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#brutally honest opinion

I actually haven’t watched Killing Eve yet, but from the little bit that I know and have seen, they’re definitely an interesting dynamic. Kinda toxic though.

Their chemistry is off the charts, and the setting around them is very dark themed, and I kinda dig it. I have a guilty pleasure for dangerous/morally compromised women x female good guys lol

It’s on my list of things to watch eventually cuz I loveeeeeeee Sandra Oh.


Originally posted by wakewriter


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Never Looking Back

I NEVER want to go back to Philippines or have anything to do with Filipinos. I plan to save up as much as I can and once I’m done with college I’m cutting off my Filipino gold digging family who brings nothing but drama. What matters right now is my education, money, and to live a luxurious lifestyle. Also I would love to visit Japan and South Korea more. I have so many reasons to dislike the Failappines: Pollution, Ignorant People, Obnoxious Catholic Church, Corrupt Politicians, and really, I don’t like the Spanish influence. I would have little more respect if Philippines cuts off their Spanish influence and to fully revived it’s Pre-Colonial ways like clothing and traditions. I have respect for tribes that kept their ways and didn’t bow down to western influence. As a Filipino, I’ve given up being one a long time ago. I’m happier when I’m not in Filipino parties, or just being around Filipinos in general. I despise the ones who gossips the most. When it comes to Filipino food, it’s okay but it needs to improve but I don’t mind giving up on it since there are better options out there. I’m NOT Proud to be a Filipino.

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Stiles and literally anyone!! Who's your otp, who's your notp, who haven't you thought of pairing him with but now that it's on your mind you can kinda see it working out?

Tumblr didn’t notify me about this, so I can only guess, but I think this belongs to the brutally honest opinion about a ship? If not, I am really sorry!

Okay, otp’s for Stiles would be Derek/Stiles and Peter/Stiles.

Notps might just be everyone else XD no but really, I can’t see him with Allison, Malia, Boyd or Scott.

I really ship Stiles and Lydia in the show, but I couldn’t care less about them in fanfiction. Malia and Stiles never sat right with me, so I tend to avoid it as best as I can.

Shipping him with anyone from the Alpha pack gives me icky feelings, so I tend to avoid that too.

I think I could see him and Erica working out in a weird way, just like I think he and Isaac would probably make a good pair.

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Palpatine and padme (when she's older)

::Shudders:: A world of no. A galaxy of no. Not only is Palpatine a psychopath who seems genuinely incapable of love, he also specifically has it out for her since the Battle of Naboo. She thwarted his plans, she continues to thwart his plans in the Senate, and he kind of hates her for it. She was supposed to be his pawn, damn it! How dare she be the spanner in the works instead.

From Padme’s point of view, it’s still pretty squicky. Not only is there a serious age difference, he’s also her former mentor. She grew up thinking of him as her honorary uncle and hearing him call her ‘my dear girl.’ The power dynamic is troubling, the avuncular nature of their relationship is troubling. Also, as much as she likes to see the best in people, Padme has serious issues with his politics.

If the story framed their relationship as romantic, I would hard nope out of reading it. If it framed it as creepy, predatory, and part of Palpatine’s plan to destroy Padme, I might give it a shot. I do like a good horror story.

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And Qui-Gon/Obi Wan? Not even as a couple per se, but do you buy them as paragon of good student-mentor dynamic in jedi ordeer that they are often billed as?

