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yeah sure! thanks for asking!

So, for Lithuania being Jewish, i don’t have a particular reason for it, it just sounded kinda interesting to me. though I’m not Jewish myself, the area i grew up in was majority Jewish, with most of those people being Eastern Europeans or of Eastern European descent. I actually just answered another request about that, which you can find here where i discuss in further detail some stuff about Lithuania being Jewish. another reason i see them as possibly being Jewish is because I sort of really like old things- not because new things are bad, but because its fascinating to think about how long something has been around. All the things they’ve seen, all the things that you and i can no longer see- the past is just a super fucking fascinating place, though i’m glad i can’t visit. anyway. the reason i mention that is because lithuania is a really old country, and it’s one of  more prominent places in Ashkenazi history. Though idk if all the like. professional historians or whatever agree on the path of judaism into europe, i did find in some of my research that Lithuania was one of the first areas where European Jews lived, and one of few places that Jewish culture was able to flourish in Europe. Though this isn’t representative of all time periods, I personally think it would be cool. 

As for America, I am writing her as a Quaker in my fic 1836. That religion was selected for the purposes of that story, which features a strike that took place in Massachussets in 1836 for better working conditions and pay at the Lowell textile mills. It’s sometimes considered the start of the feminist movement (though i’d consider it the start of the labor movement- just because the striking workers were women doesn’t make it a feminist strike, and their goals were much more in line with the goals of the labor movement. but i guess since the start of the feminist movement was closer to the strike it gets lumped in with that), and because of the religious revival movement going on at the time, I thought it might be neat to give the main characters defined religions. I picked Quakerism for Amelia for a lot of reasons. partially because of her personality, and also because it reminds me of transcendentalism, which is one of my favorite genres of literature. also because of how radical it was even in comparison with other Protestant sects, in terms of the belief that Christ is like. a personal experience. they were one of the most pro-equality religions in the us at the time. american quakers have a long history of activism, and a lot of the early abolitionists (early as in before the revolutionary war. and after, for that matter) and, a little bit later, feminists! all this is to say, i think america the character is very idealistic, and that the idea of portraying america as a loveable idiot is very hopeful to me. i think having amelia be a part of a religion that actively upholds a lot of american idealism would be neat, so that’s why i picked that for that particular setting. though i initially wrote her like that for the purpose of being like. what i wish america actually was, i think it could work in other contexts too. i hope this was a satisfactory answer!

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ok anon thank you so much for asking this question because i have in fact recently fallen in love with lithuania, because they are such an interesting character! (also hhhh im so sorry for how late this is) 

  • Gender

As you may have noticed, I usually use they/them pronouns to refer to Lithuania. I hc them as being nonbinary and using he/they pronouns, though I personally prefer to use they rather than he in that case because. Idk what pronouns you use. But in my experience it’s really hard to get people to call you ‘they’ when you go by ‘he/they’ or ‘she/they’ or smth like that. Though I don’t imagine any of the nations are very attached to their “birth gender” (are nations born???), lithuania is one of those who is a bit less attached. They’re just sort of there, in terms of gender. In my headcanons i also think this has something to do with religion, as lithuania was one of the last european countries to convert to Christianity- just because so much of gender as we know it comes from christianity and what people in the 16th and 17th centuries considered a ‘good’ christian. Thats not to say that there are no gender roles in other religions, but that the way westerners typically conceptualize gender has quite a lot to do with the religious conflicts occurring within christianity. Like you can trace the ideas behind the nuclear family archetype back to the protestant reformation. Additionally, I hc them as being Jewish, which further distances them from the western christian gender roles (though that’s not why i hc them as jewish! More on that later). Finally, i just like myself some trans/nb characters. There’s so few popular trans hcs and that makes me kinda sad ya know? Welcome to the trans agenda its just me projecting onto all my faves

  • Mental Health

Okay, so, i think it’s pretty well known that lithuania’s mental health is wack. They’re often characterised as being a very anxious person, but i think the ways in which they’re anxious is super interesting. For one, they are extremely conflict averse and like to avoid it by being a sort of people pleaser. It’s a sort of defense mechanism, because nobody can hate you if you do whatever they say. Like, if you let people be shitty to you, they won’t hate you for your personality. This is clearly flawed logic because then people are still going to be shitty to you, but. It makes sense to liet. In their mind, it’s okay to let people hurt if your reason is sound enough- Because if they’re not super emotionally engaged in a relationship that’s unhealthy for them, then they can’t get hurt, right? Of course, they can. A good example of this is their relationship with Russia. I think tolvydas sees compliance as necessary there, in order to avoid being hurt. The thing is…compliance is also hurting them, even if they see it as ‘worth it.’ To them, behaving in a submissive way is a survival tactic. A really bad one, but a survival tactic nonetheless. 

