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#house stark
coucyi · a year ago
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If you’re interested in seeing my work more regularly, consider following me on twitter at lunwil! I just had to post my new burgundian sansa stark on here this once though 🌟 
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preasoiafsource · 4 months ago
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HOUSE STARK OF WINTERFELL is one of the Great Houses of Westeros and the principal noble house of the north. In days of old they ruled as Kings of Winter, but since Aegon's Conquest they have been Wardens of the North and ruled as Lords of Winterfell. Their seat, Winterfell, is an ancient castle renowned for its strength.
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amaati · 2 months ago
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Stark Children ~ A Song of Ice & Fire
(kind of a redraw of my old Stark Family fanart, but without Cat & Ned....)
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aryastaark · 2 months ago
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The roar was all he could have hoped for, the tumult so loud that the two old shields tumbled from the walls. I have my swords, thought Jon Snow, and we are coming for you, Bastard.
requested by anonymous and @aryaofoldstones
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arthurmoregun · 2 months ago
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"I must be as strong as my Lady Mother."
~Sansa V, AGOT
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kraehenkunst · 3 months ago
I love your asoiaf art, its amazing! But I was wondering if you could draw Sansa in fashions from each area of Westeros at some point?
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thanks Anon, here you go! ♥️ It's not every region, but a good chunk of them :)
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shawty-writes-a-little · 2 months ago
Could I please request a Robb stark x reader of him gifting his wife a direwolf pup as a present because she’s always wanted one and a lot of fluff. Thanks!
Hey @fangirl-tothemax THIS ASK—oml it’s so cute thank you for requesting I love it!! I hope you like it! Also drink some water <3
Favorite sight
Robb stark x wife!reader
Warnings : None just fluff
Word count: 1.5k
Tumblr media
Winterfell always had a continuous hustle going on. The kids, the maids, the servants, the horses and now the wolves. Pups actually they were still quite young to be called wolves, dire wolves to be precise. Y/n adored all of the dire wolves. Likewise for them, they weren’t always familiar with most of the people other than the stark kids but they had a soft corner towards y/n.
Everyone was in awe of her. From youngest of the starks to even kitchen maids nobody had a slightest of problem with y/n.
Robb was looking for his wife all around the winterfell corridors he seemed quite eager too. Finally he found y/n by the playing grounds alongside Rickon. He couldn’t make out what they were up to until he walked closer. Y/n was on her knees with Rickon alongside weeping over the edge of her dress.
“Everything alright there?” He asked walking towards them in a concerned moreover confused voice.
Y/n looked up at him from below with one of her hand rubbing rickon’s back and the other one caressing his hair gently. “He fell trying to balance himself on the edge of stable fence.” Y/n responded softly diverting her attention back to Rickon who had now started crying more.
“Am I bleeding anywhere?” The poor boy asked between sobs.
“Your hand looks a bit red but we can get maester—“ Rickon’s louder bawling interrupted her sentence halfway.
“You look fine to me.” Robb said annoyed.
Rickon whimpered in response and looked at y/n with teary eyes wanting her to reply for him. “No no it’s alright.” She said cooing him and looked back at Robb “Don’t be so rude he’s hurt.” She continued.
“He’s just throwing a petty tantrum.” Robb protested.
This time Rickon replied. With an even louder shrill cry.
“Robb!” Y/n said with an irritated huff.
“Gods—alright.” Robb walked over to rickon’s side and bent down the same level as y/n. “Get up now let’s have Maester Luwin take a look at you.” He told rickon glaring at him up and down to see if her was injured or was just being moody over a small injury. Rickon was frankly crying more than he was hurt, he wasn’t even hurt that bad in the first place he was throwing a facade out of boredom. Partially y/n knew that too but seeing Rickon cry didn’t fit with her and she had always been loving and pampering to all the children.
“Can you stand up?” She asked rickon in a calm tone. He could.
He shook his head side to side replying no in between sniffles.
Robb very well knew his brother was being dramatic. Even if he wasn’t Robb had been eager to get close with y/n, he had something for her but she had been busy and now his brat of a younger brother was taking up her time he thought. He loved his Rickon honestly but right now Rickon was truly trying to test that.
“Bullshit-you can get up yourself!” Robb exclaimed rolling his eyes.
Rickon winced burying his head into y/n’s dress.
Y/n narrows her eyes at Robb in response.
Robb wanted to get over with this little charade soon so he can have his wife to himself. He gestured towards carrying Rickon in his arms to Maester Luwin and Rickon whimpered loudly even before robb’s hand was by his tiny biceps. “What now?” He asked annoyed.
“I’m hurt-“ Rickon replied.
“I have barely even touched you!” He exclaimed.
