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#i've been thinking about this for days
acrystalbirdie4 hours ago
Tumblr media
thinking about Logitech's performative pride icon and how it actually uses (whether intentionally or not) the redesigned, inclusive BIPOC pride flag by Julia Feliz
Tumblr media
instead of the mainstream progress pride flag by Daniel Quazar, which gained popularity because it was funded with $25k for flag printing purposes and thus became widespread
Tumblr media
either Logitech, a greedy capitalist company with a net income of $117.5 million, is extremely woke (????) or their social media manager didn't remember what the progress flag looked like and accidentally redesigned the BIPOC pride flag on their own. I can't figure out which scenario is more unbelievable
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fucknexus7 hours ago
Tumblr media
Outfits to get mating pressed in
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pascalslittlebrata day ago
Girl. Pretty Little Thoughts. I am BLUSHING. I am absolutely speechless, I can鈥檛 put into words how much I love it. I can鈥檛 catch my breath, I am YEARNING!! I read it hours ago and no other thoughts besides your work have popped into my head. Sending so much love 鉂わ笍 also, would absolutely be okay with a continuation 馃槍
ADFASDFADFSADF you are too sweet! Thank you so much for the love babe, I appreciate it greatly and I'm so glad you enjoyed that little fic馃ズ I have a few other things to write out 馃檴 But once I finish those I will definitely be finishing off the smut I teased y'all with on that馃憖
Tumblr media
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verecunda2 days ago
鈥楽trange are the ways of Men, Legolas! Here they have one of the marvels of the Northern World, and what do they say of it? Caves, they say! Caves! Holes to fly to in time of war, to store fodder in! My good Legolas, do you know that the caverns of Helm鈥檚 Deep are vast and beautiful? There would be an endless pilgrimage of Dwarves, merely to gaze at them, if such things were known to be. Aye indeed, they would pay pure gold for a brief glance!鈥 鈥楢nd I would give gold to be excused,鈥 said Legolas; 鈥榓nd double to be let out, if I strayed in!鈥 鈥榊ou have not seen, so I forgive your jest,鈥 said Gimli. 鈥楤ut you speak like a fool. Do you think those halls are fair, where your King dwells under the hill in Mirkwood, and Dwarves helped in their making long ago?'
The Lord of the Rings, J.R.R. Tolkien
Gimli: *waxes poetic about the beauties of the Glittering Caves*
Legolas: ew you can keep your grotty caves, you wouldn鈥檛 catch me underground.
Gimli: .......don鈥檛 you literally live under a hill?
Tumblr media
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hermarks-a2 days ago
alright i wanted to ~keep it quiet~ bc it's really not worthy to engage in these petty discussions BUT i noticed nobody is getting spared and y'all are back on your bullshit again, so if you're out there reading: please stop sending me asks about the way i take all of my writing partner's time and muse for myself. idk what you want or why you jump to the conclusion that i'm the bad guy because they won't talk to you? or ship with you? i don't fucking know fam i just know that you put a dump on my whole day yesterday and i always feel like shit even tho i did nothing wrong. how about you try to be an adult and talk to people nicely instead of terrorizing everybody's askbox? i've been dealing with this shit for almost a year, please go touch some grass and reconsider on who is actually being a "bitch" here. ( and if there's more of you out there and it's not the same person: fam stop, it's not cute. you're a broken record and i'm sick and tired of your pointless jealousy )
also bc i'm jumping on the salty train and people on this site are out of their mind, it has come to my attention that people are still annoyed at me for using quotes from NOTR and that one time i posted an edit of red using the reface on a BW picture where she has tactical gear. i know that i'm a persona non grata when it comes to the bw writers circle and at this point i don't even care, but i'm begging you all to go fuck yourself, kindly. i don't know how to make it any clearer that i don't care about your characters, or your blogs for that matter. as stated yesterday i don't even particularly care about your fandom. there are seven thousand copy pasted bw out there but i'm the "wannabe" for using quotes from a comic run i've never seen anyone give a shit about before. if you feel so offended by this just block me instead of sending me anons when i had it turned on or burner blog asks. it's childish and makes me want to block y'all on sight bc go figure which one of you is spiraling bc they can't handle someone else using the action girl trope for their character. go touch some grass too.
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kinetic-elaboration2 days ago
100 Days of Writing: Day Nine
Hobbling along with 100 days of writing, @the-wip-project and tagging my fellow participants @she-who-the-river-could-not-hold @thelittlefanpire and @hopskipaway.