This also plays into their tendency to be self-martyring. I think Tolvydas is very good at fighting, and all around a really awesome warrior (strong aragorn energy), which makes them think that they need to be the one to save everyone. Hero complex, sort of. This, coupled with their almost maternal care for Latvia and Estonia, makes them feel like they have a sort of weight-of-the-world on their shoulders. Though Estonia and Latvia do look up to them a lot, Tolvydas can sometimes fail to realise that they are also their own people and can fight their own battles. He feels a sort of obligation to protect them due to their shared culture and languages as The Baltic Trio, though it doesn’t go much further than a sense of obligation. They spent most of their youth fighting, to the extent that that’s most of what Tolvydas personally knows as ‘life,’ but they never actually got to know the other two Baltics very well until the modern day. They have to protect, have to be a caregiver, but they don’t actually know super well the things they’re trying to protect. It’s both a sense of obligation to protect as well as the sense that this is all they’re good at and as long as they’re fighting for a morally just cause, that’ll do. 

I think something that would expose this flaw would be when they were first taken over by the Russian Empire in the 1790s, they were pretty miserable about a lot of things- Like the loss of all their territory and the sudden statelessness of their people- but a big one would’ve been the loss of Poland. This isn’t meant to be super shippy, but you know. They were united into one kingdom, and they had been for centuries, so i don’t imagine it was an easy separation. Though this is more up for debate where real people are concerned, these characters were essentially a big part of each other, ya know? Regardless of how much Lithuania actually likes Poland, they’re still a part of each other and that separation will undoubtedly be painful. Anyway, all that is to say that this separation was at the forefront of their mind during the beginning of the 19th century, and they let it sort of prevent them from taking care of the other Baltics. The issue with that is that they still considered themself to be protecting Estonia and Latvia, even though, in reality, nobody was. Also in reality, Lithuania was making themself out to be the worst off, and were generally sort of annoying to be around at this point in time. Their whole woe-is-me attitude wasn’t fun, and they were hypocritical in that they saw themself as being a better friend than they actually were. They still see themself as being a great friend, and though it’s improved in recent years, they’re still sort of. Flighty, i guess, where friendship is concerned. There was also a lot of annoyance by the other baltics about them being so self-martyring- Tolvydas was Ivan’s favorite, after all (that’s not necessarily a good thing, but. He was softer on them in certain ways). Anyway, I guess the big takeaway of this paragraph is that Liet often lets their self perception cloud the way they act in relationships. 

Much of the stuff I’ve mentioned so far is a result of them having quite a lot of PTSD. I think Lithuania’s character tends to be explored through a few common lenses, those being the medieval vibes of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and through being oppressed by the Russian Empire/Soviet Union. Not to say that there’s not a lot of other content about them, but this is what I see most often. I think that all the nations have some form of PTSD, but with Lithuania it’s very pronounced, and it’s made clear that a lot of their tendencies are a result of past trauma- Like the need to take care of others. This is likely originating with their childhood, as they grew up in a very violent environment where their survival was never guaranteed (survivor’s guilt much?) and violence was just the way of things. This is where the need to protect comes from. There used to be several more Baltic nations, though you could argue that now there’s only two- Lithuania and Latvia, as Estonia does not speak a Baltic language and would really like to be considered Nordic. 

Finally, Lithuania is also an interesting character where forgiveness is concerned. I think their sense of morality is very black and white, so some people (Feliks) will be easily forgiven where others (Ivan) will not. In reality, I think it would definitely be valid for Tolvydas to hate both of them, yet they don’t- Because they decided that Feliks was a friend and Ivan was not. Both Feliks and Ivan care very deeply about them, but neither treats Tolvydas in a very good way. Of course, I’m aware that the situation in the Russian Empire/USSR and the Commonwealth were very different, but I’m talking about these three dudes and their relationships with each other beyond the lens of politics. Because Feliks tried to be their friend in a way that didn’t hurt them tremendously, and because. Look at them, Feliks isn’t 5’4 and can’t hurt you. They’re not an intimidating person and they’re not incredibly powerful like Ivan is. Though that’s not all of it- Feliks’ feelings for Tolvydas are definitely a purer, more selfless type of love than what Ivan feels for them- it makes it harder for Tolvydas to hold a grudge against them. Whereas for Ivan, their relationship was about control. He needed to control them as a way of expressing how he felt about them. He represents a lot of what Tolvydas fought against in their youth, so of course they hate him. Of course, I don’t think they like holding grudges. They want to be able to care for everyone, because they know that everyone deserves to be treated well and cared for and all that. You can’t exactly do that if you hold a grudge against someone, so it actually kind of sucks for them when they see someone they hate suffering. It’s a sort of conflict of interest- The caregiving instincts vs the hatred for this person- and they often don’t know what to do in that situation. Usually they wind up helping but not happy about it. They just don’t want to see others suffer, despite the fact that they dislike this person (Russia is of course the exception. They don’t want to help him at all anymore). 

