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Babies! (via)
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This is a 'Thank you'. Inspired by the countless stories sent to me by shelter workers and volunteers.  
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Pope Francis attacked people who choose to have pets instead of children as having “a certain selfishness,” even as his church blocks same-sex couples from becoming parents.
Speaking at the Vatican this week, the Pope said that it “is a denial of fatherhood and motherhood and diminishes us, takes away our humanity” to choose a dog or a cat over a human baby.
“Civilization grows old without humanity because we lose the richness of fatherhood and motherhood, and it is the country that suffers,” he continued.
“Today, we see a form of selfishness. We see that some people do not want to have a child,” he said. “Sometimes they have one and that’s it, but they have dogs and cats that take the place of children.”
“This may make people laugh, but it is a reality,” he continued. He even brought up straight couples who cannot have biological children and suggested adoption.
“Having a child is always a risk, but there is more risk in not having a child, in denying paternity.”
While the leader of the Catholic Church is telling people to have or adopt children, Catholic organizations are working to deny a chance at parenthood to same-sex couples.
Just last year, the Supreme Court sided with a Catholic adoption agency – Catholic Social Services of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia – that wanted to refuse same-sex couples as potential parents and keep their contract with the city of Philadelphia, arguing that their religious beliefs require them to prevent some people from becoming parents.
The Pope is not known to have any children himself.
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Shoutout to those who embrace, rescue & celebrate mutts! Here are some beloved WW2 mutt mascots!
Original caption: "Knobby," a mongrel pup, mascotted a Coast Guard Rescue Cutter that crossed the English Channel to the coast of France on D-Day. Wearing his specially-made life preserver, "Knobby" stayed right there barking during those critical days when the beachhead in Normandy was established.NARA ID 205582913
Coast Guard Mutt "INVADER"
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Original caption: "Invader," the boys call him. He went ashore with his Coast Guard shipmates in the invasion of Sicily and again at Salerno. Here, "Invader" is shown the day before the big push against the French Coast. Unperturbed and always ready, this shaggy LCI mascot is a Coast Guardsman from the tip of his nose to the end of his tail. NARA ID 205583114,emphasis added.
Coast Guard Mutt "FIDO"
Tumblr media
Original caption: Most ship's dogs will have no truck with gold braids, but "Fido," mascot of a Coast Guard-manned LST in the south-west Pacific, is a democratic cuss. Here, the mascot mutt visits the officer's quarters. NARA ID 205582988.
Coast Guard Mutt "MUTT"
Tumblr media
Original caption: Wherever you find a ship's crew you're certain to find a mascot, and these U.S. Coast Guardsmen are no exception. Lined up for evening chow aboard a Coast Guard convoy cutter somewhere at sea, "Mutt" is first in line. Tongue lolling and drooling avidly as his master's tray is piled high. NARA ID 205583123.
See related:
Let the Records Bark! Personal Stories of Some Special Marines in World War II, Prologue Magazine.
From War Dogs to Remote Controlled Monkeys: Animals in the Military, Unwritten Record.
Buddies: Soldiers and Animals in World War II, Prologue story
Film: Marine Sixth Division War Dog Patrol: Iwo Jima
Film: The Use of War Dogs, 1943
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4t2 Cats & Dogs T-shirt
A small upload to celebrate World Animal Day (4th of October). My cat can't be spoiled anymore that day, because it's animalday here every day.
Comes in 15 original colors, has fatmorph, categorized as everyday.
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Q and A 💭
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Kitten likes to be rocked to sleep. (via)
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It's holiday season and (I know you've seen it coming) we will learn today why our "reaper-doggo" was abandoned. Adopt - but be considerate. This is the prequel to this comic
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It’s nice to see, they aren’t fighting.
Big & lil brothers. Bdo & Mr. Pogi
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Frens, please remember the shelter furbabies without a home this holiday season! If you can, donate your time, money or goods including pet food, pet toys, bleach, blankets, towels and paper towels to your local shelter. The cash that they receive goes directly to help the animals, unlike the large national pet charities!  
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There’s a puppy in the carrot bed!
I’ve had my hands full these last two weeks, little Peach likes digging in the vegetable garden as much as I do!
