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#Bible in Basic English
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He took our sins on himself, giving his body to be nailed on the tree, so that we, being dead to sin, might have a new life in righteousness, and by his wounds we have been made well. — 1 Peter 2:24 | Bible in Basic English (BBE) The Bible in Basic English is in the public domain. Cross References: Proverbs 20:30; Isaiah 53:4-5; Isaiah 53:11; Acts 5:30; Romans 6:2; Romans 6:11
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lawmenandoutlaws · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
But as for me, I am looking to the Lord; I am waiting for the God of my salvation: the ears of my God will be open to me. — Micah 7:7 | Bible in Basic English (BBE) The Bible in Basic English is in the public domain. Cross References: Genesis 49:18; Psalm 4:3; Psalm 130:5; Isaiah 17:7; Isaiah 25:9; Isaiah 45:22; Daniel 3:17; Hosea 12:6; Joel 1:9; Habakkuk 2:1
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silyabeeodess · 3 years ago
.27 And after these things he went out, and saw Levi, a tax-farmer, seated at the place where taxes were taken, and said to him, Come after me.28 And giving up his business, he got up and went after him.29 And Levi made a great feast for him in his house: and a great number of tax-farmers and others were seated at table with them.30 And the Pharisees and their scribes made protests against his disciples, saying, Why do you take food and drink with tax-farmers and sinners?31 And Jesus, answering, said to them, Those who are well have no need of a medical man, but those who are ill.32 I have come, not to get the upright, but sinners, so that they may be turned from their sins.
Luke 5: 27-32 (BBE)
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aleximedicus · 2 months ago
tbh, if you asked lewis if he believes in god, i think he’d have to really pause for a second to think about it. it’s just not a question he’s ever asked himself. he was raised religious, of course, and a lot of that still lingers, but he has a strong sense of distaste for churches themselves and the people who preach in them. both their vitriolic hatred of The Gays and their opposition to medicine and science leave a bad taste in his mouth. but that’s become more of a dislike of the earthly institution than a total rejection of the idea of god. he knows that religion brings his patients a lot of peace when they’re frightened, and he has no qualms about reassuring them by saying that the lord is on their side, but he doesn’t really pause to contemplate whether he believes that. if you really forced him to take a hard look at his beliefs, he’d probably come to the conclusion that he’s atheist-leaning agnostic, but he just. hasn’t sat down to come to that conclusion, really.
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berenshand · a year ago
the annoying thing abt teaching both regular school and sunday school is that people who make sunday school resources have no clue what they are doing like. sunday school resources are either for kids 12 and under, teenagers, or adults but the teen and adult stuff is always just like 'here is a discussion guide with 40 questions'. its like people think that once you turn 13 you no longer need movement while learning, or tactile modes of learning, or object lessons to learn, or like. anything that as a regular teacher you know people don't outgrow, because people don't outgrow learning. like of course it also helps to talk about what you're learning but that shouldn't be the ONLY approach to learning.
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crownprincedean · 11 months ago
im going back and watching certain destiel scenes in spanish (because for some sick twisted reason i miss being queerbaited what else is new) and i need to share my findings with the class:
let me start by saying that the word "pray" has multiple translations in spanish, but i'm going to focus on the two i know: orar and rezar
orar/ore/oración - this is a more "stream of consciousness" way to pray
rezar/reze/rezó - means to recite (be it bible verses or prayers or phrases) and are more "preset" prayers
now that we know the difference between orar and rezar, let's look at two destiel in purgatory scenes, specifically the lines:
"i prayed to you, cas, every night", "cas, i need to say something", and "you don't have to say it, i heard your prayer"
8x02 - "i prayed to you, cas, every night"
this scene with the spanish audio translates to
"yo te invoqué, cas, cada noche"
what word is missing? ore and/or reze
the word they use instead of ore or reze is invoqué. for my funky non-spanish speakers/readers/writers
invoque = invoke
and invoke is neither a stream of consciousness nor a recital, but more of a summoning
basically, the line "i prayed to you, cas, every night" when translated to spanish then back to english is "i tried to summon you, cas, every night" which is exactly what dean was trying to do
more than praying to cas so he could hear him, dean was trying to get cas to come to him (hence the search for him in purgatory) and we know dean was trying to summon cas because cas acknowledges deans prayer when dean confronts him, saying, "i know" but follows it up with "ive been trying to stay one step ahead of them to keep them away from you"
so dean was trying his best to summon and find cas while cas was trying his best to stay away from and protect dean...
15x09 - "cas, i have to say something" "you don't have to say it. i heard your prayer"
"cas, i have to say something" translated with the spanish audio is:
"cas, escúchame, tengo que decirte algo importante"
"cas, listen to me, i have to tell you something important"
cas. listen to me. i have to tell you something important.
now, we know what dean had to tell cas was important, that it was something beyond what he had said in his prayer, but we just insinuated it. the spanish version acknowledges the subtext and translated it into the actual text! BUT THATS NOT ALL FOLKS because cas's "you don't have to say it, i heard your prayer" response in spanish?
"no tienes que decirlo. oí tu oración."
what word did they use? oración. what did we establish at the beginning was the meaning for orar/oración? stream of consciousness. and what was deans prayer? a stream of consciousness! dean wasn't reciting anything and he wasn't trying to invoke cas, he started pouring his heart out. he let it all out: the fact that he gets angry and he can't control it, the fact that he blamed cas for no reason, the fact that he should have told him to stay. dean let it out in a stream of consciousness prayer to cas because he thought he was never going to see him again and he wanted him to at least hear what dean really wanted to say but couldn't, not until a moment of complete breakdown where he thought he was going to lose him again.
dean didn't pray for his own benefit he prayed for cas's. dean didn't want cas to die knowing dean was angry with him, dean wanted cas to know it was never his fault, he did nothing wrong, he didn't take him for granted, he wanted him to stay, and, most importantly, that he forgave him. in case he never saw him again, dean wanted cas to be sure he was loved.
so those lines translated to spanish then back to english:
"cas, listen to me, i have to tell you something important"
"it's okay, i know you have a hard time pouring your heart out. don't worry, i know what you meant to say"
and for my masochists, the more accurate:
"it's okay, i know you have a hard time pouring your heart out. i know you're going to say you love me. but i'm not ready to say goodbye to you, so i have to stop you from telling me what i've wanted to hear all these years. believe me, i love you too, with my entire being, i love you too. so dont say it. not now. i'm content just being anywhere with you. as long as im near you, as long as you let me be near you, i'm happy"
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Tumblr media
1 And David the king said to all the people, Solomon my son, the only one who has been marked out by God, is still young and untested, and the work is great, for this great house is not for man, but for the Lord God. 2 Now as far as I am able, I have made ready what is needed for the house of my God; the gold for the things of gold, and the silver for the silver things, and the brass for the brass things, iron for the things of iron, and wood for the things of wood; beryls and jewels to be framed, and stones of different colours for ornament; all sorts of stones of great price, and polished building-stone, as much as is needed and more. 3 And because this house of God is dear to me, I give my private store of gold and silver to the house of my God, in addition to all I have got ready for the holy house; 4 Even three thousand talents of gold of Ophir and seven thousand talents of the best silver, for plating the walls of the house: 5 Gold for the gold things, and silver for the silver things, and for every sort of work to be done by the expert workmen. Who then will come forward, offering himself this day for the Lord's work? 6 Then the heads of families and the chiefs of the tribes of Israel, and the captains of thousands and of hundreds, with the controllers of the king's business, freely gave themselves; 7 And they gave for the use of the house of the Lord, five thousand talents and ten thousand darics of gold, and ten thousand talents of silver, and eighteen thousand talents of brass, and a hundred thousand talents of iron. 8 And those who had stones of great price gave them to the store of the house of the Lord, under the care of Jehiel the Gershonite. 9 Then the people were glad because their offerings were freely given, for with a true heart they freely gave what they had to the Lord; and David the king was full of joy. 10 So David gave praise to the Lord before all the people; and David said, Praise be to you, O Lord the God of Israel, our father for ever and ever. 11 Yours, O Lord, is the strength and the power and the glory, and the authority and the honour: for everything in heaven and on earth is yours; yours is the kingdom, O Lord, and you are lifted up as head over all. 12 Wealth and honour come from you, and you are ruler over all, and in your hand is power and strength; it is in your power to make great, and to give strength to all. 13 So now, our God, we give you praise, honouring the glory of your name. — 1 Chronicles 29:1-13 | Bible in Basic English (BBE) The Bible in Basic English is in the public domain. Cross References: Exodus 25:2; Exodus 35:29; Numbers 3:18; Joshua 4:24; 2 Samuel 3:39; 1 Kings 3:7; 1 Kings 9:28; 2 Kings 12:4; 1 Chronicles 22:3; 1 Chronicles 22:14; 1 Chronicles 23:8; 1 Chronicles 28:1; 1 Chronicles 29:14; 2 Chronicles 9:7; Ezra 2:69; Ezra 7:16; Nehemiah 7:70; Psalm 72:18; Daniel 2:20; Matthew 4:24; Matthew 6:13; Revelation 5:13
