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ignorance-on-fire · 3 minutes ago
hey does anyone know any good ways to deal with keratosis pilaris (lil chicken bumps on your skin) mine is getting more irritated than normal
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peach-vuitton · 39 minutes ago
Beer, condoms, and short skirts
word count: 1.3k
warnings: smut
summary: y/n surprises jj for his birthday
a/n: this is literally so bad i’ll rewrite this soon, i just wanted to post something
“What do you want for your birthday?” You questioned laying on your stomach squinting up at your best friend who was sat beside you. JJ turned to glance at you and shrugged.
“Nothing at all?” He shook his head as your friends splashed around below you both in the water.
“You gotta want something.” You pushed, as you sat up and stared at the blonde. “I’ll get you anything you want.”
“Anything I want?” You nodded your head, excited to have some ideas.
“Okay. Condoms, beer and you in a short ass skirt.” He grinned lifting his beer bottle in the air before taking a sip.
“JJ!” You shrieked shoving your best friend against his chest making him laugh.
Here you were two weeks later, dressed in a plaid red skirt that did not leave anything to the imagination at all and a tight white shirt sleeve crop top.
John B was definitely not home, because Sarah had begged you to grab some condoms for her as well when you went out. It was just JJ, on the night before his birthday.
Sucking in a breath you knocked on the door before nervously peeking at the bag that carried the rest of JJ’s presents. His favorite beer and his favorite condoms.
The longer you waited the more nervous you became. What if he thought this was weird? What is he was just joking? What if-
The door creaked as a shirtless JJ tossed it open, grinning at you. You watched as his smile flattered as his eyes traveled down your body. The look on his face told you that you hadn’t made a mistake at all.
“Holy fuck. You did it.” You shrugged your shoulders before lifting up the bag.
“You didn’t give me any other ideas did you?” He grabbed the bag from you as you slid past him in the door way. You headed towards his room, where the both of you always hung out and crawled onto his bed.
You hardly ever worse skirts, so when you flopped down onto his bed, you didn’t even think about making sure to keep your legs somewhat closed. Instead you ended up flashing JJ your lace, black underwear.
You only fully caught on to what you had done when you noticed JJ’s eyes flash down to between your legs. Your first reaction was to clamp your legs shut, but the look on his face told you that maybe you shouldn’t.
“Y/n?” He cleared his throat as he sat down on his bed.
“If you don’t want me to see your panties close your legs.” His words made you flush, but you kept eye contact with him as you kept your legs were they were at. JJ raised his eyebrows at you.
“It’s your birthday isn’t it? What if I wasn’t done surprising you?”
You watched as he swallowed hard as his eyes traveled from between your legs and up to your body. With a surge of confidence you grabbed at the bottom of your shirt before tugging if off and tossing if next to you. Your nipples immediately harding with the cool air.
JJ’s eyes widened at the sight of you sitting on his bed in only a tight red skirt, for him.
“Take off the skirt.” He muttered and you sent him a shy smile before slipping your fingers under your skirt and panties kicking them to the side. You kept your legs together and tucked into your chest, but JJ wasted no time in knocking them apart to see your pussy.
“Jesus fuck, Y/n.”
Here you were sat in front of him, completely letting him see your pussy for his birthday, and he couldn’t be happier.
“You’re so fucking pretty.” He groaned out as he dragged his finger up your leg and against your inner thigh. You could feel yourself becoming wet, from the way he was looking at your and the way he was touching you.
He bent down, his blonde hair brushing against your thighs as he kissed his way up your body. Stopping to suck your nipples into his mouth. You let out a whine as he bit down gently before desperately attaching his lips to yours. It was messy, and it was clear just how much you two wanted each other.
Your hands were tugging at his hair and his hands were cupping your face holding you to him. The longer you two kissed the louder the moans became. Anytime you tugged at JJ’s hair he let out a groan that made you even wetter.
“Take this off.” You huffed as your hands traveled down his toned chest to find that he still had his shorts on. He stood up for a second, still pressing kiss after kiss against your lips while he tugged them off. You couldn’t help the giggles that fell from your lips as he stumbled out of his shorts.
He climbed back on the bed. situating himself between your thighs. His fingers dragging against your soaked folds. You left out a gasp at the feeling, threading your fingers through his hair.
“I’ve always wondered what your pussy tasted like.” He mutters to himself as he slowly shoves two fingers into your cunt.
“But it’s your birthday and I-“
“You’re what I want for my birthday.” He cuts you off.
He takes his time, gently fucking you with his fingers before sucking your clit into his mouth. A loud moan slips past your lips as JJ’s mouth goes to work on your pussy. He swirls his tongue through your slit before sucking relentlessly on your clit.
JJ’s hands are holding your thighs apart from him as he drags his tongue through your pussy repeatedly. You’re so wet you can feel yourself dripping onto his sheets, but you know he doesn’t care.
“JJ!” You cry out as your hands tug on his hair.
“Fuck me, just fuck me already please.” You know you sound completely needy, but you don’t care. All you can think about is him and how you need him to fill you up.
“Guess I can put the condoms you got me to use.” He grins before reaching by the side of his bed, ripping open the package of condoms you got him. You sit up against the bed as you watch him getting ready for you. You can’t help but stare at him, because for years you had always dreamed about what it would be like to be with him.
“Ready, baby?” He cups your cheek, letting his thumb trace your bottom lip and you nod quickly.
“I want you on your hands and knees for me.” You quickly flip yourself around so you’re doing as he says. You feel his fingers run through your pussy again and you let out a surprised moan. He pulls his hands away, replacing them with the head of his cock, running it through your folds like he did with his fingers. He doesn’t wait long before snapping his hips forward and shoving his cock into you.
You both let out loud moans as he begins fucking his cock in and out of you. Your face is pressed against his pillows as JJ holds your hips in the air. Every time he pounds himself into you, you let out hit pitched moans. You’re sure that the neighbors can hear.
“God, your pussy is so tight baby.” He groans out as his cock slips from you. You let out a disappointed whine, but JJ quickly flips over. He spreads your legs before shoving his cock back inside of you, bring his lips back to yours. You’re hardly kissing, it’s more of you both moaning into each other’s mouths.
