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Story: Messages to you, my dear Hikaru

Author: UltimateMalfunction 

Website: FF.Net

Word Count: 2,204

Status: Complete

Rating: T (13+)

Author Summary: It’s been five years since the night they lost it all, and Haruhi still needed closure. Five years since Hikaru had passed away unexpectedly. In the past, writing little letters to her late mother and then placing them around her shrine and grave had sufficed. But with this pain, would it even help ease her? Well, what’s there to lose? It never hurt to try, now did it? [One-Shot]

Relationship: Hikaru x Haruhi

Applicable Tags: Angst/Family, Major Character Death

Review (Contain Spoilers):

Haruhi is still grieving the loss of her husband Hikaru and something she does to ease her mind is writing letters to him.

Things That I Loved:

I loved that this had elements of both suffering and fluff. I also enjoyed that the author also handled well the fact that grief is not a linear process but something that comes in waves. It is implied that after everything she is still not ok with her life without him. She is surviving but far from thriving. And that is the most human part about this whole story.

Things I Wanted More Of:

I think I wanted more of her emotional struggle while she was writing the letter. Like if she is really pouring her heart out for him and the hurt is still very real I would want tears on the paper.

Favorite Lines or Quotes From Story:

She knew that it wasn’t ever going to happen, but she could at least try. In a way, it made her feel better. Like he was still there, just gone for a little.

Would I Read Again?

Yes, if I was in the mood for a little sadness in my life, Though it does get sweet in the end so it is worth the struggle to get to the ending.

Make sure to favorite, comment, and follow!

Agree or disagree? Am I on point or way off the mark?

Let me know in the comments below!

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Hi!! How about a OHSHC Hikaru x reader where she's friends with the club and a loud extrovert but gets quiet and turns red when the twins do their act, Hikaru thinks she just likes the act but Haruhi says that reader has a bad crush on him. She not only has a crush on him she also daydreams about him saying stuff from their act to her. They become a couple and she's a bit clingy but anytime he shows any pda she gets super blushy and giggly so he goes out of his way to tease her? Thx!! 馃槝

These requests are getting more and more specific! Not that I mind but you will have to forgive whatever liberties I will take while writing the request and if it doesn’t match your expectations. (❁°͈▵°͈)


Originally posted by miyafukuko

“Kyoya, that is a rather disturbing habit to have.” 

There really was only one bold enough to challenge the accountant of the host club. With a wide smirk you leaned over the young man’s shoulder, picking up one of the many ‘limited edition’ pictures that he had snapped under shady circumstances. 

“What is this, a daddy line?” you snorted, shaking your head at the many pictures of Tamaki wallowing over Haruhi along with the series of a Takashi caring over Honey. “You guys are so shameless,” you continued to exclaim with a giggle. 

Before the bespectacled member of the host club could react, or before you even could continue to take a rise out of the special event slim fingers captured your chin, turning your face around.

Feeling your breath stock you stared right into Hikaru’s eyes, his smile mischievous as he zoned in on you. 

“Why do you always fall silent whenever I come near you,” the male spoke, his gaze shifting into an unreadable emotion of longing, his jaw clenching ever so lightly as if he couldn’t accept the situation. “It pains me to see you smiling at everyone while you avoid my eyes,” he continued, face inching closer as yours grew redder. 

Grasping for your last bit of sanity you tried to stammer something out, or even breath before you were promptly released, another mischievous smile following. 

“Now, that is a lovely shade on your cheeks.” A wink followed and the twin turned away from you, high fiving his brother that stood watch and a distressed Haruhi who only shook her head at the disastrous pair. 

“Please do only blush for me.” 

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Story: Speak Now, by Aldela, on fanfiction/net

Speak Now by Aldela

Story: Speak Now 

Author: Aldela 

Second Account: Kc495 

Tumblr: @hostagine

Website: FF.Net

Word Count: 15, 407

Status: WIP 

Last Updated: Jun 28, 2016

Rating: T (13+)

Author Summary: Hikaru left that airport with a broken heart. He was ready to leave for Italy and never go back, as the love of his life left for Boston with his best friend. Now Kaoru struggles to keep his brother from making the biggest mistake of his life -Marrying someone he doesn’t even know-, but proven to be impossible by himself. He’s ready to ask for help from the friends they left behind.

Relationship: N/A (there is no established relationship mentioned outside of Hikaru and his future wife)

Applicable Tags: Romance, Friendship

See you Friday (4/10) for the full review!

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Originally posted by movinganime

Anon asked: “How would the Host Club feel about finding out their crush (who they thought was male) was actually female? That she felt she had to pretend to be a boy to take over the company her family runs?

Keep reading

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Kiss kiss fall in love!!!

I see you’ve come

I watch you go.. You never really seem to leave me though

So this is love or hate we’ll see

You’re making me crazy…..



This is probably one of the most amazing animes I have ever really watched in my life and I am really glad that @books-art-love introduced me to this anime!!!! So, if you crave for Romantic comedy or drama 🎬 this is the world’s best Anime to watch.


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