  • Relationship with family

So, this is a bit of an interesting topic. I think the Baltics consider themselves family just because of what they’ve been through together, but they’re not actually blood related. Though they share similar cultures, and languages, they’re just not related. Maybe Lithuania and Latvia are cousins, but yeah. Lithuania sees themself as the head of their little family, as they have the oldest surviving European culture and language. They sometimes get in their head about that, and can act like both a mom friend and a mom who is bad at mom-ing. It’s a sort of self appointed thing, and can be really annoying to the other two. They don’t pay the utmost attention to their fellow Baltics, and are more concerned with physical well being than emotional well being, so, despite establishing themself as a caretaker, do not wind up actually caring for the other Baltics in the ways they need to be cared for. 

  • Fighting style

So, as I’ve mentioned, Lithuania is a talented fighter. They go hard as shit, and can very much kick your ass. I think they prefer to be very technical about how they fight, with something boring like a broadsword as their weapon of choice, but are not afraid to fight dirty. Like rip off an ear with their teeth kind of playing dirty. I think they take fighting very seriously. Though Lithuania as we know it is only about 800 years old, I think Tolvydas is much older. The definition of a nation (a large body of people united by common descent, history, culture, or language, inhabiting a particular country or territory, according to the oxford dictionary) does not require there to be a central governing body, so I think it’s quite possible for Lithuania to be well over 2000. Anyway, all that is to say that they didn’t grow up in medieval times, so by the time they’re like. Achieving dominance in Eastern Europe, they’re already very old and well versed in many different styles of fighting. In the modern day, I think they’ve learned more different fighting styles from other parts of the world, but will always fall back on the way they learned how to fight in ancient times. 

  • Religion

So as I mentioned earlier, Lithuania is Jewish in my headcanons (orthodox, specifically. I think they’re kinda traditional). I have a couple reasons for this- There has been a historical presence of Ashkenazi Jews in Lithuania, going back to the 13th or 14th century, and this is due to certain legal protections granted to Jewish people under pre-Commonwealth law. They were legally on similar footing to the average free people of Lithuania, and were able to create a slightly more prosperous community than Jews in other areas of Europe. This was also affected by the Black Plague of the 1340s. Orthodox Jews tend to put a high value on cleanliness, and often have two sinks in their houses (my childhood home, for example, had two sinks, and i lived in a majority jewish area). They also happened to be concentrated in Eastern Europe, due to the protections. Because of this, Eastern European Jews have some of the highest sruvival rates for the Black Plague and actually brought up the survival rates of the region as a whole- Though this also resulted in some intense antisemitism, as many Christians blamed Jewish people for the plague even happening, due to their higher survival rates. Despite various expulsions  and the loss of legal rights, the Jewish population remained relatively steady up until world war 2. Jewish people made up about 10% of the total population of Lithuania in 1941, and 45% of the total population of Vilnius. (To put this in perspective, the entire world population is only about 0.2% Jewish). Anyway, all this is to say that it’s not out of the question for Lithuania to be Jewish. 

  • Extras/Fun stuff

Lithuania loves reading, especially the fantasy/fairy tale genre. It makes them nostalgic without the trauma of reading historical fiction. 

They’re also very musically gifted, and can play the piano, bass, ukelele, and flute. 

They wear docs.

They love hot chocolate. 

They remind me of both Aragorn from lotr and Hozier. They’re such a sweet lad. 

Bicon who has like 5 people thirsting for them at a given moment but is either oblivious or not looking for a relationship right now. 

Here are my fics with lithuania as a main character!

My previous character analyses of lithuania (sorry they’re mostly in shipping contexts, rip) and another good analysis someone else did

My playlist for them

and i think thats it! of course i could always talk more about them, but those are my thoughts for now! thank you so much for the ask, i hope i was able to meet your challenge! 

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ahh sorry this took me so long! i’ve been a little busy and i had to do some research, so that’s why. im not the most familiar with this period of history or russia as a character, but i hope it’s not so bad!

