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#i got an idea in the car
youchangedmea month ago
if i wrote a saileen fic with background destiel would that be cool or what
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formaldehyde-frogsa day ago
okay I will part for the night with my thiughts on candyman in the tags. (very long also spoilers.) and also the news that i bought a furby at the thrift store today ::-) 馃憞
#original nonsense#personal#okay i am really tired but i feel like i gotta say somethin abt this movie cuz it was so cool#okay so i guess i am not a slasher fan but maybe just bc i dont like the idea of senseless violence but the violence in this movie#was very plot related which i guess makes sense. but also i thought the stiry was very cool i like that this guys motive for killing was:#i like being an urban legend and i like being functionally immortal so i want this person who tried saying i wasnt real to be a part of my#schemes. THAT WAS REALLY COOL#idk if i put it into words well#and watching helen be part of these schemes was very freaky bc it was like. idk all the murders were set up so well for her to be the culpr#t and it was honestly pretty neat to watch unfold. wack#the first scene where helen was sttanding by her car then suddenly she is sitting in a pool of blood was really really cool#i keep saying the word cool but ahhh i have no other words#hmmmmm. okay also this movie was like finally some good commentary on racism too.#also. i think both helen and candyman were hot which was a bonus. whoopee ! also candyman was full of BEES#which was really very swag. he had a really cool design and was also v handsome. ::~)#also tge ending was awesome its like yes yes the ccycle continues. messed up. helen is a girlboss.#omg okay goodnight ahhgghhghhahhagaaaaaa#also the furby i got has long silver fur and no name. idk if it works. okay goodnight! mwah!#sorry for blogging abt spooky movies at night! dont think abt it too much!#WAIT I FORGOT to say something:#i think it is easy to scoff at the idea of say someones name in the mirror and they will appear oooooo scary.#but i like how it was employed in this movie. okay last thought. im no horror expert so idk if there are more good examples of this. BYE
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petalsandpurity7 days ago
I was scrolling Twitter and was hit completely unprompted with a memory of when me and my mum waited in the car outside my brothers school to pick him up and a full grown lady legit just opened the car door and sat in the front passenger seat (I was in the back)
And we all just sat there for a full minute staring at each other like 鈥榰hhh.....鈥 馃槶
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mashkaroom11 days ago
i recently saw my cousin for the first time in like 10 years, and we interacted a total of, like, 3 times before that. so he鈥檚 30 now, but in my mind he鈥檚 still a college student, so i was all like聽鈥測ou鈥檙e employed?? wild, bro!鈥 but it turns out this goes both ways and in his mind i鈥檓 10, which was, uh, very evident
#it turns out he's a lot like my dad if he was less unhinged and made good decisions#my dad noticed this too#but they've been in touch apparently like my dad's his cool uncle#but anyway when i asked him (dad) why he thought they were similar he was like#'pasha's girlfriend is very hot. my first wife was very beautiful too'#ok lmao#his girlfriend IS very hot and also very very american#maybe that was just her vibe but i feel like she kind of wanted our approval#and it's just like. lady. i am nobody. please do not care about my opinion#this was at my dad's birthday party#where as we got out of the car some random russian approached us and told my dad happy birthday#we were like 'who was that' and my dad was like 'no fucking idea'#being russian be like#also literally every child there was taller than me which was. extremely jarring#also i said hi to dad's wife and she said hi back instead of gasping and looking away so progress i guess?#i also now know for a fact that she spreads rumors about me#by which i mean her interpretation of events which are just wrong#and i was not sure what some people there had heard about me which was uh#my mother mentioned that there were a ton of rumors flying about her after the divorce#bc my dad has a notable lack of basic tactful behavior#and it's nowhere near the same esp bc i'm not friends with these people they're my dad's friends#but like. do they think i steal her stuff for fun or?#all my family drama is profoundly stupid and generally pretty which so thank god for tha
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letsgowoah21 days ago
i had a drink with some people after work today while i was waiting for my parents to pick me up, and when i got home i managed to do two (2) different chores despite being pretty tired already that i've been putting off/forgetting about for days/weeks before the effects wore off and i proceeded to just sit there for like 2 hours before finally getting up to have dinner. it makes me wonder if i should try using alcohol to get my boring chores done just like once a week
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chicken-choice-judy-vevo28 days ago
not me planning out book 4 scenes in my head 馃檭
seriously though i have this recurring thought that there鈥檒l be a scene where the duo鈥檚 very recently gotten on the train and has to camp out for the night. they have like NO supplies yet and are just kind of laying down on a large overhang (idk why but i picture a giant branch). neither are asleep, and they had recently argued so they鈥檙e facing away from eachother both absolutely STEWING in their anger.
ryan seems like the type to always be tapping on something or moving in some way, so he probably starts absentmindedly tapping some rhythm on the ground, at first min-gi gets annoyed and just 鈥渃an you knock it o鈥 [sighs] can鈥檛 sleep either?鈥 (maybe he asks that aftet a couple times of asking ryan to stop trying to make a bunch of noise)
and maybe they just kind of talk like old times for a bit and put the fight on hold. you know how you鈥檇 sleep at your friend鈥檚 house when you were young and neither of you wanted to sleep yet so you laid there in the dark and talked? it鈥檇 be kind of like that
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gl-tchbr--na month ago
i went scrolling back through this blog cause i was looking for something and i didnt find it but i DID find something that reminded me of a thing so uhhhh Anti Shout Out to the therapist who upon being sufficiently reassured that there hadnt been like. a Crime. nothing so clear cut as that. was really invested in whether i Liked It
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tovezzaa month ago
Anyway for fun while I鈥檓 in line at Tesco lol trc characters in misfits - what they鈥檙e doing community service for and what their powers were:
gansey: implicated in His mother鈥檚 campaign fraud when she ran as a home counties tory MP, like a good King took the fall for his family in the scandal which was very hush hush and the lightest the judge could get was community service painting benches. / timelessness, not being able to linearly for back in time so much as being able to exist at different points along the timeline and see where different time streams diverge??? And exist in more than one time
blue: eco activism but the group she was in was smaller time and less legally backed than she thought it was so she ended up with community service after handcuffing herself to the gates of a BP exec鈥檚 house and doing a bit of spray paint action. / her power is mirroring other people鈥檚 powers she can steal them from them for a time but is left with the equal and opposite power always
Adam: oh gosh hes unknowable this is so hard. I鈥檇 say his crime is either academic fraud he was being paid for and regrets his whole life/wants desperately to turn back time to get his life back on track OR trying to burn his father鈥檚 house down. / for powers I think there鈥檚 aspects of class rage that make sense for Kelly鈥檚 mind reading power for Adam but I can also see talking/communicating with trees, and becoming invisible absolute wild card lad
noah: street racing or drunk driving / ghost who鈥檚 actually been dead seven years everyone thinks he鈥檚 invulnerable he鈥檚 legit just a ghost
ronan: drunk and disorderly antisocial behaviour when he tried to steal pick鈥檔鈥檓ix out of a bowling alley snack shop. / for powers ahhh we could go with canon and have it be dreaming but he lies about being powerless all season OR I like something totally different like seeing/talking to the dead??
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