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#kat alyst artist
katalystfans · 2 months ago
First Post!
Hello!! This blog is going to showcase the amazing photographer and model Kat ALYST! She is my favorite artist so far and I follow her since I was 13. Now Im 16 and want to make photography my passion!!! Here are some photos I love coming up next. ENJOY EVERYONE!!
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katalystartist · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Artist Kat Alyst Debuts First Solo Exhibition with LA WEEKLY
"Someone is trying to tell you something" exhibition debut by artist Kat Alyst. Art Review by LA WEEKLY. Visit:
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inkabelledesigns · a year ago
Poem 12: Ring
So full disclosure, I am not a huge shipper by any means, but there are a few ships that I’ve slowly fallen in love with. Originally I wanted to do something for Allison and Tom, but when the story got rolling, it was clear I had to try this with Susie and Sammy. They’re right up there for me with Sammy and Norman, or even better, Sammy, Norman, and Susie together (listen there’s an amazing artist that does some stuff with this trio and I’m weak for it -cough cough @soundzler-loki cough cough-) Hope you enjoy this hypothetical scenario from musician to voice actress.~
Sound Effects (Creative Commons 0):
A Question for Susie
By: Kat Alyst
A gentleman with ring in hand
Had only one true demand. 
Or rather, a request, 
Sorry, I jest, 
Sometimes you need a word choice
That doesn’t exactly fit your voice. 
But his voice, oh yes, 
You need feel no distress, 
For his voice shall set 
your heart to rest.
A musician with a spark in his eyes
Carried a love in his heart
For a muse unlike any he’d seen before
Had set his love alight in art
Yes, she was art.
She was beauty and grace, 
She was his entire world,
In her hand, she held the ace. 
She was talented and sweet
Though in height, quite petite, 
And while her flowery air was delicate,
She was as tough as any angel.
For three weeks straight the man paced,
Back and forth
Back and forth,
Until he finally worked up the nerve
Until he could no long swerve away 
from the question he wished to ask. 
For his angel was so beautiful, 
inside and out, 
Enough to make him want to shout
In jubilation
He had to keep his concentration
And make this moment the best moment
That her eyes would ever see
When he'd get down on one knee and ask,
"Susie, will you marry me?"
"My heart only yearns for you. 
For when into my life, you flew
On Angel's wings with such grace,
The moment I laid eyes upon your face
I knew. 
Somehow I knew
That you were someone I wanted to dedicate all my time to. 
When I'm composing, 
When I'm playing songs,
I only think of you.
You are the most beautiful melody
Please, let me be your harmony."
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hidewari · 3 years ago
Since it's hidekane day can you recommend your favorite hidekane fics from ff net, ao3 and tumblr?
I’ve gotten a couple requests for fanfic recommendations but I kept putting them off so I guess now is as good a time as ever to make a rec list 👍
(There are more but these are just the ones I remember at the moment, so I’ll probably update if I think of any more.)
I’ll Follow You by Naoish
He remembered when he had everything, everything that now felt so far away. Friends, close family, happiness, health. Now all he had was his name. Hideyoshi Nagachika. Hide for short.
White Noise by @katsuki-army​
In this final stage of the war, Kaneki leads the ghouls and Hide leads the humans. Plans are made together, meals are shared, and peaceful dreams are difficult to come by. It's not supposed to be this hard to trust each other. Yet the wounds run so much deeper than they expect. Maybe bridges are best left burnt. Maybe not everyone deserves a happily ever after.
Blow Out All The Candles by @midori-verte​
His scars had never bothered him before. In fact, he had foolishly worn them as a badge of honour. They were proof of his feelings for Kaneki, proof of what he had done for him.
But the world Hide lived in now was far less forgiving of scars.
Sometimes Miracles Don’t Work by FallenBleedingAngel
Hide buried his face in Kaneki's shoulder to hide the tears rolling down his cheeks.He didn't know what to say, so he said nothing.Hide could only hold Kaneki closer and hope for a miracle with all his heart.
Baby, Don’t Say No by @kat-alystic​
Kaneki was used to running away from all his problems, literally.Three years later, one problem showed up right in front of him when he least expected it, in the form of his Ex-boyfriend that he left years prior without an explanation.And from there, with the help of a bit of alcohol, everything went out of control.
