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so basically

i hope people see this


and if you do hello babyy

i would like to be finacially independant

cause basically im baby and need clothes and to be responsible for my own gas and habits

Please message me if you have any questions-

i‘ve never done this before rn 😳🦧

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If you send it now it won’t be answered because our personal readings are closed ! I believe that we will open personal readings in December for some days I don’t know when though 😅 it won’t be saved because of the amount of asks we have so please be patient and wait till we open the general readings again✨🙏✨

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Well my amethyst pendulum broke while I was sleeping and found it on my bed broken (I’ve read that if your crystal brakes without falling it means that it has taken all your negative energy and I wasn’t really good when this happened)😭 I was really sad and I never used it again for a reading but I still use it for meditation while I’m sleeping! People say that after braking their energy isn’t so strong anymore and that you have to keep the pieces together ! So I think you should keep your pendulum clean it and buy a new one for readings , you can find new use for your old one 💞

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Okay that was a bit funny in a way 😅🤣 I asked generally about it and here are the answers :

Did the boys ever had sex and bragged about it with other members ? : YES but only when they weren’t in a serious relationship

Did the boys show of how good they are on sex or their member’s : YES 🤣🤣

Did they had a threesome or more with each other and a girl or other people ? : NO

What can I say boys will be boys 😅🤣🤣🤣

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