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prokopetz · 2 months ago
There’s a conversation I’ve seen repeated on Tumblr over and over again that goes something like this:
“Why do neurotypical people pretend they’re just making observations when they’re really trying to make a request?”
“Well, because in many cultures a very blunt request is basically the same as giving someone a direct order, and people don’t want to do that.”
“That’s insane. Neurotypical people are insane. You should always say exactly what you mean.”
That bugs the hell out of me for two reasons:
1. A great many neurodivergent people can effectively only communicate in observational statements, and quite literally couldn’t frame a direct request to save their own lives.
2. The propensity to interpret blunt requests as direct orders is very much not an exclusively neurotypical thing, and struggling to distinguish between requests and orders is characteristic of many neurodivergent communication styles.
I know I’ve complained in the past about how certain segments of Tumblr’s popular culture tend to inappropriately universalise one very specific experience of neurodiversity and end up throwing lots of neurodivergent people under the bus in the process, and well, case in point!
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whitmerule · 2 months ago
discord seriously I have disabled all the sticker suggestion options you provide and you are still shoving stickers in my face pls go away
oh and while we're about it why do i have to click twice for upload single click does nothing except say 'click again' so this is not a case of adding functionality, only of adding annoyance
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dizzyhmuffin · a year ago
Surely we can do "a non-grimdark magical girl show for adults" without doing jokes like "her magical girl transformation item is a bong."
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kyliafanfiction · 16 days ago
I mean, asking where the cops are in a superhero story is like asking where the adults are in a YA novel. Or asking why there’s always a dead body in a murder mystery.
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bihansthot · 5 months ago
Dear anatomy, I hate you.
a very frustrated dinosaur (poorly) attempting to draw a threesome
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lurking-latinist · 4 months ago
how long into this fic before autocorrect decides Innocet should be named Innocent instead. I didn’t name her, take it up with Marc Platt (or Mark Plate as you would no doubt call him)
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historygrump · a month ago
Irt that last post
What really gets me is that, in the American education system at least, there exist SO MANY FUCKING resources that do that exact thing. Entire curriculums already written around the ide aof comparing sources, identifying bias, determining which you think is true and why. For any given subject someone has already written that lesson and given it online FOR FREE.
A good number of educators though think their students aren't up for the task, or will immediately disengage from it. And you know what it does require a decent level of baked in background skills, those can be built into and integrated in your lessons because history is a writing class, it is a reading class, it is a fucking skills class as much as anything else and you should be scaffolding your curriculum with that in mind! You will lose student! You will always lose students! To write off entire opportunities of a classroom realizing they need to question narratives and authority, EVEN YOURS, because a few kids might not get it drives me up the wall!
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q-uwu-en · 2 months ago
I know this election was like half a year ago and Trump lost but I'm petty and miserable so I'm still not over this
I'm going to preface this by saying there are a lot of good reasons to hate Joe Biden, even to the point of not being willing to vote for him no matter who his opponent was. Like, I wouldn't tell, for instance, a sexual assault victim to put aside her reservations for the "greater good" or whatever
But I think the discourse surrounding the election on this site was ruled by an assumption by the anti-voting side that if voting for Biden is not a revolutionary action, it's not worth doing, and that rather than simply pointing out the fault in that assumption, and simply pointing out that his opponent was the face of a literal fascist movement, the pro-voting side bought into that assumption and tried to argue that it was a revolutionary action
I'm not equally irritated by both sides, I specifically hate the anti-voting camp, but I'll freely admit that the pro-voting camp argued for their side very poorly
My point is, that election mattered, voting in that election mattered. It didn't solve the problems some people on this site promised it would, but it at least slowed down the MAGA movement and that's a good enough reason to do something
Btw if you try to argue with me you're getting blocked this is not an invitation for debate
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kyliaquilor · 9 months ago
To reduce the latin word ‘Rapio, Rapere’ to just ‘rape’ is... wrong.
Like, yes, in the actual ‘canon’ myths (insofar as any myth that old has any ‘canon’ we could possibly know) Hades probably did what we would call rape, to Persephone.
But the myths don’t exactly say that specifically - its not even clear if they had sex Persephone’s first trip in the underworld (though apparently pomegranate/their seeds have sexual aspect in greek poetry/myth). They probably did, and we have no idea to what extent Persephone was on board with this. But... she very probably wasn’t entirely onboard with everything. It probably, like I said, would be rape in modern eyes.