You can’t stop moaning his name, and you knows it’s just fueling his ego. He pounds into you harder as the bed squeaks underneath the both of you. One of your hand grips the headboard above you and the other is gripping JJ’s arm.
“JJ, I-“ You can’t even finish your sentence about how you’re going to cum, but JJ knows. He’s whispering sweet encouragements into your ears.
You can hardly even process what’s happening before John B shouts.
“Are you fucking done yet?”
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maybanksmainhoe · an hour ago
The Pogues (3)
A/N: My next few imagines are gonna be like this, in which you are part of the pogues. If you want me to do something different, just tell me. If you want to request an imagine like this, you can request it by commenting the episode and time where you want the imagine to start. Also, I am sorry for any mistakes, English is not my first language. Feel free to point out any mistakes... but just don't be mean about it lol! Hope you enjoy it!
Taglist:@wickedmystery @londonidc @poguestyle17 @afterglowsb-tch13 @taylathornton
It was the day after hurricane Agatha hit Outer Banks. You, John B, and JJ were all passed out on the couch. The three of you drank a shit ton of cheap beer last night while playing stupid teenager games like truth and dare, spin the bottle, etc. The crowing of the rooster woke you and John B the next day. JJ was sleeping like a baby on your lap.
"Wake up," you whispered to JJ, running your hands through his blond locks.
"Oh man, that is not good." John B said, looking at the mess hurricane Agatha made.
"Agatha did some work, huh?"
"Yeah, she did." You replied, looking around as well.
"Whatcha thinking?" You asked John B as you saw him pick up the tree branches from the HMS.
"I am thinkin' that storm surge pushed all the crabs out on the marsh maze. All those drums are going to chase the crab." John answered.
"What about DCS? Wasn't that today?" You questioned.
"Nah, they are not gettin' on a ferry," JJ replied for John B. "Come on, think about it. It's god tellin' us to fish."
"Good Morning, Ms. Amy," You greeted the lady that works at the grocery store. You, JJ, and John B were on your way to pick up Pope and Kie so the five of you can hang out.
"Morning!" She replied.
"You guys get through it?" John B asked her.
"Still here." She answered, going back to doing whatever she was doing.
"She totally checked me out," JJ said.
"I saw it," John B replied.
"Dudeeee, she's twice your age." You said in disgust.
"Old is gold." He chuckled.
"Dude, look at this place," John B said, changing the topic.
"Agatha, what did you do?"
"She is a crazy lady."
"We'll be cleaning this all summer."
"That is my nightmare."
The three of you made small talk till you reached Pope's house.
"Well, look who we have here," JJ whooped.
"We have a safety meeting. Attendance Mandatory." John B said, pretending to talk in a walkie-talkie.
"I can't. My pop's got me on lockdown." Pop replied, looking over to see if his dad is there.
"Come on, man," JJ said, pretending to talk in a walkie-talkie too, just like John B. "Your dad's a pussy. Over."
"Oh, I heard that, you little bastard," Mr. Heyward said, coming closer.
"Sorry about that, sir." You said, scowling at JJ. "We need Pope for something important." You hoped he would let Pope come with you. Mr. Heyward always liked you because he thinks you are super responsible and mature (which is somewhat true, you were more mature than the other four monkeys.)
"Yeah, and island rules. Day after the hurricane's a free day." John B added, not helping you.
"Who made that up?" Mr. Heyward yelled.
"Uh... Pentagon, I think. We have security clearance. I have a car." JJ replied. These boys were dumber than they appeared, you thought to yourself. Pissing Mr. Heyward is not going to make him let Pope go with you.
"Think I am stupid?"
"I'll do it tomorrow. I promise. Tomorrow." Pope said, ignoring his dad and getting into the HMS.
"And I'll help him." You added, hoping he won't get mad at Pope when he comes back.
"When you get back, you and Y/N will be cleaning the shrimp, the fish, and your dirty ass room! Also, I don't like your friends." Mr. Heyward yelled, "Y/N, you are too good to be hanging out with them."
"Good morning, boys and Y/N!" Kie said, as JJ helped her get into the boat.
"Mornin'," the four of you replied.
"Whatcha got?"
"You got some juice boxes?" John B and JJ asked Kie, looking at the cooler in her hands.
"You know, just some yogurts and carrot sticks."
"How about my kind of juice box?" JJ asked.
The five of you clinked your bottles of beer together, making a toast to the beginning of summer and lots of adventure
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crimmy · an hour ago
im seeing lots of jj and jemily stans being agressive towards spencer and i would very much like to know who we are talking about bc i haven’t had the chance to be on tumblr all day
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jobrohoealways · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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prettysetterbaby · an hour ago
I'll treat you like my homework.
I'll slam you down on a table and do you anywhere.
now listen, you can’t just blatantly flirt with me while also sporting a Sugawara pfp because I promise I will fold
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undesired-attention · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Day 1607: the chest X-ray this morning showed that her lung has improved 90% just from her efforts over the weekend, so they cancelled the bronch. They were really surprised and I honestly was too, I saw the respiratory therapist today who said to us Saturday “if you do the incentive spirometer and the flutter device every 30 minutes while you’re awake, your lung will be completely clear by tomorrow.” And I told her she was right. I keep on my mom about doing it every 30 minutes over the weekend while I was there, and it actually worked. I knew the incentive spirometer was important for patients, but I have a better understanding now of just how much it really can help them and I’ll be keeping that in mind. Her white blood cell count came down today too. They let her eat today so she made me go get her McDonald’s and she ate almost all of the sandwich, and had some bites of a salad for dinner. The ostomy nurse came in late and said she was going to be leaving for the day but she’ll come tomorrow afternoon to talk with us. I got an approval letter for my intermittent leave FMLA request which is nice, but it didn’t mention anything about the continuous leave I’ve already been taking and will continue to take until the end of this week. Starting next week will be my intermittent leave as I need it, but including tomorrow and Friday night I’ll have been off 7 shifts in a row. I sent the lady dealing with my claim an email this afternoon but she still hasn’t gotten back to me so maybe tomorrow hopefully. I just want to be fully covered, but I also don’t really understand what I’m doing so I’d like some help if I need to do something additional or to be told yeah, it’s still processing? Idk. I’m going to try to fall back asleep soon, my head and body hurts, I took ibuprofen.
