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Yu Otosaka (Charlotte) and Lelouch Vi Britannia (Code Geass)

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*C.C. freaking out about a bad hair day*

Lelouch: What the fuck did you do?

C.C.: Looked up tutorials online. They’re all liars!

Lelouch: 👀

C.C.: Don’t judge me! 🙀😫 I’m a tragic victim of internet hair stylists!

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He hated how hopelessly he had fallen in love with this creature. But he couldn’t deny the wishes of his own heart — and how it called her name with every beat. [AU Lelouch/CC story]


No one asked for this. I don’t know if anyone other than me even thought of C.C. as a lonely mermaid, but here we are. I personally blame the rabbit hole I fell into one day, because I just obsessively started reading deep lore surrounding sirens and then mermaids, and the ideological merging of the two. I was a woman possessed with the research spirit. xD

Pile on the fact that I rewatched Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, and we have ourselves a Code Geass Mermaid AU, Ladies & Gents! Around the same time, I was also having a blast with a mermaid Sim in the Sims 4 Island Living pack, so there we go.

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Share with me your Code Geass headcanons :))))))))) Gimme that juice.

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02/24/2021: Zero Pixel Art

There he go

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You mean aside from UniOne’s Revive? 😅

I honestly think A Thousand Years (Pt 2) for an immortal romance. 😍🥰

If it’s a song C.C. has for Lelouch, I like A Moment Like This (Leona Lewis’ version) 😉

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aside from his (lelouch’s) hotness, he’s a great character

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lelouch and suzaku from code geass were sooo funny its like childhood friends to war criminals to lovers. i hate them

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feat. euphy ! — lelouch the private tutor

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Lelouch is kind of an asshole.🩸❤️


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Lelouch: Shirley, I’m sorry about your father. If I could be reborn into a new life, I would…
Shirley: No matter how many times I reborn, I’ll keep falling in love with you, Lelou.

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Cloudbursting - Chapter 11 - ashethehedgehog - Code Geass [Archive of Our Own]
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😳 This is the most domestic I’ve ever seen them. 😂 Lelouch & Suzaku on a holiday trip in Mt. Komorebi, relaxing after I tortured them with hours of practicing their rock climbing.

Of course, Lelouch knits. He’s a handicrafts kind of guy. 😄 And because it’s the Sims, of course Suzaku washes his dishes in the bathroom sink. NOT the kitchen sink. What kind of heathen do you take him for? 😂🤣 Only bathroom sinks are acceptable!

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