Cantabile Dreams by @fweeble​
Nagachika Hideyoshi loves Kaneki Ken, everyone knows this. Nagachika Hideyoshi loves Kaneki Ken, has since they were children, and will continue to do so until he dies.
Dear You by @fweeble​
He's a liar, thief, and murderer -all ninja are."You shouldn't trust me," he says.Kaneki doesn't.
[Untitled] by @tim-drabble-vault​
They did not speak after Kaneki was saved and reunited with his family and friends alike.Hide was quite aware he was no longer apart of Kaneki’s family after years of separation. So he didn’t make an attempt to approach Kaneki.They did not speak, either, after the war was over. At the moment, there was peace and this alone was quite an extraordinary feat.But Hide - he missed Kaneki terribly.
Coloured Lines by @bestboyyusuke​
Hide always enjoyed the spontaneous irregularities in life, the little things that made every day special on its own. He didn't really expect something as special as the graffiti that had caught his eye instantly and struck something in him though._Graffiti au in which Kaneki is a graffiti artist that fascinates Hide to no end.
You Never Asked by @ayainu​ and @glittery-meme-rabbit​
Hide opens up to Kaneki about his parents and they both realize that they weren't all that different.
I Can’t Go on if You’re Not Here by sunshinehide
Hide found flowers beautiful. They were one of the simple pleasures of life; so, even when he began throwing them up, he couldn't bring himself to hate them. They reminded him too much of Kaneki, beautiful, and trampled by some, but still growing despite the harshness it faced.
Bateleur by @katsuki-army
The Night Circus is an enigma that none have been able to understand. It appears, entertains, then vanishes, and all who have witnessed what lies within have never come out the same. Hide is but one of its various centerpieces, playing the role of a charismatic magician. He soon comes to realize that some roles come with a steep price to pay.
And some bonus non-hidekane, Hide-centric fics which I love:
[Untitled] by @glittery-meme-rabbit​
The baby was crying again.
Nevermind that both him and Chika had to work in the morning, but the stupid kid should learn to sleep. It was Chika’s job to tend to the kid when he was crying. He could tell the difference between him being wet or hungry or just touch starved. To Marude it was all the same noise that kept him from getting at least five hours. Why did they adopt the kid again? Oh, it wasn’t adoption, it was more akin to picking a stray cat up off the street. Only Hideyoshi wasn’t a cat, he was a baby.
A baby who was about to get yelled at if Chika didn’t wake up and shut the damn kid up.
Unintended by @sasassy-writes
When Touka finds Hide after the Raid, she puts up with him for Kaneki's sake, to honour his memory. She didn't expect this sentiment to ever change - until it does.
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thealphareporter · 11 months ago
Artist Kat Alyst to launch personal photographic story, ‘Someone is Trying to Tell You Something, in 2021’
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desmoinesnewsdesk · 11 months ago
Artist Kat Alyst to launch personal photographic story, ‘Someone is Trying to Tell You Something, in 2021’
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ussharemarkets · 11 months ago
Artist Kat Alyst to launch personal photographic story, ‘Someone is Trying to Tell You Something, in 2021’
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unspoilednews · 11 months ago
Artist Kat Alyst to launch personal photographic story, ‘Someone is Trying to Tell You Something, in 2021’
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thesunshinereporter · 11 months ago
Artist Kat Alyst to launch personal photographic story, ‘Someone is Trying to Tell You Something, in 2021’
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searchingthedepths · 3 years ago
The Day We First Met
As I said once before, this blog uses a combination of literature, art, and audio to tell its story. What I neglected to say was that it wouldn’t necessarily be in sequential order. This event has happened long before the blog story begins, as Bella is still human here, hasn’t become a searcher yet like in our brief introduction. I’ll be dropping little “chapters” like this from time to time to give you something to pick at. ~Kat Alyst
From the Desk of F.K.E.
“So, what’s your story?”
A young lady sat cross-legged on the Prophet’s weathered desk. She’d taken off her worn newsboy cap and laid it in her lap. Gently she tried to fix her scruffy hair with her hand, but it wouldn’t suffice without a brush. The ink-swallowed man in suspenders that sat in the chair beside her stared at the floor. The mask on his face slipped a little. It was unlike him to not immediately fix it.
