spindlewoed · a month ago
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if fearne and ashton don’t make out before the end of c3 I’ll be flabbergasted
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mera-kiin · a month ago
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you've got a good head on your shoulders. Fr. Literally. Your head is very pretty.
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zortchgender · 17 days ago
exhausted baskin robbins employee ashton x cottagecore tiktok influencer fearne who comes in every day and spends ten minutes looking at the flavours only to get the same one she always gets and ashton thinks she’s the most delightful part of his day because of how much she actively irritates the other customers
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gwynbleiddyn · 22 days ago
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they’re here to steal your gender and also your heart 💕
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simplysparrow14 · a month ago
Love the fact that when Chetney says that Ashton is really a tender-hearted person who hides behind their literal tough-as-rock persona, Ashton dignifyes it with a very crude, ashton-appropreate responce directly to the old gnomes face by using their wooden hand to flip him off, coupled with the off-handed remarks given to other members of the Hells when complemented or praised and the fact that it took several days for Ashton to open up about their trauma/situation with Hexum and the Nobodies.
Smash cut to several episodes prior during “Heart-To-Heartmoore”, Ashton immediately opens up about his transformation to Fearne when fearne asked softly about them being all rock, as well as the moment when Fearne says that she wasen't paying attention to Ashton during his fight with General Ratanish and Ashton gaining a big-brain moment about how they get their ass kicked frequently in the hopes that someone will see them the way they want to be seen and then suddenly getting considerate and friendly and soft within Fearne's presence and galvanizing his resolve to pickpocket Fearne in order for her to continue to look at him and see him for who he is.
Ashton is literally that one character who acts like nothing fazes them, but will go soft for one person and one person only.
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mara-phelion · a month ago
excuse me but how is no one else talking about the ashton/fearne moments we got this episode
fearne delicately tracing her fingers on ashton's glass brain as he slept, fogging it up a little bit with her breath, and then drawing a smiley face on it ???
then fearne struggling to get that exandrian face filter bust with her -2 strength modifier only for ashton come in, grabbing that object of her desires with one arm, and her sounding just the slightest bit flustered before asking "do you need some help?" ????
ashton being the first to say "alright, let's get you outta there" to fearne when she was in the portable hole as if they were offering to pull her up ?????
i adore them, thank you
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annemarieyeretzian · 3 months ago
fearne starting to ask “are you – that might be a rude question.” and ashton grinning and saying “oh, please.” and fearne asking “are you all rock... hard?” 🤣 (bonus: ashton saying “you’ve seen me get the living shit kicked out of me. you were there!” and fearne saying “I was not paying attention.” and ashton saying “I’m just having this moment where I’m realizing that perhaps one of the reasons I allow myself to get the shit kicked out of me is in the hope that people are actually fucking watching, so that weirdly hurt, holy shit.”)
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goldenrose101 · 2 months ago
Me: It’s still early in the campaign so I’m not hopping on any ships yet
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wilderflcwers · a month ago
You're in their dms. I'm staring into their exposed crystal brain while they sleep. We are not the same.
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scooby-doo-creepymechclown · 3 months ago
Ashton and Fearne's love language for each other is gift giving but solely only stuff they've stolen from the other person.
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darewitchstr · 3 months ago
damn i’m pretty sure ashton has a crush on fearne and they have quite a hard time with it;
and fearne - well fearne has a crush on everyone on the planet, that includes the barbarian made of it
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dragonageruinedmylife · 3 months ago
me: *just vibing and enjoying campaign 3, not really shipping anything yet*
Taliesin and Ashley: *have their six-foot-tall, bisexual, i-dare-you pickpockets interact*
me, softly: ...fuck.
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mera-kiin · a month ago
Tumblr media
ashton I think she finds u interesting 😳
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zortchgender · a month ago
fearne “I cast Cure Wounds” Calloway and orym “I take Ashton by the hand” of the air ashari making sure that ashton is okay after that battle. the gentle flower aesthetic team taking care of their Punk Rock (literal). both of those acts being ones involving touch but ashton being comfortable enough with them both to let them do it. yeah. yeah It’s All Coming Together
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rynnaissance · 20 days ago
ok so i’m not over “boom swagger boom” on ashton’s playlist probably being about fearne. ashton hasn’t been super open about their emotions and obviously won’t express much outside of rage and glee unless someone pries, so this song gives some insight. SOME INSIGHT THAT TELLS US THAT ASHTON IS FUCKING SIMPING.
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simplysparrow14 · a month ago
Tumblr media
💎 🌸✨
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rosesicle · a month ago
Ashton 100% likes Fearne but the only way they knows how to deal with it is by pickpocketing. When he gave her the glasses he didn’t try to take anything else. They were trying to give her a gift without actually making it seem like a gift. It was his way of showing that they care. In his own chaotic way.
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annemarieyeretzian · 2 months ago
ashton slipping the glasses into fearne’s bag,,, Romantiq (bonus: ashton saying “use them poorly. use them very poorly.” and fearne grinning and saying “I will.”)
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starrid · a month ago
Since this pairing is getting more attention, I would like to point out this little moment of Fearne helping Ashton out of the hole
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apopheniazzz · a month ago
Critical role episode 22 spoilers;
(My thoughts)
1. Callowmoore shippers stay winning.
> Ashton getting protective over fearne bc chetney was being (lovably) creepy to fearne.
> fearne waking up in the middle of the night to stare at Ashton’s crystal and when she first says this talisen goes “YES” lololol
> at the end when Ashton goes through his retraumatization, fearne is the ONLY person who understands that Ashton needs to be angry to let out his frustration. Fcg and Imogen try to use magic to sedate him, and Fearne says “no, let him,” because she understands him 🥹
2. I’m really impressed with Sam Rigel
> the way that fcg is evolving is really nice to see, for most of this show I haven’t liked fcg at all because they were just painfully sugary nice, but now they’re starting to stand up for themselves and develop opinions and thoughts that are separate from their built in objective; and Sam is a really really good role player and character developer for this bc idk how tf I would’ve taken a character like fcg and given them actual development.
3. I wanna kiss the cute teacher boy. That is all
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