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undesired-attention · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Day 1606: mom wasn’t feeling great today especially in the beginning but she did better in the afternoon. I got her to get up for a few minutes and she was actually able to do it all herself which was great, just needed people to guide all her IVs and the monitors she’s attached to. Her X-ray this morning showed improvement in her left lung, she actually was able to cough up whatever caused her lung to be collapsed. They still want to do the bronch though to get the rest out, but it’s supposed to be a faster procedure now and no plans for icu or prolonged intubation. The surgery team is concerned she might have further infection/abscesses in her abdomen because her white blood cell count went up slightly, so they’re going to do another scan of that tomorrow as well. She called me earlier tonight and she told me they restarted her on the lidocaine drip, but then she started hallucinating on the phone with me and having a conversation with someone who wasn’t even there, so I think the lidocaine was somehow what was causing her to be so confused Thursday and Friday. I didn’t know that could do that, but at least there’s an answer. She had a pretty clear head over the weekend without it.
Apparently I never posted this yesterday but it was saved as a draft, oops
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strongermonster · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
these are from last year but i only got around to fixing them up them today. here’s an eastern harvestman (leiobunum vittatum) from my back yard
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loonathefairy · 2 hours ago
i don’t support jiara at all, girls and boys can be friends without one falling in love with another + the cast themselves talked multiple times how they don’t like the idea of any of the pogues be more than just friends
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witchyprentiss · 2 hours ago
Uh Hotch being so sweet to JJ and telling her to send him baby pictures. Like they have a cute ass friendship and we should talk about it more
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characterhater · 2 hours ago
naur the oomf is cis
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mapito--4 · 3 hours ago
👀 en esos gif Aitana parece molestar de forma constante a Laia, quien incluso parece querer alejarse de ella. En el último gif Laia la toma de la cintura para acercarla y aitana le dan un beso (con barbijo)🤭????.... Si este suceso fue después del partido del camp Nou entonces ocurrió casi frente al ex bf de aitana (entrenador asistente del espanyol)????
Aitana quería hacer celos a su ex. Qué savage
Tumblr media
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spencie-adams · 3 hours ago
Season two episode 14
When Tobias opens the door and jj smiles I just
Boy I would like Jennifer jareau to be my girlfriend
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sweetlyjaem · 4 hours ago
you can't tell me you didn't name your phone, it's like your pet... ew that's a gross comparison but you get it?? mine is called jj and what's yours?
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jemi1y · 4 hours ago
hi guys!!!! i go by bryony 🐋 and i made this blog to talk about jemily & criminal minds 🌊
im a scorpio, slytherin, queer, not a minor and in GMT!!! this is a sideblog so I won’t follow back from this account
don’t follow if you are anti jj, have weird relationships with minors, or are part of a “defence squad” for any tumblr users. that’s fucking weird
icon by @racingairplanes
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cokedupkook · 4 hours ago
★ 𝑪𝒉𝒂𝒑𝒕𝒆𝒓 2 ★ - Fear of Falling : JJ
//Ariella to Kiara\\
" I don't understand why he's been acting like this . " 
"Mᴇ ᴇɪᴛʜᴇʀ, ʟᴇᴛs ᴊᴜsᴛ ɢᴇᴛ ʜɪɢʜ ʙᴇғᴏʀᴇ ʏᴏᴜ ʜᴀᴠᴇ ᴛᴏ ɢᴏ , ᴀʟʀɪɢʜᴛ?"
" Aren't we in his room ..? What if he gets mad that i'm in here ..? "
" ʏᴏᴜ'ʟʟ ʙᴇ ғɪɴᴇ, ɪᴠᴇ ɢᴏᴛ ʏᴏʜ."
" A lot of memories were made in here — . "
" ɢʀᴏss ."
Kiara gagged, handing Ariella the blunt as the girls looked around the empty guest room of the Chateau. Their vision got hazier so they laid down on the bed, eventually Ari fell asleep, making Kiara get out of the room and onto the hammock in the backyard. Jj comes into view of the house and starts heading up the steps, seeing kie play with the wind.
"yo kie. is bird home?"
"ɴᴀʜ. Iᴍ ʜɪɢʜ sᴏ ᴅᴏɴᴛ ᴀsᴋ ᴍᴇ Tᴏᴏ ᴍᴀɴʏ ǫᴜᴇsᴛɪᴏɴs."
JJ chuckles , " alright ."
Jj walks into his room and sees Ari passed out, cradling his favorite pillow. He groaned and cleared his throat, waking the girl up, "Ariella , I told you to leave .."
" Sorry . It's just that , Kie got me high- and your bed .. makes me feel safe .."
he sighed , " it's alright . just go whenever it wears off ."
she nodded , " Of course .. How was your day .. ? "
" Fine , i met someone . Yours was eventful I see ."
they shared a smile . 
" Pretty boring . But your bed made it x10 better ." " you met someone ..? "
" yeah. you okay if i take a shower ?"
" i don't mind .."
he undresses and starts the shower before she could get a word out of him being naked again in front of her. her face burns red, seeing his bare chest with love bites from another girl. She knows what he's doing. So she decides to get up and leave just as he said.
" I miss us , Ariella ."
"sʜᴇ ʟᴇғᴛ ʙʀᴏ."
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mayraki · 5 hours ago
“the weirdo with five colors in her hair” - jj maybank
Tumblr media
-> hvitstark’s gif!
Tumblr media
summary: the weirdo with five colors in her hair and a sexy attitude seems to have caught the attention of the famous troublemaker of outer banks.
inspired by the song five colors in her hair by mcfly
Tumblr media
She's got a lip ring and five colours in her hair
Not into fashion but I love the clothes she wears
Her tattoo's always hidden by her underwear
She don't care
JJ was impatiently moving the pencil between his two fingers waiting for the class to end since he felt like he couldn’t hear the teacher talk anymore. It wasn’t like he knew what she was talking about because he was hearing her at some point, it was because his ears were getting tired of her high pitch voice and the fact that his brain didn’t want to process any of her words since she started talking. He looked at the clock of the room for the tenth time in that hour and took a deep breath when he realized there was still another half an hour to go through.
