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nandanevesc · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
I just finished watching RE Village gameplay  (because I dont have the guts to play it myself hehehe) ❤️
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writers-blogck · a day ago
The Stranger and the Confidant ( RE8 Lords x Reader )
Warning(s): This will be a bit different than the game itself. One of the main big differences is the timeline. The game occurs in a day (or a couple of days) but this will last longer overall. Ethan will be in the village for one month (approximately). This is to allow for more story development. The plot will be the same so heavy spoilers for the rest of the game!  This is going to be the beginning of a collection of one-shots surrounding the Resident Evil 8 - Village universe. The stories may follow a Harem-type trope where multiple people are interested in the reader. 
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Get ready for the trio of sisters next! Title: The Stranger and the Confidant Pairing: RE8 Lords x Reader Fandom: Resident Evil - Village Word Count: 2,943
Previous Part ● Next Part 
Tumblr media
        How long were you in the church? It felt like hours but it must have only been mere minutes. Somehow you were able to convince Mother Miranda to let you leave before Heisenberg came back from his task. You knew that whatever they had planned for Ethan couldn't be good. Would they kill him now? The Duke told you he was going to need help while he explored the lord's domains, if he was dead, then he wouldn't need help. Still, the Duke was never wrong. He had this sixth sense when it came to seeing the future. He had never explained it to you and you doubted that he ever would.
        How had he even known about Ethan in the first place? You had believed the man was already in the village but if Heisenberg was fetching him now, then that was impossible. There was so much you didn't understand about the Duke. At times, he seemed more powerful than the Lords himself, though he didn't have a domain. He wasn't created by Miranda, that you knew of anyway. The Duke never wanted to talk about his past before you were part of it. It seemed like he was just being sweet but you always wondered if he was hiding something. 
        Questioning him wasn't always the best idea as he was your only companion that you could fully trust.  You had to assume everyone else had plans to doublecross you or use you in some way. When most of your neighbors were lycans, it wasn't a surprise that you couldn't trust anyone. If he got mad at you, then you would lose every piece of structure that you had. Luckily, the Duke had quite a bit of patience. He knew how to carefully steer away from the topic at hand while making it seem like it was your doing. 
        It could be worse, you had to keep telling yourself that. In the end, you were still alive. Enslaved but alive...If you played your cards right, this might even be a good thing. Now that the village was destroyed, everything was going to change. Power structures may shift or the ones in power now may get even more powerful. There was no way to know. Yet, getting in good with the lords may be better than just staying hidden. With Ethan now in the mix as a wild card, there was no way to plan in advance life you were used to. It scared you. 
        Familiar stone tiles began to appear as you got closer to the village square. Before the fall of the village, you had lived in a small house off the edge of the village, away from any of the lords. Now with everything that happened, the Duke decided that it would be too dangerous to stay in one place. You had a small bedroll in the back of the caravan where you would sleep when the night finally came. The Duke would stay upfront, driving on some nights while others he would just stay up there without moving. Did he need to sleep? He had to. You convinced yourself he slept when you were out, collecting items and information. 
        You loved the Duke with all of your heart but the two of you had a strange family. Even as a child, he would leave you alone, assuring you that you would be safe as long as you stayed inside, only venturing to the village if you needed supplies. This was how you spent most of your life until you began to get more rebellious in your teenage years and began to sneak out. It wasn't hard as the Duke was always leaving to go to the outside world. Even with how often he left, the relationship between the two of you was strong. He always brought you back things from his travels and he made sure to spend time with you when he was here. 
        As the square came in to view and you could see the caravan, you were shocked that the Duke wasn't alone. A man was there with him and there was only one person it could be. How had it gotten here before you had? Time was weird in the Village but normally it wasn't this weird. You had stopped at a few houses before returning, keeping out of the lycans' gazes as well as collecting some supplies left by the villagers. That must have taken longer than you had expected.  The Duke was going to be even more annoyed, the longer you were gone, the more of a chiding you would get. A sigh left your lips as you emerged from between the houses, getting the attention of both men. 
        "Ah, I was just talking about you! This is Ethan Winters, the newest occupant of our lovely village." Hidden from Ethan's gaze but obvious to your own was the emotion behind the Duke's words. There was a tension that was normally absent from his voice, eyes narrowed a centimeter as he watched you approach. All hope that you had for getting out of this easily disappeared. There went an easy night, though there had been a small chance of having one anyway. Alas, there was nothing you could do now. 