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star-renegade · a year ago
Dana's Owl House AMA, a summary
• Eda is about mid to late 40s, and it's the same with Lilith except she's 2 years older. Gus is 12, Willow is 14 and King is "???????" years old
• When Lilith joined the Emperor's Coven, she dyed her hair to look "intimidating"
• Dana appreciates the positive press coverage of Enchanting Grom Fright, and she appreciates the negative ones as well "because I live to troll jerks :)"
• The teacher that Amity referred to as mom back in Lost In Language was not Lilith, in fact they're not really close and Amity lost a lot of respect for Lilith after Covention
• We may see more of Viney, Jerbo and Barcus soon
• When asked about what Luz's favourite anime was, Dana replied with a lengthy list stating that she thought about it too much
• Amity and Luz are confirmed to be lesbian and bisexual respectively
• Amity might dress in a "punk aesthetic" to impress people but she's more of a jock in Dana's mind
• When asked about King's broken horn, Dana just replied with "all will be revealed eventually"
• Dana hopes Season 2 will make us cry
• Originally, the gems on Eda and Lilith's chests was just going to be an in-world fashion choice. But during production for The Intruder she decided to use Eda's gem as a visual aid for the curse
• There's more to Amity's parents than we know, which can be either good or bad for our main cast. Also, Dana had fun writing Mr Blight stating that he was interesting
• We may see Luz celebrate her quinceanera (her 15th birthday) but that's if the show gets a third season
• Luz is Amity's first (big) crush
• We'll get to know everyone a bit better in S2
• Hooty apparently has an evil twin, Booty (I'm pretty sure this is just for laughs though)
• In the first episode, there was a background character that looked similar to Amity in design (the one with the pink stripe). Dana revealed that Amity did have a different design originally
• Edric and Emira are salty about getting stood up at Grom but they'll get over it as "they'll have plenty of distractions"
• There will not be a musical episode
• It was a last minute idea for Dana to include "Talk to the glyph, witch!" in Young Blood, Old Souls
• According to Dana, Disney is "historically weird" in terms of merch
• "Bird-themed things are generally a Clawthrone thing"
• Dana has always wanted to do an official graphic novel
• Eda and Lilith are confirmed to have more sibling moments
• Dana has no least favourite character design, but the puppeteer in Witches Before Wizards freaks her out
• Eda has been to vegas before and was not impressed
• Eda will win against Lilith in Hexes Hold'em, but most likely by cheating
• When a witch joins a coven, they're physically unable to perform magic outside of that area. Basic spells like levitation for small objects can be done but with great difficulty
• Witch is a gender-neutral term, wizards are a title which you can call yourself and "warlock" is akin to "edgelord" in the Demon Realm
• Spencer Wan is the only in-house animator (animation supervisor) for Season 1, and to acquire this Dana had to sit through many meetings with executives to get this position. The in-house animator for Season 2 will be Kofi Fiagome
• We can expect parental conflict, a lot of emotions, island exploration and new characters in S2
• Lilith's palisman is alive like Owlbert
• If Eda's curse can be healed her hair will not turn back to its original colour
• Belos has specific inspirations which will be revealed in S2
• King's backstory is deeper than we think
• Amity and Willow's relationship has a long way to go, but the air between them is definitely lighter now
• When asked about the codes hidden in the show, Dana said that in high school, Dana would spend her summers in Russia, and her and her Russian classmate would pass each other notes that was a mix of both the English and Russian alphabet. From there their secret language developed and changed and helped inspire the codes, along with Gravity Falls
• Luz would play minecraft and spend all her time building castles and coming up with stories for the towns she built
• Dana has many favourites on the show, but she loves Eda and King. She tends to like the characters she has the easiest time writing
• Willow works out every morning. Unlike Boscha, she doesn't brag about it
• Everything that people responded to from S1 (especially the last few episodes), there will be more of in S2
• No one's really sure what Hooty's made of
• Many Boiling Isles sculptors and architects are part of the Construction Coven
• Eda's bile sac stopped producing the chemicals needed to produce magic on her own. It's still there although it's useless now
• Luz is "a bit of a bonehead" when it comes to Amity's signals (Dana doesn't mean this as an insult)
• 4 years ago when Dana pitched the original idea for the show an old writing partner told him that no one would watch a show about an old lady, so she made the pitch bible out of spite
• Creepy Luz was actually a joke in response to the line, "maybe I'll meet a hot yet vulnerable upperclassman" from The First Day, but Dana likes the doppelganger theory and will neither confirm nor deny that she exists
• Dana likes to think that Boscha and Amity's moms have a rivalry from childhood and still compete with one another through their kid's achievements
• Edric and Emria's hair is naturally green like Mrs Blight's while Amity's hair is naturally brown like her dad's and Mrs Blight likes her children to be...colour coordinated
• The demon on Principal Bump is named Frewin, that's all for now
• The application of glyphs and their uses will be covered in Season 2
• A palisman is our world's equivalent of a "witch's familiar"
• Witches will usually carve their palisman from a special type of wood in their teens in school or with parental supervision
• A palisman uses their own source of power outside of a witch's bile sac 
• Witches can join covens when they graduate school, and if they're talented enough they can leave early and join a coven
• Why King wears a collar will be revealed in S2
• Yes, Dana is aware of Lego Eda's existence
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didyoumeanxianity · 7 months ago
Okay, by popular request, let’s talk about the Tanakh and the Christian OT and why, though the OT borrows heavily from Tanakh, they are not the same document at all.
Let’s roll up our sleeves and dive into it.
1) First, we have to talk about how the Christian OT came to be. There are multiple versions of it, but most of them at their root come from two texts, the Septuagint and the Vulgate.
The Septuagint is a Greek (mis)translation of Tanakh. It is generally dated to the period of Greek rule over Egypt and the Levant following the death of Alexander the Great and subsequent division of his empire. The story goes that the Ptolemy II in Egypt asked for a translation of the Tanakh in Greek and that either 70 or 72 (six from each tribe) Jewish scholars had to translate the Tanakh and provide said translation. Now, this is already a specious claim, as by the time of Ptolemy II ten tribes were already “lost.” But in any case, in Judaism the story goes that the miracle of the Septuagint is that all of the scholars mistranslated Tanakh in the same way, removing ideas that might have offended the Hellenic conquerors.
The Septuagint is the text that is referenced in the Christian NT (also written in koine Greek) when it cross-references the Christian OT. So it was the underlying document relied on in early Christian theological discussion. The entirety of the Christian NT is premised on the mistranslated Septuagint being used as the authoritative Christian OT.
The Latin Vulgate was created, at least in part, by Jerome in the fourth and fifth centuries CE. Analysis of his text reveals a reliance on both Jewish texts in the original Hebrew and also the Septuagint, with scholars split on how heavily he relied on the Septuagint versus direct translation. Many scholars are of the opinion he relied very heavily on the Septuagint. So we’ve hit the stage of translations of translations, like a bizarre theological game of telephone.
And, finally, the Vulgate was the text later used to translate the Christian OT and NT into other languages: German, French, English, etc. So the Christian Bible is many levels of translation removed from Jewish texts.
2) Next, we have to understand the theological forces encouraging less-than-accurate translation. Some basic building blocks of Christian theology: Jesus was/is the messiah, he was prophesied to be the messiah by Jews, he was the “son of god”, he was divine, and he died for humanity’s collective sin on the cross.
Jewish texts do have messianic predictions. None of them (yes, none) are or were fulfilled by Jesus if he existed as described by the NT. So, how to reconcile Christian theology with those Jewish texts? TRANSLATE CREATIVELY.
3) So, we have mistranslations of mistranslations and theological reasons for continuing to mistranslate Jewish texts in Christianity. And yes, those translations are sometimes updated or revised, but typically to reflect political considerations inside or outside the church.
I keep saying mistranslations. What do I mean by that? How do I know there are mistranslations?
Let’s look at one of Christianity’s “proof texts,” one of the Jewish prophecies they claim foretold Jesus as described in the Christian NT, Isaiah 7:14. The text underlying the Christian theology of the virgin birth.
Here is the KJV text: “Therefore the Lord himself shall give you a sign; Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel.” And here is the Gospel of Matthew interpreting that verse in the NIV: “All this took place to fulfill what the Lord had said through the prophet: ‘The virgin will conceive and give birth to a son, and they will call him Immanuel’ (which means ‘God with us’).”
Here’s what Isaiah 7:14 says if you directly translate it from Tanakh: “Assuredly, my Lord will give you a sign of His own accord! Look, the almah is with child and about to give birth to a son. Let her name him Immanuel.”
