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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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#ok im done dont look at me

im clowning so HARDD rn for unironically being in my feelings about castiel like. hes been a comfort character of mine for so long and honestly idec what happens to him in canon cause i CLAIM him and if they do him wrong then by Allah i WILL erase it in my mind but. i love him sm. he’s so good!!!! his whole “im an angel idk about social norms” thing is the perfect canvas for me to project my neurodivergent ass!!!!!!!!!! he loves the world!!!!!!!!!! from the earliest seasons he observes the world and humans and their little ways and he finds tenderness in that for himself!!!!!! “too much heart was always castiel’s problem”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dont fucking touch me i wanna give him a hug so bad

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i just love it when i go to work on Friday, i get pushed to the verge of emotional breakdown and lose the will to live midway through my shift because it feels like there is no fucking way that one (1) cook in the kitchen (the other cook, also the owner, was out delivering) and one cashier (me) can finish preparing and packaging 12 fucking orders in the expected next half of an hour or so while four motherfuckers stare at me from across the counter waiting for their meals. And by love it i mean i hate it and i would quit this job if not for the fact that i need to save money and that there is no way to get a job that pays this well while i try to finish my damn master thesis in the middle of pandemic

#i dont talk abt work bc i dont like to think abt the fact that i work in customer service but jfc i have to vent (again), #it's been like that for three fridays now. jfc, #this small take out restaurant does not have the capacity to handle the kind of rush we get on recent Fridays, #and people would come in having ordered 3 whole dishes and two soups and expected the order to be done in 15 minutes, #what the fuck do you think this place is? mcdonalds with at least 7 employees churning out meals in the kitchen???, #sir this is a chinese take out restaurant. even with pre-prepared ingredients. its gonna take TIME to cook a dish???, #one dude came in to order. saw 2 people waiting in the room. and when i told him there is a rush. he was surprised and said 'really?', #it's fucking Friday! Sir! do you expect a take out joint to NOT get swarmed on a Friday? do you not have a brain?, #ofc i didnt say this. i didnt say anything to him as he walked to order at a later time. but fucking Christ on a bicycle!, #then there is skip the dishes couriers looking like they want to eat me alive cause they waited for 5 minutes for their orders, #i was in such good mood yesterday cause i was making substantial progress on my thesis and i finally stop revising the table of content, #but now im depressed and lowkey angry for no reason, #mae overshares, #sometimes i wonder if i should have taken the bubble tea barista job at the mall at the beginning of september, #less hours and more time to work on my thesis. im tired of not being able to graduate. ok. it has to be done this year, #but im afraid that i wouldnt make enough money to support myself. jfc, #idk if i made the right call passing that job or not
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