“My dear sheep, I’m afraid there’s not much else to say. You claim you heard the tapes that reside on this level. Those hold a majority of my tale, to go any further would be…”
Sammy tapered off into the silence. The girl on the desk hopped down from her spot and hugged him tightly. His ink was sticky, and there was no doubt that it was staining her already filthy clothes, but she didn’t mind. There wasn’t a whole lot she could do, she couldn’t begin to imagine the horrors this studio had faced all that time ago. But that begged the question, why was it all still here? Could it be fixed?
It took Sammy a moment to react. His body stiffened in the girl’s arms, and his heart beat was slow and groggy. He gave her a light tap on the back before removing her from his body.
“I’d advise against that dear sheep. Believe me, you don’t want this stuff on you any more than it already is,” he said.
She lowered her head, glancing over her body. It had already wrecked her pants while searching for a way out, everything was flecked with black. Her left hand had the tiniest bit on it, and even though much time had passed, it was still wet. It was as though the ink could never dry. She looked up at the man and held his shoulder.
“How do I get you out of this?”
“I beg your pardon?” Sammy replied.
“How do I get you out of this?” she said again. There was a determined glow in her eyes, it was as bright as the red pigment that stained the top of her apron. Sammy leaned backwards, her grip still tightly held his shoulder. What little of his face was visible showed bewilderment and confusion.
“Why…why would you want to? I-I don’t understand, what is the meaning of this?” said Sammy.
The girl squeezed his shoulder. “There’s a human underneath all of this. I saw those creatures on the way in. They’re the same as you, aren’t they?”
Sammy hesitated to respond. “Yes, yes they are. But humanity means nothing down here.”
“Well lucky for you, I don’t belong down here. I’m stuck here, there’s no way for me to get out, or any of you for that matter, unless that old man finds what you need him to find. If I’m gonna be trapped, I may as well be useful and give you a hand,” she said. She let go of his shoulder, placing it on her hip.
“My sheep, you’re making a grave mistake. There is no saving us, only the Lord can set us free, and that will only happen if we follow his orders,” Sammy said.
“Do you really believe that?” she retorted.
He couldn’t look her in the eyes.
“Yeah, that’s what I thought. Look Prophet, I’ve spent most of my life cooped up and wings clipped. This isn’t anything new to me. We both want to pursue new dreams, and we can’t do that unless we get out of this dump. So, if there’s any way I can play ‘divine intervention’ and help your guy get us out of here, I’d love to try it,” she said. She looked rather serious.
 Under the ink, Sammy’s eyebrow was raised. She didn’t really think she was capable of eliminating a demonic curse, did she? But no, he could tell she was intent on trying. Sammy mulled over the options, stroking his chin as he stared at the floor. He knew there was no hope of getting out, and that made the reality of two humans being down here all the worse. There may’ve been a lot of bacon soup before, but Henry had been pounding it in his efforts to stay alive, there wouldn’t be enough to sustain them both. It had already been several days since the girl had fallen here, and he could clearly see the paleness in her face. She looked sickly. It was only a matter of time before either of them died, and while he knew his Lord’s plans would guarantee that Henry survived to a point, he wasn’t certain the same would be allowed for an accidental trespasser. There was no winning. He’d had to help sacrifice so many employees over the years, he didn’t want his conscience stained with another death, especially someone so young. But the only alternative, it was equally extreme. He would never wish the hell he’d be cast in on anyone, no one deserved to live undead. But what choice did he have? Either swallow her or leave her to rot. It wasn’t fair, it just wasn’t fair.
Of course, his Lord would always be happy to have a little more labor on the premises…No Lawrence, don’t think like that, that’s what got you into this mess. Still, how could he justify it? Truth was he couldn’t. He stared at his hands, entranced, his mind blurred. What to do, what to do. There’s got to be something, I can’t go through this again. Something within the bitter man had softened. He clenched his left hand into a fist, squeezing tightly, barely feeling anything. Perhaps, just perhaps…that might just work.
              Sammy rose from the chair and knelt beside the desk. He opened one of the drawers to reveal a can of soup, the last one in the area. He raised his head to look at the girl. It was noticeable that she was lost in thought as well. But as quickly as it came, the awkward silence was broken by her cough. It was hoarse and stuffy, she pounded her fist against her chest a few times to try and silence it. Sammy glanced at his nubby feet, taking a deep breath before he stood up. He was a rather tall up close. As she slid off the desk, she only came up to just below his shoulders. He placed a hand behind her back and lead her out of his crumbling office, navigating his way through the music department. He sighed, something broken and deflated. The girl looked up at him in curiosity, unsure of what to expect.