But saying, like this idiot (among others) that the use of the word ‘Rapio’ means she was raped is... really fucking wrong. The word ‘Rapio, Rapere’ *can* mean rape, but it cans also mean to carry off, abduct, seize, damage, take - several of which could have been used in a latin context to discuss the abduction of Persphone.
Plus, rapere a Latin word and this was a Greek myth so... yeah
AND the greeks and romans - the poets writing this all down anyway - would not have seen it as rape. Zeus (the father) transfered Persephone from his household to that of Hades, who became her husband and in the Greco-Roman mind, his property. While we would easily call that rape, and rightly so (most sources suggest Persephone was not totally on board with this, hence why I say it would probably be rape in our eyes, if we ‘saw’ the ‘original’ events of the entirely fictonal myth), the Greeks and romans wouldn’t have seen it that way, and so no Roman writer in latin would have used ‘Rapio’ to mean... rape.
Now, in the linked article the author does make several good points overall, but again... they’re using Latin wrong here. 
And also, I disagree that people can’t ever have a different spin on the myth, including ones that make Persephone 100% willing or even complicit in the whole thing. Myths by their nature exist to be told and retold and adapted to new purposes. Again people trying to assert that the ‘original myth’ was probably super progressive are probably wrong, but if someone seeks to tell a different version, they can, and they’re not a ‘bad feminist’ for doing it.
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xenorat · 7 months ago
If one comes to the right conclusion using absolute nonsense as evidence, and then goes out and finds legitimate evidence after their nonsense gets called out for being completely worthless drivel, that doesn't mean the original nonsense was actually right after all
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prokopetz · 20 days ago
I am not a sophisticated man. All I really want is a cartoon in the exact style of a smutty gag anime circa 1988, except without the grotesque transmisogyny and perving on underage girls. Is that too much to ask?
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definitely-not-an-alb · 5 months ago
Ya’ll know what’s the fucking worst: teachers ‘handing’ out worksheets that are plain, technologically unusable and then being like muhh why are you working so slow, it’s not that much material
it really isn’t, which makes it double obnoxious that I’m spending three to four times as much time on fucking around with software to get this trash puzzled into the specific shape they want it back in than I do actually working. Learn to make a fillable pdf form, ffs.
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dizzyhmuffin · 5 months ago
"This is why nobody takes group [x] seriously!" - a bigot whose bigotry is defined by the fact that they don't take group [x] seriously regardless.
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sablegear0 · 2 months ago
How and more importantly why do I keep getting follows from porn bots in this day and age of post-nsfw Tumblr?
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goodbyenorthernlights · 5 months ago
"are you making Chara Nonbinary or something like that in [your au]"
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historygrump · 18 days ago
Listen, this isn't the most well thought out, and Its a separate post because it's not exactly what the previous post was going for but like ...
it really gets me mad when people complain that the American school system didn't teach them "actually important" things like how to do taxes or personal accounting.
Im sorry, what 12 or 15 year old do you know who is interested, let alone has the attention span, for the absolute mess that is the constantly changing world of personal finance and tax law?
You got bored with free books and world history, but how to set up a Roth IRA is really going to keep your 10th graders attention!
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aradiadefensesquad · 5 months ago
god im sick of all the white elves on google images when i search for poc elves
like bruh.........that’s literally the opposite of what i asked for. i specifically made it so white elves are not the default in my story! god. i have to do everything myself around here
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nightmarecait · 9 months ago
Ok why am I mad about the spn finale
First Dean spends the vast majority of the series trying to prove that he's worth more than a brutal early death on a hunt gone wrong. And then that's all he gets and we're supposed to be ok with that? I have been suicidal before and the dying speech does not come across as heart warming, it's sad and text book depression.
Second. Sam spent the series learning that he isn't normal and doesn't want a white picker fence and an apple pie life, not if it means giving up his real family, dean and cas and jack. And then he's essentially sentenced to live a parody of a normal life. The wife is blurry cause she doesn't matter the only thing Sam cares about is his son and is essentially waiting to die so he can see Dean again. It's not domestic bliss it's a domestic nightmare. It's like a djinn dream gone wrong. And I'm supposed to be happy? Why the hell would I be happy?
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kyliaquilor · 6 months ago
Since the entire population of Ireland was pagan before conversion started, St. Patrick couldn’t have ‘driven the pagans out’ without there being, you know, no Irish people left to be Irish
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