Almah means “young woman.” Someone who is past puberty, but is not yet an adult-y adult. The Biblical Hebrew word for virgin is betulah. In most of the Septuagint almah was translated into Greek as neanis or neotes, meaning youth. In two places, Isaiah 7:14 among them, almah was translated as parthenos, which is a Greek word for virgin (though it was occasionally used to connote a young, unmarried woman).
So this is just one, of several, examples of a basic mistranslation that created major theological differences between Jewish and Christian theology.
4) Even where translations are correct, in Christian readings and teachings of the Christian OT they are completely ripped from the context surrounding them resulting in a very different meaning being ascribed to the verses.
Let’s take another Christian “proof text” as an example. Also Isaiah, this time chapter 53. Isaiah 53 is one of the four “servant songs” in which the prophet describes the climactic world events leading to the Jewish moshiach. Chapter 53 describes the “suffering servant.” Throughout Tanakh the use of the singular “servant” is generally a reference to “Am Yisrael” or the people of Israel. And in the other three servant songs in Isaiah, the singular servant is explicitly stated to be Israel. So Jewish readings of Isaiah 53 read “servant” as it is used in the other directly related texts: it means “Am Yisrael.”
Christianity reads the suffering servant in chapter 53 as Jesus. Because if you rip it alone out of context in its entirety that is a plausible reading. And that is a radically different reading than that presented by the Tanakh. And again, this happens multiple places in Christian OT teachings and exegesis.
5) Finally, on a non-interpretative note, the Christian OT and the Tanakh are structured differently and include some different texts. You can google some tables that illustrate the chapter by chapter breakdown of that, but to take a high-level view:
Tanakh is what it says on the tin, in order: Torah, Nevi’im (Prophets), and Ketuvim (Writings). The Christian OT reorders a bunch of books and chapters (and breaks some books into two), placing Prophets last. Why? Because they read Jewish prophecies as related to the Jesus figure, and it serves as a bridge to the Christian NT.
The Tanakh and the Christian OT are very different texts: the words themselves are different in important places, the exegesis is very different, and they are structured differently. No matter how much of the Christian OT is “borrowed” from Tanakh, our scriptures are fundamentally different.
*Edited to correct the direct translation of Isaiah 7:14. Somehow I totally forgot to fix the tenses from the Septuagint’s mistranslation. Thanks to @dafyomilimerick for catching that.
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belphe-whore · a year ago
Hi !! Can I request the demons brothers (+undateable if you have time) reactions to MC who have low expectations with relationships pls ? For example when they gives her affection she is very surprised and she's like "It exists irl ?? You actually like me ??" (Sorry I don't speak english very well😥)
Your English is fine 😌 I got you.
Dem Boys reacting to an MC with low expectations when it comes to their relationship:
GNMC! Assuming you already in a relationship with them so romantic fluff on this one.
Catches onto it pretty quickly especially when he puts off his work or fixes his schedule to make time for you and you act like he just gave you a million grim.
Doesn’t call you out on it just decides to do a lot of little things for you because he doesn’t want to be to obvious he’s trying to spoil you.
It hurts his pride though when you react to him doing what he feels is the bare minimum.
“MC you are mine there for you are to be treated better than anyone in Devildom so don’t act so shocked when I do things for you or people will think I don’t treat you right.”
This quality of yours got to him before you even started dating
He walked you to class the first day and lectured you about not getting in his way then when he got to class he gave you a little tip about how to stun a demon just enough to run away.
You looked up at him and gave him the most sincere thank you and smile he had to snap at you to go on before you are late and get him in trouble so that you wouldn’t see him blush.
No one had ever thanked him like that and for something so small and stupid and my god you thanked him a lot for everything pretty much. You made him feel like he wasn’t a total shitbag
When you started dating he got you a necklace (with his initial or symbol or something) mostly to mark his territory but also because he wanted to get you an actual gift for being so kind to him
He wasn’t ready for you to uwu or tear up. He loved the way your face lit up and wanted to see that face over and over again.
Basically both of you are the exact same because he’s completely awestruck that anyone could be so sweet to him.
Now that you were dating Levi spent hours psyching himself up in the mirror for your movie night
He was thinking of different anime and manga scenarios he’d seen and played them out in his head of how to hold your hand or maybe get to have you lay on his shoulder.
He thought he was ready until he opened the door and you were in your pjs and my god you were so hot 🥵 he covered his face with his arm to cover his blush.
“I smuggled some snacks before Beel could see them. I also warmed up the blanket in the dryer because my room gets cold for you” he said shyly.
You wrapped your arms around him.
“You’re the best Levi.” He needs a moment to enjoy the embrace before he can speak again.
Is completely oblivious that you feel just as surprised and happy with your relationship as he is.
Levi has his own way of expressing his affection with you but you still get all giddy with him because he seems excited to be with you.
Plans your first date to somewhere you’ve always mentioned wanting to go like hells aquarium or some shit idk.
He spends the whole day treating you like the blessing that you are and answering all of your many questions.
“Sorry I don’t mean to pester you with so many dumb questions.”
“I love that about you MC you should question everything” his smile gets you and you feel your face getting warm and maybe a little tear starting to form (some of us are happy criers ok)
“What’s wrong MC?” He asks pulling you to him stroking your face gently not caring who tf is around they can mind they business
“Thank you for all of this. I didn’t expect you to do all of this” his look of shock is rare
“MC you’re mine. I would give you the entire world if you asked for it.”
You were so uncertain going into your relationship because this is the avatar of lust were talking about how could you compare
You were taken by surprised with him at the start because he was always so sweet and excited to be around you. And when you noticed he was especially this way with you more so than others it made you melt inside.
Asmo is the master of self care and pamper so he’s always insisting on taking care of you or taking care of each other with new products etc.
He always spent so much time with you and on your well being that it made you so happy
When you thank him and he sees how genuinely confused but happy you are about this treatment he cries asking how you don’t have higher standards when it comes to the people in your life.
Becomes over the top dedicated to being the most extra boyfriend you’ve ever imagined.
The first time Beel shared his food with you he was confused why you looked at him with the ooey gooey eyes
“It’s good isn’t it?” He chuckles and when you thank him perfusley (not sure I spelled that right) because you know how much Beel loves food. He just thinks you also like food.
But you’re that way with every little thing especially when you start dating.
“MC why do you always seem surprised when I do things for you?”
“Sorry no one I’ve ever been with has been this sweet with me”
Puts even more care into the way he treats you
Belphie is a brat and remains that way even when you start dating but he has a soft side he keeps just for you
You are always taken by surprise when he treats you in his special way because he goes from 0-100 on the charming scale without warning.
One moment he’s a sleepy brat who needs a damn nap and the next he’s rubbing your back while kissing your shoulder as you’re doing homework unaware that he woke up from his nap.
He’s also the one that likes to randomly say cute shit to make you all mushy especially when your cuddling in the darkness.
He knows exactly what this does to you and that’s exactly why he does this.
Occasionally makes comments about your shitty past relationships even if you’ve never talked to him about them and when you ask him why he’s assuming that he replies “because you always act so surprised when I do the bare minimum as your boyfriend.”
I mean this is the definition of the royal treatment here sooooooo you shoooook
You thought surely you’d be some secret side piece that no one could know about but Diavolo flaunts it around quite a bit
Makes you blush a lot when he introduces you as the human who won the heart of the future demon king so you must be amazing
Also will not let you speak illy of yourself in his presence and if you do he makes you say three nice things about yourself and won’t let you repeat answers
He loves how much you accept his special treatment but he’s very saddened that you would have such low expectations of dating a prince (of hell maybe but still a shall I say god damn prince)
It’s second nature for him to treat you extremely well
He’s one HELL (wink) of a butler after all
He’s gonna be blunt when he sees how surprised you always are when he does things for you or with you
“Why have you set such low expectations of me MC? I am an over achiever and I require better goals especially from my beloved”
I mean just take him to bed already.
Catches onto fairly quickly
Finds it silly and treats it as some kind of trick at first especially with Mammon like watch this gives you a pat on the head before kissing it when he gets up to leave the room and you get all blushy and thank him for even the slightest bit of affection.
“Your lack of experience with decent men is astonishing MC”
Deep down it actually bothers him slightly that you haven’t been treated well before but he will make up for lost time
He asks you to accompany him to some TSL event and is shoooook when you his significant other asks him if he is sure he wants to take you as his date.
“MC you are my romantic partner I want you by my side at all times.”
He always melts your heart with words and you understand why he’s such a famous writer
You actually tell him why you are like this with him because he’s just naturally easy to confess your issues to (ha confession joke)
“I’m a literal angel MC I will devote everything in my power to your happiness”
This platonic so we gonna mix it up as an MC who has low expectations with friend relationships ok
Takes an immediate liking to you so constantly brings you goodies and includes little notes with them with inspiring quotes (probably bible verses but he means well)
You are so surprised by how sweet and kind he is and ask him if that’s just an angel thing to be so genuine he tells you of course it is angels take friendship very seriously but they take family even more seriously and you’re like an older sibling to him so he like to be extra nice to you.
