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1, 2, 41, 59, for the witchcraft ask game! 馃挅

1. When did you start out with witchcraft?

I’ve only just started at the beginning of this year! I’ve only been doing research so far. Everything’s been a bit overwhelming.

2. How did you find out you were a witch?

I’m not really sure that I did? I was just having a doubt in my spirituality, and I wanted to figure out myself and what I believed in! I knew I believed in something, and I wanted to dig deport into that. And I also liked the idea of having more control over my surroundings and fate than I’d previously believed. I felt like witchcraft would help with my mental health as well. So I never really found out.

41. Do you have a Book of Shadows or Grimoire? What do you write in it?

I know that I should have one, but because I’m only practicing tarot, cleansing, warding, and researching, I don’t keep up with one! When I get more hands on I’m sure I will keep up with it. I do have little notebook to write about the results on my readings though.

I probably should practice with it more though…..

59. Any witchy idols you have?

Honestly? I’d have to say you! You are so helpful for baby witches, and it’s astonishing how you’re always so kind and patient even when you get the same questions repeatedly! I know that there are some opinions that you bite your tongue on but your blog is simply amazing.

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Chaotic academia is about the disconnect between appearance and personality. It’s about looking like one person and being another. It’s about the normalization and humanization of academia, and the reclamation of it from the elitism of days gone by. Chaotic academia is about being yourself. It’s about learning for the sake of learning, no matter what that looks like to you.

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  • Coffee shops when the lights are warm and it’s exactly the right volume
  • Libraries when they’re mostly empty and you can just sit on the floor in front of a shelf and stare at books for a while
  • Small classrooms with big whiteboards you can get up and write on whenever
  • Bookshops in unfamiliar towns
  • Main streets that haven’t changed since 1867 and are lined in nice little shops and libraries
  • Secondhand shops and thrift stores
  • Open-plan airports with lots of people milling around
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All of this is really making me wonder what would happened if we remember the life of the Amaurotion!WoL, I don’t see that changing anything when it comes to his duty after all it looks like he won’t stop till his job is done.

But sadly his duty will have to be stopped, it kind of gets in the way of Serina’s duty. And Elidibus isn’t the hero of this story.

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The more I experience, the less I understand people complaining about life being too short. I have already had one lifetime’s worth of experiences.

I didn’t have much of a traumatic childhood, but it definitely had three traumatic elements. I traveled a lot as a kid to meet with family abroad. I killed it in elementary school and middle school, which was pretty irrelevant. I barely made it out of high school due to depression and the shit grades that came with it.

Since then; I got a couple of degrees, started my first professional career, married a foreigner, and got remarried to them in their country of origin. Those are the highlights of my adulthood so far.

In between these notes, I experienced things in full color that I will never forget. When people say life is short; think back to dark times. I think of times I was paralyzed by sadness, anxiety, and apathy. I also think about the good times when I was thriving and beating out these emotions I tend to dwell in; times I was happy, laughing, and excited.

I feel old as shit. I have endured some real things now. I am wiser than most of the people who helped raise me.

If I have kids, I am pretty confident I’ll do well no matter what kind of kids I have. That confidence comes from having a variety of experiences with people close to me and the humility to understand that even that doesn’t guarantee I have learned all the approaches necessary to be a good dad to my future kids.

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Word of the day: opportune a.

“seasonable, well timed.”

Example sentences:

  1. She couldn’t have arrived at a more opportune moment.
  2. The therapist was known for her opportune use of classical music to induce relaxation.

Page 119 | Webster’s Dictionary & Thesaurus

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I have messed up so many times in my life. Said the wrong thing. Dated someone I shouldn’t have. Stayed. When I should have left. Threw a fit instead of discussing the problem. Over thought, over analyzed, over meditated on a single mistake. We all do.

It’s what we do after that matters. Did I learn from each one? I tried to, but sometimes I had to make the same mistake several times to figure out where I was going wrong. Sometimes it wasn’t my mistake. Sometimes it wasn’t a mistake at all.

There is very little I regret in my life. Everything I have done, has brought me to where I am now. I like where I am now. All the What Ifs, and coulda beens, and if onlys. They just don’t matter. I have learned so much from everything I have done. From everyone I have met and known.

I run into walls still. But I have a lot to draw on to tackle them now. A lot of hard earned experience, and a lot more to come. I know that certain behaviors don’t fit my life and my sanity, in myself or in a partner. I know I don’t have to date everyone I fancy. I know that friendship is more important than romance. I know I can take care of myself, And that I don’t always have to.

I can climb my own walls, with my own hands, with all my forty years lifting up from behind me.

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