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femrage · a month ago
males be like i discovered my female gender from reading yuri hentai because i like imagining myself as a small soft unsettlingly innocent anime girl having sex with another small soft unsettlingly innocent anime girl. then females be like i discovered my male gender because i spent all of my teen years reading and writing 30+ chapter angsty slow burn enemies to lovers stories from the internal povs of both male characters who i obsessively adore and cry over how much i relate to them and their development
and then everyone sees this and is like “these are exactly the same thing. and clearly there are absolutely zero malicious external factors influencing trans minors thoughts and decisions, and theres no difference at all between how people in male vs female bodies have been raised to perceive each other, so if you wish you were the opposite sex its because you are and you always have been”
#i went through the following list of someone i followed during my gallavich stan days and 90% of them are nb or trans now#it sucks seeing girls who drowned themselves so much in male chars growing up that they think the only way to have a fulfilling comfortable#life is to be anything but a woman#its literally a full escape#i would be one of them if i hadnt peaked. we were all so different but still EXACTLY the same as each other in this way#idolizing fictional men written by other women and internalizing the thought that only men can be free and respected and themselves#i also think imagining homophobia from a male perspective is a common coping mechanism with them#a way to cope with misogyny and homophobia without actually having to cope with misogyny and how it affects themselves#internalized misogyny to a t and thats why it really bothers me when people berate the fuck out of female shippers as if theyre monsters#i was 14 then and i remember they were mostly lesbian/bi/gnc incredibly smart and funny and creative individuals#all female#and they were free to tweet and bond over their thoughts and jokes with no shadow of misogyny/male gaze looming over them#:(#ive read so many meta posts written by women about male characters and some of them are fucking AMAZING#so amazing that its laughable to even imagine a man caring enough to say even a sentence from them about a female character#like ill believe that the women are just as bad as the men when the day comes where a man is capable of seeing women as human enough to#‘fetishize’ us the same way we ‘’’’’fetishize’’’’ them#.#im not defending those who ship real people or cross gross lines#radfem safe#terf safe#gender critical#radical feminism#im being messy asf rn but i think about this always its one of my biggest interests and im gonna write about it more when i stop being sad
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xianlle · 2 months ago
#idk!!!!! i don’t have many childhood memories outside of a few things#1) making up extravagant games abt shows i was obsessed w playing silently w the dialogue & scenery in my head by myself#2) this convoluted situation where the new girl wanted to play w my best friend but my best friend wanted to play with me but i wanted to#paint so i told them to play together and they BOTH got upset & i got in trouble#3) this paralyzing thing where i do things fully and exactly and need specific instructions otherwise#4) noticing numbers EVERYWHERE everytime the clock says 10:01 it’s my birthday for a minute it’s pi time at 3:14 pattern questions were easy#i always notice immediately if ppl are dressed the same if their shoes are the same color as their hat if they’re wearing opposite the#person next to them i can recognize any song if it’s played in a different way or style#once i remember a face that face is EVERYWHERE#and only recently ive been like plugging my ears and getting angry if it’s too loud or i noticed in high school that i feel viscerally#uncomfortable w ticking sounds like a ticking clock will quite literally drive me insane i want to scream and hit something but most likely#my eye twitches like a cartoon character bdjdjfjjfjfjjf 😐 but i spend so much time not feeling anything at all that reactions to things#feel like im forcing it or that im faking it but the diagnosis is based on my childhood and i have no memories no memories not anything#before 7th grade almost#idk idk im sure there’s nothing going on but also im not gonna stop thinking about it 😋#personal
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fletcher-renn · 12 days ago
In a fascinating move, the college I’m starting a course at on Monday still haven’t sent me my timetable or even a password to get into my email address
#what’s really annoying about all of this is that i should’ve been prepared for exactly this sort of nonsense#i did my a-levels at this college 9 years ago so i knew how disorganised they are#i just sort of forgot & also assumed that they’d have gotten better in almost a decade#i was wrong. i was so very wrong. i could be doing this course at a reputable university and instead i’m stressed and in my living room#my lecturer told me she’d email me yesterday to at least tell me what site i was supposed to be at. she didn’t#so basically this college has two campuses and i don’t know which of them i’m supposed to go to or at what time or where in said building#i’m supposed to go. also as far as the system is concerned i don’t exist. i tried the ‘forgot password’ using my student id number#and it confirmed that i don’t have an account yet#so to summarise: i basically don’t exist#and i doubt i’ll receive any information tomorrow since it’s a sunday. so the next working day for these people is the same day#that’s supposed to be my first day at the college#i literally don’t see how i can attend class on monday. like. i don’t know where to go or when or why#it’d be one thing if the two campuses were close together but they’re more than 20 miles apart#and both of them are 15-30 miles away from me as well#so basically i’d either be paying a £6 bus fare and travelling 40 minutes or paying a £14 train fare and travelling 50 minutes#only to potentially be told i’m not supposed to be there and i need to go home#yeah so i’m going to email my lecturer tomorrow and tell her basically ‘if i don’t hear anything by 8AM monday don’t expect to see me#on monday. i can’t come in because i don’t know where ‘in’ is’#on the plus side i don’t think i’m the only one with this problem bc my mom is a TA in another department and she can’t find evidence of any#timetables in the system. like including the timetables for stuff that absolutely should be set up like gcse maths#so that is a fascinating decision on someone’s part#anyway. if any of you need me i’ll be composing a scathing email#personal#rant
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adashi-time · a year ago
Hey any young artists out there. That confidence you have with your work right now? That feeling that even though you know there are people better than you, you're having fun and you made something all your own and you can be proud of it? Hold on to that. Be confident and be proud of every new drawing you make, because YOU made it. You did it!! Maybe it was frustrating while you were drawing it, but the end result is a beautiful piece of art, the skills you learned along the way, and the drive to keep learning.
