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uhh .. any tips on how to play obey me 😀 LMFAO its so confusing ,, do I just play the main story and ignore the chats bc main story stuff hasn't happened to me and I think I read way too far ahead??, sorry if this is sudden LMFAO
okie, so some tips!
so, the chats that pop up usually don’t really pertain to the main story anyway & are just for fun most of the time. I believe most chats are time-based, so you likely won’t be getting chats that are past your current place in the main story unless a certain amount of time has past! so, you can read them no problem most of the time since they’re mostly just for fun fillers and such!
in terms of winning dance battles in order to get to the next main story part, your cards are EXTREMELY important!
you can acquire cards from gacha pulls in Nightmare (as you likely already know) and also by combining card pieces that you obtain from “pop quizzes” which are essentially special events that are available for a certain timeframe.
(If you haven’t noticed, parts of the story & dance battles are called “lessons” & events are called “pop quizzes” since it’s supposed to be that we are attending RAD and doing schoolwork there.)
From highest level to lowest in terms of card rarity (ie. power potential) is UR+/UR, SSR, SR, R, & then N (anything below SSR doesn’t matter in terms of using for dance battles BUT some of them have wallpapers, outfits, & chats that you can unlock in “Devil Tree” which I will get to later!
Basically, you should prioritize leveling up your highest power potential cards first! I recommend having a strong enough card in each sin category since each dance battle varies in what sin they focus on (which you can see in the top right corner of each dance battle panel), which is Red: Gluttony, Blue: Pride, Yellow: Greed, Green: Wrath, Pink: Lust, Orange: Envy, & Purple: Sloth. It also helps to have two strong cards for each sin but with different characters on them since then they both can be used in the dance battle that wants that sin, but that’s more for when you already have strong cards & have the time to level up more. It also may help leveling up your cards with the best special skills! Any special skill that bans the opponent’s skills are extremely helpful, but honestly just having high level cards is the most important.
In order to continuously keep leveling your cards, you will need to unlock places in Devil Tree that you do so by using Grimm (easy obtainable through clearing lessons you’ve already obtained 2 or 3 stars on by clicking the Clear x5 button, though note that this uses AP, or through “:D Jobs”) and also items used to strengthen cards (they vary, but are usually obtainable through specific lessons that give those specific items or during Levi’s Otaku Boot Camp that comes around every once & a while to help with getting these items. it will tell you if you have the correct amount to unlock spaces in Devil Tree & if you don’t then it will show you specific lessons that give you those items).
Memory cards are also really important (but your main cards should be your priority nonetheless). You can obtain memory cards through “Chapter M” in “Nightmare” and they essentially work the same as cards.
There are also items called “glow sticks” that help you win dance battles that you buy from “Akuzon” with Devil Points. They’re extremely helpful, especially once you hit about lesson 30. I, personally, always only buy rainbow ones since they strengthen your cards much more than the other colors and pertain to everyone, even though they cost more it’s worth it in terms of strengthening.
During dance battles, you’ll see bars under your characters (on the ride side) that pertain to when their special attacks are ready. I recommend clicking them as soon as they are ready, so there is more time for the bar to regenerate & for them to be able to use their special attacks again.
so, yeah! that should be the basics & what is the overall priority of obey me! I hope it helped & promise you’ll get the hang of it lickety-split!
here are some actual “tip-tips” that are really helpful to know: (these are actually really helpful)
you are essentially given a free 18 devil points EVERY DAY by completing 7 of your daily to-dos, which are very easy to complete! I recommend doing it everyday bc it really adds up! (the daily to-dos refresh at 11 pm)
If you’re struggling with not having enough AP, then there is a deal that saves Devil Points that available once daily. Once depleting your AP to below 10 I believe, they will offer you 600 AP & some Grimm for only about 10 Devil Points. TAKE IT! It’s a wayyy better deal than manually buying AP with Devil Points.
Similar to the last tip, you can save money on rainbow glow sticks once every day. Simply lose a dance battle (making sure you have at least 20 Devil points) and they will offer a deal for 5 rainbow glow sticks, some Grimm, & some AP all for just 20 Devil points! mind you, one rainbow glow stick from Akuzon is 6 Devil points so do the math.
You’re smiley face character doesn’t ALWAYS dictate if you’re going to win the dance battle or not. The smiley face can be blue & crying & you can still win as long as you look at your opponents’ special skills & your total strength is only a few thousand points below that of the opponents. I recommend your smiley face character to be smiley when the opponents have any stun, paralyze, or confusion special skill that keeps your characters from being able to use their special attack. You can gauge how many glow sticks or leveling up you need by just going into the dance battle with either nothing or a few non-rainbow glow sticks equipped & seeing how far away you are from the line/the opponents special attack pattern.