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The flaws in modern pit bull advocacy
Its true. The dogs that are victims of BSL (breed specific legislation), regardless of how it is we label them, need advocacy to protect them. However, the method by which the vast majority of advocates use may be counterproductive to their end goal. The method these people use has to do with people representing their dogs as sweet, cuddly, family pets - dogs that they call pit bulls or “pibbles”. They dub them as nanny dogs and portray them as their babies. While this may sound like a plausible way to melt the hearts of hardened people who just want to ban all bully breeds, all it does is create misconceptions surrounded around the American Pit Bull Terrier. And yes, it may sound like an innocent attempt at ending breed stereotypes, but this agenda unintentionally fuels high bite statistics, fosters irresponsible ownership, spreads misinformation, endangers the American Pit Bull Terrier and puts dogs that are not American Pit Bull Terriers at a heightened risk of being taken away. Let’s talk about mislabeling.
Often times you will hear pit bull advocates say that “pit bull” is not a breed, but an umbrella term that encompasses many breeds and types of dogs. When you use the term pit bull as a descriptor of any dog that fits a certain, predetermined phenotype (usually a blocky head, floppy ears, stocky build) you create the idea that nearly any dog in the bully breed family is a pit bull. This means there is a huge number of “pit bulls” and a proportionate number of attacks for the media to cover. Unless you treat the pit bulls as a single breed (the American Pit Bull Terrier), their bite statistics will always be higher. The more dogs of a type there are, the more attacks there will be.
Some commonly mislabeled dogs are:
-Staffordshire Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, XL American Bully, American Bulldog, Pocket American Bully, or a Mutt.
Another thing cited frequently is the idea that pit bulls are nanny dogs. Aside from being untrue (Pit bulls were never called nanny dogs and that was never their purpose) this concept can promote irresponsible ownership and yes, dog bites. Responsible dog owners know that trusting a dog around young children is a recipe for disaster. Small children have little or no boundaries or self control. They will tug on tails, pull on ears, play with jowls and poke at eyes. As a result of this behavior, a dog can be provoked to bite or snap. People will then report it as unprovoked or “out of nowhere”, because often times the signs of stress are subtle and unclear to a little kid. Fostering the notion of nanny dogs is only promoting irresponsibility and attacks.
Luckily, many pit bull advocacy groups are recognizing that pit bulls are not nanny dogs. It’s not too late to accept this. The myth comes from Lillian Rant, who quoted the Staffordshire Bull Terrier as the “nursemaid dog” in a New York Times article in 1971. She was president of the SBT club of America at the time. She made that up to better the image of the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, which was viewed as a fighting dog.
If you’re advocating for pit bulls, you inherently are advocating for the APBT. When pit bull advocates describe the breed as cuddly fur-babies that thrive off of attention and snuggles, it makes the owners of true working APBT’s appear to be neglecting their outdoor dogs. The American Pit Bull Terrier is an extremely driven dog. True APBT’s are dog aggressive and likely to carry a genetic propensity for gameness. Advocating that these dogs just want to be family pets will either:
-Put them in the wrong hands of people who suspect their dog will be a calm pet with a kind demeanor towards everything (improper management of any high drive dog can lead to bites)
- Paint responsible APBT owners (who condition their dogs & work them) as abusive people and possibly lead them to get their dogs taken.
Ultimately, today’s pit bull advocates have their hearts in the right place. But unfortunately, the modern methods they use are more harmful than they are helpful. 
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I can’t even....🥰🥰🥰
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(Southern California) Fizz and Duncan are looking for a new home! Could it be with you? Fizz (black) was born on 2/5/21 and Duncan (gray and white) was born on 2/13/21. Both boys are neutered and bonded, which means they need to be adopted together. They’re litter trained and live indoors. Both are well maintained & love each other very much!
Reach out to Cindy at cindee715@yahoo.com for more information and if you can give these great little guys a good home. Fizz and Duncan are located in Murrieta, California.
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So here`s my FIRST ADOPT 🔥Demonic Singer🔥 The tiefling bard and his magic staff The staff works like a microphone and enhances the power of the character's magical singing Yellow crystal in staff is a magic amplifier Owner -   owldarkninja
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(via heyladycat)
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