Don't let anybody make you feel less confident in your art. Don't let yourself make you feel less confident. Try not to compare your work to others', instead you could compare it to yourself. Look where your abilities were just a few months ago! You've improved so much since then! Think of how long it's been since you started drawing, you've done so many amazing things in such a short amount of time! Every new thing you draw you get a little better and hopefully have a little more fun. Hold on to that feeling. It's a precious one.
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eggmeralda · 5 months ago
oop just unlocked 2014
#terrible idea#it's a really long story but basically i was massively obsessed with the clash in the first half of that year#and since then it was always seen as the most sacred hyperfixation of my life#so i never wanted to think about bc that era of my life was too good i couldn't even handle it#for the first time since then i am ascending to the clash and it's giving me an existential crisis#god i had such a solid identity in 2014 where did it go#i always split my ages as if they were separate people who i used to know#like deep down i know I'm still my 14yo self and she's still my 18yo and she's still my 3yo self etc. but i can't accept that?#some ages i can accept more than others? but some are almost off limits#''19 was too perfect don't touch it or you'll ruin it'' ''12 was too long ago you're not her anymore and you never will be again''#but 14#oh my god#i haven't had a nostalgia attack for early 2014 since probably late 2014 lol#I've never delved into that year#possibly bc i knew exactly who i was and i was aware of my existence but wasn't really bothered?#by the end of that year i started questioning everything but the start i was just vibing?#and if i think about my 14yo self i have to think about the fact that i am still her#which means i have to acknowledge my own existence#which is literally horrendous and also terrifying and i might die in the process#fuckfuckfuvkfuckfuvkvikvufivuccuvidifjdifisifjsisjdjfbsjfishdufysi#i just wanna go back in time and have a really long chat with my 14yo self and all my past selves#not about anything in particular we just talk about songs we like and who our fav characters are etc.#but they all die every new year to make way for a new age who will be having a completely different existential crisis to the previous one#what the fuck am i talking about#I'm literally still listening to the clash if my 14yo self could see me now she'd probably agree but she's dead rip :/#ramble#sjdbsofbs#sjdbsufhsufudsnndefjfjaai#Kvuajdhcahduyahdcyuz#hell yeah boys i reached 30 tags
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barentsz · 7 months ago
Despite everything, I’m kind of excited to get going?
I will have to do two or so test days to see if I like it, which I think I will - I’m only hoping to leave a favourable impression.
My pros are that I know how to handle a variety of (power) tools, I am aware of many safety regulations (even though half the time I flaunt them......................), and I’m used to working fulltime so I will probably not be utterly exhausted?
My cons are that I don’t know shit about electrical engineering aside from some incredibly basic elements, of which ‘don’t get zapped’ is probably the most important.
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tjamc · 8 months ago
sitting alone in my room listening to glam metal and not paying attention to school like its 2016/2017 again. time is a circle
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myfriendthedictionary · 6 months ago
I woke up with Butterflies are the Product of Love stuck in my head but Button does the Paige growl and I don’t know how to feel about this. -Patroc
HJDSOIDAJSLIASSHAILSJAO it means they should let me play Button already 🙄🖐 /*j* truly unfortunately, tho, my dude. I wake up and have to hear my own voice all the time and I don’t recommend the experience haha
THE PAIGE GROWL AKJSDSJKLDAL I- I do it far too often but it’s because I think it’s very fun to do. Idk where I even learned how or why it’s suddenly taken over my life but here we are
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jugdraldefender · 2 years ago
okay but when is heroes gonna give us a prince daein soren alt or do i have to like rain flaming arrows down on intsys all with a message attached to it and the message is all the same thing
#JD Says Things#i mean intsys literally gave us alt eirika if lyon had taught her dark magic#they gave us a hinoka alt that idk exactly what it was but i figured it was something like queen hinoka from the nohr route#they gave me valentine's ike and soren and i am thankful#however there are so camillas and lyns you could fill an entire team of just that character and not even fit them all in one team#also i fully demand radiant dawn soren in both his black sage outfit and his white archsage outfit#but also i mean i wouldn't put it past them to make a daein soren bc when zelgius came out#they were just like sorry if you haven't played radiant dawn but we also don't rly care#also where's pelleas i take full offense#actually on that note i want whisper sothe too is that too much to ask for#you gave us all this tellius intsys now gimme some tellius alts#and don't tell me the v-day ones are enough lest i must direct you to the sheer number of fe13/14 alts#ashnard isn't even in this game yet and im so sad#can we have like prince daein soren and ashnard at the same time or am i just going overboard for intsys here-#man tho we literally got laguz leaders and out of gallia and poor skrimir was treated like thin air#in fact rafiel was treated like pretty thin air too#also why did we get oliver and not jarod when micaiah came out it still baffles me#where's jarod intsys#intsys you gave me so much tellius don't stop now...#btw intsys we're missing a canon ike where's my hero class rd ike#for that matter we don't even have shinon or janaff at all and it hurts my heart#FOR THAT MATTER we need a bow oscar alt#anyway moral of the story and all the tags is that we need daein soren
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kidhyunjin · 2 years ago
how did I managed to sleep for 14 hours but woke up right before Chan was about to ask me a question I'm :))))
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