            Sammy reached into his pocket and pulled out a keyring. He went up to one of the thousands of locked doors and opened it, revealing a tiny kitchenette that hadn’t been used in quite some time. There was a small couch and a few chairs around a table. He opened a cabinet that was filled to the brim with mismatched mugs, bent spoons, and a few bowls. Could it have been this was a break room at one point? Sammy sat his guest down on the couch and got to work and heating the soup on a barely functional stovetop, while he searched for something else in a smaller cabinet. He pulled out a small box and gave it a sniff.
            “Still good. Now there’s a surprise.”
            The girl watched him intently as he worked. His movements were rhythmic, each step methodical and practiced, like clockwork. A pinch of this, a little of that, a stir here, a tap on the rim. It was mesmerizing. He returned to the table moments later, a bowl of soup in one hand, a cup of tea in the other. He motioned for her to join him, both sitting in chairs. He pushes the soup to her spot.
            “Eat up, there may not be anything else for a while,” he said.
            “T-thank you sir, you’re very kind,” she replied quietly. She took a spoonful and gently blew on it before taking a bite. It was definitely bacon, no doubt about it. The stuff was horribly old, she dared not ask the expiration date, but it wasn’t so bad. Heck, a little salt and a few spices would probably do wonders for it. She slowly worked her way through the bowl, leaving nothing untouched.
            Sammy watched as he sipped his tea. He hadn’t thought to make it in a while, but even though he required no food or drink to fuel him, the tea on his throat was soothing. Under the mask, his smile was hidden. That felt much better. He moved a hand over his diaphragm. The last time he’d had this peppermint brew, gosh, how long ago was it? Maybe five years after Henry had left? All a part of his personal rituals, something he’d drink before warming up to sing. Even now he could still remember the words, fidgeting his fingers as though her were playing the old chords on his keyboard. He lost himself for a moment, humming under his breath. It wasn’t until he heard the spoon clink in the empty bowl that he realized she was smiling at him.
            The girl chuckled. “I’d love to hear the full piece one day. You have a lovely voice.”
            Sammy turned away, slightly embarrassed. “You’re very kind little lamb. But I’m afraid that particular composition remains unfinished. It was the last one I worked on before well…before my assignments were changed.”
            “That’s a shame, it sounds so beautiful. If I could make anything half as good as that, I’d be rich.” She laughed, a tinkly sort of sound, like a little fairy.
            Sammy smirked a little. “You flatter me. I dedicated my entire life to my music before all of this happened. Nothing could be less than perfect.”
            “Must be nice getting to work on your craft like that. It’s rare I run into another artist with that philosophy.”
            He took another sip of tea. “Oh really now? What field do you work in?”
            “Well up until recently, I was a printer. Worked in a shop not too far from here. But that’s all in the past now, they laid me off the day before I wound up here.”
            “Now why’s that? You seem perfectly capable to me.”
            The girl lowered her head. “They found me out. They learned I was a woman.”
            The prophet stiffened, somewhat confused. “I don’t follow.”
“When I applied for the job, I sent in my resume under the name Bryan Ewe. Every shop I’d tried to work at before denied me, wouldn’t even consider hiring a woman. I kept up the act for a long time, wore fake beards, created a whole identity for myself. I was determined to follow my dreams, work my way up to be an illustrator, run my own plates and sell them. But I didn’t even come close,” She buried her face in her hands, “What the hell was I thinking? There was no way I was ever going to make it as an artist. No one ever believed in my dream.”
A small puddle of ink started rising through the floorboards. The prophet noticed, but he chose to keep quiet. He had to be careful.
“Come now, there had to be someone. Didn’t you believe in your own ambitions?”
“Yes, for a long time I did. Maybe that was a lie, there was one other person who believed. My father…god rest his soul.”
The puddle retreated a little from under her feet.
Sammy felt like he was hit in the chest. “I’m….I’m so sorry.”
“It’s fine. It’s not like anything could’ve been done to save him,” She leans back in her chair, gingerly holding her hat over her heart, “I’ve been alone in this world ever since. Nothing has made any sense, even less so here.”
