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#january study challenge

1 february 2020

@stu-dna‘s january study challenge

i know i’m a day late but let’s just finish this… happy february! (◍•ᴗ•◍)♡ ✧*。

day 31: reflect on how january went & what could have gone better. have you improved anything about yourself during the month?

to be honest, january felt like every other month. maybe because i was still in the same class and studying the same thing and didn’t have much change to my life in general.

what could have been better was my patience and determination. many people really got onto my nerves last month and there were times when i really couldn’t take it anymore. i was also less determined to pursue my habits because i always used the excuse that “i can still do it tomorrow”, but then fail to do it the next day.

while there were downs, there were ups in january too. my classmates and i have bonded really well together. i also feel that i’ve been able to cope with failure better and try to improve myself from there. i read a lot (of books and news articles!) this month and i’m very happy about that.

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January Study Challenge | day 31: reflect on how it went & what could have gone better. have you improved anything about yourself this month?

This month has been pretty good, overall. I feel like I’ve hit the ground running with the start of the spring semester; in the week-and-a-bit that I’ve been on campus I’ve kept up with most of the habits I wanted to start, although eating healthy hasn’t been going quite as well as I’d hoped. I’ve definitely been feeling more stressed out now I’m back at school, but also really happy, so I’m hoping that that continues and I don’t get burned out by midterms. 

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January Study Challenge | day 30: how do you plan for the next month? anything fun happening in February?

My monthly planner spread includes things happening on specific dates, and things that I generally need to get done that month. I also do a monthly gratitude log and habit&sleep trackers. 
February so far has the show I’m working on opening on the 1st, which is exciting, and then it’ll be over and I’ll have my evenings free again, which is also exciting lmao

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January Study Challenge | day 26: what’s the hardest decision you’ve ever had to make?

I’ve made a lot of those haha but academically, I think it was deciding to go to my safety college that was offering me a scholarship worth 50% of tuition rather than going massively into debt at my dream school–it was especially difficult because it meant the difference between studying at a music school and a regular liberal arts college. In retrospect, though, I think it was the right choice, not least because I’ve developed tendonitis in my wrist that probably would have become debilitating if I was in an environment where I was playing for hours every day.

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January Study Challenge | day 25: what’s your go-to study method? are there cases in which you wouldn’t use it?

My usual approach is to work for 25 minutes on an assignment, take a 5 minute break, then work for 25 minutes on a different assignment, and keep going like that. I’ve found that switching around like that helps me maintain focus for longer, even though it may seem inefficient on the surface. It works best on days like today, where I had a bunch of assignments to do and a sizable chunk of the day to spend in the library. Sometimes I’ll hit my stride with an assignment, usually a creative piece, and ignore the timing system in favor of keeping going until it’s finished, but with non-creative homework it’s a pretty foolproof system for me.

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january study challenge—days 23, 24, & 25

had a very busy week so here are the past few days of the study challenge!

if you could travel anywhere, regardless of money or other limitations, where would you go? what would you do?

oooh it would have to be a tour of Norway+Sweden

I’d love to drive myself across the coasts and through cities / towns just taking in the scenery and trying good food

what’s on your desk? do you function best in a tidy or a messy space?

ideally? nothing. currently? so many things.

I definitely function best in a clean environment but you wouldn’t believe that with the state I keep my room in ;)

what’s your go-to study method? are there cases in which you wouldn’t use it?

write summaries / note sheets for each chapter then write flashcards on them.

if I’m low on time I would just do flashcards, but in doing that I definitely don’t learn the material to the depth I would want

also with maths- and physics-based exams I mostly use practice sheets and old exams to learn because practicing what I need to do helps me a ton

ft. molecular biology practical & gel electrophoresis

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January Study Challenge | day 24: what’s on your desk? do you function best in a tidy or a messy space?

I definitely prefer a tidy space. All I really keep on my desk permanently is stationery and my journal. The layout of my room this year is good because my desk’s right against the window and the windowsill is pretty deep so I can store books there!

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january study challenge—day 22

do you use colour-coding? explain your system!

I use colours to distinguish between which subjects my notes are on, for example biology notes are blue, chemistry green, and mathematics orange. I’ll use that colour in highlighter to mark titles and vocab, and I’ll use a pen in that colour to add annotations or important quotes/concepts

I then use yellow highlighter to distinguish the start of new chapters on my longer notes and to highlight keywords on my flashcards

ft. studying with friends. exam season is looming.

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January Study Challenge | day 23: if you could travel anywhere, regardless of money or other limitations, where would you go? what would you do?