  • The first thing that I thought of when I got this ask was what effects does imperialism have on the empire in hetalia? Imperialism isn’t very heavily explored in canon, although it is portrayed as being a somewhat negative thing- Both for the empire and the other nations they interact with. I think imperialism in hetalia causes a lot of trauma for everyone involved, although it would be worse for the empire if they are a contiguous land empire, like Russia. All the adjustments that come from ethnic Russians moving into new territory (forcibly or not), and of the Russification of central Asia and Siberia were painful. as it resulted in a lot of conflicts between the Russians and the indigenous peoples of those lands, who were now tasked with assimilating. Assimilation is of course painful for those who are forced to go through it, but also for the nations who are being assimilated to anyway (I sort of talked about this before regarding America, if you’d like deeper thoughts, because it’s kind of complex and i dont want to just make this post be about what imperialism does to a bitch) 
  • Religion was deeply important to him, and often caused a lot of emotional distress, specifically where Lithuania (who i hc as being Jewish) is concerned. The golden age of the Russian empire featured a lot of very antisemitic laws- Specifically under Catherine the Great, who’s often credited with being like. The woman who modernized/westernized Russia. Anyway, i think his relationship with Lithuania was really difficult for him to deal with, because Lithuania couldn’t just be okay with the treatment of their people (and religion), and that made it hard for them to be okay being around Russia. However, Russia considered them to be close friends, which was just sort of painful for both parties. (side note a fic that i think really encapsulates the dynamic between russia and lithuania during the russian empire would be this fic by @still-intrepid)
  • Though not all of Russia’s trauma stems from the empire years, it contributed pretty heavily and the longevity of the empire, followed immediately by WW1, a communist revolution, and the Soviet Union meant that he never really had time to process a lot of the things that happened to him/a lot of his issues that originated during the Russian Empire. 
  • I think one of these issues is that he is Russia, and represents all Russians, and could possibly be used as a tool by possible insurgents to be like. Their figurehead or whatever. The government was naturally untrusting of him, which is part of why he’s so friendly to everyone he meets. He can’t come across as unsympathetic to a person he’s interacting with, lest they assume bad about him and send him to Siberia or something along those lines. 
  • This was when his drinking started to become a problem, mostly in the form of spiked tea. 
  • Though he really likes vodka as a drink tea is just as near and dear to his heart
  • The Napoleonic Wars were really traumatic for him because of all the slash and burning done by Russian troops. Though he fought in those wars, he was really not a fan of how they had to burn all those villages and crops down. 
  • Samovar is a good word. Ivan loves samovars. 
  • I think this period would also be a time when Ivan had a big growth spurt- I think he’s around 2 meters tall, but a lot of that didn’t come until the 18th and 19th centuries, because that’s when Russia really emerged onto the world stage and became the enormous (3rd largest empire in world history, 2nd largest land empire) country that it is today. 
  • Ivan’s weight today is more evenly split between muscle and fat, but during the empire, I think he had much less fat on his body, and was a bit muscular but not as much as what he has today. This is both because of the conquest of new lands and absolute rule, as well as that around 95% of the population was made of starving peasants, which. I think is enough to make Ivan a bit skinny, but not skin and bones, as he still had to do a lot of manual labor. 
  • He made a lot of enemies during this period, and yeah the Baltics were some of them, but there were even more enemies to be made in Central Asia during the Great Game. Most of the stan countries (but Afghanistan and Kazakhstan in particular) still hold resentment for this. 
  • During the Russo-Japanese War, there was a lot of pressure on Russia to win- people were beginning to lose faith in the monarchy, and it was sort of seen as a war that Russia needed to win in order to keep the peasants from hating the government- like a military victory they needed in order to unify the country. When Japan won, Ivan was subjected to a lot of hatred both from his bosses and his people, each believing that he was on the other’s side
  • idk if you consider the Soviet Union to be part of Russian imperialism (I personally would argue that it was but idk if everyone thinks that or if that’s what you mean when you say imperial russia) so i’m not really going to touch on that but if you want soviet headcanons i have vague machinations

ok i think that’s it? honestly i kind of struggled with this because i don’t have the best grasp on Russia’s character, although I do think he’s very interesting. i hope that all this was neat, and once again I’m sorry for how long it took me to write! 

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of course! and ty! also, quick shoutout to @mysticalmusicwhispers for some of the inspiration for this :)

