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Ah…! You are too kind, my dear… Heeh.. What a nice theeng to say..

Run… Run along now, hee..!

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I do enjoy a good gulag (not the consentrateeon camp!!!)! Mama Gin used to make a delightful one weeth pine needles een eet… She transferred the knowledge of thees deesh to N.Gin!! I cooked and cooked for the Gin clan! 
Good memoree! Thank you!!

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Any tips for getting over an irrational fear of spiders? I think they're super cool and beautiful, but I can't help but scream encountering one.

Yes this post here! There are also stories of people overcoming their fears in the bug fear tag. :)

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Ok but,,,Muta is the only Aburame without floofy/shaggy hair. Do you think it's natural or does he spend hours taming it?

Well Torune also has straight hair, so I don’t think it’s an Aburame clan thing but more just Shibi and Shino. Muta (and Torune)’s hair is likely natural. They may have some volume or wave to it, so perhaps Muta does use some conditioner to make it even straighter.

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Do you think Team 8 would've hung out when they were kids? We know Kiba and Shino knew each other cuz they talked in one ep, but we didn't get to see much of those three in the flashback scenes.

Out of class? Unlikely, though I’m sure they all knew each other and would have the occasional conversation or greeting, but not to the point of “hanging out”.

Shino was a very reclusive child and only started to open up later and he only spoke when he wanted his opinion heard, otherwise he’d be in the forests collecting bugs after class. Kiba used to hang out with Shikamaru, Choji and Naruto (the problem kid brigade) and they’d fool about. He’d occasionally react to Shino but that’s about the most they’ve interacted back then. Hinata was another quiet child who seemed to try to avoid any sort of confrontation and attention, especially on the occasions when kids comment about her unusual eyes, so she usually sat back and watched everyone. 

Team 8 started to bond after they were formed, but even that took a while.

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I'm lacking in whump for my trash son Snotlout, would you be willing to help me out? He gets used for slapstick humor all the time, and never does anyone worry that he could actually be hurt, which is kinda worrying. What if he actually DOES end up hurt sometime, and no one believes him, leading to it getting worse and worse? There's lots of untapped potential here, lol. In other news, I love your writing and your blog is full of amazing stuff! Keep up the good work, man.

Well, the Riders do actually grow worried when something happens to Snotlout.

Such as that moment in the RttE episode ‘Not Lout’ when he and Hookfang get hit by that ballista and the Riders wait for him to wake up. Fishlegs even becomes hysterical.

Or when, during RttE’s ‘Snotlout’s Angels’, Snotlout flees from the Edge after angering Astrid and ends up in a storm, which worries Hiccup enough to urge him to go after Snotfang with Toothless while that same storm is still going on, basically disregarding the safety of both himself and Toothless just to make sure he’s safe.

Although it is true that the other Riders didn’t care enough to go without being prompted by Hiccup first, too fed up with Snot’s behaviour, it doesn’t change the fact that Hiccup was worried. Haven’t seen the episode in a while, but I’m pretty sure it was also Hiccup who suggested to Snotlout to go take a flight away from the Edge for a little while to avoid a physical confrontation with Astrid and wait for her to cool down.

Even back in DoB’s ‘Race to Fireworm Island’, the Riders show him sympathy and compassion when he’s about to lose Hookfang and when Hookfang is saved. Although the one actually being whumped is Hookfang, it doesn’t take away from the loss Snotlout almost experienced.

It’s also an episode referenced again later in RttE’s ‘No Dragon Left Behind’, when Snotlout confessed to Hiccup in privacy how he knows exactly what Astrid is going through.

So the moments are definitely there. Snotlout cares as much for the Dragon Riders as they do him. Don’t let the fun or humorous tone of some scenes, such as when Ruff made Snotlout find out exactly what creature on the Edge had bitten her brother, fool you into thinking otherwise.

The proof is there if you know where to look.

But if you’re looking for actual fics:

They’re the same author, but just on two different sites. They have written Snotlout whump before and their favourite characters are Snotlout and Hookfang. I highly recommend their fics. I enjoy them greatly. I haven’t finished it yet, but there is one in which Snotlout almost gets beaten to death and it’s up to the Riders to help him recover.

It’s called ‘The Color of Friendship’, part 1 of a series called ‘True Colors’.

“What if he actually DOES end up hurt sometime, and no one believes him, leading to it getting worse and worse? There’s lots of untapped potential here, lol.”

^^^^^^ This though… A whumpee getting hurt and their injuries just growing worse and worse due to a lack of treatment is great and I should write it someday. Whether the whumpee is Snotlout, Hiccup, Heather or whatever. This is something I would love to read or write.

And thank you! I have a few days off work now, maybe I’ll get something new finished!

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I just read your fic (What Happens in Gotham, Stays in Gotham) and I'm in love!! I've always craved adorable BTAS Hattercrow content and you are certainly delivering! Keep up the great work, and have a great day/night :)

Thank you! @swampy-tiefling and I are having a great time with RPing, so I’m glad our fun comes through and you’re able to enjoy it as well. Although… if you just read it all in one go… are you okay? That’s 164,799 words, and it’s still growing. Like… did you make sure to take breaks? To get food and drink? Tell me, how many fingers am I holding up? (Trick question, I can’t do that and type at the same time.)

Seriously, all joking aside, as much as we appreciate the love… Make sure you take care of yourself, okay? The RP will always be there.

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Your Punch-Out content is amazing!! I'd never considered the idea of this trio until I saw your work, and now I can't get enough, lol. All hail the rat man.

aw thank you!! yes I love those three so much~ Aran is the best rat man

thank you again! I really appreciate this message! :D

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