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angelofthepage · 13 days ago
Let the Show Begin~
A strange set of circumstances brought us together, but I’ve always been one to embrace the unknown. Much like the last victim to fall into the studio, I’m sure you’re wondering why you’re here. But worry not, my little errand runner. All will be answered in due time. You’re in the domain of the angel now, MY domain, a place where no demons dare step. Come, have a seat, stay a while. Your angel could use some entertainment.
(Welcome one and all to my Twisted Alice Angel Ask Blog! I’m your host and moderator, Kat Alyst from @inkabelledesigns. I’ve been voice acting for a number of years now, and after being a roleplayer for even longer, I thought it might be fun to combine the two in a blog to share with all of you. So sit back, relax, and join me on this experimental journey at the studio! Before we go any further, let’s lay down some ground rules.)
Characters for Vocal Interactions:
Twisted Alice Angel/Susie Campbell (Primary)
Toon Alice
Allison Angel/Allison Pendle
Poet (Lost One OC)
Please specify who your question is directed towards!
This is primarily a voice-related blog, and unfortunately, a majority of the in-game characters are not within my vocal range. If you’d like other members of the studio cast to show up, leave a suggestion. I have a few VA friends I can try to ask about coming on as guests, or in the case of an ask event, we can always try a more feminine-presenting version of the characters you love. 
Rules of the Theatre:
No NSFW content. There are plenty of other places for you to engage in those topics, but my blog is not one of them.
No God-modding. This blog is a collaborative experience, but ultimately, it’s my story to tell. I won’t tolerate people forcing their actions onto me (if need be, I’ll doll a dice to see how effective your actions are when interacting, just to keep it a bit more fair).
Be respectful to other people interacting with this blog. I don’t care how “cringe” any of these asks end up, that’s no reason for you to be mean or rude.
Keep the profanities reasonable. I’m fine flinging around stuff like “hell” or “dammit,” but I should never log on and find an ask that’s got an f bomb dropped every other word. Please keep it tasteful.
Do not spoil any Bendy media in my ask box until a month after it’s released (unless I say otherwise). Not everyone has access to all the games and books, and I don’t want to deprive anyone of experiencing them firsthand. I will introduce that content as I see fit, with appropriate spoiler tags. 
I’m not your therapist, nor should I be treated as such. I fully recognize that like any fictional character, Alice might be a comfort character to you (she certainly is for me), and that’s your business. But I am not licensed to handle your mental/emotional trauma. I encourage you to see out a professional’s help should you need to talk things out. 
I decide which theories and headcanons this blog operates on. There are lots of great Bendy theories and fan interpretations in this community, and all of them should be celebrated. Just understand, this is my blog, I get to choose how I conduct it, and I may not operate under the same world rules you do. Please do not push me to include specific lore. You can ask nicely, and I’m allowed to say yes or no. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to interact with me. 
Have fun! Ultimately, this blog is a space for me to express myself artistically, and create some fun scenarios with you guys. Let’s make it a good time for all of us!
With all that being said and done, it’s time to raise the stage curtain and snap on those spotlights! I hope you’ll join me for an enchanting time in the angel’s lair. 
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thealphareporter · 5 months ago
Artist Kat Alyst to launch personal photographic story, ‘Someone is Trying to Tell You Something, in 2021’
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desmoinesnewsdesk · 5 months ago
Artist Kat Alyst to launch personal photographic story, ‘Someone is Trying to Tell You Something, in 2021’
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ussharemarkets · 5 months ago
Artist Kat Alyst to launch personal photographic story, ‘Someone is Trying to Tell You Something, in 2021’
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unspoilednews · 5 months ago
Artist Kat Alyst to launch personal photographic story, ‘Someone is Trying to Tell You Something, in 2021’
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thesunshinereporter · 5 months ago
Artist Kat Alyst to launch personal photographic story, ‘Someone is Trying to Tell You Something, in 2021’
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inkabelledesigns · 7 months ago
Poem 17: Distractions 
To conclude the consistent story of Alice joining in on poems, I bring you a small bit of bittersweet after the storm.
Sound Effects (Creative Commons 0):
Fumble Bumble
By: Kat Alyst
Poet: Oh Alice...I’m so sorry. 
Had I known what you’d gone through, 
Perhaps I’d have halted my perjury. 
Here, um, perhaps we’d best give in to distractions
So that we’re not reminded of his horribly hollow sins. 
How about I tell you about the time
Where someone else who liked to rhyme
Had so many stars in his eyes? 
There once was an artist
With dreams as large as the sun.
And from the morning bell to closing time,
Joey kept him on the run.
Yes, Henry was a pleasant man,
A truly dapper chap,
And his style was quite evident
From his pen up to his cap.