  • He is a firm believer in the concept of chaotic time (i will be discussing various interpretations of time as they are described in The Fourth Turning by Neil Howe and William Strauss, as their books about American generations live rent free in my brain), which is defined as “history having no path. Events follow one another randomly, and any effort to impute meaning to their whirligig succession is hopeless.” It’s sort of the original way that people percieved time, and this interpretation of time can be found in a lot of indigenous cultures, as well as in popular nihilism. I think part of why Yao thinks this is because of all the changes in political leadership he’s had throughout his life, which prevent him from being able to apply an overall narrative to the universe. This can make some things like diplomacy a little difficult for him, as many of the other world powers are proponents of linear time- The idea of “time as a unique (and usually progressing) story with an absolute beginning and an absolute end.” 
  • That’s not to say that Yao is terrible at diplomacy- He’s actually very good at it, and can talk people into buying just about anything from him. 
  • He has an entire house that’s just filled with his old stuff. Clothes, pottery, paintings, manuscripts, trinkets, et cetera. It’s not very organized, though, and some things can never be moved because if somebody were to touch them, the objects might get damaged. 
  • His weapon of choice is a gùn staff, when it comes to gun-less fighting. I think he likes to bop people on the head with it when they’re being annoying. 
  • This is sort of based on some ancient chinese military history that i don’t fully recall so I’m not sure what to type into google but. very deadly with the gùn. 
  • On that note, he’s very well practiced in both Northern and Southern style Shaolin kung fu, but you probably wouldn’t know that unless you’d been around him for a while. He gives me massive “old person doing tai chi in the park” vibes. Where kung fu is concerned, I think his favorite animal thingy would be the crane? I feel like he’d really like a lot of crane forms even though he’s a bit short for it. (also im very sorry if im getting this wrong or talking about it in the wrong way! i pracitce shaolin kung fu, although i haven’t been able to really engage with it during the pandemic, so my memory might not be 10/10)
  • His spice tolerance?? through the roof. The things this man eats could kill a human
  • To me, Yao feels like one of the most human characters in hetalia, because he’s the oldest. Part of this is just because he’s the oldest, so he’s been through the most stuff- While other prominent characters are depicted as being kind of messy young adults who haven’t figured everything out yet, Yao has a calmness about him due to his age. Don’t get me wrong he’s still a bit messy, but he’s messy by choice?? like. from @peonycats latest china drawing. that was voluntary. But at the same time, I think he could fit the wise old mentor trope if he had the patience to be a mentor. He’s lived through so much that he has experience with pretty much everything one could encounter. This is also a double edged sword, because it can make him a bit impatient, especially with things he feels he’s already seen and done before. Sometimes he’s just over it, ya know? (side note i feel like that’s smth he’d be able to bond with India over- being done with all these modern kids who want to do stuff that he’s just endlessly bored by.)
  • He has a love-hate relationship with C-dramas. On the one hand, they’re interesting stories and imbue nostalgia. On the other hand, they can be super historically inaccurate at times- One complaint I’ve heard is that the hairstyles are often inaccurate for the sake of making the actors look really pretty. 
  • short king
  • His government is often wary and not trusting of him, because they see him as being a sort of relic from previous times. Like a potential threat to their sovereignty? idk, just. mutual distrust. 
  • idk where this came from but I’ve seen the hc that one time the italy brothers were like yo you knew our grandpa right? we just wanna talk- and then china goes yah we used to fuck and i think that’s so funny
  • He nibbles at his food, eating sort of like a bird, and does the same with water. 
  • Despite being kind of thin himself, will absolutely pester the shit out of his kids (even if theyre on bad terms) for not eating enough. in the same breath he’ll also berate them for eating unhealthily, and take huge offense if they won’t eat his food. like even if they’re just not hungry that time yao will develop a grudge and he’ll make sure you remember that you didn’t want to eat his food that one time. how rude of you >:(

i probably have more thoughts but theyre either too jumbled/not well worded in my brain or not present at the moment. i hope you enjoyed these!

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one of the reasons lithuania and Romano are able to get on so well is that family is deeply important to roma. He’s not gonna just let lithuania ignore their family to be with him, as their other partners have done. I think maybe lithuania struggles with having multiple close relationships at once, because they tend to put all of their energy into whatever is happening at the moment and can sort of deify their partner (not always in a good way mind you) but Romano doesn’t vibe with that as much as, like, poland or someone would

idk their relationship would force a lot of growth into healthier mindsets is what im saying

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Oooh here we go you guys, a little look on the overall relationship of these two idiots.

They spent a significant amount of time together from very early on and I feel Portugal was really enamored with the idea of being a big brother and taking care of Spain. They stuck together through thick and thin while they were both still children and that’s how they build this sibling-like bond.

When Umayyad came into their lifes, as I’ve commented before, the bond deepend in the best way possible because they finally felt safe and it made them both develope as individuals and get to know eachother better in a wider context. Portugal is naturally the more independent and daring of the two, so Spain slowly but surely stops explicitly adoring his brother and starts trying to impress him to ‘get on his level’. Portugal finds it endearing rather than impressive, but loves to see his brother doing well. Spain doesn’t particularly like that, because he feels Portugal thinks he is lesser than him, and starts getting bitter.

The bitterness grows as the Reconquista goes on, because Spain constantly dances between feeling as strong as ever, and getting very very sick. Portugal distances himself, because he has serious concerns about his brother’s future, and considers the possibility of his passing. Spain does too, but because he doesn’t like Portugal seeing him at his lowest. For him, it’s like a confirmation that he is not on the same level as his brother.

Even though I would speak about this for a hours and we don’t need that rn, I cannot NOT bring up the Iberian Union mess. Right after Portugal falls under Spanish monarchy, the tension grows tremendously, and for the first time is reciprocated. Portugal feels uncomfortable around Spain, because there’s been significant distancing and he feels backstabbed.

After Portugal’s independence, they’re no longer even trying to pretend the situation isn’t tense as hell. They have bigger interests and neither really care what those imply for the other. Spain feels his brother is poking fun at him all the time, and becomes more and more aggressive and paranoid. Portugal feeds onto the idea because he knows it drives Spain crazy and he feels he deserves it.

