind him, his body plunged forward into the hot springs and he heard laughter as he gasped for air
finally escaping from the deathly grip, he turned around and saw you giggling, saying “sorry” and “oh jura, you look like a hot mess”
he groaned, “(name) what are you doing here in the men’s bath?” yet even as he tries to look annoyed, one cannot deny how his eyes softened when he saw you
“i was looking for you, then i bumped into rimuru-san, he told me he saw you walking here and so i followed suit,” you replied as you scooted closer to him, beginning to play with his dampened locks
“dearest, someone could come in here any second now, we are sure to be teased by the others if they saw our current predicament!”
flicking his forehead and receiving an ‘oi!’ from him, you then replied saying, “oh don’t worry your pretty ‘lil head love, i asked rimuru-sama if we can have the baths to ourselves for the evening and he agreed, he even told us to have fun.”
benimaru shook his head, pulling you closer to him he said, “well then, if rimuru-sama said so, then who am i to disobey?”
trailing kisses down your neck to your chest he thought to himself, ‘its going to be a long evening’
Tumblr media
s o u e i
you were already in the women's bath when you heard rimuru and souei's voice from the other side
he wasn't one to indulge himself, always claiming that he'll be on the look-out for enemies and anything out of the ordinary in the jura tempest territory
you assumed that rimuru may have scolded him and ordered the kijin to go take a break in the hot bath. hearing rimuru bid farewell, you then started to speak, "souei! are you alone over there?"
"(name), i didn't know you were there. to answer your question, yes i am alone. rimuru-sama left since he has urgent business to attend to."
you smiled
"i'll go over there!"
"this is the men's bath (name). it is not appropriate for a young woman to be seen bathing with a man like myself."
"oh you and your uptight self! relax for a bit okay? if anybody sees us, then they'd know better than to interrupt, and when have i ever followed tradition?"
"hmm, i guess so"
you stood up and used shadow motion to go to the men's bath
appearing near a bamboo tree, you smiled at him and walked over to where he was sitting, dipping yourself in the water you sighed in content
just as he was about to embrace your figure, he heard a shriek and a chuckle
"i-i'm sorry! (name)-san and souei-san!" the both of you saw gobta kneeling down holding the towel covering his body tightly as he continuously bowed and asked for forgiveness
beside him was hakurou, smirking at souei as if saying, "ayeee, my man getting that-"
"oho ho! me and my student will leave now, it seems that we have disturbed you two," dragging gobta by his ear (he was still saying a barrage of apologies) the master and student then left you two to your own devices
souei sighed, this wasn't really how he envisioned a 'relaxing evening' to transpire to
but with you now wrapped in his embrace, he doesn't think its half bad
yep, it really wasn't, he thought when you started nuzzling his naked chest
hope ya’ll liked it!!
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In light of others apparently trying to shame Demon Slayer because of Tengen and his wives, why don’t we have some fun? Let’s list off as many characters as possible who fall under the multiple partners category! Have some fun and show those complainers what else is out there! Potential Spoilers Below! Obviously, we’ve got Tengen! :3
Tumblr media
Slime’s Benimaru’s also there. (A potential spoiler, I’ll keep their identities to myself.)
Tumblr media
Magi’s Masrur also comes to mind! 
Tumblr media
While I personally am not interested in such a relationship, it’s really not any of our business to complain about others’ love lives. So, let’s see how far we can make this go! ~Animegirl6755
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Anime: Enen no shouboutai
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Everyone asking for first kiss hc now i wanna know how beni would react 😭
He always gave me the feeling that he has no idea what to do in those situations he knows something like that it was going to happen but how did he supposed to carry on the thing its a whole blank paper for him 🤣
How could I ever leave out my favorite Fire Force pisces ♡ 100% though I don't think Beni has any idea what he's doing ever (I mean just look at manga Waka constantly clueless I love it) and kissing definitely falls in that idk are for the destroyer of Asakusa heh
The first kiss is a shock to Beni. You could have been holding hands the entire time and asked if you can kiss him and it's still a shock. The butterflies in this mans stomach as he realizes all at once they you kissed him and he's never kissed anyone before. Why would he? He's never felt like this about someone so of course he's never kissed anyone. But now he's standing in front of you, ears poking out from his hair, tinged with red while he stares at your lips. Absolutely willing you in his mind to kiss him again but too dumbfounded to say he wants another. Utter static.
