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#downtown abbey

all the young men in downtown abbey look exactly the same, and the same goes for the older men it’s like they cloned a young and and older brit over and over again

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went on ao3 just to see what the downtown abbey fans are at and I saw like 3 works shipping thomas and original female characters and like I love women and I do believe we need more female characters but come on guy’s gay

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downtown abbey is interesting and all but like thomas gettinghis ass rejected by literally every guy because of his malfunctioning gaydar is just so funny because if he didn’t get so angry with the duke of crowborough for not wanting to make him his valet in the first episode they’d probably be living their best lives on the Isle of Man kissing and fuckin bit noooooo u had to ruin ur own life by being impatient short tempered brat eh thomas?

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Game Pitch:

A Downtown Abbey game, Telltale style. You are the Crowleys’ cousin from America, and you have been sent to help settle the family’s debts to keep the Abbey afloat.

You can do so by either attempting to uphold the traditions of the Crowleys that have been in place for a hundred years, or by ushering the household into the modern day. Your choices will affect how members of the family will approve or disapprove of you (The Dowager and Robert will befriend you if you value tradition, Matthew and Tom will be on your side if you use modern tactics). Both sides have their advantages and disadvantages towards keeping Downton afloat.

You will also have the Crowley sisters to contend with, as well as the folks downstairs. Are you a person of the people, or of the upper class? Do you side with Mary or Edith? The results of your decisions will end with either Downtown going bankrupt or standing firm for generations to come.

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i am very much high and thinking abt how my political opinions shock ppl nowadays but imagine me going into downtown abbey as an openly gay jewish man who is very much punk and very much looks it and asking what they think abt police and prison abolition

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99% of downtown abbey characters would calm down if they just like. smoked a little weed

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I keep this scene to remind me, I already have sentiments for loss issues. A lot of many loss issues I’ve witnessed lately. I love to see my heart getting softer but managing tears not to run down is never an easy thing.

[They weren’t even in tears and seemed but tough. My weak spot have reached its peak].

Downtown Abbey, S2E4

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