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#spin off
suncaptor5 months ago
jensen made a demon deal to bring the dead husk of supernatural back to life but he didn't tell jared 馃様馃様 we have seen this story before.
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sesshoumarusamaa month ago
鉁╰he most iconic, romantic, and dramatic transition in the anime history me thinks 鉁
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
and that's on sessrin 馃挏馃А
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spnsmile5 months ago
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Or maybe all supernatural characters will be there and cas in a different vessel im killing
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mangasaw3 months ago
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Tumblr media
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Baji Keisuke <3 (TR: The Wounded Tiger)
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drukkari-world14 days ago
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Tumblr media
According to insider sources, there have been discussions at Marvel about a Disney+ spin-off series for Druig from the Eternals.
If its confirmed, Barry will return for the spin-off series as well as for 3 more projects with Marvel.
source: Barry Keoghan Brasil on twitter
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hisuisetsuna24 days ago
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Setsui won the poll against hisui x aiya for the wallpaper so.. there you go 馃槀鉂わ笍鈥嶐煍
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corysmiles6 months ago
What if one day our boo boi ODs on the berries and gets real tiny and has to coach his friends on how to hold tinies?
Phhhahhahaha I- he鈥檇 have to teach them to be gentle :鈥>
鈥淒ont pinch me please鈥
鈥淲hy not?鈥
鈥淒o I pinch you? No, didn鈥檛 think so Tommy鈥
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
All 5 members are on the current covers since the manga is still ongoing I wonder if Anzu or members of the new group of Aliens will be next?
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lol-jacklesa month ago
A Dean Jr sequel could be soooo much fun, they could add one of Garth's werewolf children as a sidekick... The bunker's still there, there's a bunch of characters who could be introduced, J&J could show up in a special episode where someone summons their ghosts :P Dean Jr is pretty much a non-character, all we know is that he seems like a nice guy and that he really loved his father, so a good writing team could do good with him! Way more exciting than John and Mary IMO, but I'm still hoping we get a good surprise on that one and it turns out to be fun too :)
Oh man I forgot about Garth's twins, Sam II and Cas II. Heh maybe that's why Garth didn't name his kid Dean II because they were saving the name for Sam's own son.
Tumblr media
Personally I don't like prequels in general because it labors under the burden of the audience already knowing what's going to happen. Prequels can work if they're fleshing out the mythology of already-beloved characters i.e Gotham James Gordon. But John and Mary aren't exactly beloved characters in the SPNverse.聽 So a sequel spinoff makes more sense IMO.
My dream fanfiction spinoff is Dean II is not a hunter but some of his children will be.聽 聽Whenever Dean II needs to recounts useful information or lessons or inspirations, Jared appears at Sam in flashbacks passing on the lessons to young Dean II, like聽 Psych flashback scenes of young Shawn and his father that starts each episode.聽 And there can be flashback within flashback using scenes from the original show while Sam imparts the lessons to Dean II.
Dean II could re-open the bunker once he realizes some of his children are going to be hunters, and are joined by Garth鈥檚 children who are avenging the death of their mother.
Then for one (or three) episodes the adult hunter grandchildren聽time travels back to 2020 to search for a valuable artifact only to meet Sam and Dean after the event of 15x19 and one month before 15x20. 聽The grandchildren of course cannot tell Sam and Dean who they really are while the brothers help them find the artifact. 聽As the grandchildren spend more time with Sam and Dean, they come to really like Dean and want to warn him of his impeding death. 聽But then they realized that if Dean lives, Sam won鈥檛 leave hunting, won鈥檛 meet their grandmother, and they will cease to exist.
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suncaptor5 months ago
btw he literally found out on twitter about a spinoff of a show he's been starring in over 15 years he is allowed to be dramatic and delete tweets and be upset publically actually.