The relationship doesn’t get better for a really long time, but it does slowly (slooowly being the key word) cool off. The mutual dislike is there but they aren’t at each other’s throats. They WILL however still send really vile letters with clear intent to hurt the other, which get really personal. Portugal tends to be more passive-aggressive, but Spain is just crudely hurtful. When they’re suddenly forced to work together to get rid of the French occupation during the Napoleonic era, it looks like that might go somewhere, but it doesn’t. They do start exchanging slightly less spiteful letters after that, asking and showing true interest on smaller personal things.

Their dictatorships is what truly drove them together again. The regime fed their feeling of hopelessness and isolation, and they held onto each other just like they did when they were very young. After so much time away from the other, they just wanted a shoulder to cry on, and someone to confide in, and they were tired of pretending they didn’t care for one another. They’ve made up and even if they’re still not as close as they would like, they’re working on it 💖

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HmMmMmM so here’s the thing:

I really like spamano’s dynamic. I think they’re two characters that really work well together. I can’t say I ship them in current times in canonverse, I believe they had a messy messy relationship in the past and they just cannot completely leave that behind.

They might be attracted to each other but mostly avoid it, they’re just very close and feel at ease around the other. Sometimes if they’re sidetracked they might end up maintaining physical contact too much to be merely platonic, or stare too intensely into each other’s eyes, maybe even almost kiss, but then they snap out of it. They’ve talked about it, and believe it’s the best to leave it like it is.

I also believe that, in general, older countries prefer to not have romantic relationships with eachother, the charm of love has worn off and now it’s more of an inconvenience than anything else, and they all know eachother way too much to fall for it again. The can’t help having feelings after all, but I suppose an immortal being has enough time to learn how to keep in under control, if they wish to.

If we’re talking about AUs, oh do I love these two together!! I have like a million different AUs on how they meet, how they get together and everything… ya’ll know i just WONT shut up about old men spamano living on the countryside 😭 (i have like 3 different fics planned for this stupid ass AU and a wip already…brace urselves)

It’s also funny for me bc, maybe it’s a one-sided feeling, but generally Spaniards feel very connected to Italy (specially the south), a lot of them genuinely believe that our cultures are very similar and feel at home in the country. Some argue it’s the mediterranean vibe, but it’s something that isn’t as pronounced with other countries like Greece or Portugal. Food for thought 🧠🧠

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Oooh I like this!! I love talking about food 🥰

I think both of them are pretty good cooks!

The process of preparing the ingredients and cooking them plays a major role in the overall experience of eating it afterwards for both of them. Neither properly measures their quantities because they feel like that’s for less experienced cooks, and so they kinda drive other people crazy when giving out instructions or a recipe bc they just… don’t know how much exactly. They just feel it’s right. ((They’re also the type of people who don’t use any kind of heat protection EVER they just fucking burn their fingers off and that’s that 🥰))

Romano is definitely more meticulous and doesn’t really like to have other people stepping in the kitchen to ‘help’, it just gets on his nerves because he can manage by himself and feels way more comfortable when he’s doing everything. He miiight let you mince the garlic, chop the onion, peel the potatos, clean the dishes, etc. if you are as fast as him, but nothing too major. He does however prefer to have his people in the kitchen with him (if there’s enough space, of course), chatting/drinking/having a little snack, he doesn’ like to be left out just because he’s cooking.

Spain is more laidback in that aspect and not very detail-oriented, as long as the end result is good he doesn’t care if something wasn’t done the way he would do it. He does however get incredibly picky about some stuff (no, you don’t understand… he REALLY does need the firewood to be of orange trees from this particular region in order to make the paella right), and gets EXTREMELY messy in the kitchen. He will stain way more dishes than necessary and doesn’t bother cleaning them up until he’s finished with everything. He loves to have music in the background while he cooks and he will NOT tune it down even if you can’t hear the person right next to you speak 💖

They eat together a lot in their houses instead of going out, bc they just enjoy eachother’s company and food a lot! Romano likes to point out that the only time Spain truly ever shuts up is when he’s cooking. He likes to watch Romano cooking because he has this sort of rythm where’s he’s incredibly sure of what he’s going to do, in what order and in what amount of time. He seems very in tune with everything happening in the kitchen.