He turned to see his best friend, Pope, to see what he was doing but he was way into his paper and the teacher’s words for him to pay attention to JJ. There was nothing else to do than to look around the room and try to look for something that would save him from that boredom, but the room was as boring as the history lesson the teacher was giving.
Just as JJ was about to give up and let his head rest on his tiny desk, the door quickly opened to let a girl through. As soon as she was on everyone’s sight whispers started to sound around the room. The strange girl that JJ never saw before had black boots on that would go perfectly with her black oversized T-shirt, some long light blue jean shorts that would end right on top of her knees, it had random drawings of cartoons, lyrics, and just tiny smiley yellow faces on it. JJ wasn’t the type to check someone’s outfit, he didn’t care about fashion at all, but even if he didn’t know anything about clothes he liked the ones she was wearing. Something about the way she was pulling it off, made him like it too much.
Another thing that JJ noticed as she was talking to the teacher was a shiny little ball on the left side of her lower lip, but that wasn’t the thing that got JJ’s attention for too long, or everyone’s, her short hair that would end on her chest was the thing that got everyone whispering. The girl had not one, not two colors, not even four, but five colors on her hair. Her hair was wavy and messy, but that didn’t gave away the opportunity to see all the colors perfectly. Next to her face, on both sides, the color red would make her skin tone shine against the natural light that was coming through the window. Next to it, it followed the color orange, bright as the sun. JJ wanted to see the next color, but for the way she was standing made it impossible.
So mesmerised by her, he didn’t even notice she was walking towards him after giving the teacher a note. As she was walking she took her headphones off and left them on her desk, next to JJ. Without realising, he strengthened his back and layed back to seem relax while his eyes were following her actions very carefully. Her presence did make him feel weird, but excited at the same time.
The moment she sat down JJ saw the colors green, blue and purple also on her hair. Five colors on total. As she was moving, the sound of her multiple rings were the other thing on the room, alongside the teacher’s voice who continued with the class not giving too much importance to the new girl.
JJ wanted to look away, but the longer he stared the more interesting things he noticed about the girl. She reached down to grab something on her backpack and that’s when JJ noticed a snake tattoo on her thigh, it wasn’t that big, but big enough for JJ to see it and be impressed by it.
“Seems like Maybank is way more interested on the new girl that on this class.” JJ heard the teacher say and that made him turn his head to the front and realise some student were looking at the girl too, but the teacher decided to pick on him anyway. JJ heard the girl let out a tiny laugh, but it was almost silent that only JJ heard her. “Pay attention, I don’t have the energy to deal with you today.” The teacher finished her sentence and then turned around to write something on the board and continue with her lesson. He felt embarrassed enough that even the teacher caught him staring at the new girl and called him out in front of the entire class, but the girl didn’t seem to care. She let out a tiny smile and leaned closer to him. He locked eyes with her and then looked down to where her hand was, now heading towards his desk.
“At least you have good taste.” She said with a grin and then moved back to her desk to cross her legs on her chair and start drawing on her paper, without caring about the class at all. Confused, JJ looked down to his desk and noticed a piece of candy that she left. And weirdly enough, it had the same colors as her hair.
Everybody wants to know her name
I threw a house party and she came
Everyone asked me
Who the hell is she?
That weirdo with five colours in her hair
“Who the hell is the girl with the weird colors on her hair?” “I heard she was kicked out of her last school for punching a guy.” “What the hell is her name though? She has to have a cool name, I mean, look at her hair!” “Who would do that to their hair? I could never.” “She’s just a weirdo.” And some other things JJ heard on the hallway after class was over.
He spent the rest of the class questioning if he should talk to her or not, but all that thought came to nothing when as soon as the bell rang, she quickly got up from her chair and walked out of the room, not caring that the teacher was still talking.
He was now, out of the school with his two best friends while they were having a conversation of their own but JJ couldn’t focus on it, since the girl with weird colors on her hair was the only thing on his mind. He was looking around to see if he would see her and catch her leaving the school, but she was nowhere to be seen.
“I think the new girl has our boy’s attention.” John B said when he noticed JJ looking for someone.
“What?” JJ asked turning confused to his friends who had grins on their faces. “She doesn’t.”
“Yes she does. Even the teacher saw you checking the girl out.” Pope said putting his backpack on his other shoulder to start walking away towards the Chateau. “I still can’t believe someone would dye their hair with five colors, that’s crazy, man.”
“I think it’s cool. Sets her apart.” John B said shrugging his shoulders. JJ was about to say something but the sound of a skateboard moving on the street caught his attention, he turned around to see it and who was on top of it made him feel even more surprised. A colourful hair was moving with the wind as she was pushing the board to go faster, she gained a lot of eyes on her, but just like before she didn’t seemed to care at all. The moment that she passed JJ and his friends, he locked eyes with him and a grin appeared on her face. With JJ’s eyes still on her, she winked at him and then looked away to leave the poor boy even more intrigued about the girl with five colors in her hair. Who the hell is she?
“I’m definitely throwing a Kegger tonight.” JJ said once he arrived at the Chateau and threw his body on the couch.
“What? It’s not even Friday.” Pope said before giving a sip to his water.
“Wait,” John B said “do you want to throw a Kegger to see if the girl would show up?”
JJ didn’t give them a response, but they all already knew the answer. “How do you know she’s going to show up anyway?” Pope asked.
“Dude, she has five colors in her hair, she likes to party.” JJ said with a smile. “She will show up.”
She's just a loner with a sexy attitude
I'd like to phone her 'cause she puts me in the mood
The rumors spreading round that she cooks in the nude
But she don't care, she don't care
The music was louder than any other night at the beach. Just like JJ wanted, the party was filled with a Pogues dancing, drinking and just having fun. The more people showed up, the more hope it gave him about the girl showing up at the party he threw. He made sure to spread the word, and he knew the Pogues would take care of talking about it even more, after all, he and his friends threw the best parties in the Cut.
“Who is this girl that JJ is so interested in anyway?” Kie asked after giving a sip to her beer and noticing his friend looking around for someone.
“We don’t know.” Pope answered. “She’s new, apparently.”
