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cutecats-love · 7 months ago
You may find cats to be mysterious animals, but believe it or not, it's easy to buddy up with a feline. If you know what to do, we'll guide you 7 proven ways drawn from scientific studies to get a cat to like you.
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12vtools · 22 days ago
Tumblr media
We carry digital levels in 2 different sizes , 9" and 24" lengths . These are great for laying out panels and any other use a traditional level would be good for. Order yours here. #12vtoolsdotcom #RotaCutKnife #UCC #UltimateCircleCutter #CircleJig #CarbideCult #UPT #UltimatePryTool #12vToolsExclusive #TemplateTape #CATtape #Singlebearingspiralflush #EXP #FirstCustomBit #RouterBits #custominteriors #woodworking #UCCXL #MasterRabbet #Rabbet #12vtoolsOriginal #XLR #WorldsFirst1inchRabbet #OG.
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flappytowel · a year ago
Tumblr media
Get out the cow catcher via /r/CatTaps
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tunashei · a month ago
Cat related words
Cat - A domesticated member of the species Felis catus.
Stray - A cat who had a home but is now abandonned
Feral - A cat who has grown up without a home, in the streets. Can be fearful of humans.
Kitten - A baby cat
Kitty - Another term for a cat, of any age.
Fluffy - Fur that is thick, or airy. Or just the trait of having fur.
Floof - Fluffy, but even more so.
Smol - Small, but in an adorable manner.
Chonker - Not exclusive to cats. A cat that is fat, or just very large.
Beans - the pawpads, particularly the toes, of a cat. Extra points if they're pink.
Blep - When a cat sticks out their tongue and forgets it put it back in. :P
Mlem - A cats tongue over it's nose.
Doot - A cat gait that's not a run, but faster than usual walking. Has a bit of a bounce.
Peets - Cat feet.
Teefsies/fangs/snaggleteef - The canine teeth of a cat, particularly when they are sticking out of a closed mouth.
Wigglebutt - The action cats take before pouncing, of swaying their behinds and body.
Bottlebrush/poof - When a cat is startled or afraid, and it's tail fur puffs up to make it appear larger.
Plop - The act of a cat going from standing to suddenly lying on their side. Dropping onto the floor.
Kneading/making biscuits/Squeeging - A rhythmic pushing of the paws into a soft surface, often pushing the claws into it also. Usually accompanied by purring. Made when cats are getting comfortable, and are happy.
Cattaps - When a cat taps an object for attention.
Zoomies - When cats suddenly, without warning, get very excited and start sprinting around and playing.
(cat)Loaf - A way of lying. With paws underneath, tail curled around, and body in a straight line, the cat often looks like a loaf of bread.
(cat)Bun - Another way of lying. On their side, curled into a perfect circle.
(cat)Baguette - Another way of lying down. Stretched out, with legs tucked underneath, and head down.
Purrito - a cat or kitten wrapped in a blanket or towel so that only their head is poking out.
Boop - Briefly touching a cat with a single finger, usually on the nose.
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Tumblr media I declare a cat war. #ねこ#고양이 #gato #gatito #cat #scottishfold #britishshorthair #cattaps
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cutecornflakes · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Water belongs on the floor. [x-post from /r/cattaps]
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we-funny-and-nice · a year ago
cats with tape on feet - Funny Cat Tape Reaction Compilation -Tiktok pets
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hyetaya · 2 years ago
[Summer] More pat, please. #catsofinstagram #kittygram #cutekitties #persianchinchillasilver #summerthecat #heypatme #tappingcat #cattapping #냥스타그램 #페르시안친칠라실버 #장묘종 #집사야손이짜다 #집사야어서쓰담하렴 #집사야멈추지마라 #집사그램 #집사의일상 #내가쓰다듬으라신다
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