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#emblem gestures
superlinguo · 18 days ago
A lovely longform article from William Park at the BBC, on gesture and meaning and time. It features quotes from some gesture researchers I admire, and I’m also in there talking about one of my areas of research overlap at the moment, emoji and gesture. From the piece:
No hand gesture is ever read in isolation, with the exception of one kind: emoji.
The Internet has opened up this explosion of informal written communication and there's been this gap in what we can express in informal writing – Lauren Gawne
If you have ever struggled to express sarcasm in text you might have resorted to using emoji to help you out. Gawne says that our written language is distinctly lacking in ways to express sentiments like sarcasm because informal writing is a relatively new idea. For millennia, she says, informality was restricted to speech.
"The Internet has opened up this explosion of informal written communication and there's been this gap in what we can express in informal writing," she says, "An emoji is one of the resources people have taken to fill that gap."
This gesture has various meanings in different cultures, but the wider context can give us clues to deciphering it (Credit: Emmanuel Lafont/BBC)
Gawne has worked with linguist Gretchen McCulloch and Jennifer Daniel from Unicode to include a greater diversity of hand gestures in the official Unicode dictionary of emoji. What excites Gawne about encoding hand gestures in the Unicode dictionary is that they are so versatile. The fact that (like real hand gestures) their meanings can change is useful, she says. An image of a starfish is a starfish to everyone, but a hand shape can have whatever meaning the users want to ascribe to it.
Read the full piece: The hand gestures that last longer than spoken languages
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omgkalyppso · 5 days ago
Usually the "kill your father" plot is the ultimate challenge in a video game. Poor Ashe has to start his narrative journey with this fight.
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soren-apologist · 5 months ago
people are always like “the cutest fe characters are the little dragons like myrrh and fae,” and while i agree they’re cute, none can compare to how absolutely adorable baby ike and soren are
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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emotionaldepravity · 7 months ago
Can we please get some alphonse x summoner where they are just being cute and getting teased for it. Hes often neglected so if the summoner told him hes her favorite hero that be great!
This is old and I’m not going to follow the prompt 100%, but eh I’ll repurpose this for Valentine’s/ Day of Devotion hcs. I am hoping this makes him stop showing up in my summons for his father. 
-As soon as you got dressed for the Day of Devotion festival, you knew that today would be bit different than how the festival usually went. You had prepared a special gift for your prince, who you had recently confessed to, and you were waiting for the perfect moment to give it to him. 
-After he and Sharena showed up a bit late to the opening festival ceremony, apparently he had been asleep during their preparations, you were quick to give him a hug. Sharena’s ‘aww’ at the two of you embracing made Alfonse pout, but he still didn’t let you go till his ears were as pink as the rose on his wrist.
-The two of you paired up during the tournament, and easily took down the other contestants. When Henriette declared the two of you the victors, she made sure to add that ‘it was only possible thanks to the power of love.’ You laughed as Alfonse shook his head trying to hide the blush on his cheeks.  
- When others began exchanging gifts, you ran back to your study with his hand in yours. Your gift wasn’t as extravagant as the bouquets in the market, but you had thought long about choosing the singular sunflower that sat serenely in the silver vase on your desk. 
-As you removed it from the water and handed it to him, you readied yourself to speak the words you had been practicing all week. 
- “Alfonse, I probably don’t say this enough, but from the moment I came here, I knew it was you. No matter who I summon or meet, know that only you could be my favorite.” 
-Heart full of joy and emotion, he fainted right there. 
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princehendir · 2 months ago
Me and mom were literally just talking about how healers in RPGs are almost always women (and how female characters who aren't dedicated healers still usually have a healing move/spell even if it doesn't fit the rest of their moveset...) and at some point I mentioned Anders as being notable because he didn't fit the trend and my dad was like "yeah Anders is queer though" lznxksskks
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ask-the-tempest-king · 3 months ago
Why do you look so huggable?
Tumblr media
If I'll be quite honest with you, I don't know the answer to that. Perhaps it's the fact that I've garnered a bit of a reputation as someone who gives nice hugs. Or maybe it's the fluffy cloak I wear. But I give hugs freely to all who desire comfort, and if you would like one too then I will happily oblige.