She turned away, but Sammy could very clearly see the tears that were sliding down her cheek, gently washing over her freckles. The puddle below her dissipated completely. The ink knew when to back off thankfully.
She’s got nothing left. No wonder she’s trying to help us. Sammy wasn’t one for religion before the incident, but he had a friend in the studio who was once. She’d always spoken to him about feeling ‘renewed’ after returning home from church. Perhaps it may be best if he called her in a little later, she would know how to deal with emotions better than himself. He stroked his chin for a moment. A question had come to mind.
“You said you pretended to be a man named Bryan. What’s your real name?”
“Bella. Isabella Ewe,” She wiped the tears from her eyes, “And since you never formally introduced yourself, am I right to assume that you’re Mr. Lawrence?”
“Sammy, if you please.” He nodded
“Sammy, alright, I can remember that. So, who are they?”
Bella pointed at the door. There was a trio of searchers peeking passed the doorframe. They slinked backwards upon being noticed, shy and petrified no doubt. But Sammy didn’t raise his voice. He didn’t get angry, he didn’t holler, he didn’t start cackling evilly. No, instead he did something far less expected.
He removed his mask.
“They’re my coworkers.”
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angelofthepage · 5 months ago
Let the Show Begin~
A strange set of circumstances brought us together, but I’ve always been one to embrace the unknown. Much like the last victim to fall into the studio, I’m sure you’re wondering why you’re here. But worry not, my little errand runner. All will be answered in due time. You’re in the domain of the angel now, MY domain, a place where no demons dare step. Come, have a seat, stay a while. Your angel could use some entertainment.
(Welcome one and all to my Twisted Alice Angel Ask Blog! I’m your host and moderator, Kat Alyst from @inkabelledesigns. I’ve been voice acting for a number of years now, and after being a roleplayer for even longer, I thought it might be fun to combine the two in a blog to share with all of you. So sit back, relax, and join me on this experimental journey at the studio! Before we go any further, let’s lay down some ground rules.)
Characters for Vocal Interactions:
Twisted Alice Angel/Susie Campbell (Primary)
Toon Alice
Allison Angel/Allison Pendle
Poet (Lost One OC)
Please specify who your question is directed towards!
This is primarily a voice-related blog, and unfortunately, a majority of the in-game characters are not within my vocal range. If you’d like other members of the studio cast to show up, leave a suggestion. I have a few VA friends I can try to ask about coming on as guests, or in the case of an ask event, we can always try a more feminine-presenting version of the characters you love. 
Rules of the Theatre:
No NSFW content. There are plenty of other places for you to engage in those topics, but my blog is not one of them.
No God-modding. This blog is a collaborative experience, but ultimately, it’s my story to tell. I won’t tolerate people forcing their actions onto me (if need be, I’ll doll a dice to see how effective your actions are when interacting, just to keep it a bit more fair).
Be respectful to other people interacting with this blog. I don’t care how “cringe” any of these asks end up, that’s no reason for you to be mean or rude.
Keep the profanities reasonable. I’m fine flinging around stuff like “hell” or “dammit,” but I should never log on and find an ask that’s got an f bomb dropped every other word. Please keep it tasteful.
Do not spoil any Bendy media in my ask box until a month after it’s released (unless I say otherwise). Not everyone has access to all the games and books, and I don’t want to deprive anyone of experiencing them firsthand. I will introduce that content as I see fit, with appropriate spoiler tags. 
I’m not your therapist, nor should I be treated as such. I fully recognize that like any fictional character, Alice might be a comfort character to you (she certainly is for me), and that’s your business. But I am not licensed to handle your mental/emotional trauma. I encourage you to see out a professional’s help should you need to talk things out. 
I decide which theories and headcanons this blog operates on. There are lots of great Bendy theories and fan interpretations in this community, and all of them should be celebrated. Just understand, this is my blog, I get to choose how I conduct it, and I may not operate under the same world rules you do. Please do not push me to include specific lore. You can ask nicely, and I’m allowed to say yes or no. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to interact with me. 
Have fun! Ultimately, this blog is a space for me to express myself artistically, and create some fun scenarios with you guys. Let’s make it a good time for all of us!
With all that being said and done, it’s time to raise the stage curtain and snap on those spotlights! I hope you’ll join me for an enchanting time in the angel’s lair. 
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inkabelledesigns · a year ago
Poem 17: Distractions 
To conclude the consistent story of Alice joining in on poems, I bring you a small bit of bittersweet after the storm.