The first make out session is because Beni is greedy. Point blank he wants his stomach in knots and the same nervous butterflies you always leave him with. Your hands in his hair. And your tongue down his throat. So the second both your lips part in an average kiss, Beni goes for it. Hungry for you when you give back tenfold into the kiss. Gripping your sleeves and moaning when you push into him. And if you're making him tilt his head back while making out, expect Beni to tug at you all while he greedily sucks on your tongue bc he can't get enough.
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xanimepapi · 4 months ago
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Benimaru Shinmon
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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mhk-87 · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
This is a friendship.
They are best friends.
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hanagakiz · 5 months ago
i definitely don’t have a type lmao
Tumblr media
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qweaenr · 2 months ago
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FIRE FORCE - Shinmon Benimaru 1/2 - The God of destruction, The King of demolition of Asakusa, the mightiest Fire Soldier, the strongest
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deannovian · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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bl-astoise · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
𝖢𝗈𝗆𝖾 𝖺𝗇𝗒 𝖼𝗅𝗈𝗌𝖾𝗋 𝖺𝗇𝖽 𝗐𝖾 𝗐𝗂𝗅𝗅 𝗌𝗁𝗈𝗐 𝗇𝗈 𝗆𝖾𝗋𝖼𝗒!
𝖨’𝗆 𝗍𝗁𝖾 𝗈𝗇𝖾 𝗐𝗁𝗈'𝗅𝗅 𝖻𝖾 𝗌𝗁𝗈𝗐𝗂𝗇𝗀 𝗇𝗈 𝗆𝖾𝗋𝖼𝗒.
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thewritetofreespeech · 5 months ago
Words: 1400+ Rating: E Pairing: Benimaru (TSSK) x Reader Summary: You and Benimaru had been trying to start a family for a while now, but nothing seems to be working..... tags: heterosexual sex, oral, pregnancy talk, breeding sex, mentions of past trauma
Tumblr media
The rain drizzled outside, creating a soft percussion symphony outside. The first rain of the rainy season. A day you would normally be happy about. But the deary, although much needed, day only hastened to match your mood.
You had met with Rimuru-sama earlier that morning for your regular exam to discover you were not pregnant.
After talking to Benimaru in the clear light of day of his drunken confession of wanting children, the two of you had decided to try and start a family earnestly. Everyone you had told, those in the inner circle anyway, had been extremely supportive and excited for your decision. Eager to see you start this new chapter and be a part of the miracle in bringing a new life into their world.
That had been months ago. And still you weren’t pregnant.
You were growing….concerned. Perhaps you couldn’t give Benimaru children. It wasn’t as if you two had been necessarily careful with your love making before you decided on this. You watched the calends, of course, and kept track of your cycle, but that usually didn’t stop Benimaru from sliding over to your side of the bed in the middle of the night. He also seemed to have an aversion of spilling is seed anywhere that wasn’t inside you. Still, nothing.
Then of course there was your time before Benimaru. You hate to think on those dark days before he and the others rescued you. The pain, the anguish, the humiliation you had felt at the hands of those men. You used to think it a blessing that you weren’t forced to carry any of those monsters’ bastards. Now, however, you’re started to wonder if your blessing wasn’t a curse. What if you couldn’t have children? What if you couldn’t give Benimaru the family he was hoping for?
“These things take time.”
“Time is all we have had.” You hiss back at Benimaru. You knew he was trying to be helpful and supportive, but you were so sick of hearing that. “We’ve been trying, and it doesn’t seem to work. Maybe it’s time to face reality that perhaps I’m broken and can’t give you children.”
“I refuse to accept that!”
You look up from the floor at Benimaru when he spoke. His eyes looking at you with fierce determination. “I refuse to believe that we came upon each other, and fate would take this away from us. I refuse to believe that our love cannot do anything we set our minds to.” His hand reached out to take yours. “And…you’re not broken. Don’t ever say that again.”
You can see the hurt in his eyes as he spoke to you. He hated when you spoke of yourself this way. Old habits die hard. However, you can also tell that he’s hurt by the idea of you not being able to have children. Benimaru would love you forever, no matter what, but this new dream of a family was something he really wanted. Something you really wanted to give him. “I’m just trying to be a realist.” But maybe not all dreams come true.
“I know. But it’s important to stay positive as well as practical in these situations. I have faith this will work out. And, until then,” the kijin scooted closer to you with a soft smile, “there’s not harm in continuing to practice until we get it right.”
Despite yourself you smile a little. Damn him and his devilish charm when he put his mind to it. “I’m not really in the mood.” You tell him. Which was true. Again and again the results coming up negative had left disappointed & despondent by the whole ordeal. Making a baby was really taking all the fun out of love making.
