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I love the White Cabbage Butterfly lore!

Like eat too many and your clanmates won’t wanna be around you because you’re fart'n so much!

It’s too funny!

Fart jokes are cool!

Just hope Arcanist never opens a portal to THE DOG ISLAND! (I have it on Wii!)

That’s the most common type of butterflies on the island!

Maybe Petz Dogz 2’s island as well!

They’d be farting up a storm, literally if they’re of Wind origin!

(Also that would not be good to have huge dragons with the potential to eat meat in games like that in general!

Just one meat eating derg could probably decimate both islands in no time at all!

Wonder if the dogs could communicate with the dragons, or if they’d be just another predator to avoid!

They’d better avoid Petz Dogz 2 especially since your avatar dog *spoilers for the end of the game!* has to fight one to get to Ivlet, who especially post game, knows how to defeat a dragon- with a little help from the wizard brothers!)

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Pictured Jeff

Part 3: An Exciting Vacation Part 1

The day finally came for David, Ethan, and Jeff to head to Las Vegas for David’s business trip. They had been excited for this day to come and looked forward to hanging out with each other during the week. They arrived at their destination later that same day and went to the hotel suite David’s company booked for them. It was a nice big room, with two separate bedrooms and one bathroom. They loved this arrangement as it meant they’d all be sharing a bathroom. Ethan had commented, “We are just guys here, no need to be embarrassed about having to share a bathroom.” David and Jeff eagerly agreed and acutely aware of the sexual tension that was growin. David took the room with the king-sized bed and the guys took the other with the two smaller queen-sizes. They brought their bags to the rooms and began to unpack. David eventually came in the room and asked what they wanted for dinner. Both decided on Mexican style. David did not reject and they went to the restaurant across the street from the hotel. There, the three pigged out on the buffet style food. David was always a hefty eater and had very large portions of beans and cheese enchiladas. Ethan and Jeff looked at David with amusement and David couldn’t help but notice. Cheese and beans always backed David up, giving him a lot of gas and constipation. Since Ethan was used to it and Jeff heard him fart before he didn’t bother holding off. It was all playing into his strategy for the trip. He wasn’t going to change his private habits around anyone he was comfortable around. They finished up and headed back to the suite for the night.

Jeff was a fit young guy a couple of months older than Ethan. He was good looking with soft brown eyes and hair. He had a nice big ass to go along with it. The men in his famiy tended to have asses chunkier than usual, but he didn’t mind the attention it gave him. He is bisexual, but prefers males. The two had experimented with each other early on and often confided in one another about their sexual desires. They realized their fart fetish during their junior year of high school when Jeff farted in front of Ethan while they were pissing at the urinal. At that time, Jeff blushed after releasing his fart, but was surprised by Ethan’s reaction when he gave his thick butt a nice tap. Since then, they farted openly in front of one another and often got excited when they heard other guys in their class fart in the bathroom or locker room. Jeff couldn’t get the image of David’s fart habits out of his mind. Ethan told Jeff stories of how he and his dad had farting contests, a game that Jeff often did with his dad. Jeff was always turned on by those stories and was happy to have joined his friend and his father on this trip.