Since the opponents’ special attacks pattern usually changes with every attempt at a dance battle, some of their patterns may be more advantageous to you than the others. If you have rainbow glow sticks equipped & believe you can win by trying again, simply close out of the game completely and reopen it. It will ask if you want to resume where you left off which you will click “resume” to & then it will restart the battle with your glow sticks still intact. This had saved me so many times. ESPECIALLY LESSON 4O’s BOSS BATTLE LEGIT JUST KEEP DOING IT OVER & OVER & YOULL EVENTUALLY GET IT!!
In terms of the fun customization part of Obey Me like the profile pics, Majolish outfits & wallpapers, special chats, etc. I found it extremely helpful to just go through Majolish & click on the item you want. It will tell you the card you can get it from & whether you have it or not!
Oh, & choosing the characters with sparkles around them for :D Jobs gives more of a chance of special drops!
Make sure to make a obey me save password for if you ever delete the app/get a new phone! They also reward you with 30 Devil Points if you do so, so there’s rly no point not to.
For surprise guest combos, you either memorize them or find them on google. But I can give you the main ones here off the top of my head:
Any of the brothers if they ask for a high-five EXCEPT FOR LUCIFER, SATAN, & BEEL: high-five, Head-rub, Head-rub
If Lucifer or Satan ask for a high-five: high-five, YOUR right/THEIR left shoulder TAP, hand tap (they usually have it on top of their chest)
If Beel asks for a high-five: high-five, chest-rub, chest-rub
Mammon if he says “muahahaha”: Head-rub, YOUR right/HIS LEFT arm rub, face-rub
Lucifer if you get 3 stars but he doesn’t ask for a high-five: lip-rub, Head-tap, Hand-tap
I think that’s all I can think of for now! maybe I’ll add more if it pops up! I hope this helped & sorry it got so long haha. I hope anyone who reads this enjoys Obey Me as much as I do! I honestly can’t wait for their sheep plushies I KNOW they’re inevitably going to come out with :D
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
After literally like 3 minutes of me trying to decipher I finally got it & was legit so
But literally I tried so many combinations before realizing I’m dumb asf
Like “let’s underdogs venture under???”
“Fight against forth a???”
I’m literally the oblivious mc that I always write about
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I have such a love for Redd in AC bc he reminds me of Mammon lmao
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ugh I love this so much
coincide pt. iii
hawks (takami keigo) x reader
r18 (this chapter)
word count: 6,600
Guilt and love are equivalent forces. That’s just science.
[soulmate au, slow burn, UST as a plot device, avian keigo, possessive keigo, mastubation]
warnings: non-graphic description of violence, explicit content
He can’t linger. There’s (always) work that needs his attention and—he feels like an open wound right now. If he stays he might get his mess all over you.
There’s something brutal and desperate budding in his chest. He feels like a cornered animal. He feels like he’s about to do something he’ll regret.  
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
My gacha luck today rly popped off (both free pulls)
Tumblr media
Oh & ima leave this here
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ah yes when you’re in the mood to write some good angst but then scroll on Instagram until it goes away :D
why do I do this to myself teehee
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anyone else think the boss battles for the lessons are way too op? legit Diavolo used his special skill EVERY SINGLE TIME for lesson 40 & the closest I can get is a bit over halfway. honestly makes me not want to play anymore, which is why I go on like month-long breaks from it. I’m tired 😔
I get that’s the point tho so ig I’m just bitching
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QUICK! KISS ME! [Bros x Reader]
A lead-up blurb before I go to bed.
School is killing me. This has been in the drafts far longer than I wanted.
No offense if your name is Bethany. It’s a name I picked at random.
The follow-up piece will have the kiss scenarios.
Some of Asmo’s friends may have used you to get into a special makeup event, but it’s okay! They bought you a lip gloss as a thank you! The shade ‘Sealed with a Kiss’ was not what you thought it’d be
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bruh the boss dance battles are wayyyyy too op I’m dying
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
٭ fly like a butterfly, sting like a bee ٭
fic-tags/warnings: OMEGAVERSE, mutual pining, friends to lovers, pro-hero!bakugo katsuki, omega!bakugo, pro-hero!alpha!fem reader, gentle femdom, role reversal, creampies, unprotected sex, heat cycles, canon-typical, sex pollen, endeavor agency (dergatory), nesting, scenting/bonding marks, characters are like 20-ish here, sparring as foreplay etc etc. 
wc: 11.3k (god help us) 
a/n: first fic of the year is omegaverse.. okay ari.. anyways! i wrote this fic for me and me only ngl but i hope you all enjoy my brain rot. nothing important to say other than some minor details 
this fic has been sitting rent free in my head for weeks. a couple things.. in my omegaverse au anatomy for female alphas is the same but to keep themselves knotted to male omegas when they orgasm they kinda clamp down on male omegas and catch on the swell. that’s the most important thing i think
also the idea of bakugo nesting is literally so sweet im going to cry i think. yeah.. yeah..
plot: you’re a pro-hero rookie and subsequently the outspoken bakugos partner. while bakugo assumes you’re a beta based off your disposition - he’s less than pleased to find out you’re indeed an alpha. he quickly finds out you’re nothing like the rest of them and that he’s habitually an omega through and through.
 tldr: female!alpha!pro-hero reader x omega!bakugo katsuki
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Bakugo Katsuki has had a complex about you since you bumped into you in the parking lot when you were both rookies. 