Structure as offense and characterization as defense, or the other way around. Is this something you think about? Do you have other metaphors when you think about your stories and how they work?
Picking today鈥檚 prompt to reflect on as the path of least resistance because I do not feel well and creativity is just not on my mind.
I don鈥檛 get this metaphor at all lol because I don鈥檛 know anything about sports but also... I just don鈥檛 think of my writing metaphorically I guess. I鈥檒l be even more honest and say that I just don鈥檛 think structurally in this manner at all, like, how are the parts moving and what is in opposition to what and what鈥檚 the motivation and what鈥檚 the driving force or whatever.聽
I guess to some degree I approach writing like I do interpreting written works--but from the other end, of course. What works in the writing I love, and how can I create something that makes me feel the same. I was very into close reading in college and I like working on the micro level. Every sentence and every image needs to be precise and clear; the atmosphere should be well-defined; the actions should be easy to picture. Atmosphere and emotion is created by sentence structure and pacing as much as by vocabulary or literal description. Everything should flow.
I mostly write specifically to create A Mood so I would be lying if I said I always cared so much about crafting a great plot. If I鈥檓 writing something on a deadline, then I basically decide what the absolutely essential plot points are, and I narrow it down to just those. I do something similar for my non-deadline work--but not as well, because those stories tend to ramble, sometimes to their detriment. I do think it鈥檚 important to know what a story is ABOUT, and I don鈥檛 mean that in the 鈥榳ell duh鈥 sense, I mean that the central conflict must be resolved, the central lesson learned, the central mystery answered, and anything adjacent can be left more open or ambiguous. In other words, I think the structure itself should alert the reader to what a story鈥檚 central plot and/or purpose is.
However, I am often just in it myself to tell a nice yarn or to examine particular moments or feelings.
I definitely think that writing is a craft, but for me it鈥檚 also an Experience. It鈥檚 something I create partly through decided effort and careful (fore) thought and partly through impulse and and subconscious work. Good writing sessions can feel like trances or out of body experiences, at least in retrospect. I often discover something new while writing
It doesn鈥檛 speak to me to break writing down into like the Elements of Proper Storytelling I think in part because it takes some of the mystical element out of the experience. For me I guess it鈥檚... I鈥檝e read so much and thought so much about what I鈥檝e read, and talked about it and discussed it and written on it, that I just inherently get (imho) story/narrative/style components. At least, as far as I care to get them.
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driftbending2 days ago
today i wrote:
1530 words of fanfic. my fight scene! i hadn鈥檛 known for certain which way i was going to go with this story when i started, but there was so much anger between HS & HK that i just had to have them bring it out and beat each other up. it was satisfying to write, especially because i鈥檓 learning to really balance HS鈥檚 ingrained fear of HK and his newly learned confidence and getting this really nice dynamic for his character where his frustrations at his own fear keep clashing with how little he cares about HK now. meanwhile HK is finding himself in a similar position to HS before and DG is the one keeping him in check and---idk how to explain just how fun it is to write this story.
2153 words of original story. finally felt like i got a good flow for the first time since i started writing this story. i had reviewed earlier drafts of J that i had written, delving again into her background, and i was able to find her very inquisitive, curious, and blunt personality again. and once i set her loose to explore more of the house on her own, i was able to see what it was that had me so excited to write this story in the first place. and i had her interact with S after sending C away for a short time, and the tension between them is just !!! S & J are characters that are always careful with their words, one being a lawyer and the other an author, so i can鈥檛 wait to write more of the mystery behind S.
additional observations: i really like writing fight scenes. i鈥檝e had to learn how to do that over the years, and my favorite tip is just to keep the writing short and simple which helps avoid confusion. i鈥檒l have to wait for my rewrite to see if i鈥檓 able to check if i did write it well enough to be understood, but i think i did well. also, i realized that i really enjoy writing characters that are absolute bastards. and having really good dramatic music to loop in the bg as i write makes this entire process much more fun, but when i don鈥檛 have music and am able to work in silence i鈥檓 also able to get into the story a lot more.
