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n-anawa · a day ago
• meme bios stardew valley
• haleyzetes SAIAM DAQUI
• voa mlk tmj alex
• eu shane e carlos
• penny olha o melao pra vc mi amorekkk ♡_♡
• estudar pra q? maru n estudou i eh foda
• headcanon do elliott escrevendo poema pra mim e falando essa eh pra vc amor
• sebastian & eu casal de emos
• tabom sam eu n olho mais o seu lixo
• cofcof ai harvey to doente
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kiwint · 22 days ago
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bugsbucket · 3 months ago
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it’s Robin🥰🥰 she’s all smiles 🤠🤠 in my head she’s mama bear who loves to tease n joke around but is also very loving and giving n always ready to help 🥰🥰💕💛 also Sebby gets his crooked smile from his mom 🤧🤧🤧 and since robin likes peaches i thought it’d be cute for her to have a peach tattoo one peach for maru and one for sebby 🥺🥺🥺
(also maru 🥺🥺😭🥺 she’d stuff her pockets with rocks when she was little 😭 )
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tamatosss · 5 months ago
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Experimenting with faces and shading , feat: Leah, Maru, Harvey, and Elliott!
I enjoyed making these so I’ll definitely use this style more in the future!
Sam, Seb, Abigail, and Penny
Haley, Emily, Shane, and Alex
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flirtycrab29 · a month ago
Credits to kiibosknees on Insta for the templates
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gelatingem · a year ago
someone on tiktok asked me to draw maru 💖
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I have Zero hearts with her but I guess she's pretty 👉👈
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Here, have some stardew head-canons that no one asked for:
Leah is constantly giving Elliot foraged health foods and they always go bad because he forgets to eat
Abigail and Sebastian help each other dye their hair
Even thought they don’t hang out much, Sam and Alex actually get along really well. Same for Leah and Emily.
Sandy and Emily have never met IRL, they’re online mutuals
Even though they don’t get along, Haley and and Emily occasionally have long in-depth conversations about fashion.
Leah made Elliot’s desk.
Elliot has super rich parents in some city somewhere but every time they offer him money he goes on some long monologue about capitalism and consumerism and they just nod until he leaves them alone.
Alex knows how to Knit, curtesy of Evelyn.
Leah really wishes the Haley would stop taking pictures right outside her house but she’s too shy to ask her to stop.
The Leah/Elliot duo and the Haley/Alex duo have beef, except Alex doesn’t actually KNOW why they have beef and just goes along with it out of loyalty to Haley.
Okay here’s how old I think The Singles are: Abigail and Maru are both 19/20 (which is why I could never go for them, they feel too young…) Sam, Sebastian, and Haley are all 22/23, Emily, Alex, and Penny are 24/25, Leah is 27 and Elliot is 28/29, Harvey and Shane are both 31/32.
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petalade · 11 months ago
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o-oops... my hand slipped! :flushed:
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skogvakt-bars · 4 months ago
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i want to confess my big love to maru and haley… and emily…….. and leah……..and…. okey! i love all of them!!!💙💙💙
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sustain-the-stain · 4 months ago
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I owe this man everything for all that stardew valley has given to me.
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purpurlilies · a month ago
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doodled the stardew girls
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daydreamingabout-not-you · 2 months ago
Stardew Valley Villager Aesthetics
✨the ladies✨
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dadokid · 5 months ago
Just a bunch of Stardew Valley Headcanons
I haven’t been on tumblr in ages and I feel like back in 2014 when I first discovered this app, haha. Anyways, here are some of my Stardew headcanons.
- Abigail once forced Sebastian to play ‘The Forest’ with her and none of them recovered from it for a while. 
- Sam wanted to have both of his friends learn how to skate, one of them landed in a lake and who it was is up to you. 
- Robin and Demetrius dance to the music from ‘Howls moving castle’ when they are alone. 
- Shane gives Jas piggyback rides 
- Elliott falls asleep while writing regularly and sometimes wakes up with some ink staining his face.
- Leahs first plant was a cactus. And it died after a week. 
- Sebastians favourite movie is ‘Big Hero 6′
- Despite him being so taken back and reserved, Elliott is very passionate talking about musicals.
- Maru can play the drums, but haven’t played since her 16th birthday.
- Robin can’t bake without causing so much smoke that the fire alarm goes off. 
- Abigail loves playing ‘Kingdom Hearts’
- Alex breaks windows with his football regularly. 
- When Elliott first arrived in town, Harvey had a crush on him. 
- Leah and Elliott bonded over art, as she was sketching him one day while he was writing on the beach. 
- Everyone thinks Haley has a crush on Alex, when in reality he is helping her to confess her crush to Abigail 
- Demetrius is one of those husbands to switch up Robins birthday and their anniversary. 
- no matter how much alcohol is included, Pam would never hurt Penny and neither would Shane hurt Jas. 
- Sebastian and Sam were the people who taught Vincent how to walk
- when having a breakdown, Jodi once threatened to just leave the two boys and never come back
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zxid · 7 months ago
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drew this months ago but apparently i havent posted this here? 
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tamatosss · 10 months ago
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The marriage candidates… but small
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artscythe · 5 days ago
Maru is the best Stardew Valley gal. I will be taking no questions.
PS. Never point your telescope at the sun. Maru would say you should know better.
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leyalluna · 11 months ago
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👩‍🌾Stardew Valley: Leyalluna's Portraits
Hello, it's been a long time! [Leyalluna's Portraits] 1.5 compatible version is now available! I've updated all the NPCs Portraits except the Spoiler Characters which I'm currently working on. 👩‍🌾LINK: https://www.nexusmods.com/stardewvalley/mods/2181 I've been busy working on my webcomic, thank you for your patience. Also, I've been playing the updated Stardew Valley because I didn't want to get all spoiled when I was making the mod! 😂 If you like my work and want to help me create more, please consider supporting me on ko-fi. Thank you! 🥰💖💕
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stardustsyl · 2 months ago
Harvey: Elliott's refusing to wear their glasses!
Elliott: Harvey, look, I wore the glasses for a day. My eyes are much better now. Watch.
Elliott: *points to Maru* Maru.
Elliott: *points to Sebastian* Sebastian.
Elliott: *points to Shane* Sasquatch.
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c-e-c-r-o-p-i-a · 11 months ago
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💞 my wife 💞
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lunarluminessence11 · 2 months ago
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If their relationship were better, Maru would absolutely love to help Sebastian get ready for his wedding❤️
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