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#jaime lannister
lastxdragon · 5 hours ago
“I’ve got you” @Jaime
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╣❦╠ ƈօռզʊɛʀɨռɢ ֆȶօʀʍ ❧
Tumblr media
It had all happened so quickly. Daenerys had been looking over the fragments of crowns and dragon bone that had been found in the ruins of the Keep, salvaged by the workers who were clearing away the rubble that was the result of Cersei using Wildfire to destroy the capital. Daenerys had created a makeshift court at Duskendale castle, shifting trade ships to their harbor in order to keep the kingdom in motion. One of her newest visitors was a man called Jon Snow, the bastard son of Ned Stark, and representative of Winterfell’s Lady Sansa.
Daenerys had been considering naming Lady Sansa her new Wardeness of the North and Lord Snow had joined her in the library to see the last treasures of House Targaryen laid out on a massive table. A flash of metal caught her eye, that moment of awareness allowing Daenerys to react, fingers stretching out to find a small knife on the table, closing over it and thrusting it forward. His expression was one of shock as the blade in his hand clattered to the floor. A whisper of ‘free North’ and then his dead weight slumped on Dany, pushing them both to the floor.
Ser Jaime was outside with Jhogo, and he burst in, pulling the body off her. Dany was shaking badly, covered in blood. Shouting sounded distant, but a rush of servants were all around. In her chambers, a bath was drawn, but Dany sent the servants out, dazed. How long she sat in the hot water, she didn’t know, but there was Ser Jaime picking up the cloth and gently washing her face, the water turning pink with each rinse. “I… I killed him, Jaime,” she whispered, a tear rolling down one cheek. “He… he was going to…” Dany shivered, leaning into the brush of cloth. “I’ve… I’ve caused death. Slavers. Witches. Soldiers. But I’ve never…”
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belahbelieve · 7 hours ago
Chapter 4 coming at ya!! 👑
Tumblr media
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oflionsandwolvesohmy · 7 hours ago
Title: Tell me to run (or dare to sit and watch what we’ll become”
Author: Cheschi
Rating: T
Summary; Lyanna smiles and her teeth are sharp in the moonlight. He was a fool to ever doubt her wolfblood.
or, the fates conspire against them and Jaime Lannister unwillingly becomes Lyanna Stark's nighttime guard
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writergirl2011 · 7 hours ago
New chapter of the baseball story has been posted!!  ⚾️🎱👀
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catherineflowers29 · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
Chapters: 12/? Fandom: Game of Thrones (TV), A Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin Rating: Explicit Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings Relationships: Jaime Lannister/Brienne of Tarth Characters: Jaime Lannister, Brienne of Tarth, Tyrion Lannister, Podrick Payne, Bronn (ASoIaF), Bran Stark, Selwyn Tarth, Jon Snow | Aegon Targaryen Additional Tags: Angst with a Happy Ending, show!Brienne, Book/Fanon!Jaime, i did a thing, but it's a gentle thing, You might call it a fix-it? Summary:
Two universes. Two different lives. Jaime and Brienne both think their love story is over, but it's just beginning.
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Ned : Why did you three get arrested?
Jaime : We don't know.
Lyanna : We didn't do anything wrong.
Howland: We got pulled over and when the officer said "papers" Lyanna yelled "scissors" and then Jaime drove off.
( insp )
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neqativecreeps · 19 hours ago
jaime when lady stoneheart questions him ab the red wedding
Tumblr media
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honorthehorse · a day ago
its hilarious and so fucking tragic that after jaime’s confession to tyrion and tyrion smacking him off his feet and challenging him to a death duel the next time they meet, and lying to him about killing joffrey only to hurt him, when he goes off to end tywin and picks the crossbow and his first thought is, yeahhh, jaime doesn’t like crossbows.
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belahbelieve · a day ago
Hey guys,
I'm still working on The Crown 👑 I got a little backed up this week - had lots of errands to run. I am almost done this chapter though, but I need sleep now. So I'm going to finish the rest tomorrow! 😊
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why do no got edits but the super long ones on youtube ever capture the essence of the character other than ✨hot✨ or ✨badass✨ like dude when i look at littlefinger edits i wanna feel scared like this is some slowly creeping threat i should see coming but never will or when i look at brienne edits i want to see a true knight and a protector not just ✨braime✨(as much as i love braime it’s not all brienne is.)
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symphonyofsilence · a day ago
On Cersei's death
(I had this in my drafts since the show ended & only remembered it now because someone posted a confession about how Cersei's death sucked. so someone might have already pointed this out i don't know.)
So at first I was like "what happened to the valonqar prophecy ?! Is it really how Cersei's story will end ?! Really ?!"
Now (I'm still a bit bitter about how Jaime's character development was thrown out of the window.) but i can see how Karma was doing it's work.
