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agnesmakesart · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
CATS But As A 2D Feature! - Rum Tum Tugger Character Design
I love the CATS musical and I think it could have made a pretty awesome animated movie so I’m reimagining the characters as such. Rum Tum Tugger was the first one I got drawing but of course, Mistofolees stole the show. We’ll be getting back to him!
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hoziemoons · 8 months ago
I keep having this image in my head of Robin, being the theater kid she is and also thinking it’s fun to annoy Steve, plays nothing but musicals at work, specifically Cats.
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jinglebellcats · 11 months ago
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Tumblr media
new drinking game- take a shot everytime you find something in a vetmed textbook that could have been the name of a character in Cats
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alonz-ho · a year ago
How have I never noticed that wiggling thing misto does in the jellicle ball right before it picks up I thought misto was doing that in reaction to Grizabella but if you look at the sparks behind him it’s him like... making it bright and flashy for the dance oh I love him a little bit more now
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Cats (2019) had many, many sins, but it made Victoria and Mistofolees a canon, and for that I am grateful
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Mistofolees using his magic to shock Tugger a little for sexy time
Yep, I can see that happening. Misto using his magic just has so many possibilities, doesn't it?
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chocolama-stuff · 2 months ago
Hii, do you sell prints? I love your Mistofolees trio and would love to decorate the place I'm moving to w them ♡
Hello and thank you so much! ❤️ And I'm so sorry, I don't sell any prints currently
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areeceyafterlife · 3 months ago
You know, there is something inherently creepy about the Mister Mistofolees/Rum Tum Tugger ship, and it’s the fact that Mistofolees is supposed to be a teenage boy whereas Tugger is a grown adult.
So people see a teen boy calling a grown adult a bore and then the adult singing his praises when everyone needs a boost and go ‘clearly this adult is fawning over a child and that’s cute’.
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synth-dahl · 3 months ago
My personal headcanon involving cats (2019) is that Victoria was made the main character so that Tom "I'm a Coward" Hooper could have her sing the Mister Mistofolees song at the end instead of Jason Derulo's "At Least He Didn't Half-Ass It" Rum Tum Tugger
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moanla · 3 months ago
Ok are monkestrap and rum tum tugger, rum tum tugger and mistofolees, or mistofolees and monkestrap together? I cant decide
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dangerdaysofficial · 4 months ago
💬 for uhhh. mister mistofolees of hit musical cats
him glowing rainbow isnt symbolic of magic or anything. he can just do that
(send me a 💬 and a character for an on the spot joke hc!)
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them-n-ms · 4 months ago
what they did to mr mistofolees in cats (2019) is a hate crime
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mekandawn · 5 months ago
3 Characters I Associate With Caythaes
Tumblr media
Mister Mistoffolees - Cats (98 film)
Caythaes being a cat person wasn’t something that I planned from the beginning, but developed naturally as I got into the groove with them. Cats was DEFINITELY a huge influence on me as a kid, and I loved Mistoffolees from the very beginning. I think the “his manner is vague and aloof / you would think that there’s nobody shyer” line from his song fits many people’s first impression of Caythaes, and the follow up with all the mischief he gets up to is also extremely accurate. I also keep the visual aesthetic of Cats in mind when I write Caythaes’s performances, and Mistofolees has some of the most impressive dance moves in the show.
Bonus: If there’s any Rum Tum Tuggers out there, Caythaes needs a hypeman. They will absolutely be happy to roll their eyes at you and call you “a terrible bore” in public while smirking coyly and fluttering their eyelashes.
Tumblr media
Tank Girl
A LOT of Caythaes’s original aesthetic was based on Tank Girl, I’m not gonna lie. They’ve branched out into some fancier stuff since joining the Tarts, but I think that no matter how classy some of their outfits might be, deep down in their heart, Caythaes will always be post-apocalyptic DIY punk trash. This also counts towards their engineering; their prosthetics are nice to make them easier for me and other people to draw, but everything else they make definitely has that “salvaged from a scrap yard” feel.
Tumblr media
Angela “Mercy” Ziegler - Overwatch
Before I picked up WoW again, I was pretty deep in the Overwatch Fandom. The Healer/Caretaker archetype has always been one that appealed to me, and being a priest, the Divine Healer aesthetic is definitely there. I think there’s a lot of parallels in their desire to make the world a better place and improving people’s lives, even if it means becoming a bit overbearing at times. Caythaes hasn’t done as much healing ICly as I maybe originally intended, but they still spend a lot of time fussing and tutting over their wilder friends. They are the Mom Friend, it is them.
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tarantula-hawk-wasp · 6 months ago
*says themistocles like I’m singing mr mistofolees*
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thepalatine · 6 months ago
I skimmed cats. I have questions
-Why is mr mistofolees not a super pro magician?
-why is mistofolees all uncertain and shit?
- why isn’t rum tug tugger in love with mistofolees?
-who is the guy who plays skimbleshanks ? He’s a really good dancer.
-why are their heads like that ?
-why doesn’t skimbleshanks have a jacket? It’s a good look. Mistofolees has a little jacket and he comes off looking waay better than most of the cats. Just from a visual pov. I’m still confused as to why he’s not all confident and badass.
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batdyke · 8 months ago
I love that your cat’s name is count chocula
dhdhgsgsgs thank you, I only give my pets the most serious of names. for example, my dog named Dog Sothoth or my brother's cat, Magical Mister Mistofolees
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eliasbouchardslut · 8 months ago
have you seen the video of the magical mr mistofolees song from Cats (2019) but alex j newalls face is edited onto mr mistofolees?
have I seen WHAT
Tumblr media
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