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redrobin-detective3 days ago
Maddie Fenton woke up on the worst day of her life with a headache. That wasn鈥檛 at all unusual, Jack鈥檚 snoring could be grating even when asleep. Combined with too many late nights in the lab, too much coffee and just general stress about her work and her kids... it seemed Maddie woke up with a headache more often then not. Jack was the early riser of the two of them so he was already awake and likely starting work in the lab. He鈥檇 knock on the kids鈥 doors to get them up but Danny always needed a special touch, or an aggressive shove, to get up.聽
Maddie got up and dressed and made her way downstairs, Jazz鈥檚 room was cracked and she heard her daughter bustling inside. Danny鈥檚 was still shut tight. She knocked forcefully on the door.聽鈥淒anny honey, it鈥檚 6:30, you need to start getting ready for school.鈥 She got no answer but she didn鈥檛 always get one. She had a feeling it was going to be one of those mornings. Setting downstairs, she鈥檇 just started the coffee machine when the phone rang.
鈥淣ow who is calling at this hour?鈥 Maddie asked herself, picking up the phone.聽鈥淔entonWorks, this is Maddie Fen-鈥
鈥淵ou tell my daughter to come home right this instant!鈥 Pam Manson鈥檚 shrill voice came over the phone. Maddie winced and pulled the phone back from her ear.聽鈥淎nd you tell her she can kiss that horrible death metal whatever concert she was going to on Saturday goodbye! I will not have my young, impressionable daughter thinking she can tramp around god knows where-鈥
鈥淧am, slow down,鈥 Maddie interrupted, irate as always when dealing with the woman.聽鈥淪am isn鈥檛 here, I didn鈥檛 see her at all yesterday or today.鈥 Or Danny, Maddie thought privately with a frown. Pamela鈥檚 fury and frustration was understandable in a way. Maddie also had no idea what her own child was up to most days.聽
鈥淪he鈥檚 not there?鈥 Pam said quietly after a few moments of silence.聽鈥淎re you sure?鈥 She added a bit more frantically. 鈥淏ecause she鈥檚 not in her bedroom and her bed looks like she never slept in it. She鈥檚 not answering her phone but she sometimes doesn鈥檛 when she鈥檚 sees it鈥檚-鈥 Pam took a deep steadying breath.聽鈥淐an you check and make certain she鈥檚 not there? I鈥檓 going to call Angela.鈥 Pam hung up suddenly and Maddie pulled back and looked at the phone, biting her lip with nerves. The coffee maker screeching to life behind her startled her so much that she jumped.
鈥淕oodness,鈥 She said, setting the phone down and thinking. She was certain she hadn鈥檛 seen Sam. The last time she鈥檇 seen her son鈥檚 friend was the day before last when she and Tucker had dragged a very exhausted, bruised up Danny home. Took a fall down the stairs, they鈥檇 said, not explaining why their clothes were worn and hands scratched up. Frowning, she wandered to the top of the lab steps.聽鈥淛ack, you haven鈥檛 seen Sam around, have you? Danny鈥檚 friend?鈥
鈥淪am?鈥 She heard Jack shout back, he poked his head around the corner.聽鈥淣o, did she stay the night? By the way, did you move some of the weapons. I can鈥檛 seem to find a few of them...鈥澛
鈥淛ack that鈥檚 not important right now, Pamela doesn鈥檛 know where she is,鈥 Maddie said sharply. She felt a little bad watching as Jack鈥檚 face become pensive but she was too anxious herself to apologize. She turned and walked towards the upstairs steps.聽鈥淚鈥檓 going to ask Danny.鈥澛
She can鈥檛 deny that a subtle little thrill went through her when she got onto the second floor landing and saw Danny鈥檚 door open. The sink was running in the bathroom and she knocked heartily on the door.聽鈥淒aniel Fenton, Mrs. Manson can鈥檛 find her daughter and if I find you had her over without telling anyone you are going to be in so much-鈥澛
The door opened revealing Jazz with her eyes wide and a toothbrush sticking out of her mouth.聽鈥淲az goin on?鈥 she asked around the brush. She took out the brush and spit out into the sink.聽鈥淚 poked my head into Danny鈥檚 room to wake him up but he wasn鈥檛 in there.鈥 Her eyebrows furrowed,聽鈥渢hey can鈥檛 find Sam?鈥
Feeling lightheaded, Maddie walked down the hall to Danny鈥檚 room to find no one there. She can鈥檛 put her finger on why but it didn鈥檛 just feel empty but vacant. Danny鈥檚 clothes weren鈥檛 on the floor, his desk was practically clear for the first time since they bought it. His bed was made just as she鈥檇 done it the morning before when she鈥檇 rousted her son. Distantly, she heard the phone ringing again but Maddie couldn鈥檛 bring herself to leave the deserted room.聽
Danny had several photos on his wall and desk, she couldn鈥檛 help but notice that two were missing. A framed photo of the entire Fenton family they鈥檇 taken last year for New Years and a particularly nice shot of Danny with his friends Jazz had snapped. They say in a crime scene, something is always taken and left behind. But why... The sound of footsteps approached her rapidly from behind.