Cersei died crying for her child. After Robert's death she ordered the massacre of all Robert's illegitimate children.
She died frightened & helpless bc of a tyrant. Which is who she was & how she made her victims feel.
What collapsed on Cersei & took her life was The Red Keep. The Red Keep which Cersei did all she did to keep it. She ruined so many homes to keep this castle for herself. Cersei caused her own death. Her life ended with her own deeds.
At the end she was buried in the ruins of her actions.
Remember when Qybron said she has a keen sense of poetic justice ?
Now would like to see Valonqar ending her life in the books but this scene in the show was totally worth watching bc of Lena's amazing perfomance !
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sarahtarth · a day ago
18 for the cuddly prompts
''18. while someone's crying''
I am emotional and this happened 🤧
Of course she was by the water.
Jaime could see her sitting on the pier. Legs dangling over the edge, letting the waves wash over her. It was the place she felt most at peace.
He should have checked here first, probably would have saved himself some time searching. Holding a hand to his chest feeling his heartbeat against it, both from all the steps and the worry.
The sound of his feet on the wood caught her attention and she turned. Her eyes were rimmed red, tears were falling down her cheeks. He sat next to her with a sigh, wrapping his arms around her as she fell into them.
Holding her, wanting to shield her from anything and everything.
‘’I can’t do it Jaime, I can’t. I’m not ready’’ Brienne’s voice trembled through the tears.
Tightened his hold on her, kissing the top of her head. ‘’Yes you can, you’re more than ready’’
He felt her shake her head.
‘’What if I mess up? What if I can’t handle it? It’s too much, I haven’t prepared enough, I need more time’’ Her breathing became panicked the more she spiraled inside her head.
One of his hands stayed around her while the other lowered to join hers, linking their fingers together against her very swollen belly. Feeling their child move beneath their hands, Brienne’s emotions must be stirring them inside.
‘’You want to know how I know you’ll be a great mother?’’ Jaime asked her after a while.
She sniffled but nodded.
‘’You’re already a mother, not biologically of course but regardless, you care as if you are. You took Podrick in without a second guess, you didn’t even know him but you knew that he needed someone to guide him. Sansa, you saved her. It was my bloody oath but you went anyway and you brought her home along with the rest of the Starks’’
Brienne’s tears started again while he spoke, hopefully happy tears this time or at least tears of relief.
‘’Your heart is so big you don’t even realise it, the way you care and the amount of love you give is unbelievable. I feel it everyday, being married to is a blessing.’’
She wiped her face of tears, taking the time to breathe deeply through her feelings.
‘’I’m scared Jaime, aren’t you scared?’’
He was, completely terrified. But he knew that it would all turn out okay because he had his wife by his side.
Brienne looked at him. ‘’We’re going to be parents, we’re going to have a baby… it doesn’t seem real’’
He nodded. ‘’I know. I’m scared but i’m excited too’’
The smile slowly returned to her face as she watched him talk. The happiness that Jaime brought to her life was overflowing, the same happiness that their baby would be showered with everyday.
It took her a while but she finally realised that she didn’t need to be scared, she wasn’t alone in this and she never will be.
Jaime will be by her side, has been and forever will be.
In the next few days they would meet their little baby, all the wait will be over. Get to hold them in their arms and love them with everything they had.
Gods they were nervous, as all new parents are but they had each other and that’s all that they needed.
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airasora · a day ago
Ok, I've been going back and forth on my opinion of Sansa Stark, but after telling Tyrion about a secret she had sworn to keep LESS THAN A DAY after, I'm done with her.
Oh, and fuck Jaime too. I've liked him through the majority of the show despite his fuck-ups, but leaving Brienne for Cersei was what tipped me over to disliking him again. Which is a shame cause I really DID like him.
His devoted love for Cersei is his biggest flaw and will be the death of him. Is what I hope anyway.
Brienne should have gone with the wildling, he'd love her unconditionally. And he's adorable.
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fromtheboundlesssea · a day ago
A Choice Not Mine Chapter 37
Tumblr media
Daeron XII
“Your grace!” a messenger rushed towards Daeron and Rhaegar, out of breath but smiling.
“Speak,” the king said plainly.
“News has come from the Fair Isles, your grace. The Baratheon and Targaryen fleet were able to take out almost half of the Ironborn before they were made to retreat.”
“Send word to the rest of the army,” Daeron ordered before turning to his brother. “We need to get to the Pyke before the retreating ships can return there.”
Rhaegar nodded. “The men need to remain rested and ready to fight, but we need to take the Pyke quickly. If we take it, the Ironborn will have nothing to return to.”
“The North should meet with us soon, as should the Vale. We’ll have the numbers regardless.”
“When we return, make peace with your wife, she’s nearly the only reason her family will behave.” Rhaegar looked back at the men. “Move out!”
Continue on Ao3
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