“And she actually has five colors in her hair?”
“Ask JJ,” John B said with a smile “he seemed to have stared at her long enough to know.”
Kie let out a tiny laugh when JJ turned to his friends and gave them a fake smile. “I didn’t know wanting to be with a girl was such a crime, man.” He said and then his friends let out loud laughs.
“She just moved here.” Pope said. “And you already want to take her to bed?” JJ didn’t respond, because he actually didn’t know.
There was something about that girl, something different. Yes, she was extremely attractive and she did look good with those colors on her hair. She pulled it off. There was no doubt that JJ was attracted to her, but not in the same way that he was with most of the girls in Outer Banks. Even if JJ wanted to try to understand and give the way he was feeling a meaning, he couldn’t, since his strange thoughts were interrupted by those five hair colors moving in the wind from a far. A wave of excitement appeared in JJ’s stomach and that made him let out a tiny proud smile.
The girl had the same boots as that morning but her clothes were different. She had a white top that would end up real close to her chest, it looked like if she would lift her arms her bra would be totally visible. And by the looks of it, she didn’t seem to have a bra on at all. Then her oversized jeans were as black as they could get and had big holes at her knees. This time, her hair wasn’t as visible as the last time he saw her, she had a dark green hat on, making her face darker because of the light not hitting her.
She looked around and a tiny part of JJ hoped that she would make eye contact with JJ. And luckily for him, she did. As soon as those eyes locked up on JJ, she let out a grin and started walking towards him. A wave of excitement and nerves took over his body but he played it off naturally by taking a sip from his beer and turning to his friends to seem not interested in the girl at all.
“If what I’ve heard is true, this is going to be a sick party.” She said and JJ let out a tiny smile before turning to her.
“And what exactly did you heard?” He asked after taking another sip to his beer.
“That some guy called JJ and his friends throw some good parties, and people don’t like to miss them. But that-” she looked around “is yet to be determined.”
JJ let out a grin and did a single nod. “Is there something I can do to help you determine it?” By the look the girl gave him, JJ noticed that she knew what he was doing and his intentions with his question, but instead of following it and disregarding it, she turned to Kie, who was standing behind him but could be seen perfectly while she was carefully staring at her.
The girl let out a tiny smile and pointed at Kie with her head. “I like your hair.” She said and Kie did the same thing after letting out a tiny smile.
“I like yours too.”
The girl turned to JJ and winked at him with a smile on her face, and before he would say another word, she turned around and left the poor boy with a million of thoughts going through his head.
“What the hell was that?” Pope asked who just witnessed the whole thing.
“I have no idea.” JJ said confused still looking the way she just left.
“Who the hell is she?” Kie asked softly, surprised at the weird girl with five colors on her hair. JJ wanted to answer, but just like his prior answer, he had no idea.
The moment all of his friends went into their own little conversation JJ sat down in the sand with his beer still in hand and his eyes glued to the girl and her big boots, who was across the beach staring at everyone dancing. If JJ ever layed eyes on someone that was alone at a party he would usually think that it’s a creep or they’re just not having fun, but not her. The way she was just enjoying the wind and the music made JJ understand that she was having good time. She let out tiny smiles or laughs when something funny happened at the party, either someone winning a beer pong game or a someone falling because they can’t keep their posture straight since the alcohol in their body wouldn’t let them. She seemed to be be just fine all by herself, and that made JJ even more interested in the weird girl.
His body made the decision all by itself to get up with the intention to walk towards her and join her. When his brain realised what he was doing he felt how his heart started to beat faster than normal and how his hand started to sweat around the beer he was holding. He never felt this way when he wanted to talk to a girl, he was the guy who would usually be extremely confident and smooth around girls, but she, she was different. And made all the feelings inside JJ go into riot mode.
“Are the people right or not?” JJ asked making her turn around and lock eyes with him. She didn’t respond immediately, which made JJ afraid of the answer, caring a lot of what she thought about the little Kegger he decided to throw, but he covered it perfectly by sitting down next to her.
“I’m not sure yet.” She finally said shrugging her shoulders before giving the beer on her hand a sip.
“Maybe if you play some beer pong with me I’ll help you. It’s always a good time.”
“Oh, believe me,” she let out a tiny laugh “if we play beer pong I’ll have a good time because I’ll kick your ass.”
JJ raised her eyebrow. “Is that a bet?”
“Are you sure you want to make a bet? You’ll lose.” She bit her lower lip turning to face the beer pong table in front of them.
“I’m pretty good.” She went back to him and noticed a some fun on his eyes, which she definitely liked.
“You don’t seem the type.” She shook her head teasing him.
JJ did a little slow nod and then took a sip from his beer. As much as JJ didn’t care what other people thought of him, she did care what she thought. So once he saw the opportunity, he immediately took it. “And what type do I seem?”
She locked eyes with him but then went over him up and down with her eyes making him feel nervous under her shiny eyes, but as much as he tried to cover it, he moved his arm uncomfortably trying to seem like it was hurting it and he was moving it to hurt less, trying to hide the fact that he couldn’t handle being under eyes. “The type to flirt with girl, sleep with them and never call them afterwards.” She finally said and that caught him off guard and made his heart sink into his stomach, even if it was true.
“It hurts me that you see me that way.” He said in a joking tone, pretending to be offended even if she did a little bit.
“Am I wrong?” She asked raising her eyebrow and the tone in her voice made it look like she already knew the answer.
“Well, you do seem the type to lie a lot too.”
“Only when I’m talking to the cops.”
“Ah, yes,” she nodded “the troublemaker.”
“And you’re telling me that you’re not?” He let out a tiny laugh.
“I never said that.” She took a sip of her beer hiding th le fact now, he was inspecting her with his eyes.
“Well, miss ‘I know your type’, let me do you now. You seem like the type to act like you don’t care about the attention but you actually do, that’s why you have five colors on your hair. You like the attention.” He said trying to get back at her, but instead of getting defensive, she just let out a smile and shook her head.
“You couldn’t be more wrong.”
“How am I wrong?”
“I don’t like the attention, and I just dyed my hair because I wanted to.” She shrugged her shoulders to give the impression that she didn’t care, but JJ got something different from her, she didn’t like that now she was the subject.
