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This is the sound of my baby’s room … deafeningly silent while she’s on a weekend 24 with her brother at his foster home! My heart is breaking (plus my emotions are high as the ivf meds cycle through me!) our first weekend visit without her and my heart is crushed! Is she ok? I don’t know! Is she crying for her mommy? I don’t know! Are the other kids bullying her? I don’t know! I don’t know I don’t know I don’t know!

Foster care is so difficult when there is a grey situation. Your life feels black and white until the turnip cart is flipped by another foster mother who wants to take your child who’s fully adapted and attached to her life… yes siblings are important- but do they have to be together if both are thriving?

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Foster care

Just an update, we have had 6 children in and out of our home! Currently we have one of those 6 back with us, Baby A, and a new 9 year old, Jaybird!

Both are soon up for TPR and then Leah and I have to discuss next steps, if any!

Foster care is beautiful, sad, hard, emotional, and really everything you expect except more! I wish we could foster forever, but I do understand it’s not Leah’s favorite thing and that she’s just doing it for me!

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I always talk to my prenatal clients about “The Second Night” when baby discovers they have to eat, no more placenta feeds, they fuss & cry wanting to eat/be held nonstop - well kittens do it too! Here I am feeding poor, hungry momma while she cuddles/feeds her 5 babies

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Happy New Year! The foster kittens are coming along nicely. Even the little grey princess Millie isn’t hiding as much. Hopefully we’ll help them find their forever home. Yes, they’ve taken over the dinning room. 😄
#kingstreetcats #furbabies #fosterfurbaby #fosterpets #saveanimals #fosterlife

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Phỏng vấn “candidate” nhận mèo. Mình vô stalk FB ẻm, nhỉn hình hơi có vẻ bặm trợn nên chưa yên tâm lắm. Tới khi scroll down xuống thấy ẻm có cái T-shirt Anti social club cái tự dưng yên tâm hẳn ra ôi mẹ ơi =))

Cám ơn các bạn đã nhiệt tình share tin <3

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Let’s play spot the Pig?!
I let #MissPiggy have one of the balls my kids don’t play with and she LOVES it and runs to hide under the bush with it. It was a good time to test to see if we are toy aggressive.
Miss Piggy is adoptable through @alamocitypitbull.
#FosterLife #LifeOfAPitBullMommy #LifeOfAPitBullMom #PitBullMom #Pitbull #Pittie #Pibble #AdoptDontShop #Rescue #DontBullyMyBreed #RescueLife #RescueFamily

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So we are finally making headway with our Case Manager. Our little lady will be having a psych eval done soon. We’re seeing some serious behavioral issues that need to be addressed asap so we know how to approach them. I’m very excited because this could lead to the help she needs!
Most of all, it could lead to her actually seeing a psychiatrist instead of a behavior clinician. Really…I don’t even get their job. Ours just sits in her class room with her for 30 minutes once a week, making sure she pays attention. You aren’t helping her! You are babysitting her. So frustrating! 

Ready to make progress!

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little brown jug asserts his dominance over a fake cat. #lbj #fosterlife

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