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god i love the relationship between romano and veneziano so its so damaged and nothing can ever be “normal” between them but at the same time they cant do anything about it and they can’t even heal properly because they have to be around each other all the time because they both represent the same country. like. they never thought they’d be the same country, and never even thought they’d be the ones to make it this far, so they never  thought to be kind to each other. but then they did turn out to be the ones who lived (i hc that more of the italian city states had personifications but most of them are gone now after unification) and now they’re just stuck with a relationship thats based off tolerating each other’s existence, and the only way feli knows how to make people like him is by manipulating them, but that doesn’t sit well with roma at all. because even if feli says he cares about him there’s no way to really know if that’s true, cause all his people certainly dont love the south. and then the only way feli knows how to show that he cares is to try and make life easier for romano- but how can romano trust that when it’s coming from someone so manipulative? how can he know that feli doesn’t have an ulterior motive? he constantly feels on edge for that reason alone, and there’s plenty more reasons- everyone’s always comparing them and pointing out things romano didnt even know he had to be worried about, and then the internal comparisons- veneziano is so unintentionally condescending towards him (and sometimes intentionally if he’s in a bitchy mood) especially when he’s trying to help. cause i think veneziano definitely does care about romano, but in a limited way. he thinks he sees them as equals, but after being around so many other countries who don’t, veneziano’s idea of them being equal is eroding. romano’s aware of that too, and he really hates it but also hates himself for it, because he thinks he did something wrong, so he’ll spend hours analyzing himself and his actions because did he? but then he’ll just loop around to being angry at veneziano because fuck you, we are equals, and the cycle repeats. and when veneziano’s pissed at romano, he really prays on that- he knows exactly where romano’s weak spots are and how to break him. unfortunately romano knows the same for him, so he can’t maintain the upper hand for long- though veneziano is a bit more eloquent. its the difference between fiona apple (veneziano) and amanda palmer (romano). both equally destructive but in different ways, ya know? 

and at the same time they have to care about each other because they’re the only family they have left. i feel like it’s a one can’t survive without the other type of there can’t be one italy personification, and so much would be lost if one of them were to die permanently. so they’re sort of trapped in this awful situation, where they need each other but are also slowly killing each other by staying together.

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Cerooos!! 😭💖 te voy a comer a besos, ¡muchas gracias! No te disculpes por tu español, que yo agradezco muchísimo que hagas el esfuerzo 🥰

I have some trouble with these headcanons bc i still haven’t fully decided when did Spain appear (as in, the hetalia character) and what he represented through different periods…

Either way, I feel Portugal and Spain have a very good memory of Umayyad and their time together. He definitely was something close to a father figure to both of them (unlike Rome), and was way more present in their lifes than Carthage ever was. Umayyad gave them a higher sense of protection, stability and care, which was something they had been craving for a while at that point. He also helped shape their cultural identity and helped them grow as nation-tans.

They still bring him up in conversations when they’re in a nostalgic mood because both of them can relate to the period in a very similar manner. It probably also allowed them to build the closest thing to a regular sibling bond you can get, being countries and all (the tension between them will start building later on 😘)

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I know their fandom has shrunk exponentially but… ✨them✨ (also hear me out, he/they Austria and she/he Hungary)

AusHun HCs!


  • The Countess and the Common Man (Anastasia Musical) [Hungary is supposed to be the “common man” kjfgjkgg i will explain eventually]
  • Come What May (Moulin Rouge Musical)
  • Best of Wives and Best of Women (Hamilton Musical)
  • Come Home With Me (Hadestown Musical) [Hungary takes on the role of Orpheus imo]

Various HCs:

  • The two never really split apart after they divorced. Sure, there were years that they were separated, but as soon as they got the chance to meet again, they acted like they had never been apart.
  • They met when they were younger, and Roderich at that point had only known Erzsebet as the young soldier, not as the only daughter of Magyar.
  • Roderich had never seen Erzsebet as the soldier from his youth until a few years into their marriage.
  • The beginning of their marriage was awkward, considering the two had been separated for a time.
  • After he realized Erzsebet had been the same soldier he loved, he opened himself up more, turning their marriage into an intimate one.
  • After they were separated, the two were emotional wrecks. Roderich was in a wheelchair, and Erzsebet was sent back to the house she hadn’t been in for hundreds of years.
  • Their love is very simplistic to outsiders, but most don’t realize the subversion and change to each other
  • Erzsebet was the prince who saved the princess - Roderich. Erzsebet was the knight, and Roderich the helpless princess.
  • But, on the battlefield together, the two are nearly unstoppable.

Future HCs:

  • They are among the first to have kids
  • They have a pair of twins, a boy and girl!
  • The boy, Filip (haha), is the representative of Budapest.
  • The girl, Clara, is the representative of Vienna.
  • Filip is actually close with Philippe (FrUK kid), and they often play the joke of “Which Phillip”
  • Erzsebet was the one to take on the more “fatherly” role when it came to their kids
  • Roderich took on the more “motherly” role

Canon Height Difference:

Austria: N/A (unknown)

Hungary: 5’3” (160 cm)

HC Height Difference:

Austria: 5’4” (162.56 cm)

Hungary: 5’6” (167.64 cm)

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Oh yes, I don’t believe he sees the italies as parental figures, just that he probably feels way more comfortable with them than he does with Spain! Being careful around Antonio is second nature to Martín, and old habits die hard, so it’s nice to unwind with the italies after dealing with him. I don’t know if I’d go as far as saying he confides in them though, I kinda have a feeling that Argentina is too prideful to open up with either of them, and overall just bottles up his emotions…but chatting up with Romano and teaming up to antagonize Veneziano for a while sure is fun!