“Admit it, you’re a hot girl that knows it and that likes the attention.” He said, and immediately realised what he just said.
“You think I’m hot?” She asked turning to see him again.
“You think I’m hot.” She said with a smile, and this time it wasn’t a question.
“Well, yes. I’m not blind.” He said when he admitted his defeat with himself.
“You’re terrible at reading people so you might be.”
“Let’s play a game of beer pong and I’ll show you how I am not blind.” He said pointing at the now, empty peer pong table.
“And you keep insisting, you’ll lose!” She said loudly.
“C’mon, let’s play.”
“I don’t feel like it.”
“Are you a coward?”
“No, I just don’t feel like playing tonight.”
“You’re just a chicken.” He was trying so hard to annoy her and convince her, but it didn’t seem to be working since not a single wave of annoyance was running through her body.
“That game doesn’t work on me.”
“What game?” JJ asked even if he knew.
“Hey buddy!” A guy yelled in front of them, making them both turn to face him. “Can you pass me a ball?” He was standing between the two beer pong tables while pointing at a tiny white ball that was some feet away from JJ and her. JJ was about to get up, but she was quicker. She grabbed the ball and with a quick move the ball left her hand and landed perfectly into the stranger’s hand. “Thanks dude!”
JJ slightly opened his mouth surprised. The way that the ball flew towards the guy around the beach like there was no wind around it made him feel impressed. It wasn’t that she just got lucky, JJ knew how to see that, she was indeed good and knew how to play.
Lost in his thoughts, JJ didn’t realised that she was walking towards the tables. “What are you doing? Finally deciding to play with me?” He got up and ran to be beside her.
“You’re good, I can see that. You’re just afraid someone is going to kick you out of the throne.”
“If that helps you sleep at night.” She said walking faster to leave him behind. “I think I’m gonna call it a night!” She turned around without stopping and saluted him.
“Hey! I don’t even know your name.” He yelled and she immediately let out a smile.
“Well, if you think I’m hot, just call me the hot girl!”
Everybody wants to know her name
How does she cope with her new found fame?
Everyone asks me
Who the hell is she?
That weirdo with five colours in her hair
As soon as JJ stepped inside those school corridors he knew something was up. Every group was talking while looking around for someone, some of them where even whispering to their friends with their phones in hand. His mind was so confused and trying to look for answers, but then stopped once his best friend, Pope, arrived at his side.
“Have you heard?” Pope asked looking around and then locking eyes with JJ.
“Have I heard what?”
“The new girl. The rumours that she punched a guy at her last school are true.”
“How do you know?” He asked intrigued, and he indeed was.
“Apparently someone knows a guy that goes to her ex school. That’s crazy, man.”
“So what?” JJ shrugged her shoulder, he had to be honest, he thought that it was going to be something worst.
“So what?” Pope furrowed his eyebrows. “Don’t you think it’s a little bit weird?”
“No. I punched a guy.”
“Yeah, well,” Pope shook his head “you’re JJ.”
“What is that supposed to mean?”
Pope rolled his eyes at his ‘offended’ friend and just shrugged his shoulders trying to turn down the situation. “I’m just curious, that’s all.”
“Aren’t we all? She just shows up out of nowhere, a girl that we’ve never seen before and we don’t know shit about even though she’s been here a week. It’s just- I don’t know, weird.” JJ said like he was throwing his thoughts into the air. As soon as he finished he hoped that Pope didn’t ask why he was so interested in the new girl, and for his luck, the bell rang making them say goodbye to leave to their own class.
Class went slower than any other day JJ spent in school. Even if he had his thoughts way deep into the girl and the need of seeing her and talking to her surrounding his body, the clock felt like it was never moving. But finally, the bell rang and he walked out of his last morning class to eat lunch. The moment his feet touched the grass while his hand was holding his lame lunch he looked around unintentionally looking for her. And just like the other day at the party, she was sitting alone enjoying nothing but her own company. But something was off. JJ noticed that when a group of people walked behind her whispering to each other, she turned around and moved uncomfortably on her seat, clearly not liking the attention she was receiving.
For the first time, JJ deepened his sight on the people around her instead of the girl, and noticed that there was the same amount of people clearly talking about her as that same morning. Some of them tried to be discreet, but failed miserably. Others, didn’t care at all that it was clear that they were talking about her not even enough feet away from her for her to not hear them.
JJ looked back at her and noticed that she was trying too hard to keep her attention on her lunch, but her moving uncomfortably her foot up and down was what caught JJ’s attention even more.
“If what I’ve heard is true, you punched a guy.” JJ said the moment he sat down next to her and left his lunch on the table. He tried to make his joking tone very obvious, to try to make her laugh and lose the tension she was clearly having with the situation.
“Apparently.” She said quickly not giving JJ any eye contact, still with her eyes glued to her lunch after giving it a little bite.
“Nice.” JJ nodded and for the first time since he walked into her surroundings, caught her attention and locked eyes with her.
“What?” She said confused, but still with a little smile on her face.
“I mean, I’m pretty sure you had a good reason.”
“I did.” She nodded.
“What was it?” He asked intrigued, but then regretted it since he didn’t want to make her uncomfortable. Which the subject seemed to do so.
“Doesn’t matter and it’s non of your business.” She winked at him and then went back to her not so appetising lunch. And with that answer, JJ saw the same girl that walked into the class room for the first time. Her body language started to change the moment JJ sat down next to her, something that made him have a lot of questions on his mind.
“Ouch.” He said touching his chest pretending that it hurted.
She let out a tiny laugh and rolled her eyes, but then that expression went away when a couple of girls walked passed them two and stared at her for too long while whispering to each other. She let out a tiny sigh after they were long gone, clearly tired of it all.
“I just don’t get the big deal of it. Just mind your own business and move on.” She said annoyed giving her lunch a little push away from her.
“Oh, that doesn’t happen here in Outer Banks. So get used to it.” JJ said shaking his head making his blonde hair move along with him.
“Been there and I don’t plan to do it again.”
“Why is that?”
“Doesn’t matter.” She said again making JJ wonder if he was ever going to get something out of the new girl.