Thanks again for the ask and sorry for the delay 🙈
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kenkamishiro · 6 months ago
Lost in Translation: Choujin X chapter 1
Tumblr media
Fun fact, I was planning to do fan translations for Choujin X with a scan group until it could get a simulpub release, though I didn’t expect it to get one from the very first chapter lol. I’m happy though since it means everyone can read it right away and it doesn’t mess up my schedule.
So instead I’ll be making comparison notes between the EN and JP text to supplement the official translation. I’m not doing this because the official TL is bad (I actually think it’s pretty solid and I hope it will maintain this quality) but because it’s inevitable for something to be lost in translation, and it’s nice to have that additional context for theory crafting and whatnot.
If you want to read it on Twitter instead, the original thread is here, but this is the proofread and way more detailed version 😄
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This translation isn’t wrong, but there’s an emphasis on それ (which is TLed as ‘it’) that connotes a stronger, “other, that thing” feeling that isn’t present here. The general idea behind this sentence is: That [becoming a Choujin] resembles more of a disease [than a transformation].
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Ely talks like a tomboy, she uses rougher speech patterns and the pronoun オラ (ora), a derivative of the masculine 'ore'. But it's a bit old-fashioned (eg. すまなんだ) which makes sense considering her upbringing with her grandfather on a farm. Hence her country bumpkin speech pattern in English.
Tumblr media
Not sure if I should use Ellie or Ely? Ellie makes more sense based on the kana, but Ishida explicitly called her Ely so I might stick with Ely for now... (also istg that blond guy with the huge chin is a reference, I've seen him somewhere)
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Tokio, I know your teacher is annoying, but it's rude to call her that lol. This is basically the oppai equivalent of paisen (senpai backwards, it’s slangier). Similar thing actually happened with Ely describing her dream hubby as Goldilocks instead of blond; ‘kinpatsu’ (blond hair) was inverted to become ‘patsukin’, hence the translation as Goldilocks.
Tumblr media
Kurohara Tokio (黒原トキオ) and Higashi Azuma (東アヅマ). Kurohara is a common surname, means 'black fields'. Tokio is in katakana, so it’s hard to say what kanji it could be. 'Toki' could be 時 (time) or 外喜 (outside + delight). The 'o' can be the common male name suffix 男 (boy).
But when I think of Tokio, I think of TK's song called 'tokio'. You can read the translated lyrics here. If these lyrics end up being relevant to Tokio's character development I will eat my shoe lol.
Higashi means 'east'. Azuma (which can also be romanized as Aduma, it’s a softer ‘zu’ sound which is why Tokio called Azuma ‘Aju’ earlier in the chapter before correcting himself) is an archaic form of ‘east’. So...this guy is literally East East. The Choujin X equivalent of Moon Moon 😂
Someone also informed me that Higashi Azuma is a station in Tokyo, though the kana are slightly different (アヅマ/あづま vs. あずま). They effectively sound the same though nowadays, if I have to be honest. It’s like comparing the difference between 애 and 에 in Korean.
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Tbh this is minor, but worth mentioning just cause it changes the meaning a bit. Tokio is saying something more like, “Why are we even talking about this [the roly-polies] again?”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I think I heard people talking about how the official TL doesn’t match the original text, but personally I really like how this was translated! Sis is using the expression  「爪の垢を煎じて飲む」, which literally means “boiling the dirt under someone’s fingernails and drinking it”. By taking the dirt/grime under the fingernails of someone that you admire, and boiling it and drinking it like a tea, you can become more like them.
But because idioms don’t tend to directly translate well between languages, translators often have to adapt it so that the meaning still remains the same. In English the closest idiom we have to this is “rubbing off on someone.” The “holding hands” bit was added to replace the physical aspect of “taking the dirt from someone’s fingernails” and also contribute to Sis’s sassy and very informal way of speaking.
So Sis is saying in JP (ignoring her personal speech style for now):
You should take the dirt from under [Azuma's] fingernails and boil it so you can be more like him.
And now in ENG it becomes:
You guys should hold hands or something, then maybe he’ll rub off on you.
It now sounds natural in English, still carries the same meaning as the original text, and also suits the character’s speech pattern.
Moving on, in that same panel the literal TL of Tokio’s dialogue is, “Policeman Azuma got dispatched again today,” emphasizing Azuma’s heroic deeds along with his family connections to the police. Another thing I want to note is that this is the second time Azuma has been called 偉い (erai) so far - noble, and now great guy. I’ll just dump the general English definition of 偉い from Jisho here so you get the general idea:
Great; excellent; admirable; remarkable; distinguished; important; celebrated; famous; eminent
But you can tell from how people describe Azuma as 偉い that others look up to him, think he’s a great person and Mr. Perfect. Always being placed on a pedestal by others. (What are the odds this will affect his mentality after the Choujin serum?)
Tumblr media
The meaning is still pretty much the same, but I’ll offer a slightly different perspective. Sis mentions that if she were Tokio, she’d burst from the [Azuma] complex. (Clearly Tokio and Azuma's relationship is gonna crack at some point)
Tumblr media
Tokio mentions an idiom about hawks (taka) before recalling his childhood memory about vultures. Vultures are called 'hagewashi', but in the chapter it mentions they can also be called 'hagetaka' (buzzard/condor, literally bald hawk).
Tumblr media
The kids call him names like "Hagetaka Tokio" and "Hageo". But Hagetaka Tokio only really works in JP cause Hagetaka kinda mimics his last name (Buzzard Tokio doesn't give the same vibe). Same with Hageo. Hage-o = Bald-o = Baldy.
I also think Buzzard was chosen over another name for a vulture like Condor because Buzzard can pass off as an insult.
Tumblr media
I would have translated this as, “I wanted to be a lion too...” but this is just personal preference.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A continuation of the 「爪の垢を煎じて飲む」 expression Sis used earlier. Without the adapted idiom the exchange goes something like this:
Tokio: My sister said I should bring home the dirt from under your nails. Can I have some?
Azuma: ...huh? What for, that’s scary. No way.
Tokio: I have to boil it and drink it, apparently.
Azuma: Don’t even think about boiling or drinking it.
But since the 「爪の垢を煎じて飲む」 expression was modified to make it sound natural in English, it means this conversation has to be modified too.
JP: My sister said I should bring home the dirt from under your nails. Can I have some?
EN: My sister says we should hold I can be more like you. What do you think?
The “dirt from under your nails” part got adapted to “holding hands”, hence how the 1st line from Tokio becomes, “My sister says we should hold I can be more like you.” “Can I have some?” makes no sense now in this context now, so it was changed to “What do you think?” as a question to Azuma to keep the similar conversation flow going.
JP: ...huh? What for, that’s scary. No way.
EN: Huh? What’re you talking about? No thanks.
Azuma’s next line is similar enough to the JP text except for the removal of “scary”. I think the reason it was most likely removed is because leaving it as it is could be constituted as homophobic (2 boys holding hands, absolutely nothing scary about it as bible thumpers would like people to believe).
JP: I have to boil it and drink it, apparently.
EN: She said to hold hands so you’ll rub off on me.
Tokio’s response to that is explaining what he meant by his proposal. In the original text he lays out the latter half of the idiom (he doesn’t even realize it’s an expression, poor boy), and in English he does something similar by going into why his sister said they should hold hands (so Azuma can rub off on Tokio).
JP: Don’t even think about boiling or drinking it.
EN: C’mon. That’s not how things work.
Azuma’s then rebuts Tokio’s proposal as ridiculous. In the original text he drops a typical straight man response (don’t do *insert whatever ridiculous thing the idiot suggested*). But since Tokio’s proposal in English isn’t as preposterous, his rebuttal is toned down in response by telling him not to take it literally.
Ultimately, even though a lot of this dialogue was changed, I still think it was successful in maintaining the original’s intent. Tokio takes his sister’s sarcastic suggestion literally and brings it up to Azuma, who dismisses it as silly. It would be nice if we could keep the expression as it was in Japanese, but in instances like this where it’s played off of in multiple lines, that’s easier said than done.
Tumblr media
軟体 isn’t an actual word, it’s made up of the kanji soft + body. So kinda like Elastigirl, but Flexi was chosen instead. It doesn’t sound 100% right, but I don’t think I could come up with anything better.
Tumblr media
Replacing the しい in 楽しい with the C plus that elongated pronunciation makes Johnny sound even more like a stereotypical Yankee, which is why he sounds like that in English 😂
Tumblr media
Random but I found it interesting how Azuma called Johnny a youkai (妖怪) instead of something like bakemono (化け物) or obake (お化け) since they’re shapeshifting monsters.