        There was also the hint of condescension in his voice but you knew he meant well. He reminded you of Lady Dimitrescu in that way. Both took on higher roles than they actually were, to your knowledge. The Duke would never tell you where he was Duke of which made you wonder. Plus, if he was a duke, why was he running as a trader? It didn't make sense.  These questions plagued your mind when you were younger but as you grew you learned to leave these unanswered. He liked to call you 'little royal' in private but in reality, you had just as much power as the other villagers. 
        Ethan didn't look good, to put it nicely...Was there a handsome man hidden under all of that blood and mud? His hand was messily wrapped, obviously due to his new lack of mobility. What had happened to his fingers? It was hard to tell as it was wrapped. The bandages themselves were already getting dirty and if he kept it up like this, he would lose the rest of his hand to infection. That was if he was lucky and the infection didn't spread into the rest of his body. The man looked so tired, you felt bad for him. 
        "I'm very sorry about your daughter." You approached him like he was a wounded wild animal. He wouldn't lash out at you, would he? With everything that he had been through, you wouldn't blame him if he thought that you were a threat in one way or another. Was the Duke the first person he had come into contact with that wasn't an enemy? That must be so disorienting and strange. Yet, he was being such a wonderful father. You wished that you would do the same if you were in his position. 
        "Don't worry, my little apprentice, Mister Ethan Winters here can still save his darling daughter. He just has to collect all of the proper pieces. Hope is not yet lost." The Duke took a large puff from his cigar after he spoke. You had tried one in the past but you had hated the entire experience. Sometimes you thought he only smoked them to fit his aesthetic of being richer than he probably was. 
        Ethan's hand clenched into a fist as the Duke spoke. This must be so trying for him. Being in this nightmare of a village was hard enough as is before adding the lords into the mix. Having to deal with the stress of his missing daughter and the new monsters wandering the lands could only make it worse. It must be terrifying to know that you couldn't keep your child safe. You were surprised that he was still standing and hadn't broken down completely. That was how most people would respond to a situation like this. His brain should explode with all of the stress it was being put under and all of these seemingly impossible things happening. 
        You began to wonder if he had some type of similar experience in the past. That would be the only reason that this new world that had things like lycans and terrifying experiments weren't scarring him completely. You had been raised surrounded by these types of creatures, even before the destruction of the Village. He had been raised on the outside...Were there monsters on the outside as well? 
        "May I?" He flinched but allowed you to grave his hand in your own. Being this close allowed you to see the curves of his face and the hint that there was a true man under the grim. His eyes kept darting from his bandaged hand back to you. You knew that you had to be gentle and not come off as a threat in any way. 
        As gently as you could you began to unwrap the terribly bandaged wound. With the injury now in plain sight, you could tell that something had torn his ring and pinky finger off. The edges were chaotic and you could easily tell this wasn't done by something like a gun or a knife. This was something pulling, perhaps some type of machinery? You didn't want to think of the other options...
        As you expected, his wound was covered in dirt particles and small green pieces of moss on his now stubs in place of his fingers. This would surely have gotten infected if he had left it like this for any longer. Hopefully, you were early enough to keep it from getting infected. It was too late at this point and all you could do now was treat the wound properly. You had learned quite a bit of medical knowledge from a mixture of books and the experiment notes you found while exploring. 
        With one hand cradling Ethan's, you used your free one to go searching through your pockets for what you were looking for. The softness of a leaf let you know that you needed to keep searching. This happened a few times before you found what you wanted. The cool glass was enough of a tell for you to pull it out. One of your bad traits was shoving things in pockets randomly, meaning you never knew where anything was on your person. 
        Pulling out the bottle, you popped the top off of the chem fluid and moved to pour it over the man's injured hand. This would work, though you didn't understand how it worked. There was a lot of science in the Village that you didn't understand but used to stay alive. You didn't understand the yellow flowers at the Benviento estate but you learned that they meant danger. 
        "You need to keep this as clean as possible. It will be very difficult to get antibiotics for an infection if you are to develop one. The only antibiotics in the Village are kept at the Benviento estate. If the worst does happen, I can attempt to get some for you but there is no way to guarantee that I will be successful. This means that it would be better to keep it from getting infected in the first place." 
        "For a cost, of course." The Duke chimed in causing you to roll your eyes. He liked to act like he was greedy but in reality, he was quite generous. He was the one who wanted to leave supplies around for the father. 
