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The Prophet’s Prayer Described - Assim al-Hakeem 

SubhanAllah I can say most Muslims do not know how to pray properly and something I recommend everyone who has started learning the deen is to relearn and check what you have been taught if you have not been taught under appropriate people of knowledge. Many do not know how the Prophet ﷺ and if we really think about it, that is really unfortunate. You pray five times a day and you do not know how the Messenger of Allah ﷺ prayed? It is a tragedy for all of us because should we not know and learn? These are the basics of the religion. If we do not know how he prayed then how are you supplicating to Allah ﷺ? This is something to ponder over. 

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Thus says The Lord: Behold, I reveal to you a mystery concerning these I have chosen, of whom I am also sending, these who must remain and gather together the second harvest, My witnesses who shall shout The Lord’s Proclamation. These shall be left, according to the perception of men who remain upon the earth in that day, yet taken according to those who are changed and come to know My dwelling place. For such is the way and power of The Lord, for those who come to live in Me and move within My spirit.
Yet how can they be both left and taken, you ask. I tell you the truth, they shall be even as a rose in full bloom, both uprooted and replanted in one swift stroke. For those whom I have chosen, who are of the special offering, must be changed, or how shall I send them and how shall they go for Me? By what means shall they endure, when death stalks them as the prey? For as it is written: Unless those days were shortened, no flesh would be saved.
Behold, they shall move through the multitude unhindered, both seen and unseen, heard and rejected. They shall be as vinedressers in My vineyard, men of promise until the time, husbandmen in the Great and Terrible Day of The Lord. Yet they shall by no means be given up as lambs to the slaughter, for they shall all be mighty men! They shall roar like young lions; behold, with a resounding roar I shall speak through them! And they shall make a great noise, even in the midst of this most ungodly generation! - A terrible sound assaulting the ears of this wicked multitude who hate My name and My coming, a loud shout, a blaring trumpet, breaking down the walls, leaving them desolate!
Yet to the wild wheat, the broken and refined wheat, those ripe for the second harvest, to them My witnesses shall be as a welcomed rain in the midst of a ten-year drought, a shelter from the heat at the height of summer, even as singing doves set on a high branch beckoning all who hear to spy them out.

Yes these, My chosen, shall be left in the
Day of The Lord as beacons, to guide those
Who yet grovel in the dark, seeking respite;
A strong arm to lean upon for those who yet lack a foothold,
Servants who see clearly though night has fallen…

Therefore, beloved, trust in My ways;
Run not ahead, nor lag behind;
Take My hand and embrace Me tightly…

For the time has come…

Says The Lord.

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Starting today for this month will share verses that speak to me from book of Psalms, as I am learning again on praying and worship. Actually I has started it since May but didnt share it here only on other platform. Now I will share it here as well. May it bless us all.

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Those who refuse My correction are foolish,
And must walk through dry places…

And those who refuse to repent have
Secured their place in the valley of death…

For the pride of man is a heavy stone,
Which increases by weight each day
It remains unbroken…

Says The Lord.

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Blessed are those who do not return
Evil for evil, or reviling for reviling,
But rather pray for their enemies…

Blessed are those who hold no ill-will
In their heart toward another…

Indeed, blessed are all those who
Forgive everyone who
Has sinned against them…

For great shall be their reward in Heaven…

Says The Lord.

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