Tumblr media
Tokio is worried that if he doesn't do something right now, he's going to lose his friendship with Azuma. The sentence is fine as it is though.
Tumblr media
Azuma’s line can also be worded as, "No hard feelings, okay?"
Tumblr media
Bestial = 獣化 (juuka) = beast+change = beast transformation
That’s it from me, if you have questions about the TL feel free to send an ask or reply to this post, I promise I’ll check my inbox more often this time 😂
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From Ashes To Fire - 4
Tumblr media
Here comes the hotstepper next part of Oda's and Lancelot's story and I really hope you're going to like it. I decided not to use my usual taglist for this anymore, because there doesn't seem to be an intersection of the Cavillry and the Cursed fandom. I'll just tag the people who liked the previous chapters. If you want to be added to the Cursed/Dan Sharman taglist, let me know.
Pairing: Lancelot x OFC (Oda)
Words: 4.1 k
Summary: Lancelot and Squirrel are in need of help because the boy is very sick. They find shelter at a farm and Oda, the woman who lives there, awakens feelings in the Weeping Monk he hasn't known before. (Okay... this summary sucks... it's basically a slow burn with a lot of mutual pining and angst of two characters who know nothing about love...yet)
Warnings: none really, just mutual pining and some impure thoughts 😏
UNBETAED! English is not my mother tongue, so expect bad grammar, wrong spelling, chaotic punctuation and clumsy language. All mistakes are mine…
Disclaimer/Credits: I don't own anything related to Cursed, pics for the moodboard from Pinterest
@emelinelovesjc @lunedelorient @legendarywizarddetective @captainbucky-yt
(@cavillsthighs maybe?)
Shall we?
The awkward situation led to a strange atmosphere between Oda and Lancelot for the rest of the day. After having dinner and putting a knackered Percy back to bed they sat beside the fireplace in silence, both pretending to be busy -Lancelot with reading in his precious bible, Oda with embroidery- when in fact they were both preoccupied with their thoughts and worries.
Oda was still processing what she'd learned about the man who was provoking all those unfamiliar feelings in her. She knew she should at least be a bit scared of him, she should be wary, but she wasn't and that was the fact that really frightened her. It was so untypical for her to let down her guard just like that. She wasn't able to understand what was happening to her, why she acted and felt so strange and unreasonable, when she actually should use her common sense and keep her distance.
It was true what she'd told him about her creed, about judging people by what they were, not by what they had been or were going to be, but she wasn't dumb. Being open minded didn't make her blind to the threat he was, but the thought of throwing him and the boy out was way worse than anything else. It would mean that she'd never see them again and that would break her heart. Squirrel already felt like a little brother to her, she had become so attached to the boy in this short span of time, she just had to be sure he was going to be fine before she was ready to even think about letting him go.
And the monk? The prospect of seeing him vanish from her life as sudden as he'd appeared made her heart clench. She wanted to be close to him although it was silly and pointless. Her daydreams about him would never become true, those were the dreams of a frustrated, lonely, clueless, old virgin. But still, she was hoping against hope that maybe one day he wouldn't pull back, that he would hold her hand and maybe even more.
Lancelot gave Oda a stolen glance when she exhaled with a deep sigh, her eyes fixed on the embroidery she was working on. She looked beautiful in the warm, flickering light the fire was giving. He was allowed to think this, he told himself, because it was true. She was a beautiful woman, everybody could see that. Her beauty was given to her by god and that couldn't be a bad thing.
The fact that he wanted to touch her face, that he yearned to feel her skin under his hands, her silky hair between his fingers, however was bad. Bad and wrong and simply foolish.
She hadn't kicked him out but that didn't mean she liked him. It just meant that she was a good woman who cared about a boy in need and the man who travelled with him. And maybe she saw her brother, when she looked at him, maybe she watched him and saw a blinded fanatic. Tolerating him in her house despite the fact that he was what he was, wasn't a sign of liking, not necessarily at least.
He still couldn't help but think that there was something in her eyes, when she looked at him, something that went beyond pure courtesy or hospitality.
Then again, what did he know about it? Maybe it was just the way she looked at people, maybe he just wanted her to look at him like he was special to her. He just knew for sure that his body reacted to her in a way that was as unambiguous as disgraceful. He had always wondered what real lust felt like. The cardinal sin, not just simple arousal -he knew that sensation very well, it was the reason for many of the scars that covered his back.
No, what flooded him just by the thought of her wasn't just the simple desire of the flesh, it went deeper. It was the all consuming need to be close to her, both physically and emotionally, it was burning desire, it was want, it was frightful but he wasn't scared. He was confused, he was ashamed, guilt-ridden of course, because he was aware that it was wrong to feel like this, but it didn't scare him and that was bothering him the most. It meant that temptation would have an easy job with him if the Lord ever decided to test him, and since lust inevitably led to other deadly sins -greed, envy, pride- he had to come to his senses. He wasn't a monk anymore and not a Red Paladin, but he was still a god fearing man. He had lost his faith in a way but not the fear of fire and brimstone.
"You know that we'll have to hide your sword and your clothes, right?"
Oda's voice was soft but determined and he looked at her with a frown.
"They will be looking for you and Squirrel, don't you think? You showed them up, embarrassed them. They won't let it go just like this," she explained her thoughts.
"I think we're safe here. You said it yourself, your king doesn't want the Red Paladins in his country."
"What if they send an assassin... unofficially? I'm sure they have another one besides the infamous Weeping Monk."
Her voice was dripping with sarcasm and she pulled a face, half grin, half pout.
"That would be possible, I guess," Lancelot admitted.
"See," Oda said, fixing her eyes on her embroidery again. "As I said before, I don't want any trouble. So the remains of your past have to disappear."
"Of course, I'm going to take care of it first thing in the morning. I'd never expose you to any kind of danger." He looked at her, hoping she'd lift her head to meet his eyes but she didn't.
"Really? Is that so?"
"Sure, why would you doubt that?"
"Oh yes, why would I?" She locked eyes with him now and they were sparkling with anger. "It's not like you came to my house, taking my help, sleeping under my roof, lying right into my face and not telling me that you're England's most wanted fugitive and a trained assassin, right?"
"I told you I'm sorry." Lancelot stared at her, annoyed by her reproach because he knew she was right and it pissed him off that he was confronted with his own failure and the mess he'd made again.
"No, actually you didn't." Oda held his gaze, crossing her arms in front of her chest. "You explained yourself but you didn't apologize."
"So that's what this is about? That's what you want from me? An apology?" he asked, cocking his head with a frown. "Well, then.. I'm really sorry, Oda. I should have told you the truth and I aplogize for all you think I've done wrong."
He shrugged, wondering if she was content now. She wasn't.
"Not like that, you...oh, just forget it," Oda replied in a strained voice, glaring at him.
"But you said…"
"I said forget it."
She was obviously fuming with anger, her hands clinging to the embroidery frame so hard, her knuckles turned white. Lancelot didn't know what to do or say, so he just sighed helplessly, but she didn't even look at him. It seemed to be true what they said about women being complicated and hard to understand.
Lancelot turned to his bible again and kept on pretending to read. He endured the tension that was filling the room as long as possible, but when it started to feel like it was slowly choking him he faked a yawn and stretched his body.
"I'll go to bed," Lancelot announced into the awkward silence. He got up and realized soon that Squirrel had managed to occupy all of the bed with his tiny body.
"You can sleep in the attic. I arranged something that will meet your high moral standards."
Her voice was still sharp but at least she looked at him, resting her needlework in her lap.
"Thank you." He gave her a shy smile and to his big relief her face softened a bit.
She nodded at him.
"I think we'll be able to share a room like this without giving up our privacy."
"I promise I won't be a nuisance."
"Good for you. I won't hesitate to hit you with the broomstick I keep under the bed." Oda couldn't help but flash him a grin.
"A broomstick, huh? Do you need it to fly through the night when there's a full moon?" Lancelot teased her, returning the grin.It wasn't the first time she got the impression that he was pretty quick-witted and jocose under the aloof and prim surface and she had to admit she liked it.
"Did you just call me a witch?"
Oda laughed softly and again it had this effect on Lancelot, the bubbly sound resonating in his belly, making him feel nervous and tingly.
"Are you a witch?"
"No, unfortunately not. Just an ordinary woman without any magic."
The ash man gave her a look she couldn't read. She'd never met a person before that was such an enigma to her. She couldn't know that the feeling was mutual. Oda was like a mysterious sphinx to Lancelot. Beautiful, wise, graceful and a bit intimidating.
"Are you staying up?" he wanted to know.
"I have to," Oda sighed, "have to finish this embroidery. I am to deliver it to the mayor's wife tomorrow."
"Alright. Good night then, Oda," Lancelot said, giving her a little bow to make another smile blossom on her lips and it worked.
