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It was finally warm enough to clean out my horses’ water trough. It’s spring-fed, so it can’t be tipped over, and the only way to drain it is by syphoning it off with a hose. The water’s really cold, so I couldn’t get my hand in the water to scrub without dying of hypothermia before yesterday, when it was 70 degrees.

Anyway, we found a few nymphs on the bottom that looked like stoneflies/mayflies, which tend to live in creeks where there’s good water quality. So my Dad and I picked them up in our hands and transferred them to the small spring-fed creek that runs by/under our house.

Being nice to native bugs at a time when bugs are struggling to survive feels good. Protect native species, ya’ll.

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One of my dreams is to pet a shark. I think sharks are cool swimmy bois. Even seeing them in an environment would be good but living in the flat prairies all my life didn’t allow me that opportunity.

But now, I’m by the sea. I can find a way to see a shark, let alone pet it. My eyes have been opened. I’m struck with this realization of my existence and the vastness of the ocean. Wild.

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