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iturbide · 7 months ago
I wrote the fic! It’s called “A True Day of Devotion” by CheeseAndCake on achieveofourown (I can’t include links). It’s nothing fancy, relativly short, and I didn’t go into the pranks, but boy did I enjoy writing it! (Also, please let me know if I made any mistakes in it or if there are any improvements I can make!)
As soon as this showed up in my inbox I ran to AO3 to give it a look, and it is sheer perfection, 100/10, A+++ and then some
I heartily encourage people to check it out!!
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teatitty · 2 months ago
109 is not the max according to op! it's just where they decided to end it since all things must end, including uquizzes about wizard mazes
Terrifying! Thank you
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sweetwordshoneyedink · a year ago
vignette (fe3h) [ashe/reader]
Watching your pen glide across the page was one of his favourite pastimes.
Not that Ashe would ever let you know that. A part of him fears you'd get performance anxiety or something if you did, so as he watches words string into phrases, sentences, and plot points sprawling across the paper, he does so discreetly; audibly turning the pages of the book he'd pulled from the shelves.
The two of you were cozied up in a corner of the library; the near-cavernous space of your local one a comforting change of pace from the personal collection the two of you had amassed at home. It was all muffled footsteps on wine red carpeting, murmuring coming from in-between the bookshelves, and furniture and fixtures in mahogany and warm lamplight. The ambiance was widely regarded--between the two of you--to be perfect. (Also, as opposed to a café, you didn't need to pay to stay here.)
Though Ashe usually visits to borrow books--shocker--today, he observes your laser-focus on the ink marking out the major plot points of your latest long work. The intensity of that gaze--it takes his breath away a bit, and it makes him wonder what it'd be like to be looked at with that intensity.
He remembers the times where you look at him with a *similar* intensity, at least, and pushes it out of his mind because the two of you are in public.
You put the pen down, leaning back to survey your work in its entirety.
"Did you manage to get everything down all right?" He asks, gently.
"Almost. It just feels like I'm missing something, still..." You grumble, averting your eyes from the page and towards Ashe's side of the desk. "Oh, what were you reading?"
He doesn't know. "Ah, this is! Um--" Ashe shuts up and quickly flips the cover in an effort to stop himself from stammering and giving himself away. Your eyes widen when the title comes into your field of view, so Ashe tilts the cover forward a little more. It was a book on plants. Yes. All right. He can work with this.
"It's, uhh, y'know."
You look at him, patiently waiting for him to continue speaking.
"...No, sorry. I shouldn't lie to you. I wasn't reading this book, I was watching you write."
The look on your face turns from patient to surprised. Embarrassed, a little, if the sudden flush on your cheeks is anything to go by. "Uh... huh. Were you... reading it? What I wrote?"
"S-Sort of, but also sort of not? I'm really, really sorry--"
"Ahhh, no, it's okay--"
"--I just thought you looked really cool while you did it. Writing, I mean."
Ashe blinks hard, and averts his gaze. "Is that okay? That I was watching you, and thinking that?"
"...It's definitely new, and it's definitely a surprise, but I think I feel pretty okay with that, yes."
He heaves a sigh of relief. "Thank goodness."
"If you're interested, actually... maybe you could read it for real, not just watch it be made."
"Huh? Are you sure?"
"Yeah. I think that'd be nice, too, actually having someone else read what I make." You hand him the notebook, gingerly, and it hits Ashe that this is a symbol of trust.
"...Do you let anyone else read this stuff?"
"Okay." He smiles, and takes the notebook carefully. "Thank you very much. I'll be sure to take good care of it, and let you know what I think after."
There's a warm feeling in his chest when a smile tugs at your lips, too. "I'd want nothing more."
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allthingslinguistic · a year ago
Why do we move our hands when we talk? 
My latest collab video with Tom Scott is about gesture! 
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ask-claude-von-riegan · 10 months ago
You have been gifted a piece of moist and fluffy cake with light and airy frosting. There is a note next to it: "Enjoy! ~L"
Tumblr media
Oh! I certainly wasn't expecting this. Of course, I'll have to check it for poison but, if this is genuine, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will enjoy it.