"Good night, Lance," she said, her lips curving up and her cheeks blushing.
Lance, he thought, climbing up the ladder with a candle holder in his hand. No one had ever called him that before but he liked it. When he entered the attic he was quite impressed with Oda's arrangement. She had found the perfect solution. The large but low space was divided into two sections by white linen sheets she'd hung on a line that was put up between the walls. Each section built a little room with a bed, made of straw, covered by woolen fabric. Oda had placed some blankets on the beds and cushions filled with hay and judging by the discreet scent also with dried lavender. There were even makeshift bedside tables, two small, plain, wooden trunks one could store their clothes in and put the candle holder on.
Lancelot decided to encamp on the space in the back of the room. He undressed and put on the night shirt that Oda had given him yesterday before slipping under the blankets. It was comfortable and he enjoyed having a bed for himself but he still wasn't able to find sleep, his mind kept wandering, thinking about all that had happened to him in the last weeks and about her of course.
About an hour later he was lying in the dark in his bed perfectly still but wide awake, when he heard Oda climbing up the ladder. Flickering lights that were dancing on the walls showed that she had brought the thick candle with her that she used as a source of light when she did her needlework.
Lancelot turned his head and he froze, when he realized that the construction that was such a clever partition, was a kind of trap on second sight. The sheets that separated his bed from hers worked like a screen for a shadow play. The candle was illuminating the background and Oda's outlines were clearly visible on the canvas. He knew he should avert his eyes and grant her some privacy but he just couldn't. Instead he watched the fascinating spectacle. He saw her take off her dress and her underdress. He witnessed how she stripped off her undershirt and for a moment she was naked.
Lancelot stifled the moan that was threatening to escape his throat. He drank in the sight of her silhouette that was painted black against the white linen. He studied the curves of her breasts, her waist and her hips, enjoyed the slow motions that moved her body, and he couldn't stop himself from imagining what she'd looked like if the screen fell. Her lightly tanned skin shining in the candlelight, her sex exposed to his eyes. He forced himself to breathe slowly and it worked somehow but he wasn't able to control every aspect of his arousal. His member was rock hard, and although he knew it was out of the question to give himself relief, he grabbed his length just to hold it, just to feel it pulsating in his hand.
The rustling sound the straw made, when he shifted his position, startled Oda. She put on her chemise in a hurry before she whispered his name softly into the darkness. He didn't dare to answer. He just squeezed his eyes shut, his hand still closed around his throbbing erection, and after what felt like an eternity Oda finally blew out the candle and went to bed, allowing him to relax and eventually drift off to sleep.
The next day Oda left right after breakfast to see the mayor's wife and Lancelot burnt his old clothes, although it hurt to see bis cloak go up in flames, and hid his sword in a trunk.
Percy was a little pain in the ass all morning, now that he was feeling better but bored and restless like a cat on hot bricks, so Lancelot decided to take him on a little walk. He saddled Goliath, who was in need of a little movement, too, helped Squirrel on the large horse's back and they left, taking a path that led through meadows and up a little hill. They walked in peaceful silence for a while but eventually the boy started to burble away. Lancelot would have been annoyed under normal circumstances but in this case he was simply relieved that Squirrel was being his old self again, the chattering cheeky monkey he had grown so fond of.
"Oda is really nice," he stated after gushing about how she'd saved his life for at least 15 minutes and retelling all the legends and fairies she'd told him in the last few days for another quarter of an hour.
"Yes, she is," Lancelot agreed.
"Do you think she'll let us stay?"
"Of course. Until you have completely recovered. She told me."
"Great," Percy beamed at the monk. "I really like her."
Lancelot gave him a nod and a smile hoping he'd drop the topic. He had dreamt about Oda all night, she was on his mind constantly, it wasn't helpful that he had to talk about her on top of that, when he actually wanted to get rid of his strange obsession with her.
"Do you like her too?"
Squirrel glanced at him, a sparkle in his eyes indicating that the taciturn reply wouldn't spare him further investigations by the boy.
"She's beautiful, isn't she?"
Lancelot raised his eyebrows, giving the boy an amused smile.
"What does a tiny tot like you know about this?"
"More than you, I guess. I bet I've seen more naked women than you," Squirrel grinned. "Nobody pays attention to a little boy. Except I'm not a boy anymore. I'm almost a man." He straightened his upper body, puffing himself up which made him have a coughing fit.
"Don't worry about me," Lancelot said, rolling his eyes at the little rascal. "I know all I have to know."
"So you agree? She's beautiful?"
"Yes, she is, I guess," he growled, unable to keep the images of the erotic shadow play he'd witnessed last night at bay. "And now shut up. It's disrespectful to talk about her like that."
Squirrel made a face at him and he actually managed to stay quiet for about five minutes before he turned to Lancelot again.
"I think she likes you."
"She likes you too."
"No, not like that. She looks at you differently. Like my mom used to look at my dad before she kissed him."
"Don't be silly," Lancelot shrugged it off, shushing the boy with a gesture when he was about to speak again. He pretended to be untouched by his words but in fact his heart was doing somersaults at the mere thought that Squirrel could be right. That she probably cared for him.
Oda returned in the afternoon in a good mood. Mayor Macleod's wife had been very content with the cushion cover and Oda's pretty embroidery and she'd ordered another one plus a shawl and a few handkerchiefs with her monogram. It meant a lot of work in the evening hours but it also meant a lot of money and maybe some of her friends would follow her example and order some needlework too. She entered the house and found Percy in bed, cuddling with Pebbles, her old and usually grumpy, grey mouser, who was purring softly in the boy's arms.
Oda smiled at Squirrel, handing him over a small leather sack.
"What's that?" he asked curiously.
"Just a little treat," Oda answered, happy to see him smile when he discovered that the bag contained dried fruits and some nuts. He started to stuff himself right away.
"Where's Lancelot?"
"He's in the stable, rubbing down Goliath. We went on a little ride. We saw a wolf but Lancelot wasn't a bit scared. He's very brave."
"I thought so, after what he did to save you." Oda tousled Squirrel's hair with a friendly wink.
"He's a good man now, don't you think?"
"Umm...yes. He seems to be."
"I like him very much. He's my protector," the boy explained proudly. "Do you like him?"
Oda turned away from Percy because she knew she was blushing like a silly schoolgirl just at the thought of the ash man.
"That's good. Because I happen to know he likes you too. Like a man likes a woman."
When she looked at the boy again he was grinning, wiggling his eyebrows and Oda couldn't help but laugh.
"You don't know what you're talking about."
"Why does everyone in this house assume I'm clueless?" Percival really seemed to be a little cross, rolling his eyes, letting out an annoyed snort.
"I don't think you're clueless," Oda replied softly, "just a little young to know about these kinds of things."
"I might be young but to me it seems I know more about it than you and Lancelot together," he muttered away, more to himself than to Oda.
She sighed, confused by his words and a bit shaken by the thought that he might be right.
"I'll give Lancelot a helping hand with the horse and you get some rest," she told Squirrel before she left and went outside.
When she was approaching the stable, she heard a sound and she stopped in her tracks. The cracking noise of a whip smacking on bare flesh made her hair stand on end. The fact that it wasn't followed by a protesting whinny but by a very human moan of pain let her blood freeze. She rushed to the small building, opening the wooden door a bit. What she saw filled her with horror.
Lancelot was kneeling in the straw, holding the horse whip in his hand, his naked back pitted with scars, some healed, some rather fresh, and with a shocking amount of bleeding weals, scarlet wounds that were leaking thick droplets of blood. He added a new one when he whipped himself again hard and merciless, grunting with pain.
Oda stepped closer slowly but despite the crunching sound of her food steps, Lancelot didn't seem to notice her.
"Lance," she whispered, kneeling down beside him, her voice quivering, her eyes threatening to overflow with tears.
He spinned around quickly, his eyes wide with shock and surprise.
"Oda." He stared at her, the whip still in his hand.
"What are you doing, Lance?"
Oda looked at him, puzzled about what would be the best thing to do, how to react to this. Following an instinct, she raised a hand and placed it on the skin of his back gently. She traced the lines of the healed scars with her fingertips carefully, her touch light as a breath of air.
"Why are you doing this to yourself?" she asked softly, her hand still roaming over his bare flesh, her touch so tender and soothing, he wasn't able to bear it.
Lancelot turned around and grabbed her wrist, pulling her hand close, pressing it to his chest, close to his beating heart.
"I'm doing penance," he explained, his eyes fixed on her hand.
"Penance for what?" Oda wanted to know, shaking her head helplessly. "You've done nothing wrong."
"Yes, I have. I have sinned."
"Sinned? What kind of sin would that be, that results in such a horrendous punishment. What kind of god asks you to be so cruel to yourself."
"You don't understand that…", Lancelot replied, letting go of her hand.