Romantically is gross because all mentor/student relationships have inherently troubling power dynamics. From the perspective of their effectiveness as a non-romantic partnership? Eh, I guess…ish? I haven’t read it, but the Old EU basically portrays it as a massive train wreck. Ignoring what is no longer canon and sticking with what we see on the screen, Qui-Gon’s dynamic with Obi-Wan was certainly healthier than what we see with Obi-Wan and Anakin, but it too suffered from a serious lack of communication. They both obviously loved each other, but neither really knew how to express it and the end result left Obi-Wan feeling unloved and resentful thanks to the Anakin business. As a mentor, Qui-Gon seemed to trust Obi-Wan’s ability to make decisions and suggestions or at least he didn’t shut him down when he made them. This is in stark contrast to Obi-Wan as mentor who was constantly berating Anakin for his impertinence and disobedience. I think part of the difference is because Qui-Gon was trying to give Obi-Wan the tools to make his own decisions and Obi-Wan was trying to mold Anakin into the perfect compliant Jedi. Whatever. Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan seemed to be a well-oiled machine at the start of TPM, but, based on the Council scene, Qui-Gon had either been deliberately holding him back, too lazy to put his student forward for promotion, or eager to dump him for the new model and that revelation damaged their relationship in its final days and likely colored Obi-Wan’s subsequent recollections.

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She’s a desperate slave trying to save her child. He’s a powerful Jedi who might be able to pull it off. I can see her coming on to him in a bid to get him to help free Ani. Considering he accepts her hospitality as his due, endangers her child for his own ends, sells her son’s personal property without so much as a by-your-leave, and casually mind tricks people for fun and profit, I’m not sure he wouldn’t take her up on it. Either way, Qui-Gon/Shmi would not be particularly romantic, at least not in the circumstances set up in the movie.

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Answering for my favorite OT3s, since I don’t really have ones I hate!


Mey Rin and Grelle get twice the love! The three of them are absolutely badass in combat together! And Mey Rin’s presence adds a softness to the relationship that lays the foundation for greater fluffiness than you’d expect from Sebagrelle on their own. All in all, an adorable OT3.


What’s better than one demon adoring and worshiping Grelle? TWO demons adoring and worshiping Grelle!


In which two rays of sunshine are able to heal and comfort our sad, angsty earl.


This one was suggested to me by my girlfriend, and it’s pretty great! Sascha and Othello spend hours discussing their special interests with each other; meanwhile, Ludger is the fondly exasperated Designated Keeper of the Brain Cell who tries to make sure they stay on track and don’t get up to too much mischief!

Trephacard (Trevor/Sypha/Alucard) from Castlevania.

They made such a good team! Their different strengths complement each other perfectly, so much so that they saved the world together! They’ve all suffered loss, but they found a family in each other! TwT And I loved the banter among the trio, not to mention their complete lack of common sense around each other. XD I will never forgive Netflix for having Trevor and Sypha leave Alucard behind, because that’s nonsense. >:(

The Unholy Trinity (Lelouch/Suzaku/C.C.) from Code Geass

The evil emperor and his sword and shield! Code Geass is riddled with plot holes and fanservice, but Lelouch’s relationship with these two was one of the factors that kept me invested. You can’t go wrong with a trio of dramatic, morally ambiguous bisexuals. ;)

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It’s like an otherwise lovely apple with a few bruises; there are some ugly patches, but pare those away, and you have something great! I think Yana went way overboard with Sieglinde’s use of innuendos and occasionally inappropriate behaviors towards O!Ciel. I’m pretty sure she even gropes him at one point to prove he’s a cis boy. D: Needless to say, I’d only ship/write versions of this OTP where those unsavory elements were removed. But there’s a lot of good in this ship as well. Sieglinde’s brilliant, sassy, and knows her own mind, which are traits that a boy like O!Ciel could respect. They lived through some intense stuff together during the Green Witch arc, and trials like that can bring people closer together. I generally like their rapport with each other (apart from the aforementioned lewd comments from Sullivan), and think they’d make a great team–her scientific expertise could be invaluable to O!Ciel’s investigations as Watchdog, and I’d like to believe the earl would defend Sieglinde if any arsehole male scientists tried to pilfer or discredit her work. A ship with plenty of potential! <3

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Hi! So basically my opinions on Sebamey in Kuro’s present day (where Mey Rin has settled into her role as the maid of Phantomhive) vs the ship with assassin!Mey Rin from the flashbacks? I’d say they’re both excellent in fanon, but would have distinct flavors.

