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#plague doctor

Inktober day 31- Happy Halloween!

I’ll be staying home in my plague doctor’s costume. Yes, I have no where else to be in the midst of a pandemic. 

On a serious note, I have had so much fun with this since October started. Some days were rough because of outside irl stuff and sometimes I wasn’t sure if I could pull it off. 

Yet, here we are; tomorrow’s the dawn of a new month. I won’t be posting my comic for a bit as I recently got a new desk that has to be rebuilt before I can use it proper.

Anyways, I have you have the safiest and happiest of Hallow’s Eves.

Don’t forget to vote on Tuesday if you hadn’t gotten a chance in the past month!

Pokemon belongs to Nintendo and the Pokemon company/Game freak

Art and myself belong to me, misskazehana

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Inktober day 30!

I really really like plague doctors! The prompt ominous fit super well with this I think :) There have been a couple drawings in this challenge where the subject is wearing a suit haha.

His name is Dr. Larch, like the tree! Also petition to rename plague doctors pestilence pigeons

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I imagine Lucifer and Sue dressing up as plague doctors together.

Lucifer would wear a fairly accurate costume which is unsettling on its own but his height and daunting aura would add to it.

Sue’s would be cute, white and have a nurse motif. Though she’s a big fan of disturbing things, she doesn’t mind going as something adorable. She kinda wants to flaunt her more cute and girly side. The girl is just not open about it.

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hi my phone got taken away

while i was gone for a while i trashed all of my stupid ocs and made some new better ones, and i even made a new sona.

so, i’ll tell you these ocs names,,

drunk scarecrow- Eyepatch

creature with grey plushy arms- Zoind

plague doctor- PD

lamp head- Nantern

axolotl- Blinky

scarecrow with horns- Haysack

gustavo looking ripoff- Yukko

and finally, the one with light blue, is my sona- Joey

this drawing took me about 3 days to make, I would’ve got it done earlier if i wasn’t put on a strict schedule on my phone now,, i’m honestly not the proud of this drawing tbh but it’s… ok i guess,, ibis was being a lil hoe and kept lagging and freezing so i couldn’t add highlights gndjjdkf

hh i hope you like my art… or not

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