"You're right, I don't. I need you to explain it to me."
She cupped his face with her hands, forcing him to look at her. The despair in her eyes hit him hard. He could tell she was scared and worried. Worried about him, caring about his well being, concerned that he was hurting, and the realization that he meant something to her was so overwhelming it made him open up to her.
"It helps me to keep my thoughts in check. It prevents me from...doing things that are wrong. Things the demon inside of me wants me to think and do."
"Demon? You're not possessed, Lancelot."
He shrugged helplessly.
"Whatever you want to call it, there's something inside of me that makes me think...things."
"What kind of things? Do you have violent thoughts? Do you want to be the Weeping Monk again?"
"No, not at all. It's not violent thoughts…"
"So what is it?"
He hesitated, torn between the desire to confess and the fear of disgusting her. His face was still trapped in her tender grip and when she gave him an encouraging nod he took a deep breath and let go.
"Impure thoughts," he admitted.
Oda's expression changed from questioning to knowing and her cheeks became charmingly rosy.
"Impure thoughts are normal, I guess. They don't require any kind of punishment. Everyone has them."
"That's not what I was told. Father Carden taught me…"
"Your Father Carden was a liar," she cut in vigorously, throwing her hands in the air with a frustrated gesture, letting go of his face. "It's natural and it's essential. I mean to keep us, well... having offspring. Desire means attraction and attraction leads know what I mean."
Oda blushed furiously, never before had she talked about that with anyone, and speaking about it with a man was so incredibly inappropriate, it made her cringe with embarrassment, but special circumstances warrant special measures, she told herself. She just wanted him to know that he wasn't what Father Carden had drummed into him all those years. He wasn't bad, he wasn't rotten, he wasn't a sinner just by his pure existence.
"Do you really think so?" He looked at her with a frown.
"I do. Truly."
"So you have impure thoughts too?"
Oda flinched, caught off guard by his question. She gulped when she remembered the daydreams she'd had about him. Suddenly it was getting very hot in the stable. She just then realized how close he was to her. Close and half naked, his broad shoulders uncovered, his chest bare, his muscles showing underneath his skin that was glistening with cold sweat and blood. She knew she owed him an honest answer after he had opened up to her, so she pulled herself together and looked him straight in the eyes.
"Yes," she confessed, "yes, I do. Sometimes."
He held her gaze but he kept quiet as if he expected her to say more, but she didn't. She just looked at him, her breasts heaving quickly, her fingers fumbling with the hem of her sleeve. His eyes wandered to her lips and without really knowing what they were doing, they both leaned in slowly but steadily. Oda felt Lancelot slip one hand into hers, his other hand touching her by the waist gently, pulling her closer ever so slightly, when the door flew open with a loud creak.
"What's been keeping you busy for so long? I'm starving in there," Squirrel announced, annoyed, ruining the moment unknowingly.
They moved away from each other with a jolt, Oda getting up, straightening her skirt, Lancelot putting his tunic back on in a hurry.
"We're just finished," he said, turning to the little intruder.
"Finished with what," Squirrel asked with a cheeky grin.
"With cleaning up," Oda explained, her heart still beating like crazy.
"I see," Squirrel snickered, "I didn't know one has to take their shirt off to do this."
He turned around with a triumphant smile on his cute face, leaving Oda and Lancelot flushed, dazed and confused.
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runela9 · 4 months ago
Ya'll wanna know one super specific thing that really salts my apples about fundamentalist Christians?
So there's this verse, Revelations 22: 18-19, and it goes like this:
I warn everyone who hears the words of the prophecy of this scroll: If anyone adds anything to them, God will add to that person the plagues described in this scroll. And if anyone takes words away from this scroll of prophecy, God will take away from that person any share in the tree of life and in the Holy City, which are described in this scroll.
Basically, if you intentionally alter the content of the Bible, not only are you going to Hell, God will personally set plagues on your ass. 
This is part of a larger concept, "the sanctity of the Word," which is the idea that everything the Bible says came literally, directly from God and has never ever been altered  over the course of thousands of years.
BUT, guess what? That's not how language fucking works. Look at slang from two or three decades ago and try to tell me language doesn't change over time. And that's just within English. Do you have any idea how badly you can fuck up a sentence even by translating it between two languages?
Obviously, these people are not reading the scripture in its original language or even within a single degree of translation. They don't speak Latin, or Greek, or Hebrew, or Aramaic, and they sure as hell don't speak the Proto-Sinaitic language the early Israelites used.
Nope. They speak English, a little bastard of a language that's only about 1,400 years old by generous estimates and is known specifically for being a hideous linguistic chimera.
By their own doctrine, translations should be unacceptable substitutes for the original texts.  I guess it's okay for lay people, but clergy should certainly be required to learn the languages Moses and Jesus actually spoke.
Now even if you are absolute shit at learning languages, you should at least consult native speakers. But nooooo.  Because that would mean listening to the Jews, who actually speak and read Hebrew, when they say things like
"Oh, that word is actually a mistranslation; it actually says don't be a pedophile, it has nothing to do with gay people"
And if the Christians listened to that, then they couldn't use their precious "abomination" defense to justify all of the homophobic hate crimes.
Most Christians have never read the Bible, much less studied it seriously.  The church likes it that way, because people who study the Bible don't stay Christians.
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thankskenpenders · 9 months ago
Here’s your latest bit of behind the scenes info I have gleaned from working through the BumbleKast Q&A backlog, this time mostly from August 2020 episodes:
There apparently IS an English lore bible of some kind for Sonic, which Ian was first sent late in the Archie era. (Don’t get worked up about it answering every lore question ever, it probably just covers the basics.)
The lore bible reiterates that the two worlds thing is extremely literal and not a mistranslation
While this has never been depicted in the games, the characters apparently travel between the two planets with warp rings of some kind. This matches how Sonic got to Earth in the movie, so it shouldn’t be surprising
No, the events of the older games, even the ones still firmly considered canon, will never completely fit with the two worlds lore, the Classic/Modern divide, etc. Don’t think too hard about it. Sonic’s continuity is just loose. Ian knows it makes no sense, he and Evan are just working with what they’re given
Ian readily admits that Silver’s time travel is a mess. Silver somehow keeps needing to go back in time to stop various future-altering catastrophes in Sonic’s era, but when all is said and done he apparently always returns to the same static “blue skies” future. (In other words, the future he returned to at the end of the Metal Virus saga isn’t a new timeline he created, but rather things being back to the way they’re supposed to be.) But how does Silver’s future keep getting changed by events that already occurred 200 years ago from their perspective while Silver’s just minding his own business in his own time, requiring him to keep going back in time and restore the good “blue skies” future? Ian doesn’t know. He’s given up. This is just how Sega says it works and there’s no clear logic behind it. Again, just don’t think too hard about it
Ian believes that the infamous “Sonic can’t cry” mandate is a misquote that can be traced back to Penders on his old personal forum. As Ian puts it, it’s more like a general guideline about Sonic not being the type to wallow too heavily in negative feelings, with certain things occasionally being deemed too far by Sega
Ian also doesn’t like the term “mandates.” Sega did not hand them a concrete list of rules to follow, there are just some general guidelines, some things they've gotten feedback on, some ideas that have been shot down, and some things dictated by the current lore. He’s always quick to remind people that the guidelines and what is and isn’t doable have changed over time, and that they will probably continue to change
For instance, he’s been trying to get Sticks into the IDW series for a while. His pitches so far have been shot down, but he’s confident that she’s considered a part of the regular cast--she has a Sonic Channel profile and everything--and that she’ll be able to appear someday. Sega just keeps telling him “not right now”
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royalhandmaidens · 3 months ago
hi!! if you don't want to answer this that's totally fine but you seem like a really well-read and intelligent person and I really respect your opinions - i was wondering if you have any recommendations for books about islam? i'm a christian and i have some muslim friends so i know very generic basics, but not a lot more. i love reading books about christianity/christian mystic works, and i'd love to know if you have any recs for similar books about islam! ty and i love your blog! :)
on islam in general?
for beginners i think ‘being muslim’ by asad tarsin is good, it’s often given out to new converts and though i haven’t read all of it myself it comes highly recommended
the yaqeen institute and zaytuna college and cambridge muslim college are great resources for videos and academic articles, though these resources are for muslims by muslims and might be hard to follow or understand if you don’t have a foundational education in the faith (zaytuna has a great online bookstore though!)
leslie hazelton is an author i recommend. she’s not muslim herself, she’s jewish, but she’s spent most of her life studying this area, the qur’an, and the seerah and her works are honestly amazing. she has ted talks as well and i highly recommend them!
if you read the qur’an - i recommend the study qur’an, specifically. the qur’an is extremely different from the bible and can be very hard to comprehend outside of its original arabic and without the context behind what you’re reading. it’s not linear like the bible and doesn’t follow any sort of timeline like what you might be used to. the study qur’an has pages and pages of notes and annotation designed to help someone reading it in english understand things better and it gives great context to what you’re reading (it’s also free online in pdf form if you can’t get a physical copy)
there’s also some really great interfaith video series between a christian pastor and sh. omar suleiman, where they talked about misconceptions in islam and i thought it was wonderful
sorry if this is long and all over the place, but i wasn’t sure what exactly you were interested in learning so i dumped it all at once
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misseffie · 6 months ago
Is Gendry illiterate?