“A lot of things seem to not matter to you.” He said shrugging his shoulders trying to get to her, but instead of getting annoyed she just let out a tiny laugh.
“Like I told you before, you’re terrible at reading people.”
“Maybe I am. But I can notice that you’re not liking the attention people are giving to you.” He said way too quickly and immediately noticed that he sounded like a creep because he knew that he had been staring at her from a far for too long, but lucky for him, she didn’t caught that at all.
“Never been the type to like the attention.”
“Says the girl with five colors on her hair.”
She rolled her eyes. “We already talked about that-”
JJ quickly nodded. “Yes, yes, you did it because you wanted to. I know.” He said so jokingly that it made her laugh which then made JJ let out tiny smile. He soon realised that he did and slapped himself on the inside for his sudden and weird action. He wanted her to talk before he would go deep into his mind and end up thinking something that he didn’t want to. “Was it that bad?” That was the first thing that came to his mind. And luckily for him, she didn’t find it weird.
“For the guy wasn’t.” She let out a tiny laugh since that seemed to have brought a memory on her mind.
“Didn’t throw a good punch?” He asked with a grin getting more interested in the fight.
“Oh, believe me, I did.” She nodded. “Consequences I mean. He’s just a rich dude who has daddy’s money and who doesn’t have to deal with the consequences of his actions never in his life. They’re the worst.”
“Tell me about it. It’s full of those assholes here, unfortunately.”
She didn’t respond immediately. Instead, she looked down at her legs and took a deep sigh. Something was going on her mind and JJ was trying to figure out what it was, but before he could think of something else, she talked.
“I had this... friend, if you can call her that. She was dating this rich guy that I didn’t like very much, he was a prick but for some reason, she liked him. So as her friend, I tried my best to put up with him. I tried to tell her millions of times that she deserved better than that guy. But she never listened. So, one day I walked into the high school bathroom and I see her crying because- because he tried to do something that she didn’t want to. He layed his dirty hands on her and I wasn’t going to allowed that, so, I went to him and punched him right in the jaw in front of everyone, but I didn’t care. We all went to the principal’s office and- my friend was there as well. I thought, well, she probably finally realized that he’s an asshole and she’s better without him. It’s going to be ok. But- she decided to... lie. And tell everyone I punched him because I was jealous. And everyone believed her. Till this day I don’t know why she did it. But after that I got expelled and... came here. I don’t want to be the girl who punched a guy just because, I don’t want to be the girl who punched a guy in the first place. I just- want to finish high school and have a good time with no eyes on me.”
Her story did made sense and the first thing that he thought was that he would’ve done the same thing. But then, how brave was she. To stood up for her friend even if that meant having bad consequences. But she didn’t care. Protecting her friend was way more important than saving herself, and that meant more to JJ than she could ever imagine. He never thought that maybe she and him would have something in common, but strangely, they did. “Everyone’s going to look at you, people stare at interesting things-” he said after letting silence surround their conversation.
“Weird, better chose of word.” She said jokingly and JJ let out a tiny laugh, but something else came into his mind once she said that word.
“Since I don’t know your name I have a nickname for you.”
“What?” She asked intrigued but JJ didn’t respond immediately. He built the impatience clearly growing on her, and when JJ got her where she wanted her, he opened his mouth to let the words come out softly.
“The weirdo with five colors on her hair.”
She was all I thought about
The girl I couldn't live without
But then she went insane,
She couldn't take the fame
She said I was to blame
She'd had enough
And shaved five colours off
And now she's just a weirdo with no name
Strangely, JJ couldn’t stop thinking about her. Well, it wasn’t strange at all since he couldn’t get her out his mind since the first time he saw her. But now, it was stronger than before. Knowing something about her made the string that was attached to her and him more thick around them. Or at least, for JJ.
He found himself wide awake at 4 am in the morning without a single drop of tiredness on his body. The light of the moon was the only thing illuminating his room. He turned to the side and looked at the mess that was the floor and an idea came to his head to pass the time; maybe cleaning his room wasn’t such a bad idea. But then he realized it was the middle of the night, and he was going to make a lot of noise waking some people in his house up... and that wasn’t something that JJ wanted. Not at all.
What’s another thing that I do when I’m bored or cannot sleep? JJ thought. And immediately, his body moving with his surfing board on the water hit his mind. Without hesitating, he got up from his bed and silently got ready to leave the house and start a late surfing session.
As soon as his feet touched the sand at the beach, his mind started to relax. It was like a button that only when being on the beach could be pressed. He started to walk towards the big waves in front of him but when someone appeared from the dark he stopped, confused on why someone would be at the beach at this late hours.
Yes, he was there too. But it’s not something that everybody did.
They had a black hat on and some oversized clothes. He couldn’t figure out who they were, not even their gender and that got JJ even more confused, a little bit more frightened also. But with decision he grabbed with more strength his board and kept walking towards the water.
As they were getting closer he tried his hardest to deduce who they were. They had their hands on their pockets which made it even more difficult, they had nothing that would set them apart. Until, a little wave of wind hit their surroundings, and five colors in their hair could be seen.
“What are you doing here?” She asked before JJ could fully process it was her.
“I can’t sleep.” He answered and then looked around to see if she was with someone. “I don’t think is very safe for you to be here alone.”
“And you care?” She asked when JJ looked back at her. She seemed annoyed at his presence and wanting to keep walking, but for some reason she didn’t.
Her tone did caught him off guard, so after being silent while his brain was trying to understand her sudden change of behaviour towards him, he said “I- yes?”
“Sure, whatever you say.” She shrugged her shoulders and finally, turned around to keep walking away from him.
“What’s wrong with you? No sleep makes you moody?” He asked jokingly like he always did, trying to lose the tension of the situation. But the way she turned around quickly and the expression of her face made JJ notice it didn’t work out.
“What the fuck?! You never say something like that to someone who’s angry!”
“Ok! Ok! What happened to you?”
“Life! That happened!” She threw her hands into the air and then covered her face with them while letting out a long sigh.
“Care to be more specific?” JJ asked once he noticed her breathing was slowing down.
“Fuck! Everyone knows!” She spitted out so loudly that JJ felt how the waves weren’t so loudly anymore. “Everyone knows what I did and it fucking sucks!”
