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#it sounds so awful
idsb · 5 days ago
ok but have you watched capaldis run on dw?? bc while there were some spectacular episodes i feel like the show took a really weird tonal shift where it got dark and existential and super serious and i had to stop watching bc it just stressed me out too much
i haven’t! i saw the first episode and it didn’t really do anything for me so i stopped. and ooof, yeah that sounds weird and rough. i feel like that was kind of capaldi’s ~*style*~ from what i know? but yeah that sounds.... not like what i’d go to doctor who watching
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brothed · 5 days ago
feeling: guilty
#i just like Really Listened to what i would call my favourite album of all time for the first time in forever#the band that made it was my favourite band in the world Forever#since i was twelve#and they were like. canceled - kind of. a little while ago. and like Rightfully so but.#i feel like i should stop listening to them and people are going to think im a bad person for continuing but like??#at the same time i literally wouldn't be the same person without them? thats so sill to say but i was shaped heavily by my interests and it#helped me form my personality and friends - as well as helping me through so much yknow.#sounds cliche and im defo not excusing anything but grrr this bad is the reason i am who i am today and i genuinely love almost all of their#music and gndhsvsgsh fuck i just feel so much guilt listening to it#i also purposely avoid a lot of the callouts and news and stuff becayse i didn't want to see it so im literally hardly educated hnfvdgsj#it's probably painfully obvious who im taking about !#ill give you three guesses - but you don't get any guesses if you forget the exclamation point 😔#god#my *you look like a sprinkles guy* moment is 100% p!atd#i feel like if i told someone that panic! was my favourite band for years and i obsessed over them intently for a lot of that - they would#not be surprised#i know brendon urie is an awful person hndhsgsh but Fuck i have a problem letting go#and i prefer the music written by ryan and dal and spence and stuff but i still bump to stuff brendon wrote 😔🤙#idek man#feels bad
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dainty-dean · 8 days ago
#hey everyone! i hope you’re doing okay!!#i’m just ranting right now so feel free to disregard this... i have a feeling it’s not gonna be anything ummm good?#okayyy so now that you—yes you—know what you’re (kinda) getting into... here’s the rant#i’m back at school full time now with sports (lol for only 34 more days 💀) so i’m really sorry for my inactivity today#i do have a queue running so i hope that’s okay with you??? i’m really going to make an effort in my free time to be active#and before you tell me to take a break (that’s very kind of you but) tumblr and my poetry are the only things keeping me sane right now#so i’m really sorry if my poems suck or if i post less often but i’m just... yeah#school has been rough and i’m starting to feel burnt out and my teachers literally all suck. i do not care about them any more. i hate them#i have to much homework and too little time (like they realize that i have other classes and extra curricular a right?)#on top of that (lol i know right?) my friends... *sigh*#well... for years we’ve had a joke that’s literally just them bullying me#and basically everything they say sounds awful even though they’re joking#but today it just really got to me because they kept telling me that they didn’t want me around...#like i haven’t seen them in months and i know they’re kidding but they just kept saying it over and over#but because they’re joking i’m obligated to shrug it off and laugh or smile or do something to hide the fact that it actually hurt#they would stop if i asked but it’s too much of a running joke at this point to do anything about it#someone literally said it’s a trend to ‘hate’ me#it’s like my name. it’s jacqueline. i hate being called jackie but people say it anyways. it’s been years so *sigh* anyway it’s kinda#irreversible#SO BASICALLY. words do hurt. no matter the guise they’re said#andddd the whole quote the the most broken people smiling the brightest or whatever? it’s true.#anyway today was rough and i’m tired#if you’ve read this much (i’m realizing how much and damn wtf am i doing lol) i really appreciate you. thank you <3#to delete later
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gracesledomas · 24 days ago
if anyone has the movie la meute (2010) PLEASE hit me up
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blackthxrntree · 24 days ago
I just witnessed possibly the worst thing the bbc has ever come out with,,that is to say a little show called wpc 56,,,,the shows entire premise is 🌟misogyny🌟,,,naturally,,
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communalbong · 29 days ago
my friends have drank a Lot of kool-aid but man i am so thankful that my girl friends dont shave and dont wear makeup (every day) and that my male friends are gnc and try to be supportive of how their girlfriends want to dress and act
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pierced-coffeeaddict · 29 days ago
my mom's friend isnt on a good mental space right now and mom wont stop complaining about her because she doesn't wanna talk/is upset at mom and like????? yeah mom thats called mental illness
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no-real-talent · a month ago
Ok, it’s 9.00 @electronicgentlemencrusade ​ you know what time it is 
*hysterical screeching/sobbing*
I’m going to put this under a read more just because it’s going to get really long.
Ok, I’m actually pre-cringing, so I just need to get this over with.
Ok, I mean I’m not ready but it’s now or never, sooooo....
I was scrolling through Tumblr, just before I got into bed and I saw this picture of San right? Well the thing is, I looked at him and just kinda short -circuited at how pretty he is, istg that man is actually just so beautiful! Like how?! I was just trying to scroll through Tumblr and live my best life, and 5 months later here I am.
So, after my dumb monkey brain was done gawking over how this man could actually exist, it’s next course of action was: ‘WhAT’S HiS nAMe?’ and his name and the group was very helpfully in the tags. That information very helpfully gets tucked away into my brain (istg I cannot remember a single formula but THIS I remembered after reading it ONCE?!)
But by now its lateish, and I put Tumblr away and kinda push the beautiful man who now has a name to the corner of my mind. 