In the case of “Sebowl,” Mey Rin would be much more withdrawn and sullen than we’re accustomed to, possibly hostile and wary towards Sebastian at first. She’s lost the friends who were dear to her and works for an organization that treats her like a human weapon; hence, she’s built up walls in order to protect herself. If we started developing the romance from this point (i.e. if she had to collaborate with Seb on a mission, or we were exploring her earliest days at the manor after the failed assassination attempt), the focus of the story would probably be on Sebastian persuading her to dismantle those walls, and Mey Rin’s journey towards learning to be vulnerable and trust again.

However, the version of Sebamey to which we’re accustomed is soft from the get-go. I’d say I’m most partial to the fanon version that’s emerged in @bapydemonprincess ’s and my rp. She’s a disaster bi, he’s a disaster pansexual genderfluid demon, and their romance is comprised of passion and fluff in equal turns. Plus, they’re such a badass couple…the devilish butler and the maid with deadly aim! The dynamic definitely wouldn’t work in canon due to Bassy’s cold, dismissive attitude toward the servants, but it can be adorable in fic! >w<

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Oh my god facts LMAO

But I will admit I like Anakin and Padme 😪😪😪 like the forbidden lovers thing is a weakNESS of mine

But I also like making AU’s where Anakin got some therapy ✨ and sorted through his trauma

I also like Obi Wan and Satine they also are just *chefs kiss*. Obi Wan and Cody are great too. Really Obi Wan is just a good man and I love him

I love Star Wars so much

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Brutally Honest Opinion:

Now this might make 0 sense because I have 1 hour of sleep in me but bear with me

I didn’t care for them that much. I’m also just a very big MaiLee shipper so my POV is so biased lmao.

I would’ve been fine with their relationship if it just didn’t work out in the end. Because that happens a lot in life, relationships don’t always work out. And you can still love and respect that person and grow from that. And I personally think they should’ve gone that direction (which I’m not sure if they did or not bc I haven’t read the comics and I’ve heard they break up at one point but they might be back together? If you know plz inform). Then they end up being really good close friends.

Based off canon from what I’ve seen, it seems like their relationship isn’t that great for the long term. And again I’m biased because like Mai I was broken up with by my last ex via note and just oof. I really feel her in that and she deserved way better. And it’s not like Zuko was even in the wrong for doing it. Like it made for an interesting story during The Boiling Rock. And I was totally fine with Maiko throughout that. But after I first watched the boiling rock I thought they were going to go the direction of them staying platonic because while they do love each other, there are still discrepancies between them. But then that didn’t end up happening and I was shooketh. I guess really what it boils down to is that it just isn’t my cup of tea. It’s like I’m fine with them as a ship, but not a forever ship if that makes sense.

People who like Maiko are cool though. I see neat content and I like the fan works of them. I just have personal biases lmao

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Brutally Honest Opinion:

It’s surprisingly a very underrated pairing for how big of a fandom Avatar is. Like it’s getting more popular now (which it deserves), but it’s been overshadowed by a lot of other ships. And it saddens me

But it’s a God tier ship. I think they are adorable and have so much potential. Like Mailee is the wlw relationship we all deserve to have in our lives

Definitely one of the best

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Brutally honest opinion:

I personally can’t see them being more than friends. I think Toph’s crush on Sokka is adorable. But I can’t see Sokka seeing Toph other than a little sister.

He met her when she was 12 and felt the need to protect her just like he does with Katara (and Aang). And saw her first and foremost as family. I feel like it would be hard for him to break that and think of her in a different light, when throughout their youth he saw her like he saw Katara.

I’m also (no surprise) too big of a Sukka shipper and Suki stan to be full into Tokka

However, the fan works of Tokka are very cute and I can totally see the appeal of them. Their personalities work really well together. It’s just not my personal cup of tea

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