“But-” JJ added confused “you already knew that.”
“They know the real reason why I did it. And I’m pretty sure I know who told them.” Her tone was angry but her voice was back to normal, but that didn’t take away the fact that she sounded terrifying.
She opened her eyes widely and slapped herself on the forehead before getting closer to JJ. “You, you asshole! You were the only one who I told the story to! Why did you do that?”
JJ felt his heart dropping to his stomach once he understood what she was talking about. “I didn’t! I haven’t talk to anyone from school since lunch break.”
“Then who the fuck did?! Nobody knew about it! Don’t lie to me!”
“I swear I didn’t say anything! And what’s the big deal anyway? It doesn’t matter that they know.”
“Yes it does! It does to me!”
“Because- well,” she said but then stopped, realising that she was about to say something personal. She let her breathing go back to normal after looking down since she didn’t like JJ’s on her “because there’s people who still defend the fucking guy and there’s nothing I can do about it! I’m just a girl who punched a guy and that’s it!” Her tone was becoming louder the more she talked. “And I hate that! I might seem like I don’t care about the attention, but I do. I don’t like it, I don’t like people staring at me just because I am being me. People like to give me labels without even knowing me and that just- it just fucking sucks!”
“I’m-” JJ was about to say but then she stopped him by shaking her head quickly and turning around.
“Don’t. I need- I need to be alone.” She said loudly before quickly leaving JJ and the beach behind.
JJ felt so stupid that he didn’t even want to surf anymore. It was clear that she did open up with him and he didn’t know what to say. He didn’t know how to help her. He wanted it so bad but his stupid brain didn’t find the solution to it. And something even worse was happening on his head, a question that was going on on his mind since he left the beach and arrived at his house. Not even when he closed his eyes when his body relaxed on the bed, nothing seemed to distract JJ from it. It kept going on and on without stopping.
Why do I care so much?
Before he could realise, JJ was walking to class with his backpack hanging from one shoulder. He sat down on his usual seat on the back of the class and let his head rest on his desk since he couldn’t get any sleep the night before. And he knew the reason why. But tried his hardest to keep it away from his mind, at least on class. But when he opened his eyes the moment he felt a little bit of relaxation going on on his body and mind, she was there. But... not really.
She was different and JJ was not the only one who noticed. The noise that was happening on the classroom completely disappeared when she walked into the room as the heads were turning to see her. All those eyes on her but she didn’t notice any of them, since her eyes were glued to her phone and she was focused on the song that was playing on her headphones.
She walked to her sit while everyone was following her. It took JJ a moment to fully realise and understand what he was seeing, it was something that he never saw coming, not even a little bit.
They were gone.
All the colors in her hair were gone. Not even a single color left, only her natural color. She had it shorter than before and had little bangs on the side of her face. It didn’t feel like her at all.
The noise was slowly coming back again but JJ couldn’t take his eyes away from her. From her being the girl with five colors in her hair she was now... just a girl. He didn’t even know her name. She was just a girl with no name.
She was no longer the weirdo with five colors on her hair.
Everybody wants to know her name
How does she cope with her new found fame?
Everyone asks me
Who the hell is she
That weirdo with five colours in her hair
Her removing her five colors in her hair wasn’t some news that passed unnoticed at school. Everyone was taking about it, even the younger kids that didn’t even walked pass her on the high school corridors.
Even if after class she was nowhere to be seen, she was the girl everyone was talking about. And JJ knew she wasn’t going to like that at all. Even if he felt like shit after talking to her the night before, he found himself looking for her after class finished. But just like a ghost, she disappeared after the bell rang and everyone went out for lunch.
He gave up after spending almost thirty minutes looking for the girl, his poor feet were tired to walking another to he decided after making sure that no one was around to walk out the front door and take some fresh air without having any school kids around him. But that plan changed completely when the first thing he saw when he walked outside was her sitting on the floor with her hands covering her face.
“Wow.” He said once he sat down next to her and she looked at him.
“I guess you can’t call me with your nickname anymore.” She shrugged her shoulders but then a little laugh escaped her lips.
“I’ll just think of something else.” He said not giving much importance to it. He looked at her but she wasn’t looking at him, she was just staring at the ground while her fingers were playing with the rings on them. She joked about it but JJ knew that she hated it, and she clearly wasn’t expecting everyone to be talking about. “Having one color won’t stop people from staring and talking about you.”
“I guess not.”
“I’m sorry.” He said and that made her look at him confused with an eyebrow raised.
“For what?”
“I don’t know exactly.” He said shaking his head not even knowing what he said that in the first place, but that did make her let out a tiny laugh. And that was a good enough reason for him.
“You’re stupid.”
“I know, sets me apart from other people.”
“No it doesn’t,” she shook her head “everyone’s a little stupid.”
“Uh, little. I’m a lot.” The laugh that came out her lips made JJ smile but erase it once he noticed it. He looked down immediately to find something to change the subject and lucky for him, saw the perfect thing. “You have to teach me how to skateboard.” He said looking at the skateboard under her feet.
“And you have to teach me how to surfboard.”
JJ nodded. “That’s a plan.”
She smiled but then looked down putting the hair that was touching her face behind her ear. “Alright, I have to go. I don’t want to spend another hour at school.” She got up before JJ could say something else. She dropped her board and started riding it with ease.
“I’ll call you later because I have to teach you how to surf!” He yelled since she was far away from him.
“Ok!” She waved at him.
“Wait, give me your number!” She turned around before grabbing a marker from her backpack and writing a series of numbers on JJ’s arm. “What’s your name?”
“Guess!” She smiled at him before going on her board once again.
“If I guess it right, would you go out with me?”
She stopped with her board and turned around to face him. He waited impatiently for her answer, but her little smile told him that it wasn’t a bad idea at all. “We’ll see!”
JJ smiled before looking down at his phone and writing the number on it. His fingers stopped once he got to the option to write the name on it, he looked up to look at her get far away from the school while her hair was moving along with the wind and a little smile appeared on his face. He looked down to start moving his fingers against his screen. He saved the phone number and his smile went even more bigger and proudly as he was reading the new contact on his phone: “the weirdo with five colors in her hair”
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