“Could you carry me instead?” Rickon asked with soft eyes looking at y/n to which she was obviously not going to refuse to.
“Sure.” She agreed as Robb sighed heavily.
They stood up with Rickon bobbing his hand by y/n’s shoulder as she carried him.
“Could you read me that stag story again?” Rickon pleaded to y/n.
“Have old nan do it for you! I would very much appreciate having a moment alone with my wife.” Robb protested walking alongside y/n.
“But she doesn’t make the voices like you do.” Rickon pouted not leaving his end of the debate.
“It’s alright-“ she replied shrugging her shoulders knowing it would disappoint Robb but refusing to Rickon seemed heart breaking. “I’ll be with you right after Robb it won’t take much.” She said trying to convince him.
Robb huffed in annoyance parting their ways “Be quick, please.” He said.
Y/n wasn’t. Quick. After that she was dragged away by Arya who wanted to reach the top shelves in the kitchens for sweets and later she was stopped by Sansa who wanted to take y/n’s measuring for a dress she wanted to make her. The fact that she had to meet up with Robb almost slipped out of her mind and soon enough it was dinner time. During dinner she did receive the look from Robb and she regretted leaving him cold shouldered when she clearly didn’t mean to. Though she did greet almost everyone after dinner out of politeness. When Robb was almost physically about to carry his wife back to their chambers. She was conversing with Lady Catelyn and unafraid of seeming impolite to his own mother Robb greeted her with a quick “Mother.” nod and a “If you would excuse us..” finally having y/n to himself.
Robb wasn’t sulking about being ignored anymore. He was quite content. He opened their chamber doors leading y/n in first.
“Stay here” he told her strolling to the other side of the room. Y/n tried getting a peek behind him but he was swift.
Robb came back with a silver dire wolf, quite young than his own barely a pup holding onto his arm.
Y/n lit up looking at him and the adorable little wolf in his hand. She moved near him to see it for herself.
“Robb-I—where’d you get it?” She asked in a high pitched voice showing her excitement.
“I found him this morning on my ride with bran.” Robb kneeling down to put on the wolf on the floor.
Y/n knelt down beside him petting the wolf running her fingers through its fur. “I’ve always wanted one-thank you!” She said not taking her eyes off her new pet.
“What do you want to name him?” Robb asked looking at her, so content for a dire wolf it melted his heart watching his wife smile whole heartedly. It was his favorite sight.
“Can we name him sapphire? It’s got the bluest eyes I’ve seen.” Y/n said taking the dire wolf in her lap.
“Sapphire is it then.”
“I love him, really.” Y/n told him unable to stop smiling.
“I’m glad-but i hope it doesn’t make you more preoccupied than you already are.” He said with a sly scoff.
“What do you mean?” She asked.
“Oh you know-you barely have time for me the whole day goi—“
“That’s not true!” She interrupted him.
“Want me to recall what happened earlier today? I wanted to show you sapphire but you were busy with rickon’s little charade.”
“Little charade? He fell off, Robb.”
“He’s a liar.”
“You’re accusing your brother of age five for a little mischief. Right…” y/n raised a brow at him playfully.
“It’s not about him. You said you’d meet me right away but you didn’t!” Robb said exhaling heavily.
“I-well—it just slipped out of my mind-“ y/n replied defensively.
“You forgot.”
“You’re being childish!” Y/n said trying her best to hold back a laugh.
“You find this funny.” Robb said glaring at her not appreciating her humour.
“I absolutely do not” she replied in between slight wheezes.
“You’re laughing now—very thoughtful.” He said morosely, standing up.
Y/n proceeded to do the same putting the wolf off her lap and stopped him by his wrist “Hey—“ she continued “I married into this family, and you. Sometimes I might be occupied with everyone that I get a bit distant with you-but know this I could never forget about you!” She said standing close to him looking into his eyes.
Robb was feeling foolish for what he felt earlier. What y/n said made him smile ear to ear.
“How could I even? Your stupid jokes and silly bets and that-that pretty smile.” Y/n said with a slight chuckle and tilted his chin slightly with her hands.
Robb pulled her even closer by her waist gently, “Gods aren’t you a literal dream?”
Y/n blushed at his comment, looking down at her feet right before Robb crashed his lips on her. Y/n wrapped her arms around his shoulders smiling into a the kiss.
After a while when neither of them pulled away the little dire wolf present in the same room wailed in protest nudging y/n’s leg. She moved away to look at it giggling at Robb. “You’re going to have to get used to that!”
Please let me know what you think about it in the comment and feel free to request anything my requests are still open <3
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Lmao I don’t have any for robb stark for now lmk if you want to be added :)
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