        "I know it will be hard to keep it clean." You pulled out a fresh roll of bandages and started to rewrap his wound, "You just need to try your hardest. Rewrap it every day and preferably douse it with chem fluid every night as well. The medicine seems to be able to do miraculous things so perhaps it will keep you safe here. I know there aren't many easy ways to keep yourself clean now as even the water has become tainted so the chem fluid will be your best bet to use on any open wounds." 
        "Why are you helping me?" Ethan looked over his newly bandaged hand, taking in the skilled job in comparison to his own attempt earlier. His attempt looked as if a child had done it but he would cut himself some slack with his, you know, understandable lack of dexterity. He would get better the more he did it, or he at least hoped he would. 
        "Because us humans have to look out for each other." You whispered softly, a small smile on your face. You knew that the Duke wouldn't be able to hear you and Ethan seemed to as well with the small upturn of the corners of his lips. It was only for a moment before the frown returned, the small moment of humanity and positive interaction slipping away. 
        Before anyone could say more, a loud cacophony of howls rang out in the dying light. It was dusk now and soon it would become nighttime. The nighttime was dangerous, even in the most peaceful of places. The dark never meant well as it kept everything that wanted to be hidden, hidden. You knew that well as you were a master of using the dark and the shadows to your advantage. 
        "I...I have to go." Ethan shook his head, backing away from the two of you. He met your gaze one final time before he turned and ran back into the mass of houses that were now abandoned. Would he stay here? You knew that the Duke and you would leave before the night came. It was too dangerous here when it got dark. The lycans got stronger and less predictable. Even the lords had a hard time controlling the stronger ones at night. The full moon hadn't come yet and you couldn't help but wonder if they would be even stronger then? Were they like the monsters in the books?
        Once his retreating figure was gone, you slowly turned to look at the Duke. His emotions were less controlled and he let go of his mask, letting it slip for only a moment as he looked at you. Dealing with Ethan had almost allowed you to forget about the early events of the day. Now you couldn't do that with the stern look you were getting from your caregiver.
        "Where were you? You know that I don't like you being out that much without letting me know. Now that it has gotten more dangerous, I need you to let me know where you are and where you are going for the entire day. Why didn't you check-in? You made me think something happened. I had to deal with the arrival of Mr.Winters as well which kept me from searching for you. What if you had gotten seriously injured?" 
        Your hand instinctively went to run over your leg but you quickly caught yourself. It was bad enough that you had been out for so long, you would never hear the end of it if he knew that you had gotten hurt. Still, even if he wanted to keep you trapped in the caravan, he couldn't...Mother Miranda had a plan for you now and nothing ever came in the way of her plans. Tears welled up in your eyes as the overwhelming nature of the day finally washed over you. Rubbing the back of your palm against your eyes, you moved to hug the man for a hint of comfort. 
        "I'm sorry...I-I didn't mean to be so long but then Mother Miranda-" A gentle hand rested on your shoulder, pushing you away to look you in the face. All of the anger was gone from the face you knew almost as well as your own, now replaced with sympathy and care. He looked like you had just come to him for comfort from a bad dream. If only that was it...What you wouldn't do to be able to wake up from this nightmare and go back to your regular life. 
        "Alright, alright darling, don't break down on me now. Come, let's get ready for the night and you can tell me everything that happened today. I'm certain that we can deal with it, even if it has to do with Mother Miranda. You know I won't let anything bad happen to you...We can come up with a plan for whatever the future holds but right now I need you to tell me what happened. Help me pack up my wares and then we can be off." 
        Nodding, you moved to do the tasks you could do in your sleep. This was how every day ended, it was ritual at this point. It was rare that you ever spent more than one day in a specific place. The Duke said it was safer to always be moving as it kept people from knowing where you were. He made it clear to you from a young age that the only one who needed to know your location was him. He taught you the dangers of the others, whether that be villagers, lords, or even Mother Miranda. You didn't want to think about what your life would be like with him. You would probably be dead in a ditch somewhere without his teachings. 
        Guess you were going to have to do a lot of explaining tonight. But first, it was time to clean up.
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sukipershipper · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tall Vampire Milf and Short Dilf Gremlin
Alcina has one of my favourite designs but Heisenberg has some of my favourite lines...They’re really fun characters
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letterbox-lemonade · 2 days ago
Yield to Her
Excerpt from chapter 5
Warning: Explicitly language.
You lay in bed and stared at the ceiling. You knew that Alcina was in her bedroom, only a few doors down the corridor. Was this correct? Should you even be taking the liberty of calling her that? Alcina…
A sin in so many books… You thought of the vicar who had looked after you for a week or two when you first came to the city and had to sleep in a park. Father Price, he’d insist on a pilgrimage if he knew the things you had been thinking. In his eyes, you would have a lot to confess to and answer for.