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sesshoumarusama2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
girl I鈥檓 losing my mind hello i loVE THEM SO MUCH 鉂わ笍鈥嶐煍ヰ煒
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sleepinginacemetery3 months ago
I want a lotr spin-off in which Legolas and Gimli travel in Middle Earth鈥 they get to see the sea, discover forests and mountain, fight new creatures鈥
Just Legolas and Gimli travelling and embracing their friendship鈥
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cyberdbirdpersonsblog3 months ago
鈿狅笍JERIC AND ERIC MATTHEWS STANS FOLLOW MY BESTIE @thedanceronthestreets on her Twitter @WorldMeetsEric PLS鈿狅笍
We trying to make the Eric matthews spinoof a reality, this proyect has been denied 2 TIMES one in the 90's and the other in 2015-2017 馃挃
Tumblr media
In the spinoof would have appear Jack hunter too ( prob has Eric's love interest?? ) So imagine how cool it would be to see this two himbos in action again 鉂わ笍!! So again pls share this post if u can
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(gifs not mine)
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lunedelorient9 months ago
The Bear and his Bug
Warnings: Adult content. Smut, oral (female and male recieving), justified unprotected sex, marital love making, breeding kink, mentions and description of bodily fluids, some tiny angst thrown in some part, morning sickness. And fluff, of course.
Word Count:2.037
A/N: This story is a spin off of SIR SY, and just like that one, this is dedicated to @demivampirew, as well. There is no need to read the previous story to enjoy this one, although they are related. I do not own Sand Castle or Captain Syverson, just put him on the story.
Tag List: @henchry - @princess-of-riviaa - @captainsyverson - @madbaddic7ed - @littlefreya - @demivampirew - @oh-for-fic-sake - @operationcavill - @modernmorticiaa - @magdelen69 - @fishcustardandclintbarton - @viking-raider - @luna-aestas - @pixie1484 - @connieisland - @mylittlepartofthegalaxy - @agniavateira - @summersong69 - @thelastsock - @toomanyfandomsshreya - @henrythickcavill - @thetaoofzoe - @beck07990 - @luclittlepond - @lharrietg - @doozywoozy - @palaiasaurus64 @wolvesandhoundshowltogether - @jimmypagesandbrianmayshair - @weallhaveadestiny - @radaofrivia - @cavillsim - @omgkatinka - @kebabgirl67 - @nashibirne - @nuggsmum
The door slammed shut, once Sy was sure his daughter was secured inside the school bus. "The coast is clear..." He shouted, and literary ran inside the house, taking his shirt off in a few awkward yanks, that made it tangle on his body until he was fed up, and ended up ripping it off.
"BUUUUUG!" Sy roared, coming inside the open way of the kitchen, desperate to finally get her wife under him. But, although she was there one minute ago finishing with the dishes from breakfast, by the time he reached the room, she was gone.
"Do you really want me?" Her voice came out of nowhere, making him jump on his place. He just nodded, grabbing his chest. "Then find me, bear." She added, and then moaned loudly. "I need you..."
Sy groaned and turned around already untying his sweats to fish his hard manhood, that was throbbing like crazy. He noticed the baby monitor his wife used as a makeshift Walkie-talkie, and knew she wasn't far.
He smiled, pumping himself a bit, to get right into action, and headed quickly to his wife office.
It was the third day he was home, but still didn't have any chance to enjoy his Bug's company. Betty was so happy he was back, she wanted to sleep right there between them, and he didn't have a heart to tell her no. He loved that cockblocking little one so damn much.
But now they were alone. And he had to make good on her promise.
And right inside that office she was waiting for him, completely naked and sitting cross-legged on top of her desk, which was - conveniently - completely empty. "Oh! Seemed you found me..." She said, getting comfier, while she laid on top of the flat surfice. "Come and collect your price, Captn'..."
She didn't have to tell him twice.
Sy approached her in two long strides, and got rid of his sweats the moment, he reached her spot. "Are ya ready, Bug? 'Cause once I start, I ain't stoppin'..." His accent was heavy, and made her tremble in anticipation. They were separated for the longest months of their lives, difficult, full of pain and fear. But also, gone.
