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bdoubleowo · 13 days ago
Completely Normal Hermitgang! Nothing Is Different! Move Along!
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redwinterroses · a month ago
cursed. i love it.
no transcript: this is just a clip of Impulse using autotune and voice modulator to do an absolutely cursed haunting version of his hermitgang verse.
it's horrible. you're welcome.
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ghostspider-gwen · a month ago
Tumblr media
ummmmm...I see no automatic setting on this, doc you have lied to me
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shadeswift99 · 8 months ago
*clears throat*
*taps microphone*
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thekingofmezalea · 2 months ago
yeah i like rap *hermitgang plays faintly in the background*
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annuhnas · 3 months ago
Just watched docs episode and they where talking about the parrot and the first thing i thought was
“It all started when xisuma touched my parrot!”
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hermit gang / lotta true crime
this specific edit has been stuck in my head for the last week so i decided to just edit the clips together
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Tumblr media
completely forgot i made this in 5th today
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ghost-tovvn · 11 months ago
the way impulse said "tango why would you betray me" in hermitgang and now tango is calling impulse a traitor...... pain
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pastelpandasammy · 3 months ago
*Gently holds the hermit-themed rap-battles(Hermit Gang,DarkRoast,HermitBang, Diabolical*
Gotta say tho, Wels went hard like jeez, hes been in/mentioned in all 4? Like omg, he needs more appreciation for this.
I think Ely helped remixed or helped make all of them too omg xD
And yes, I've been listening to all these again, and I think others should too
Also, fun fact, HermitGang was 2 damn years ago
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redwinterroses · 3 months ago
the best part of Friday Night Stabby breaks are Impulse singing along with Hermitgang but possibly the new best is him missing his verse and popping in to Ren's instead.
the BLLLLLP at the end literally slayed me I fell over laughing
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lordgriandreamslayer · 4 months ago
Listening to Hermitgang after quite some time and I completely forgot how intensely English Xisuma and False's verses are
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ivi-prism · 7 months ago
For anyone who wants to see Hbomb react to Hermit gang
Timestamp around 2:25 
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kingofthewolvez · 9 months ago
“My child is fine!” Your child listened to Hermit Gang on repeat all day.
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ghast-queen · 3 months ago
Season 6 nostalgia mixed with a half dead meme anyone???
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annuhnas · 8 months ago
Am I the only one who just randomly hears "x is gonna give it to ya, x is gonna give it to ya" in my head. Like just walking my dog or brushing my teeth and its there.. and it gives me eternal joy.
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theawesomgang · a month ago
hermitgang hermitgang hermitgang hermitgang hermitgang hermitgang
fr tho it’s a fuckin banger
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minec-arc-ft · a year ago
Tried to teach myself a new skill during quarantine, and decided to go with cross stitching. First piece is some Team Star action!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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