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#tfp starscream

This cake is a DISASTER since I only had three gel colors to work with, but I wanted to decorate my bday cake inspired by Starscream’s color scheme and his special nickname for me “My Little Starflower”!! You can kinda see my nickname for him “Starlight” in the bottom left corner in the last pic :D

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Yeah, I always took a little issue with the way Starscream becomes the universe’s best parent in a lot of baby fics. Not that there is anything wrong with that, I crave that fluff sometimes, too. But looking at it from a more neutral point of view, would he really be such a good parent?

If I look at the Starscreams overall across fandom, he does have a knack for multiplying himself, with Cyberverse Starscream even calling scraplets his children. I guess, he has a parental side to him. ;-)
But it’s always a means to an end. 

The Starscream in this story got pregnant out of his own volition to grant Megatron a controllable, obedient “super warrior”, something Megatron craves. It was supposed to be a status update to him, especially after Silas didn’t become what he was intended to be. Especially after Starscream lost his own agenda and saw Megatron as his only way to keep functioning. A parent/child bond is strong. Who would be more loyal?

Then Megatron dies. Then he gets revived. Then he leaves… and Starscream is trapped with the Predacons. Baby Fracture becomes this wonderful thing in his bleak life, the glue that connects him to Megatron. Megatron won’t come back to him, but maybe to the baby? 


First he sees it more realistic…


But the more time passes, the stronger become his delusions. He is daydreaming about a happy family. Of being cherished.


Until the truth is finally revealed.


The breakdown that follows makes Starscream almost suicidal. The only reason keeping him from throwing himself off the tower being that he was too ashamed to possibly meet Skyfire, Thundercracker and Skywarp in the afterlife.

After Soundwave builds him up again, Starscream goes the “survive from spite” path. He begins to love and hate Fracture at the same time. The pregnancy made him weak, but it also keeps Predaking off him when the dragon comes up with an easy solution for his lack of Predacon offspring.

Starscream concocts a cruel plan that involves Soundwave kidnapping a random Autobot for Predaking’s needs. In his mind, the Autobots wouldn’t save him, since he is Starscream. Nobody gives a rat’s ass about him. But if the same kind of abuse happened to a fellow Autobot?
The whole idea behind this is that the suffering of marginalized groups is often times not taken into the same consideration as the same kind of suffering happening to a member of a privileged group. Just take the average experiment of a man being in the shoes of a woman for a day or something. Suddenly it’s eye-opening.

While Blurr has to suffer a ton, Starscream is just devoid of pity now. When he gets reunited with Fracture, he is happy. He loves Fracture like a neat toy. He cries for him when he isn’t there and gets disinterested when he is allowed “family time”. Fracture belongs to him, he is too spiteful to let someone more suited take care of him, but he doesn’t really know what to do with him now. Smokescreen is a far better bot to be manipulated in the grant scheme of things. There is some fun involved using Fracture’s unconditional baby love to his parent as a power fantasy. Until Fracture cries that “Babu” is the real mother.

A lot of asks wanted Smokescreen to give Fracture back to Starscream, but some also said that the baby would actually be better off with Smokescreen, as naive and clumsy he might be sometimes. Smokescreen would never hit Fracture. When he gets overwhelmed by the baby screaming, he just leaves the room. There was a comic strip planned where Starscream was screaming back at Fracture while Knock Out just moaned about his beauty sleep. (Knock Out being a good parent or not could be its own thread, but I guess you guys already saw that Knock Out is very disinterested in Wildbreak. I picture Starscream as the parent who manipulates, shouts at, hits and gaslights their child while Knock Out is the emotionally distant parent who cares more about their own needs and lets their child accidentally die in an overheated car.)

This depiction of unhealthy parenthood comes from Starscream being physically and emotionally abused himself. The love and hate relationship he had with Megatron, traveled over to Fracture and him. Knock Out likes a lot of earth stuff, but he wouldn’t lift a finger to save it. He only cares about himself and his own well-being. Even Starscream is freaked out seeing him torture Breakdown’s remains. That’s how detached he is from everything around him. Therefore he is the disinterested parent.

Would Blurr be a good parent? I think he is too fucked up right now to be able to be one, even if he wanted. It was planned for Smokescreen to have a breakdown because he can’t handle the babies’s needs anymore alone. And that’s when Blurr starts taking the twins from him. Smokescreen is sparkbroken seeing Blurr, who should only care about his own comfort right now, feel obligated to help with the babies he didn’t want.

Okay. That were my two cents so far to the whole baby depiction.

The factory carriers of the Skyfire/Starscream fic which serves as semi-canon backstory to this blog. It’s still not done yet, but I plan to finish it. There is just too much I have to get out.
The factories were inspired by our own livestock (and slavery) of course. From the sparkling grinder to the way adults get “euthanized” when they can’t “produce” anymore. Like you said, I bet it would have happened if Cybertronians would have been able to create off-spring that way. Instead we got assembly lines, cold-construction and M.T.O.s. I found that part in the comics brilliant when this one character gets thrown into the war, his eyes not even functioning yet. Like BRUH!
The sad truth is just that people are very creative in finding loopholes in order to save money. Even if you buy free-range eggs, chances are high the hens were kept from leaving the barn with electrical wires, which are removed when they get controlled like “See? They don’t actually want to go outside! :)”
It’s just less of a bother collecting the eggs if the animals are conditioned to stay inside.
Corporations are cool with literally poisoning people if it makes profit. Nobody cares about the long-term effects the way we treat nature. People who want to make a difference get betrayed. Indigenous people still get their land robbed.

In order to write dystopia, you just have to look at our society. It’s the greatest inspiration.

Well, what can I say? Look forward to what’s still to come. For the fic and this blog.

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I can explain! As in by that I can’t! Just joking… unless? 😳

Anyways so I was in a dragon mood yesterday and spent the literal whole entire day making and completing this art piece. I started off by just doodling random franchise characters as dragons and when I finished these two(aka Marvel MCU Ultron and Transformers Prime Starscream, which also not to mention I made a joke with these two and now they have a mini crossover fandom that’s growing.).., I decided to digitalize them. Rip my hand aka for many hours straight! Anyhow, I do wanna mention I did base Starscream’s dragon design from an artist, but they didn’t have a signature on the picture I have saved of the design, so credit to the artist’s design! But for Ultron on the other hand, he is completely my own design. But yeah, what a bunch of rats am I right? ✨

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I know this isn’t what happens because I’m a gremlin who read through the wiki, but like. 

I don’t really want Starscream to be a decepticon or an autobot. Mostly because Megatron is a tool, and I think shoving Starscream in the missle silo with the autobots would end in homicide. 

Ideally I want him to remain technically a rogue, but he has a sort of deal with the autobots in which he helps them out now and then and in return they help him Not Get Killed. That way there’s enough distance so that Starscream can slowly be infested with Morals and learn to care about People-Who-Aren’t-Starscream, and the autobots don’t have to live in a glorified warehouse with a dude who killed their buddy, tortured their human friend, and also stole one of Bumblebee’s organs—at least not right off the bat. 

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Starscream reached out and grabbed Megatron’s chin then turned it towards him, “While your return was inevitable,” he smiled, “it is always a pleasure to welcome you back, personally, my liege~”

WE DON’T NEED TO TALK ABOUT THIS DJFJSKS Weebtober Day 14, Most Rewatched

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