Sound Effects (Creative Commons 0):
Fumble Bumble
By: Kat Alyst
Poet: Oh Alice...I’m so sorry. 
Had I known what you’d gone through, 
Perhaps I’d have halted my perjury. 
Here, um, perhaps we’d best give in to distractions
So that we’re not reminded of his horribly hollow sins. 
How about I tell you about the time
Where someone else who liked to rhyme
Had so many stars in his eyes? 
There once was an artist
With dreams as large as the sun.
And from the morning bell to closing time,
Joey kept him on the run.
Yes, Henry was a pleasant man,
A truly dapper chap,
And his style was quite evident
From his pen up to his cap.
He doodled and slid 
Across the page
Turning rubberhose toons
To be the latest rage,
The newest craze, 
The hottest phase,
Best enjoyed with lemonade.
Alice: Lemonade?
Poet: Listen, rhyming isn’t easy my songbird.
Sometimes you have to grasp for the right word. 
Alice: But seriously, lemonade? What makes lemonade the best drink to enjoy a cartoon with? -laughter-
Poet: Dear angel, I say, you’ve distracted me now! How dare you turn the tables!
Alice: -more laughter- Oh don’t get your ink in a twist Poet.
Poet: No really, I must insist, you can’t just go distracting me while I’m telling a story! Now I’m not even rhyming correctly, just ahhhh! 
-Alice continues to laugh. It’s easier to laugh at imperfections-
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katalystfans · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Who needs this jacket? Anyone know where it’s from? 
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inkabelledesigns · a year ago
Poem 14: Arch
I feel like a lot of people looked at this prompt and said “NATHAN let’s go BOIIII,” or at least, that’s what I did. But truth be told, I just don’t know enough about Nathan to feel comfortable writing a poem with him, especially when all my pieces thus far focus on the first game. So I decided to have a little fun and talk about the toons with this one, with very subtle plays on the theme with archways and bending over backwards to keep the angel entertained. It still works in the end, and it gave me an excuse to throw Henry’s perspective in there briefly.
Sound Effects (Creative Commons 0):
Toontown’s Arches
By: Kat Alyst
Poet: Alright dear angel,
My apologies.
I didn't mean to offend with such indecencies.
Hmm, what tale can I tell you,
To quench your thirst?
To turn this evening away from the worse?
Hmm, quite the irony I think,
To bend over backwards for you,
But I’d rather see a smile,
So that your thoughts aren’t always blue.
Alice: Oh give it a rest Poet. 
Just tell me something new.
How about a story about my radiance?
Now that would surely do.
Poet: Your vanity precedes you your grace,
But how could I say no to that face?
The arches leading into toontown
Are a mighty fine display.
Like a halo overtop the land, 
For the welcoming soiree.
It was a beautiful day for them to play,
When Alice came to town,
And the toons welcomed her happily,
For Alice wore the crown.
With a demon as a brother 
And a wolf as a best friend
The trio was well loved,
And well received ‘til the very end. 
They had their hijinks, 
And chaos caught their feet
But at the end of each adventure,
They’d take their bows, all nice and neat.
And when the film projector ran its course, 
They’d laugh and take a bow, 
Then run along the artist’s minds
And make him wonder “how”
“How can I give them a fun time next?
With a deadline drawing near?
What adventure will they go on next?
One of hopes, or dreams, or fear?”
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inkabelledesigns · 2 years ago
I was recording yesterday for an audio drama, and during one of my breaks, I decided to test something out. A long time ago, before this account existed, I had a small YouTube account where I would play Mario Party and sing songs, and it was so stupid. I was awful, but it was was fun, and now that I’m older and more experienced (though still far from an expert), I’d like to try doing song covers again, maybe even write my own songs and collaborate with some musicians to make them real. My Yeti wasn’t built to do stuff like this, but I’m determined to try and make it work. I know with a little more futzing around, I can make this happen! I’ve started watching videos to help me with some settings to start, we’ll keep figuring it out at some point so that it doesn’t spike as badly as it did here (and work on my breath control, god that needs fixing).