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iturbide · a year ago
“Maman,” Robin whined, shuffling into his room as she bustled about collecting a few pieces of simple jewelry.  “Why did you say that!?”
“Say what?  That you need a break and tonight would be perfect since your father’s conducting a service at the temple?” she asked. 
“Yes!” he agreed, carefully adjusting his robes to hide the bandages and standing as still as he could manage while she helped him with the jewelry to fasten it closed.  “I had so much to do--”
“You’ve been working too much,” she interrupted, pushing the coat into his arms and moving back into the common room.  “You’re supposed to be resting, but Grima knows you haven’t been doing anywhere near enough of that.  You’re just like your father that way, distracting yourself with work when there’s nothing else to occupy you -- so going out for an evening and having a good time with your friends--”
“I don’t know Sully all that well, or Sumia much at all--”
“Your friend, then, and getting an opportunity to make two new ones,” she amended, rapidly measuring and mixing an assortment of dried herbs, “sounds like a wonderful idea to me.  You need to relax if you’re going to recover.”
“I’ve been resting,” he mumbled, summoning up a bright flame in his palm and holding it steady as she warmed a cup of water over it.  “Keeping to our rooms should be enough...”
“Not when you’re fretting yourself sick,” she replied, pouring a bit of the warmed water into the crushed herbs and mixing while she added several others.  “So take some time to relax, make some friends, enjoy the evening with that charming prince--”
“You heard his friend,” she teased, pouring the rest of the water in.  “He plans to come along to keep you company.  I think he has fond intentions.”
“Maman!” Robin whined, taking the bowl she pushed into his hands.  “You can’t know that, you don’t know him…”
“But I’ve seen how he looks at you,” she smiled.  “And I saw how he reacted when you were injured -- he would have done anything to stay.  Now drink up,” she insisted.  “And have a good time tonight, my Little Bird.”
“I’m not sure about this,” he mumbled, throwing back the draught in an ultimately futile attempt to avoid having to taste it. 
“Mark my words: you’ll be thanking me before the evening is up,” she chuckled.  “Now off you go.”
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josies-feh-stuff · 2 years ago
Male Summoner x Alfonse fluffy headcanons
•Since Alfonse is so shy, it’s usually Kiran who initiates romantic stuff like cuddles and kisses. However, Alfonse is far better at saying romantic things, often leaving Kiran utterly speechless and red as a tomato.
•Whenever the two are walking through a secluded area, Alfonse will tentatively hold Kiran’s hand. This usually leads to Alfonse becoming super quiet as he tries to hide his deep blush from Kiran by looking in a different direction. Instead of teasing the bashful prince, Kiran will simply smile to himself and give Alfonse’s hand a squeeze without saying a word. However, Alfonse will quickly drop Kiran’s hand the second anyone comes into view - internally praying that the person didn’t notice.
•Being a bit of a romantic, Alfonse will occasionally leave little romantic gifts on Kiran’s desk (especially if the two haven’t seen each other/spent time together in a while). Most of the time the prince will leave flowers or baked goods but he has also left a mushy, heartfelt love note that included a poem at the end (that he actually wrote himself). Kiran’s was so blown away by this note that he physically ran all the way to Alfonse (on the complete opposite end of the castle mind you!) just to give the prince a hug. However Kiran quickly over stepped his boundaries by kissing Alfonse with an “I love you too, babe!” just before he realized that Alfonse was in the middle of a meeting...
•sadly Alfonse stopped writing poems for Kiran after his first one got mysterious spread around the castle by an unknown hero...or possibly a dynamic hero duo...*caugh* Niles and Sharena *caugh caugh*
I’m planning on making a couple new Kiralfonse posts this week (since I might be getting some free time between classes) so I decided to post these two head canons now before I get into the new stuff!
I know I mentioned thoughts of writing a fan fiction for these two a while ago but I think I’m finally gonna get around to it! However if I don’t I’m also just planning on posting more head canons specifically revolving around the two love birds hanging out in the library together. >w<
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