He needed to show her how much he missed her, how deep he wanted her, and how undescribable his need for her was. She, on the othe hand, was desperate to make him feel safe, to show him he was home and he was ok, to make him know how much she loved him.
"Sir, yes. Sir." She whispered, and open her legs to show him how ready she was. Sy smiled, and stepped up grabbing her ankles, and pulling her to the edge of the desk. He caressed and kissed both calves, and the back of her knees, while he accommodated them on each of his shoulders. His calloused hands, warm and experienced, roamed her thighs the way he knew she liked, sowing little whimpers and soft moans, he cherished like they were small, invisible treasures.
"Ya're so soft, Bug... Missed ya, like crazy." He kneeled, and took a deep breath, letting her scent fill his nostrils. He loved it, but it didn't hold a candle to her taste. And he couldn't wait any longer.
Sy dived forward, bitting and licking her inner thighs, paying the same attention to both, while making his way to where he was needed the most. "Ya like this, darlin'?" He whispered, blowing some cool air on her bundle of nerves and making her jump and arch her entire body from the table. "Yes!!" Demi screamed and propped herself on her elbows to look at her husband, who was smirking mischievously.
"Wha'eva ya want. I've got to give." And just like that he pushed his tongue between her glistening folds, and lapped at her vigorous sweetness, gracing his teeth on her inner lips and her pearl, smiling when she couldn't help herself, and fell down to the desk again, grinding her hips hard against his face.
Just like so many times before, it took him a couple of minutes to get her to the absolute adge of pleasure, only using his mouth, but just for good measure he entered her with one finger - that rapidly turned into two, and then three - and pumped her the way he knew she liked, rubbing her magic spot with every stroke.
"Honey... I'm... Ah... OH MY GOD!!" She shouted at the top of her lungs when her climax hit her so hard, her entire body felt like she was being electrified. Sy lapped at her pleasure and drank from her until there was nothing else for him to taste. Only then, he stood up, pulled at Demi so she was seated on the desk, and wrapped his massive arms around her.
They stood like that for a couple of minutes, hugging and caressing each other's backs, in complete and comfortable silence. Until Demi decided it was enough, and took the bull by the horns.
She wrapped her legs around his waist and rubbed her centre against the patch of dark hair on his navel. He jolted, coming down the soft cloud he was traveling, onto the hot reality, in which his throbbing manhood was still in desperate need of release.
"Bedroom's that way..." She pointed at the door and he laughed, placing his massive palms on her butt to lift her from the table. "Ya're funny bug..." He managed to breath out before she kissed him. Hard. "I'm serious. Bedroom is that way." And to make her point clear, she graced her hardened nipples against his hairy chest.
Sy grunted, and picked her up in one easy movement, taking long quick steps to their shared chambers, matching the rhythm of his stride to the one of his tongue coming in and out of her mouth.
Demi tasted herself on him, and made her go feral. And, Oh! How he liked his woman when she was wild. Once they were at the foot of the bed, she pushed him to lay on the mattress and moved down, to get herself between his legs. She looked at his impressive manhood and sighed, no matter how many times they were together already, she never ceased to be impressed by it.
Sy was silent, with his eyes shut and waiting for what he knew so well it was coming for him. She licked him from base to tip, tasting the precum that was leaking from it, since he went down on her. It was red and throbbing like crazy. "That's... Oh! Fuck, Bug!" She sucked at his head, swirling her tongue and sliding it back and forth over the dripping slit at the top, feeling him swelling against her palms that were working at his base and sack. "I'm... right... there." He force himself to say between heavy pants and short rapid breaths.
Demi smiled, and suddenly stopped touching him.
"Move up. Sit in the middle of the bed." She ordered, and he obeyed without any word of complaint. He really like when she bossed him around, and she knew it. "Why did you stop?" He asked, pretending not to know the answer already.
