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Anon said:  can u do ikon reacting to another member dating their sibling? xx

Hanbin: *gif*


Originally posted by hanbin-anti

Bobby: “How in the world?” *shooketh*


Originally posted by bobhwa

Jinhwan: *keeps annoying and teasing* “He he. I’m watching out for you” *smiles*


Originally posted by ikontent

Junhoe: “Why didn’t anyone tell ME!?” *shooketh af*


Originally posted by jneya

Donghyuk: “So you is Y/N’s OPPA?!” *gif*


Originally posted by ikonwallpapers

Yunhyeong: “WAKE UP little birds” *always is checking up on two of you and likes to tease a lot*


Originally posted by love-donghyuk

Chanwoo: *runs after them soon as he found out* *very protective*


Originally posted by love-donghyuk

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July 27th





August 1st


Youtube Playlist

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Thank you for the kind words!

Yes, Nyux comes from his parents. They might not have had a good relationship, but June considers his name something that grounds him, and he needs that feeling… for reasons

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1. Spotify!!

2. Its messy now that my sister is back but it was clean before she got home

3. Like a chestnut brown

4. My birth name, not really because it’s not common here because it’s a more Muslim name. My chosen name, absolutely because it just sorta fits me ig

Thanks June!

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