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#emmys 2019

Kit & Emilia at the Emmy’s 2019 

So basically during every single commercial break she would hop over and sit on the floor to talk to Kit. They were constantly laughing or talking very seriously and it seemed that Kit’s friend was close with her as well. Kit arrived to his seat from the red carpet first so when Emilia came in, they were just over the moon to see each other. They seemed like they were in their own little world at some times. She’s like grabbing his hand when talking. I think he even kissed her cheek at one point. And they were just super affectionate.

Over by their booth, Kit Harington and Emilia Clarke danced together to Salt-N-Pepa’s “Push It.” “He placed his hands on her shoulders and they shared a cute moment together,” a source described of the Game of Thrones co-stars.”

He and Clarke, 32, shared a sweet moment inside the show, an insider told Us Weekly exclusively. “Kit kneeled down on his knee to talk to her and they were touching each other’s hands and seemed like they were having an endearing conversation”, the source said. 

Kit was standing up by his seat when Emilia walked back over. Emilia Clarke was talking to Kit and knelt down by his seat. - E!News

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