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From McGill’s 1925 yearbook.

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From Legends of Japan by Hiroshi Naito and illustrated by Masahiko Nishino.

Here’s my collection of the most interesting vintage primates I’ve encountered through the course of my research.

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Started my new journal with fun sketch thst got life of it’s own! I 💚 how it turned out and killed my nervousness to start the new sketchbook!

Can you find troll me in the sketch?

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“It can go that fast 🐵: Squirrel monkeys haven’t had any offspring for ten years. Now there are three young animals. 🤗 A new group from Marwell Zoo in England has moved in. Two females moved with their young animals, which are already two and three months old. 💕 Another young animal was born on January 3rd. Action is now the order of the day in the complex! 😜”

quote and pic from

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Lovely Peppa Pig Reversible Seat Belt Cover available for £10.00 each. Order here

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For those beyond irritated with sore spots and uncomfortable rubbing on your neck after riding in a car for a while! This is a fully reversible seat belt cover with 100% cotton fabric on one side and plush fabric on the other. It fastens around a standard sized seatbelt with velcro so it’s easy and fast to transfer between cars or seats. Each item is approximately 14.5cm wide, and 24cm long. Exact pattern layout varies between items.

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Zodiac Monkey

“… By six offensives from the hills of Qi Kongming sought to change Han’s destiny… .”

Artist: Ai Desheng

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You’re going to make a fine leader, Monkeystar.

Monkeystar is a tortoiseshell she-cat with a white chest and paws, and green eyes.

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oh to pet a wild monkey gently and have it feel relaxed…

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