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-Tonight’s mood-

Give You My Lovin/Mazzy Star

So girlish and cute,pure.I can count in 3fingers as a favorite among them.Love whole lyrics in it.

Picked up lyrics that ESPECIALLY I like.

I know I’m the only one for you

I know that you think this is not true

And everything has turned to you

See you in the places I’m following you

Everywhere you go I will follow

They say you’ll hurt me

I don’t think that’s true

When I see you, I want to kiss you

But I know that ain’t right so I ask if I can hold you

Oh babe I need you so bad

Oh babe I only want to make you glad

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Hi guys! it’s been awhile since i’ve posted but..

if you post any of the following:

- Nirvana

- Alice in chains

- Soundgarden

- Pearl jam

- Mazzy star

- Faith no more

- Mr Bungle

- Mike patton

- Demri Parrott

- Edie sedgwick

- Queen

- 60s-90s content

- Babes in toyland

- Days of the new

- Korn

- System of a down

- The beatles

then like/reblog this post! Maybe even consider following me since I post these things too teheheh

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