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#druck: mine

Josh Zimmermann | Druck

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the piercings are fake. unfortunately. one day they’ll be real tho

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Its hard to have a good time feelin yaself when all you can hear is your bones cracking

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im only ever actively hungry at inconvenient times. its one am and i would murder a man for some lo mein.

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Awww that little vacation sendoff for hank was adorable!!!! So much silliness and love!!!

-Grimm, season 2 episode 18, “Volcanis”

(Only 2 minutes in, lol)

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he is such a mood but instead of searching for job here i am crying over him ok great

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I know of two men who have killed themselves: a troubled boy from my highschool, and my aunt’s boyfriend that killed my aunt then himself. Both these men are included in male suicide statistics. I bear this in mind when I look at the number and wonder what’s inside.

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“Go home, Jim, and lose some sleep over this.”

What a fucking power move.

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i should go to sleep lol

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I don’t follow a great many accounts on any platform

Something I find myself regretting when there’s not enough content for the constant refresh.

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Still the best hard flip I’ve ever landed.

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im just trying to chill but the guy i killed was dummy thicc and the beat of his heart from underneath the floorboards keeps alerting my guilty conscience

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