I’ve also read some comments about how these relationships contrast with Portugal and Brazil’s, and I definitely think Spain envies that (of course, everything isn’t as simple or smooth as he seems to think it is and Portugal reminds him, but that doesn’t stop him from idealizing it). Tincho has a more realistic idea of how their relationship is, but still craves something similar too. I think deep down, Tincho is quite love-starved but everything with Spain is… difficult. And he’s resigned at this point. He’s convinced himself and others he doesn’t care as much as he does.

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Hola cielo!!!

Primero de todo, me encantó leer ayer tus asks con @disaster-fruit. Normalmente yo callo y escucho pero cometiste el error de decir ‘me encantaría saber la opinión de un español/española’ y… aquí estoy 😳

I’ll write in English from this point on bc most of my followers don’t speak Spanish (pero si tú te animas en algún momento a enviarme más asks o incluso enviarme mensajes, no tengas problema en que sea en español 💖)

It’s always been a touchy subject to regard latam countries as Spain’s 'children’. As you brought up yesterday, Spain would most likely NOT have a close relationship with any of them even nowadays. Their bonds with Spain are probably pretty weak, raging from 'can hold an amicable conversation with Spain, although they aren’t the ones to initiate it’ to 'actively avoids him bc the resentment is still very much alive’. Spain probably wishes he was closer to all of them because in his mind he does consider himself to be a sort of father figure to them.

HOWEVER, as I’ve said before about my personal headcanons with Spain, this man is a coward, and prideful as one can get. He’s never EVER properly apologized and probably never will. He just wants to act as if nothing happened, to feel good and re-establish (or form) meaningful bonds without… having to put any of the actual effort to do so.

The reason why most of his relationships with latam countries are still unhealed nowadays is because he’s asked for forgiveness and a new start without acknowledging any of the reasons that even drove the relationships to those points in the first place, and most countries don’t take kindly to that, obviously.

Some have chosen to rationalize that this is just how it is with him, some try to be civil but make sure to call him out when he’s overstepping boundaries by pretending they’re closer than what they are, and some just don’t want to have anything to do with him and make sure he’s well aware. But ultimately, I don’t feel any of them are completely okay with him.

Tincho is probably on the nicer side of the spectrum, but he feels little true connection to him, so he keeps him at arm’s lenght (and also really likes to make fun of him right in his face too). Antonio doesn’t mind too much, he’s just happy with whatever he can get of his 'nenes’

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hc that one time the nations all went to Disney world for a break or sumthn and due to the varying ages, the ticket person is like “oh, is this a school trip??” And Germany stands there like the pikachu picture for a second before he asks Hong Kong/Taiwan to ask Yao to use his “American voice” and pretend to be their teacher. Yao asks why and they say “Discount” and he just puts on this suave smile and near-perfect accent. (Yes, most of the nations are absolutely FLOORED)

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Spain would give his cross necklace to Romano whenever he left europe

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<div> I need to draw this too </div>
Master Kohga
... Ah yes, What is it..?
Master Kohga
It's late, what're you still doing up..?
.... I am just thinking-
Master Kohga
Over thinking more like, c'mon we're not mad at you anymore..~
... I uhm... I gathered that, you wouldn't have adopted both me and the Harbinger otherwise.. What do you want..?
Master Kohga
Well there's extra space on the bed, Harby's all snuggled up to Sooga.. And it's not a complete family if you're on your own..!
.. Ok..?
Master Kohga
It's only a mother's instinct to let their baby sleep on the same bed..~
.... Wh-...
*sobs* You're way into this motherly role and it honestly kills me!!
Master Kohga
Hey I'm only doing what my mother did for me!! Come here honey, you look sleepy...~
Harbinger Ganon
*snoring boops..???*
Sooga, half asleep
*groaning* Why do you sleep so loud... How are you even sleeping......
*long sigh* .... Would rather hug the rat baby insteeeead....
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<div> ... Oh.. </div>
My daughter, I was going ask you a simple favour of aiding me with ridding of these Moblins.. However you do appear to be busy studying the ancient relics~
Ever so sorry father, I think I know who might be able to help you instead though!
But of course!
Rhoam, midly annoyed
... Of course..
Master Kohga
.... What?? I'll let your thirsty old man hands fondle my tits afterwards!
Not in front of my daughter you imbecile.
Master Kohga
Oh but you're ok with doing it in front of your dead wife's grave??
Rhoam, flustered
Master Kohga
What he never told you..? He fucked me on top of your dead ma, Princess~!!
*chokes* OH MY GODS I- YOU D- I JUST- YOU-....
... Once again, I am ashamed. I have no excuse-
Master Kohga
Damn right you should be, kingy~ So anyways, Moblins~?
O-... On second thought, I might be able to deal with this myself..
... I can't believe him-
Master Kohga
Right~? And to think this happens a couple of month after he apologized for being a dick to you..~
Master Kohga
.. He's pretty big!
Zelda, disgusted
Master Kohga, panics
Master Kohga
Master Kohga
Master Kohga
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