"I promised you something, and you know I'm a woman of my word." She told him, coming at him and sitting on his thighs. She pressed her hands on his chest and moved up to whisper in his ear. "I ain't waisting a drop of it, dear. I want you to get me round with your child." And just like that, she slowly dropped her body down on his hardness, kissing him sensually. She really love to tease him, but also it was very long since the last time he opened her, and she needed to get used to him all over again.
Words forgotten, they communicated by pleasure sounds, gasps and little whimpers. Demi rode him like a proper cowgirl, while him feasted on her tender breasts, sucking and bitting the hardened buds in turns. His hands massaged her buttocks, and caressed her back, pressing her against him as much as he could. "I'm close, Sy." She moaned, pulling at his head and kissing him hungrily. "I feel ya, Bug. C'mon, let go." He grunted, pushing his hips up forcefully, and sneaking one of his hand between their sweaty bodies to softly stroke her pearl.
Demi exploded on a high pitch scream, her body shaking and convulsing around his, squeezing him so delightfully, he was at the edge of the precipice only a few seconds after.
"Come on, baby. Come on. Give it to me." She breathed looking right on his eyes. "Give me another child, Aidan. Now." And that's all he needed. His hot seed painted her insides several times, since he nutted like never before. He really missed her, and hearing his name sprouting like that from her swollen lips made him go berserk.
Once their highs passed, and their breathing went back to normal, he slammed back on the mattress, pulling her down to him. Panting and still sheathed inside her, Sy stroked her hair, and kissed her forehead lovingly.
"That was spectacular, darlin" He murmured, and Demi laughed. "I agree. Wholeheartedly. I was thinking about having you like that since you told me you were coming back." She replied, and suddenly, she started to cry.
Sy hugged her tight and let his own tears run down, too. "I was so scared. When they called me... I... I thought... that I lost you for good." She wiped her tears, and buried her face on his neck, clinging at him like fearing he was about to burst into a puf of smoke if she wasn't close enough.
"But ya didn't. I'm 'ere, and ain't going nowhere." He replied to her, soothing his own pain in the process. He feared for them, too. It was the first time in his whole military career he was more concerned of what happened at home, than around him. And that's why he left. It wasn't fair for her, for Betty and for his men. It wasn't his place anymore.
Now he belong there, being what he always wanted to be: a dutiful husband and a good dad. "Now my job it's to take care of my ladies. I'm a soldier, Bug. I always fullfil the mission."
"You better hold to that, Aidan Syverson. Or so help me God!" She said, and smirking, she pulled him to lay on top of her. "We have four hours, until Betty's back..."
Three weeks later, dawn found Demi hugging the top of the toilet, as if they were two drunk best friends. Sy was there, holding her hair and rubbing her back, trying not to smile to much, to avoid her wrath.
On top of the counter, the pregnancy test said she was around the first month. And even though she was mentally prepared to what was going to happen, still, she felt like shit.
She remembered every single one of the times they made love that day. Sy only let her go forty-five minutes before curfue, to get a shower and then helped her to make their munchkin's lunch.
He took her another three times, including the adventure on the shower, and made sure she was seated and satisfied at the end of every round. She even remembered what he said, while making lunch. "I believe we are safe to say... His words trailed of, while he was kissing her neck. "...we are welcoming another mini me, very soon." He placed his hands at her belly and both laughed happily.
"Well, seems like you were..." Another round of liquid came out of her mouth, interrupting her words. "Seems like, I was... right? Yes, yes I was." Sy was grinning like an idiot. "Although the other dozen of practice shots, probably helped, too."
He took her on his arms, after she washed her teeth, and put her back to bed next to him. None of them could sleep, so they spent the rest of the early morning, snuggling against each other, planing how to tell Betty and trying the oddest names the could think of for the future little Syverson.
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acmeoop4 months ago
Tumblr media
If He鈥檚 Our Future, We鈥檙e History 鈥淒uck Dodgers鈥 (2003-2005)
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