Road-tripping across the continental US is something I’ve always thought would be fun! It’d also be cool to do a similar trip across Europe. I like the idea of going to random cities in unknown places and just wandering about

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23 january 2020

@stu-dna‘s january study challenge

day 22: do you use colour-coding? explain your system!

nope, i don’t have a colour-coding system! i don’t see the point in it, especially when there are too many colours and my brain just feels overwhelmed by everything (⁎˃ᆺ˂)

i write the normal note-taking stuff in black, the somewhat important ones are written in red and the very important stuff is written in black then highlighted.

day 23: if you could travel anywhere, regardless of money or other limitations, where would you go? what would you do?

i’d love to visit australia again and new zealand and canada. they’re one of the least corrupt countries and i think it’d be nice to go there. i’m not exactly sure what i would do there but i’d probably stay in the city area where i know there’ll be many tourists and start exploring from there! 😋

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January Study Challenge | day 22: do you use colour-coding? explain your system!

My color-coding scheme for classes is pretty arbitrary, but I’ve developed some consistency between semesters where creative writing courses are green, music ones are blue, and theater productions/classes are yellow. Another thing I do on my calendar is have all stuff like club meetings and plans with friends be in pink so I can see at a glance how well I’m balancing work stuff with fun stuff

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January Study Challenge | day 21: can you play any instruments? how long have you been playing?

My primary instrument is violin, which I’ve been playing since I was 7(ish?) so coming up on 14 years of that. I took piano lessons for the past four semesters but have decided to not continue with that because I really don’t have time in my schedule to adequately practice two instruments, and I feel like I’ve reached a level of proficiency where I could go and learn simple pieces on my own in the future, if I want to go back to it. I also dabble in guitar, but that’s more like “I know the names of the strings and noodle around on it occasionally” than like. actually Being Good at it

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January Study Challenge | day 20: favourite hot drink? recipe pls ;)

I had a pretty bad cold at the start of the month, so I was drinking a lot of lemsip, which is basically cold medicine in powdered drink form and is the best thing ever when it’s winter and you have a sinus headache. At school if I get sick and don’t have any, I make a drug-free version with lemon ginger tea and honey which is pretty good even without the decongestant!

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january study challenge—day 19

show us your planning system!

not pictured but it consists of a few google calendars with events, and a bullet journal to do daily events and to-dos

ft. essay schreibseminar presentation preparation

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Stu-dna January Challenge - Jan. 20, 2020 :D

Day 18. food while studying? Yes! But dry food only. No soup, only cheetos that i eat with chopsticks x_x

Day 19. show us your planning system! tbh right now it’s just a callendar. Maybe I’ll do something more interesting in the future.

Day 20. favourite hot drink? recipe pls ;) Cinamon chocolate “cappuccino”! Latte that I add cinnamon and chocolate powder. It’s sad but I love it!

Pictured: My new notebook! It’s ~S H I N Y~ and small. Also pictured my plant that has 2 new leafs! I love her! 

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By @stu-dna

I’m really late now… but I’m finishing this challenge.

day 11. ~winter aesthetic~

Oversized sweaters, hot chocolate, chamomile tea, beige trench coats, black boots, long scarves, holding hands, sleeping with four blankets, lighting candles.

day 12. do you listen to music when studying? show us your top 3 study songs or favourite study playlist!

Music is present in most of the activities that I do… And studying isn’t the exception.

I usually listen to songs with lyrics, I don’t have a problem with that… as long as the language I’m working with is different from the one in the song.

If it distracts me too much, I switch the music and listen to something without lyrics.

Some of my favorite songs for studying are:

  • Fallin’ [Kim Feel]
  • Somebody else [the 1975]
  • Nothing’s gonna hurt you baby [cigarettes after sex]

As you can see, I usually listen to something soft and slow.

And without lyrics:

  • Love me not [from the Korean drama “That winter, the wind blows”]
  • Everything is going to be okay [Mick Gordon from the videogame “Prey”]
  • The last of us [Gustavo Santaolalla from the video game “the last of us”]
  • Marche Slave Op 31 [Tchaikovsky]

As you can see, I listen to OST’s from tv shows and video games, and to classical music too.

Tv shows I’ve watched and video games I’ve played

day 13. how do you deal with stress?

I’m not that great in that kind of stuff… but I’m trying to improve.

I usually just take a moment to think and to let myself feel the stress.

Three seconds when I let it just come to me… and then I breath a couple of times and give myself a pep talk.

“I’ve come this far… I’ve get over many things in the past. Everything’s has a solution and I’ll be able to do this”

I do that and carry on.

When I can, I take a break.

I watch a movie, I play a videogame, I take a shower… I just do something to relax.

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january study challenge—day 18

food while studying?

absolutely! we love a healthy piece of fruit or bowl of nuts but nothing beats the happy feeling you get from eating cookies ;)

ft. klausur aufgaben & cookies

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January Study Challenge | day 17 & 18: what does home mean to you?
I guess where I have control of my own environment, and/or somewhere where I have a familiar routine? My blood and chosen families are both pretty scattered, geographically speaking, and I’ve moved around a bit so I don’t really have a sense of “home” as, like, a specific location with all my loved ones, it’s more feeling like I have a place that’s mine.

food while studying?
I’m not big on it, mostly because I usually study on the quiet floor of the library where eating is frowned upon, and I usually chew gum while doing homework because it helps me focus.

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