It’s bright and fucking early - even for Bakugo, a little earlier than he’d normally getting into his rookie job. When he can spare the time too, it’s nice to not have to run into anyone. He’s not irritable in the morning, but the quiet time is appreciated. Midoriya is okay to be around these days but every time that bastard Todoroki opens his mouth - Bakugo feels like he might bust a fuse. The half-and-half Beta asswipe made a point of wreaking havoc in his dads agency and in Bakugos life because the blonde was easy to piss of. So, as much as he could avoid Todoroki in the mornings - he did. 
The lot was empty but an unfamiliar car was parked a few ways down. He doesn’ think twice about it when he opens his car door, snatching his bag and keys from the front seat before kicking the door shut with the heel of his foot. There was an unregistered rustling - a presence that made Bakugo freeze momentarily. Red eyes narrow thinly, palm warming in case it was some kind of intruder present. He pauses, waits, and looks around until a body makes a turn around the previously mysterious car. 
Bakugo is shit with names and faces but he knows you, miraculously. You were a relatively strong hero. 3 years into your debut as a rookie and you had never once dropped below a number ten spot - with little backing you up previously. People were quick to call you an underdog - a hero for the people, or some shit like that. High prestige for a reformed hero society that was at best reluctant to see new faces. 
Your hero name was your first name - just like Icyhot. Bakugo finds both of you annoying as shit in that right, but he can still admit that you’re strong. You’d spent a good few months at the number two spot before carefully settling at a 6th. 
Sure, there wasn’t a lot of shit Bakugo kept track of but his hero work was one and the most important. It would be idiotic to be serious about his goals without that sort of awareness - and Bakugo has learned never to lose sight on his competition. 
Long story short, he knows who you are. What he doesn’t know is why you’re here. 
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u ever look back at your drafts that you plan on posting EVENTUALLY after/during a huge hiatus and just are like damn that’s actually good but then you try to pick it up again and you’re like damn I don’t know wtf I’m doing or how to write with the same style/feeling as it started with AHHHH
bc that’s me right now :)
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Tumblr media
okie so those who have played love unholyc season 2 for Sol’s route read on!!!
If not...stop if you don’t want spoilers lmao
Y’all thinking the same thing right?
Is William rly gonna steal my mf man?
Cuz damn they rly getting freaky and insinuating a lot of shit I’m kinda getting jealous no lie
Liiiiiiike I’m sometimes down for a threesome buuuut idk I’m feeling possessive
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Tumblr media
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professionalsimpfor2dboys · 10 months ago
coincide pt. ii
hawks (takami keigo) x reader
pg13 (this chapter)
word count: 5,500
Guess only love could hurt this bad.
[soulmate au, avian keigo, slow burn, good and bad coping mechanisms, pining & pining, slight scent kink…., oh oof ouch]
Warnings: alcohol mention, slight stalking, allusions to sexual activity
beta’d by the marvelous @keilemlucent
You don’t see each other for twenty eight days. It’s another iteration of The Incident, but this one leaves your chest feeling all caved in, all empty. It makes you want to cry.
You don’t, of course. You’re so far beyond crying over crushes. At peace with your place in the world. Kind of. 
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professionalsimpfor2dboys · 10 months ago
ooooh I have a new series that’s brewing and I’m actually so excited because it’s so ~aesthetic~. I’ve gotten to the pretty, visual parts of it (gif, title, synopsis, etc.) but haven’t actually written yet so it’ll still be a lil bit till I get some inspiration (I’ll probs get it soon enough for the Mammon part though bc my excitement for the series is amping my creative writing juices) but that’s all I’ll say for now!
and yes I’m starting a new series without finishing the Scenting one (which is still ongoing/on hold until I get inspired to write) bc I haven’t had ~gremlin hours~ in order to write smutty smut in a long time! but hopefully you’ll like this series the same or more! It won’t have smut but I’m planning on making them well-written (hopefully) and long pieces that are filled with fluff and angst ;)
hint: sins, poems, and snow hehe
Oh and hello to all my new folllowers while I was away for a bit :)
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