You turned the knob slowly, almost as if trying to be quiet so that the lady wouldn’t hear you. As if…
Only a couple of days ago you had started to hear even a pin drop in the other room. Imagine what Alcina could do...
You walked into her bedroom. It was well passed twelve am, and you two were alone in the house, this much you knew. Your senses were on edge, as you heard water movement in the bathroom. The french doors to the big bathroom were half open, and then you saw her in the tub, grazing her back fingernails on the smooth of her leg, gently raised above the foamy water.
With her hair up in a messy bun, she cocked her head to the side and rolled her toned shoulders, her back to you, and both arms on either side of the tub. Her posture so grand, as if she owned everything… And she did.
“What can I do for you, Miss Y/N?”
She didn’t even turn, in fact, she relaxed into the water.
Your mouth was suddenly dry, caught with anticipation.
You’d be lying if you said you were shocked or surprised that the lady had heard you… felt you? But you were indeed terrified.
Then, you saw her gray eyes as she glanced over her shoulder, effortlessly so... as if it were nothing, her hand wet, resting on the edge of the clawfoot tub.
“Come in. Have a seat.”
What to do? You knew that you would sit down, there was no question, but you sort of hesitated on instinct. It wasn’t like this was a living room.
There was an upholstered victorian chair at her vanity. You sat. The position would have seemed awkward to anyone watching you two, you were almost facing her side, only a few feet away.
And Alcina raised a brow, her smile was like the notes of a Spanish guitar; smooth and seductive.
You wouldn’t meet Alcina’s eye, and heat spread across your cheeks. From your peripheral view, you noticed how Alcina shimmied into the water and closed her eyes, leaning back. “Tell me, what has brought you to my door?”
You cleared your throat, and didn’t know if you could answer that. “I—I shouldn’t be here,” you murmured almost to yourself.
“And yet, here you are. What would my brother say?” There was a smug smirk in her voice, and you felt anger rise inside you suddenly.
“He has nothing to say. That bond you speak about might as well be a joke. I feel nothing… for your brother. And I can’t care less about what he has to say.”
At this, Alcina opened her eyes and looked at you.
There you went again, with that mouthiness of yours. Just asking for it.
“Could you please pass me a towel?”
You opened your mouth. What!? “I…I just…”
The lady raised an expecting brow. “Right behind you,”
You passed her the crisp white towel. But the lady should have just thrown it on the floor, because she rose from the bath, water sliding down her naked body, without a care for or need to cover herself.
You swallowed dry and turned around at once, but there was a large mirror with a thick victorian frame that found your reflection. It sat on the floor and was full body high.
Squeezing your eyes shut, you felt her behind, Alcina’s breath at your ear… you never wanted it more... to call her that. It sounded intimate. Close.
“Tell me… what did you really come looking for?” The velvet of her voice was some sort of sweet poison. A slow death.
She smelled of her perfume still, even though she had just taken a bath. Some silky soap and fresh water.
You sighed and quivered as you exhaled. “I…” You swallowed audibly. “I… I want you to fuck me like you fuck them.”
Oh, you felt Alcina’s smile inches from your neck as she leaned into you.
Please find the complete chapter here:
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gayestwinthesite · 3 days ago
Bellatrix: *Yelling at Hermione from the other room*
Delphi: Why is mom yelling?
Ron: Mione said that she was to short to date the RE vampire lady.
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limerami · 3 days ago
"Let's see how special you are~"
Tumblr media
A sketch of Dimitrescu in a spicy clothing. I took reference from a mod made by MarcosRC on patreon
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letterbox-lemonade · 4 days ago
Chapters: 6/? Fandom: Biohazard | Resident Evil (Gameverse), RE8, Resident Evil: Village Rating: Explicit Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death Relationships: Alcina Dimitrescu & Adult Rosemary Winters
Romance Summary:
“When is a monster not a monster? Oh, when you love it.” Caitlyn Siehl
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letterbox-lemonade · 5 days ago
Chapters: 6/? Relationships: Alcina Dimitrescu/Reader Characters: Alcina Dimitrescu x You Summary:
“When is a monster not a monster? Oh, when you love it.” Caitlyn Siehl.
You wake up in a mansion, and have no idea of where you are... or who brought you here. Then, suddenly dragged into this new world of vampires and mutants, you find yourself caught between two siblings fighting each other for you.
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