When they got back to the room later that night they got comfortable as they began settling in. It was a Saturday so David was off work until Monday morning. Jeff was wearing a tight, dark-grayed t-shirt and blue shorts, Ethan was wearing a similar red t-shirt and black shorts, and David was wearing gray sweatpants that hugged his ass perfectly while wearing a light blue t-shirt. He liked sleeping in his boxer briefs and would always strip to his undies before going to bed. The three were in the main room, with Ethan and Jeff sitting on the leather couch and David sitting on the leather chair nearby. They were doing their own thing, playing on their cell phones and watching the local news station on TV. It wasn’t long before Ethan began farting around. The other two gave him smirks and he’d smirk back. Being a hefty eater always plagued David with heartburn, so he went to his bag to get an antacid. He returned to the room with Alka Seltzer and assumed his seat in the leather chair. Ethan had commented “Those Alka Seltzer tablets make you fart a lot dad. You sure that’s the best thing for you to take right now?” “I’m so backed up right now that getting these farts out of my system will make me feel better”, David replied. “Besides, you are the one cutting muffins.” Jeff laughed and proceeded to shift in his seat, ripping out a nice, bassy ripper that blasted off the leather seat. “Mmmmhmmm”, said David with encouragement. The antacid was helping with David’s heartburn, but it was giving him massive gas, both ways. With the TV volume on low, David let out a loud burp that made his son and Jeff chuckle. “I’ve got a big one brewing in me guys”, David replied. “Who wants to pull my finger?” Jeff readily obliged, pulling David’s finger. The result was a huge, deep fart that lasted about 4 seconds. David muttered a relieving sigh of relief, getting the other two aroused. “That was huge Dad!”, said Ethan. David gave his son a smirk and then thanked Jeff. “The pleasure is mine” Jeff commented, readjusting himself. “I don’t mind if you have to fart like that some more.” “Likewise”. Ethan was taking this all in, but before he could respond he farted loudly into his seat on the couch. “Excuse me”, said Ethan. “Mmmhmmm”, said David once more. The three men chatted over the next hour, each one farting shamelessly in their seats every couple of minutes. They were loud muffled rumbles, scenting the room with a mixture of gas odors. “Say, we are three gassy guys here. Why don’t we get more comfortable?”, David said. “It’s not like we have anything to hide.” And with that, the three guys took off their pants and stripped to their undies. Each preferred boxer briefs, David’s were dark blue, Jeff’s a green color, and Ethan’s were light gray.They had big butts, which were held snugly in place. David and Jeff complimented each other and their firm asses, giving each other taps on the butt. Jeff decided to catch a selfie of himself at the moment, posing for the camera and farting in the process. The three men still had plenty of farts to go around as the night drew on.

To be continued…

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Thank you!! I’ve been thinking about this ask for some time, here’s what I could come up with!

  • Giants not realizing a Tiny is trapped underneath them, and just ripping a massive, relieving fart that they’ve been holding in all day. Maybe the Tiny starts coughing or even gagging and struggling, so the Giant finally notices them and apologizes profusely, their cheeks bright red.
  • A Giant, maybe an evil Giant, discovers a Tiny’s hiding spot and farts into a hole or a crack to gas them out. The Tiny almost suffocates in there and eventually has to leave their hiding spot, to which the Giant proudly says they’re “good at clearing a room”.
  • A Giant with magic powers has the ability to summon Tinies as his helpers. Problem is, he gets incredibly gassy when he’s worked up. Whenever something doesn’t go the way it should, he gets so angry he has to fart. The Tinies start running away from the stench and he yells at them to come back and get their job done!
  • A Tiny nurse trying to help a Giant with a gassy tummy ache. When they’re hit by a sharp bowel cramp, the Tiny climbs onto their belly to soothe it. The Giant ends up ripping a massive fart, right when the Tiny tumbles down between their legs, and they’re stuck in there for a moment. The Giant apologizes several times and the Tiny just smiles a bit, says it’s part of the job and asks if they’re doing better.
  • A Tiny discovering a surprisingly warm and soft hill. They decide to have some fun and jump around on it a little bit. That “hill” is a Giant’s behind though… and the movement coaxes out such a strong fart it sends the Tiny flying.
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I do indeed!


Dylas has the tendency to get gassy from dairy especially, which is a shame, since milk porridge is his favorite food and he often gives himself a bloated belly by eating it. He’s the type to try overly hard to hold his gas back, so he struggles with a strained, loudly groaning belly all day, before he finally releases it all once he’s alone - or using it to torture Doug.


  • They’re quick to slip out sometimes, especially right after he finished eating or when he had a fizzy drink. Usually they’re closed-mouthed, or he discretely burps into his hand or fist. It’s no use though. Dylas’ belches are naturally deep and rumbly; short, but frequent.
  • Burping in front of other people embarrasses him terribly. He will always deny that he burped and claim it was a hiccup, a cough or a sneeze, even if the people he’s with know better. Unless he’s using his gas against Doug… then he will burp right up his nose with a triumphant smirk, especially when he’s grossed out by it.
  • The only times he feels completely comfortable is when he’s alone, either fishing or in his room, or when he’s in the company of someone he trusts. He still blushes and apologizes awkwardly though, it’s almost cute how ashamed he gets.


