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#final fantasy 8

Haven’t been this happy with a drawing in a long time. :) My pencil is really improving. I also have always wanted to try a multiple heads in the same spread sketch! This came out pretty well.

I looooove the designs in this game, and child me is excited I can draw them finally. 

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this is probably not lore accurate at all lmfao i should clarify that everything i know about squall comes from:

  • 1) kingdom hearts 
  • 2) the wiki 
  • and 3) the one screenshot where a girl is like ‘squall……….i’m…………dying’ and he’s like ‘whatever
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My nibling would agree with you. His first FF is ix and he’s been obsessive lol

I like ix. It’s cute and a nod to the older style high fantasy titles in the series. FF7 and 8 were more modern, but 9 takes things back to that medieval look and job class system. The romance between Garnet and Zidane is cute af too - I just love their hug and hair stroke bit at the end, that shit always hits me in the feels ❤️❤️❤️

Every FF title has its charm and comparing two totally different styles is unfair to both. All FF is cool 😁👍

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