Sometimes I wonder if I’m doing things wrong because I do them differently. But then I have to remind myself that just because you’re not doing something the way everyone else does it, doesn’t mean it’s wrong. There’s always ways to be innovative and experimental. Like with my dolls, I don’t do anything the way you’re supposed to with them! I don’t use MSC but still find ways to make watercolor pencils work. Alcohol based markers? I mix brands all the time and use a lot of things “lesser” than copics, something I don’t see many artists do, and you know what? I make it work, I make good art and it kicks ass. Digital art? Did you know I start with a flat color layer of the mid-tone and then build up the highlights and shadow on separate layers? I don’t know if anyone does that, but I do it! So if I want to record a song using a Yeti, I will find a way to do it! 
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searchingthedepths · 3 years ago
The Beginning of Our Tale
Ah, so you’ve found my cold abyss? Welcome dear friend. I would love to stay and chat, but alas, you shouldn’t stay here for too long. Get out while you still can, before Mr. Lawrence must do the same to you that he did to me. You won’t like the Depths, believe me. It’s dark and dripping, and the voices, they never stop screaming. I’d love to have some company, but I can’t risk HIM getting his hands on you too.
What? Who am I? Oh don’t you worry about that. I’m just another soul bound to this place, just someone else that’s sEaRcHinG for something.
My, you’re persistent, aren’t you? You want to know the story of this place? My fleshy friend, the horrors you find here may be more than you can handle. But if you insist, I shall tell you the tale of what’s happened since I got here. Pull up a seat, this could take a while.
Welcome dear friends! This is an Ask/RP blog for a new BATIM AU that I’ve fondly been calling “Searching the Depths” in the month prior to opening this blog. The story here focuses on the secret world beneath the ink, a place where searchers and other enemy characters from Bendy and the Ink Machine retreat to after being chopped in half by Henry’s axe. This world, known as the Depths, is an endless black underworld, and within it there are many secrets for you and our narrator to uncover. Here are some of the characters you’ll run into on this blog as we venture further into the inky abyss.
Isabella Ewe – The Sheepish Artist who fell through the floors days after Henry had turned on the Ink Machine. She’s lived a few hours out of NYC for most of her life, and recently moved to the city itself to get to work in print making studio. Upon running from some common thieves, she finds herself seeking a place to hide, which ends up with her finding the abandoned studio and falling through the drop. Lost within its depths, she willingly gives herself up and joins the ranks of the searchers, working from the inside to try and set the old staff free. Bella will serve as our narrator and the character we follow to find the others within this tale.
Sammy Lawrence – The Prophet who serves under his Lord, Sammy used to work in the studio as the music director, but over time his role changed. The left-hand man to Joey, he’s responsible for most of the dirty work behind the initial ritual that brought upon this inky hell. Over time, he’s grown to regret his actions and how he was deceived, which has left him a little softer than before. Sammy dreams the same dream as a lot of the old staff, of escaping his inky body to be set free, but his hope is fleeting fast. Perhaps it’s time for a little intervention?
Joey Drew – The Dapper Devil who works tirelessly as the tyrant of the studio. A schemer and a dreamer, Joey requires Henry as the final piece of his demonic ritual, and he’ll do anything to get what he wants. On the surface, he appears as the mangled version of Bendy that chases after Henry, but when in the Depths, he’s revealed as a handsome fellow in a suit with a silver hooked cane. Most of the staff doesn’t care for him after the stunts he’s pulled, but no one dares to oppose to man with the powers of hell itself.
Ms. Lacey Graves – The Old Secretary who used to work in the studio. Graves was sweet as pie back in her day, always kept a bowl of candy and an open shoulder ready for her fellow employees. Now grouped with the underlings, she serves as a larger searcher with a killer grip. She may come off as calm and held-together, but at heart she’s incredibly sorrowful, wondering what’s happened to her grandchildren while she’s been locked away.
Now keep in mind, these aren’t the only characters making appearances. I have many surprises in store for you lovely folks as time progresses. As the official game adapts, the story will probably change, but rest assured, we’ll have a good time. Understand that this is my first time running an ask blog, so my experience is limited to what I’ve watched other people do, but over time this will get better, I swear. ^^’’’ 
For now, why not check in with Bella and Sammy to find out what’s going on? After all, you are our esteemed guests here at Sillyvision. I’ll have Graves and Joey available for some questioning at a later date, the purpose of telling you they exist was merely for context as of this time. Enjoy yourselves folks, we’ll be waiting for you. ~Kat Alyst from @inkabelledesigns
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