He doodled and slid 
Across the page
Turning rubberhose toons
To be the latest rage,
The newest craze, 
The hottest phase,
Best enjoyed with lemonade.
Alice: Lemonade?
Poet: Listen, rhyming isn’t easy my songbird.
Sometimes you have to grasp for the right word. 
Alice: But seriously, lemonade? What makes lemonade the best drink to enjoy a cartoon with? -laughter-
Poet: Dear angel, I say, you’ve distracted me now! How dare you turn the tables!
Alice: -more laughter- Oh don’t get your ink in a twist Poet.
Poet: No really, I must insist, you can’t just go distracting me while I’m telling a story! Now I’m not even rhyming correctly, just ahhhh! 
-Alice continues to laugh. It’s easier to laugh at imperfections-
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inkabelledesigns · 7 months ago
Poem 14: Arch
I feel like a lot of people looked at this prompt and said “NATHAN let’s go BOIIII,” or at least, that’s what I did. But truth be told, I just don’t know enough about Nathan to feel comfortable writing a poem with him, especially when all my pieces thus far focus on the first game. So I decided to have a little fun and talk about the toons with this one, with very subtle plays on the theme with archways and bending over backwards to keep the angel entertained. It still works in the end, and it gave me an excuse to throw Henry’s perspective in there briefly.
Sound Effects (Creative Commons 0):
Toontown’s Arches
By: Kat Alyst
Poet: Alright dear angel,
My apologies.
I didn't mean to offend with such indecencies.
Hmm, what tale can I tell you,
To quench your thirst?
To turn this evening away from the worse?
Hmm, quite the irony I think,
To bend over backwards for you,
But I’d rather see a smile,
So that your thoughts aren’t always blue.
Alice: Oh give it a rest Poet. 
Just tell me something new.
How about a story about my radiance?
Now that would surely do.
Poet: Your vanity precedes you your grace,
But how could I say no to that face?
The arches leading into toontown
Are a mighty fine display.
Like a halo overtop the land, 
For the welcoming soiree.
It was a beautiful day for them to play,
When Alice came to town,
And the toons welcomed her happily,
For Alice wore the crown.
With a demon as a brother 
And a wolf as a best friend
The trio was well loved,
And well received ‘til the very end. 
They had their hijinks, 
And chaos caught their feet
But at the end of each adventure,
They’d take their bows, all nice and neat.
And when the film projector ran its course, 
They’d laugh and take a bow, 
Then run along the artist’s minds
And make him wonder “how”
“How can I give them a fun time next?
With a deadline drawing near?
What adventure will they go on next?
One of hopes, or dreams, or fear?”
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inkabelledesigns · 7 months ago
Poem 12: Ring
So full disclosure, I am not a huge shipper by any means, but there are a few ships that I’ve slowly fallen in love with. Originally I wanted to do something for Allison and Tom, but when the story got rolling, it was clear I had to try this with Susie and Sammy. They’re right up there for me with Sammy and Norman, or even better, Sammy, Norman, and Susie together (listen there’s an amazing artist that does some stuff with this trio and I’m weak for it -cough cough @soundzler-loki cough cough-) Hope you enjoy this hypothetical scenario from musician to voice actress.~
Sound Effects (Creative Commons 0):
A Question for Susie
By: Kat Alyst
A gentleman with ring in hand
Had only one true demand. 
Or rather, a request, 
Sorry, I jest, 
Sometimes you need a word choice
That doesn’t exactly fit your voice. 
But his voice, oh yes, 
You need feel no distress, 
For his voice shall set 
your heart to rest.
A musician with a spark in his eyes
Carried a love in his heart
For a muse unlike any he’d seen before
Had set his love alight in art
Yes, she was art.
She was beauty and grace, 
She was his entire world,
In her hand, she held the ace. 
She was talented and sweet
Though in height, quite petite, 
And while her flowery air was delicate,
She was as tough as any angel.
For three weeks straight the man paced,
Back and forth
Back and forth,
Until he finally worked up the nerve
Until he could no long swerve away 
from the question he wished to ask. 
For his angel was so beautiful, 
inside and out, 
Enough to make him want to shout
In jubilation
He had to keep his concentration
And make this moment the best moment
That her eyes would ever see
When he'd get down on one knee and ask,
"Susie, will you marry me?"
"My heart only yearns for you. 
For when into my life, you flew
On Angel's wings with such grace,
The moment I laid eyes upon your face
I knew. 
Somehow I knew
That you were someone I wanted to dedicate all my time to. 
When I'm composing, 
When I'm playing songs,
I only think of you.
You are the most beautiful melody
Please, let me be your harmony."
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