However, three days later, I’m on Tumblr again, and San kinda pops into my mind, and I’m like I wonder what he looks like (the picture I’d seen was only his side profile). So I search him up on Tumblr, and I immediately feel bad, and close Tumblr
Because... (this is where it gets embarassing btw, my sister will never let me live this down, and tbh my logic is so flawed here, and ik that so please don’t hate me 🥺❤)
My absolutely brilliant train of thought goes, ‘Wait, am I allowed to do this?’, ‘I kinda feel bad, I don’t know anything about the guy apart from his name and group’ and then it’s just some general freaking out, because my morals decide to chime in and go: No, that’s just kinda weird, you know nothing about the guy, and here you are searching him up just because he’s pretty! And not even the entire group!! Just the one member! (idk if any of that made sense tbh because my train of thought is jumbled at the best of times 🙃)
So, obviously to right this wrong I decide that the only way to go about it is to listen to their music, for a little while (just listening - I banned myself from watching MVs because I’d decided that I’d lost that right). I don’t really know my exact logic behind it but it was something along the lines of at least put a voice to the group and face. 
I just shuffled their discography on YT music and listened to it, I actually skipped Pirate King the first time round but Wave absolutely captured my heart, and I think I listened to their music for a solid hour or something. And then I watched Seokjinnie’s guide to ateez on YT (very good btw!! 10/10 would recommend! 😍❤) learnt their names, and welp here I am now 😅
Please, I promise I can be semi-normal it’s not all weird moral codes, and guiltily listening to music.
Tumblr media
This isn't the exact picture that I'd seen, but it's the closest one that I could find 🙃
@electronicgentlemencrusade I hope the utter embarassment of myself was a worthy prize 😅😂🙃 I may just implode from how embarassed I am though 🙃😂
(if anybody read the whole thing, ily because you managed to get through sm of my awful writing)
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stardustmayor · a month ago
How come the anniversary event is just traumatizing MC on repeat khvdtxvgjtdx,,,,,,,,,,
#The guys outside of the event are very happy about it . but shit has just been hitting the fan over and over again#I guess that one with Kiro was.. fine.#I mean things were burning and shit but he was okay and so was MC. other than her having no clue what was happening#and the explosions being really loud.#Technically nothing bad ever happened with Shaw. BUT.#The future image she got sounds so awful????? I'd probably have a panic attack seeing that??#And what is she supposed to do? Get off and leave the driver? Make him stop entirely?#What is she supposed to say to Shaw??????? How does she explain to them that something bad will happen without seeming just super paranoid??#.txt#Phoenix.txt#many thoughts.#Y'know Victor being unable to use his powers adds on to the idea that the ''culprit'' is someone MC knows well#Not to mention she said they sounded familiar.#My two guesses are Lucien or Kiro.#Kiro does pretty good with faking his voice.#But Lucien had once mentioned wanting to ''study''/learn more about people with evols#I'm really not sure who it is. I wish it wasn't either of them but..#I'm reading really deep into this game I don't think I was supposed to but I can't help it#Like in one of the city stroll events with Lucien he seems pretty upset until MC spoke to him#My guess is that one of .. them (idk who they are.. bad guys ig) had just finished speaking with him#He got pretty defensive about his feelings involving MC. I'm sure he's rlly worried about putting their lives in danger (more than it#already is) Like.. If he told MC what was happening and they found out? They could /both/ be targeted/killed#No wonder he's so upset about the entire this. No matter what he does nothing really seems like a ''good'' or ''better'' outcome#What is he supposed to do?? He wants to and will protect MC but if they suddenly label him as a ''traitor''#Things will become so much harder.#🎤#🌠#📘
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kuroolongtea · a month ago
Your period pain is relatable. Mine always make me vomit they're so bad. Do you have a heating pad or hot water bottle.
auughhh yeah they’ve been better lately but sometimes when they’re super bad i get hot and cold flashes, and sometimes i’ll collapse LOOL
but yes i have a heating pad! i’m not sure if it’s doing much help but it’s better than nothing OTL
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datsonyat · a month ago
what’s up with the MiA fics:
me just like
Tumblr media
how the hell did anyone actually read that smut?? how? i have to rewrite the whole damn thing because it’s just... i don’t get as much honesty as i need about purple prose :( i don’t even think it’s hot, it’s mostly just... a lot of words. 
oh dear god.
this is the last time i say i need to work on something, work on it, and totally fail at implementing what i’ve learned. that is me CUTTING down my prose. holy hell. 
i really don’t wanna work on anything until i can fix this absolute shitshow. i know the advice i’ve been given of drop it let the fic go and move on is right, but for me, i want to try to fix it somehow. i’m not comfortable writing smut again until i do and i know it’s legit fun/sexy to read. 
however herein lies the major issue.
i am in fact telling a story throughout the oneshots. ch3 kicks it off really hard about relics, what bonedad did to himself, why his characterization is what it is, that the UH functions are somewhat different because of what he did, massive etc, there’s a lot going on... and it’s in the final chapter of a smutfic.
it’s bad storytelling plain and simple. my problem? i can’t work on big linear fics with my health being so crappy. i know it is a disappointment to some people if i deleted all my fics to rewrite or just stopped writing entirely (until people can, you know, READ the words i’ve put out and not “um bon literally just has his name and nothing else...”). 
but i can’t lie. i am feeling like an idiot over it. i dunno that there’s a way to reconcile what i’ve already published with ch3 of primeval and the rest of the overarching storyline. i don’t think it can be done the way i’m doing it, and that’s... really not helping the muse.
the muses who have both died ffs. i can’t write random smut or fluff or funny content when there’s always a plot and a reason the characters are who they are and do what they do.
i oof’d myself straight out of the universe on this one folks. jfc.
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