Short answer: Probably not. 
Long answer: 
I’ve noticed a lot of fanfiction trying to address Gendry’s illiteracy once he becomes a noble. Most fics depict him as being completely illiterate. Some depict him as having some level of literacy, but not enough for his new position. So let’s try to figure it out, shall we?
Part 1: Literacy
We have this assumption that in medieval times no one could read or write unless they were part of the nobility. That is not quite true. Firstly, we have to understand what it meant to be literate by medieval standards: 
“In Medieval times, “Literate” actually meant able to read and write in Latin, which was considered to be the language of learning. Being able to read and write in the vernacular wasn’t considered real learning at all. Most peasants prior to the Black Death (which really shook up society) had little chance to learn - hard labouring work all of the hours of daylight does’t leave a lot of energy for reading or writing.
It’s worth noting, however the panic amongst the ruling classes when translations of The Bible started to appear written in English. This really started in the late 14th Century (about 30 years after the Black Death). The level of panic suggests that the Ruling Classes knew that the numbers of people who could read and write English was far greater than the numbers who could read Latin.”
However, there is no language quite like Latin in Westeros. The closest we come to something similar is High Valyrian. Which noble children seem to have a basic understanding of. We can safely assume that Gendry doesn’t have extensive knowledge of High Valyrian - so he is illiterate in that regard. But I don’t think High Valyrian is as widely used as Latin was in the Middle Ages. It’s also not a language with religious significance. As the Faith of the Seven doesn’t use High Valyrian the way that the Catholic Church used Latin.
So… taking that into account. What I assume that is meant by “literate” in Westeros is being able to read and write in the Common Tongue. 
I will say that even by those parameters I don’t think most of the commoners would have been literate. However, Gendry was not in the same situation as most of the commoners.
Which leads me to... 
Part 2: Socio-economic class in Medieval Times
The level of literacy among the commonfolk has to be examined on a case by case basis.
Literacy among “peasants” varied a lot depending on circumstance. So, for example, it’s not strange that Davos, who was a smuggler prior to meeting Stannis, was illiterate. Or Gilly, who was completely isolated from the world and in terrible conditions.
But Gendry is in a different situation.
As @arsenicandfinelace pointed out in this cool meta:
Gendry was definitely born low-class, as an unrecognised bastard whose mother was a tavern girl (read: one step away from prostitute). But the whole point of apprenticing with Tobho Mott is that that was a major leap forward for him, socially.
As Davos put it in 3x10, “The Street of Steel? You lived in the fancy part of town.” Yes, a tradesman of any kind is leagues below the nobility, and could never ever be worthy of marrying a highborn girl like Arya. But Tobho Mott is a master craftsman, the best armourer in the capital city of a heavily martial country. As far as tradesman go, he’s the best of the best, and charges accordingly.
There’s a reason Varys had to pay out the ass to get Gendry apprenticed there. If he had stayed, completed his apprenticeship, and eventually taken over the workshop, he would have been very wealthy (by commoner standards) and respectable (again, by commomner standards), despite his low birth.
Tobho Mott is a tradesman and a craftsman. He is part of the merchant class. * Merchants are often referred to as a different class from the rest of the population. The merchant class in Medieval Times was closer to the middle class of contemporary times.
“By the 15th century, merchants were the elite class of many towns and their guilds controlled the town government. Guilds were all-powerful and if a merchant was kicked out of one, he would likely not be able to earn a living again.”
Mott would be considered to be part of the merchant class - and not even a common kind of merchant either. He was the best Blacksmith in all of King's Landing, the capital of the Seven Kingdoms. So we can assume that Tobho Mott was a very wealthy and powerful craftsman and merchant.  
“That many 'middle class' people (tradesmen, merchants and the like) could read and write in the late middle ages cannot be disputed.”
I’m not saying that all tradesmen/merchants/craftsmen were literate back then. It was still a smaller percentage than the nobility. Only the richer and more influential of tradesmen would learn Latin. But I think most of them would be literate enough in the vernacular to run a business. Considering Mott’s reputation and his clientele I’m certain that Mott is part of that literate percentage.
In season 2, Arya accidentally reveals to Tywin that she can read. Realizing her mistake she covers up by saying that her father, a ’stonemason', taught her. Of course, I don’t think that completely fooled Tywin but why did Arya say her father was Stonemason. Why did his profession matter at all? Surely it wouldn’t have mattered if he was a fisherman or a farmer... a peasant is a peasant, right?
“The Medieval Stonemason asserts that they were not monks but highly skilled craftsmen who combined the roles of architect, builder, craftsman, designer, and engineer. Many, if not all masons of the Middle Ages learnt their craft through an informal apprentice system”
“Children from merchants and craftsmen were able to study longer and continuous, so they were able to learn Latin at a later age. This way, everyone learned to read and write (some better than others) sufficiently for their trade.”
Stonemasons were the architects of the time and no doubt the top tier was literate.
Many trades (by the 15th C) required reading and writing, so it was taught to apprentices by the masters. We know from apprenticeship agreements that many masters were expected to continue the apprentice's literacy or start it, which makes sense for the wider viability of the trade.
The War of the Roses took place in the late 15th Century. So I’m guessing that that’s the time period that ASOIAF is mostly based on.
Part 3: Level of literacy
I think it’s safe to say that Gendry has some level of literacy. However, his “level” is pretty much up for debate. If he’d finished his apprenticeship it’s likely he’d have a decent level of reading/writing comprehension. However, near the end of his apprenticeship he was kicked out.
I’m not sure how much Gendry could read/write by the time that he was kicked out by Tobho Mott. But he’d already been his apprentice for 10 years (in show canon). More than enough time to get some basic reading/writing/basic math lessons. 
It seems that show!Gendry is more likely to have a higher level of literacy than book!Gendry. In the show, he leaves Tobho Mott at 16, while in the book he is 14. This is just my own impression, but I think his education would be more complete by age 16 than age 14.
Not to mention that book!Gendry is still in the Riverlands and working for outlaws. But in the show we can assume that Gendry has been smithing in King’s Landing for years and it is insinuated that he owns a shop. Meaning he might have reached “Master” status and can take on apprentices of his own. It might seem like Gendry is too young for that. But it’s actually not that strange. 
“Apprentices stayed with their masters for seven to nine years before they were able to claim journeyman status. Journeyman blacksmiths possessed the basic skills necessary to work alongside their master, seek work with other shops, or even open their own businesses.”
Considering that Gendry has been with Mott for 10 years in show!canon, it’s possible that Gendry was a “journeyman” and not an “apprentice” by the time that Ned meets him in season 1. But he might be nearing the end of his apprenticeship in the books.
Guilds also required journeymen to submit work for examination each year in each area of expertise. So, a journeyman who perhaps crafted swords, locks, and keys would need to submit each item to his guild annually for inspection. If the guild approved the craftsmanship of the products, the journeyman could eventually move up to master status.
The process of becoming a master could take from 2 to 5 years. Considering that Gendry is regarded as talented, it’s likely that he achieved this in a shorter period of time. As a journeyman he also needed to work alongside a master for 3 to 4 years before he could obtain master status. Which would still explain why he was so upset at being kicked out by Mott - it’s like someone getting kicked out while they’re trying to obtain a PHD. 
By the time we meet him in season 7 it’s very possible that Gendry is now considered a master of his trade.
He also seems to be making armour and weapons for “Lannisters” which means he has a mostly noble clientele. He probably has plenty of fancy clients asking for custom-made products. With sketches and measurements and all that shit. Which is not surprising since he probably has a de facto reputation simply by merit of being Tobho Mott’s apprentice (lets ignore how dumb it is that no one discovered that Gendry was in King’s Landing since he made no effort to hide who he was or try to hide from the nobility lol).
It’s safe to say that Gendry had some access to higher education. He can probably read and write enough for his line of work. It’s likely that his level would still leave much to be desired once he became a noble though. For comparison, imagine if someone left school at age 11 and was then required to write a college-level thesis. So he’d definitely need some “lordly” writing lessons and further education.
Gendry is still wildly uneducated for what he needs to do. So...
Tumblr media
This meme is still gold 10/10
* Correction: Though Mott would be considered part of the same socio-economic class as merchants he is primarily a tradesman/craftsman, and would be referred to as such. Since merchants didn’t produce the goods they sold. However they could belong to the same guild, along with artisans and craftsmen. 
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