“I can’t convince you?” Benimaru asked, lifting your hand he was still holding to his lips to kiss your fingertips. Caressing each pad softly and slowly before moving to the inside of your wrist. “You don’t want me? Not even a little?”
“That’s not—” Your voice was cut off when he leaned in now to kiss your ear. Making your knees weak.
Of course, you wanted him. You always wanted your husband. Your strong, confident, sweet, sexy husband. If desire was what made women pregnant, you’d have 10 of them already. Sadly it wasn’t what made women pregnant, and you were saddened more to think that you could give him another failure.
“Don’t think about that.” His firm, deep voice cut through the clouds in your thoughts like his sword through an enemy before he kissed your neck again. “I don’t want you to think about anything but you & me right now. This isn’t about that. I just want to make my wife feel good.” He tilted your head slightly and claimed your lips in a kiss. Even now his kiss making you moan.
When he pressed into you gently, you willingly lay back on the floor as he fell on to of you. His kisses move lower from your lips and your neck, as nimble fingers undo the tie of your kimono, to your breasts. A gasp escapes you as his tongue flicked across your nipple before his lips wrap around it. You moan at the suction and feel of his hand grasping at your other breast to toy with it. Your back arching slightly into his touch. Wanting more.
He doesn’t stay there long though as he moved lower down your body. The soft whisper of silk making way for him as your kimono feel further open as he quested lower. You bite your bottom lip, knowing what was going to happen.
Benimaru came to your apex, kissing the top of your mound, breathing in your scent, before his lips touched your core and his tongue licked your entrance. You immediately moan and arch at the contact. The feeling strange, but familiar, at first before breaking away to pleasure. He was very good at this. Probably because he seemed to enjoy it, licking your pussy with gusto and well past your orgasm to taste his wife. His tongue licked at your outer folds at first, before pressing further inward. Swirling around before curling up and pulling as it pulled out of you. Gods it felt so good! His tongue then moved up towards your clit that was practically throbbing for attention, and you almost lose it when he flicked across the swollen nub.
“Ah! Benimaru!” You cry out. Your husband now paying exclusive attention to your clit as he seemed determined to make you cum quickly. And he was going to get his way.
Your hips buck up as Benimaru mercilessly, earnestly sucked and licked at your clit. Your hands mindlessly come down to his head to touch him. Grabbing a handful of his crimson hair between his horns and hearing him moan against you. The vibrations sending you into another tailspin of ecstasy before pushing you over the edge.
Your whole body quivers as you basked in the afterglow of your intense orgasm. Trying to catch your breath that was stolen as you look up at your husband through glassy eyes as he disrobed in front of you. “Do you still not want me?” He asked, naked. His manhood standing out proudly in front of him, with a heated gaze burning hotter than his fire.
Your brain was still in recovery, so the most elegant response you could come up with was to spread your legs and tell him, “I want you.” It seemed all the sweet words Benimaru needed as he descended on you with a grin and wrapped his arms around you.
With how wet you were from earlier; it only took one well practiced thrust for him to enter you, and you welcome the feeling of him inside you. “Benimaru…” You moan quietly against his face as he rocked against you. The kijin lifted his head from the crock of you neck, like it was a summons, and kissed you.
“I love you [Y/N].” He called back when he broke away. Never stopping his thrust as he continued to make love to you.
His thrusts go deeper and you cry out as they hit a particular spot. “Mhm! Benimaru…more…!” He obediently sped up. Hips thrusting faster into that spot as you held on to his broad shoulders with your legs wrapped around his waist. Quickly sending you over the edge again and not long after finishing himself.
The two of you kiss softly in the afterglow. His cock still inside you. Feeling it twitch the last of his seed into you before Benimaru eventually pulled out.
“Do you feel better now?” He asked as he laid next to you. His expression softer, but still warm, as he looked at you.
“Well, I do feel good.” You couldn’t necessarily say you were ‘better’. Your feelings about conceiving not just going away. You did feel good right now though.
Your hand came down to your still flat stomach, and you look at it with a forlorn smile. “I just know how important this is to you. I know you want a family.”
“I already have a family.”
Benimaru reached out and took your hand, kissing the back of it. “I have you. And Shuna. Shion, and Souei, and Hakurou. Of course, Rimuru-sama. This is my family now. And I am grateful for it. If we have children, I’ll be happy. But if we never have them, that doesn’t mean we won’t have any less of a family. Because I’ll always have you.”
You’re moved by Benimaru’s words and honest confession. That did make you feel a little better.
You make love again. Unaware that the fruits of your labor had already taken root in your womb, and the start of your new family had already begun.
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