鈥淢om,鈥 Jazz with a small fearful little tone. She was holding the house phone in one hand and her cell in the other, Danny鈥檚 contact information open on her screen. It was just ringing through.聽鈥淚t鈥檚 Mrs. Manson, not only is Sam not at Tucker鈥檚 but... the Foleys can鈥檛 find him either. I... I told them we don鈥檛 know where Danny is at the moment. I鈥檓 trying to call but its just ringing and ringing...鈥
鈥淛asmine, calm down,鈥 Maddie said, taking the phone away from her.聽鈥淜eep trying his cell and go get your father. Pam, are you still there?鈥 Maddie said speaking into the phone. She was met with tears on the other end.
鈥淲here are they? How could this happen? Sammy... she has a sizable trust and could be a target for ransom but your boy and Tucker? It doesn鈥檛 make sense.鈥 Pamela paused to take a few loud, sobbing breaths that pounded at Maddie鈥檚 headache like a jackhammer.聽鈥淯nless they ran away but why? Samantha鈥檚 always been spirited but nothing like this... God, I need to call the police, we鈥檒l be in touch.鈥 She clicked off without another word.
鈥-swer your phone, please little brother. Please, I know. Know-know, I was waiting for you to come to me but now we can鈥檛 find you, Sam or Tucker and everyone鈥檚 freaking out and we just need to know that you鈥檙e all okay.鈥 She heard Jazz speak quickly into her cell, curling in on it like she used to do with her old stuffed animals. Jack鈥檚 hands gripping her shoulders from behind, taking in the abandoned room just like she鈥檇 been.
鈥淢ads,鈥 Jack whispered,聽鈥渨here鈥檇 he go?鈥
Maddie would ask herself that same question in the coming days, weeks, months and years that would pass. Over the course of front page headlines and tv spots begging for information. When they found a large amount had been transferred out of Sam鈥檚 trust, when Tucker鈥檚 phone and computer was found broken in two near the dump by the interstate, when their weapons catalogue came up short. As more time passed, it became increasingly obviously the kids not only had left of their own volition but it had been a calculated, planned affair.聽
Maddie would lie awake late into the night and wonder where it all went wrong? What had she, or any of the grieving parents, done to warrant their children to up and leave in the middle of the night. Something had happened, something that had been under their noses, something they鈥檇 missed. And they were now paying for it.
Back in the present moment, with her husband鈥檚 warm hands on her shoulders, her daughter鈥檚 increasingly more frantic voice talking into Danny鈥檚 phone that just kept ringing and her headache pounding worse than ever, all she could do was moan.聽鈥淚 don鈥檛 know, they鈥檙e just gone.鈥
The worst day of her life was just getting started and was going to continue for a long, long while.
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jeansmarts3 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Deborah choosing scissors both times against Ava... canonizes her queerness.聽I don鈥檛 make the rules.聽
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mjsakurea4 days ago
My summer job has been taking up a lot of my time and energy. I am quite behind on updating my current fic. But, I have written 300 words towards the new chapter for the past 6 days straight. It鈥檚 not much, but I鈥檓 still proud of myself. Normally I鈥檓 more of a write an entire chapter in one caffeine-fueled go type of writer, so forcing myself to take things slow is an interesting experience, not an altogether bad one I鈥檒l have to admit. Progress is progress, no matter what form it takes.聽
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jedi-bird4 days ago
I didn't get as much done today as I had hoped (no sleep, anxiety, no ambition), but I did enough to not feel guilty. I managed two loads of laundry, scrubbed out the new refrigerator to get it ready to use, took out most of the house trash, and set up the new bird feeders (a second hummingbird feeder and a new special one for orioles). I should be writing, I should be working on my new dnd character, I really should finish changing the litter boxes, but I think I'm done for today and I think I'm okay with that.
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blackbutterfliescal4 days ago
Love you, missed you, hope you're doing well my dearest brooke 馃グ馃グ馃グ
Tumblr media
kara !!!!!! you're the absolute sweetest 馃挄馃挄馃挄 i love you (and cal but mostly you) and i miss you!! i honestly can't complain right now! things are looking up 馃槉 and i hope things are going well in your world 馃槝
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