linguinibitchguini · a day ago
modern tumblr won’t appreciate it, but this would’ve been rad like 10 years ago
Tumblr media
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end-hyphen · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
you’re not friends but you’re not dating either trope with jay
jay be like "I dont like skinship" but then he would be the one to be like:
"hey, sit next to me"
“your hands are cold, let me warm them up”
"what do you wanna do today?"
"wanna shop here?" /points at a clothing store that's your style/ "i'll buy your clothes"
"here, let me wipe your mouth. you eat so messy"
"omg let me tie your hair"
gets worried when you don’t reply to his texts (even though he just sent the text like a min ago)
asks if you wanna go with him to a svt concert
“i bought these tickets like a few days ago... and i don’t want to waste them”
gets all sulky when you leave back to your hometown to visit your family since it’s the holidays
runs up to you and lifts you up in the air and spins you around because the holidays were forever and he missed hanging out with you
“omg jake and sunghoon were the death of me during the holidays. all they did was joke around and poke at me with dad jokes. i missed you so much. you are forbidden to leave for a long time again!”
puts an arm around your shoulder when he’s tired and leans on your shoulder to take a naps
gets pouty when your attention is on jake and sunghoon
helps tie your shoes when he notices your shoelaces come undone
lends you his jacket when he sees that your thin jacket isn’t keeping you warm
tells you to travel with him the next time his rich ass rents out another 7 star hotel
takes selfies with you for memories
pecks your side temples from time to time because you’re cute
“you’re not allowed to do this with jake and sunghoon, you hear?”
“i know, jay~”
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disabilityhealth · 16 hours ago
When I accomplish 1 (one) small task
Tumblr media
[ Gif of Rami Malek sitting in an office chair and saying, “Feels like I deserve a treat.” ]
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all-things-emerald · 2 days ago
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bretzkysbs · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Lol. Same
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messy-haired-bum · 21 hours ago
New chapter has dropped!!!! *shamelessly self-promoting*
Also, I’ve revised all the other 9 chapters, adding characters and reactions, which totalled at at least 5000 more words. So, if you can, I’d love it if you decide to re-read.
(Please do, says me, desperately.)
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thenatsdorf · 3 months ago
Press play, the audio is worth it.
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reactionpicarchive · a year ago
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half-blood-goods · 2 months ago
Things I expected from the Monster High movies:
Bad puns
Cool designs
Cheesy but wholesome moments
Things I did NOT expect from the Monster High movies:
Race wars
Someone starting a cult
Public execution by the police
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end-hyphen · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
you’re not friends but you’re not dating either trope with sunghoon
sunghoon's SUPER introverted ass won’t say shit but he will be like:
quietly holds your hand without hesitation and puts it in his pocket when he sees that you're cold
tell you dad jokes and make puns because he's cool like that 😎
when he sees that you're sad, he'll pull you in a hug or if you're both sitting, he'll put his head atop yours
"pyeonyuuuukkkkk" he's going crazy and that's his safe word
he lets out his creepy giggles that spooks you but you're crazier because you join him too
"lets apply to be baristas because I wanna make your coffees!"
"lets go have some teas!"
"look at me, i'm from the historical age" he jokes as he wears his hanbok and practices calligraphy
takes you on a golf date to show off but he sucks
because he is taller than you, he'd purposely tiptoe to get on your nerves when he takes your stuff
"lets go see got7!" flashing you got7 tickets
"my best friend is jake, but that doesn't mean I dont have extra space for you in my heart" he'd softly say
he'd lend you his shoulder so you can nap on the bus, taxi, or train
he'd snake his hand near yours just so he can hold it
"hold my hands so I can help you skate" an excuse he'd say to hold your hands
he would take pictures of you sleeping
he would take blurred pictures of you two
"come, do the jiggle jiggle trend with me~"
slowly inch his way towards your side of the couch and then leans down to lay his head on your lap and plays on his phone
loves it when you run your fingers through his hair and falls asleep to the feeling
"I make good coffee, right?"
"jay can cook but I make delicious coffee, right?"
“yes sunghoon, you make the best coffee”
randomly peck your cheeks when you two take selfies because he can
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fluffygif · a year ago
This miniature horse in Colombia enjoys cuddling.
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eddiesriot · 3 months ago
When you have amazing fanfic ideas but can't write them into actual words...
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me when adhd
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