  • If there is one thing Dylas hates more than burping in front of others - then it’s farting in front of others. Again, he will deny it and even get snappy when he’s being teased, but there is so much embarrassment behind that. His face grows bright red with shame and his voice breaks a little. If someone were to comment on it he would avoid them for the rest of the day.
  • No matter how much he tries to hide it, his farts always have a distinct, intense smell. When you smell something that reminds you of rotten eggs and Dylas starts flapping his tail up and down, you know what’s up.
  • He even blushes when he passes gas while he’s all by himself. The smell of his own farts just reminds him of the milk porridge that tasted so good this morning churning and gurgling around in his belly now, in the form of gas. It’s almost a little… interesting.
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Okay so this is really off-point but like. I’ve seen some of the complaints about Master Of Disguise is that it’s “reduced to fart jokes”. Personally, I would prefer fart jokes over sex jokes. Secondly, it made sense to me? His whole condition?

I had really bad teeth as a kid. 10mm between my top and bottom because I had an underbite and an overbite. Some of my teeth didn’t meet. They originally thought surgery might be needed (fortunately I kept up with headgear and only needed braces for about six years.) Anyways, I had issues with how I eat and tended to swallow a LOT of air. Paired with some gastrointestinal issues, I wa gassy. I still am.

So, we have Devlin B? Laughs and farts? When he laughs he probly inhaled a TON of air. Maybe even swallows it by accident. Air from previous laughing fits is in his system. Bubbles galore. So when he laughs, the clench of his abdominal muscles probably pushes them along, and he farts. And the cycle is repeated. (It’s also possible he has gastrointestinal issues and/or other problems that causes gassiness, which is pushed when he laughs.)

Anyways, I’m way overthinking things but from the way I see it, it was a semi-relatable problem, and it was hella funny.

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Ok sometimes I’m pretty sure y’all are playing with me but here we go anyway

(this was actually really funny to write omg)


Originally posted by sapphireslily


  • Leo leans against the doorway
  • watching you gently snore, hunched over your desk with your face in your arms
  • he smiles so brightly, you look adorable
  • at the same moment he’s thinking about how cute you are, you rip ass completely 
  • it takes him aback for a second and he has to register what just happened
  • when he does though he bursts out laughing which draws your attention and you wanna know what’s so funny
  • “You just farted so loud you woke yourself up” he wheezes 
  • you’re embarrassed as hell but can still see the humour in it
  • “Oh my god, I love you, that was so funny”

Originally posted by wrath-and-ruin


  • Raph wonders into your study to find you sleeping there
  • he’s about to turn and quietly leave so you can rest when you fart so loudly you wake yourself up
  • he’s trying not to laugh, he doesn’t want to embarrass you but it’s kinda comedy gold
  • “you did not just hear that”
  • “Didn’t hear it, can’t smell it” he replies still trying not to laugh his ass off
  • he doesn’t bring it up again but keeps looking at you throughout the evening and smiling to himself

Originally posted by bluesakurablossom


  • You’ve been asleep at your desk for like an hour now and Mikey is starting to get bored so he goes to wake you
  • but just before he can, you rip the fattest, juiciest, cheek trembling ass he could possibly imagine
  • you wake up suddenly and look at him, he’s standing so close and there’s no way he didn’t hear or smell it
  • he looks you dead in the eyes
  • stands up straight
  • and rips an even heavier one than you just did
  • exit: MIkey

Originally posted by bluesakurablossom


  • You’re asleep in Donnie’s lab with your head on his shoulder
  • that’s when it happens, he’s just enjoying your company while he works and you do the most explosive fart he’s ever heard and wake yourself up with it
  • “That did not just happen, you understand, Donnie?”
  • he smiles, the smile turns into a grin and the grin turns into him crying with laughter
  • he really tried not to but couldn’t help it
  • “Oh, but it did just happen and I can’t forget it”
  • “Come on, it’s normal, everyone does it” he comforts you between snickers 
  • blows raspberries on his hand every time you walk by for like 3 days and you hate him for it
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