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straycatj · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
このとこ でしのヤツが
オレと家主のアイダに やたら入ろうとするですよ
My apprentice wants to enter between I and my landlady in these days 😑
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kiowo · 18 days ago
Tumblr media
Was so nervous for my driving class, and then Kofu popped up on my dash
(Hi again @straycatj
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vampire-kats · 2 months ago
How slashers would text
Balling, crying , shitting tears, ripping pillow.
Billy Loomis
Dry as shit
“K” “Lol”
*Likes message*
Would rather call you
Stu Macher
It’s literally a transcript of whats going on in his head
Unironically uses crying laughing emoji
Hed rather facetime but he doesnt care that much
As long as hes talkin to you <3
Dryer than Billy
One word responses
Leaves you on read too often
“Y/n: When are you gonna be home???” “*Read*”
Jason Vorhees
Tries to type in complete sentences
Big fingers so misspells stuff alot :(
“Lkve you *Misspelled ver of you name* ❤️❤️” “Br bakc soon!!?”
Literally sends you so much love over text
Billy Lenz
Literal Menace
Basically how i type tho
The keyboard smash wasnt laughing
Just him wanting to text you
Please just call him or something
He likes hearing your voice
Vincent Sinclair
Complete sentences
“Hello Y/n. How was your day?” “Love you Y/n :)” (God dammit why am i comforted by that)
*Sends you a pic of a sculpture hes working on*
Very lovely
Brahms Heelshire
Doesnt text much
Yall literally in the same house
“Y/n I want cuddles :(“ “Is dinner ready yet?”
Very punctual
Would rather just talk to you though
*Sends a pic of you he took from inside the wall* “Y/n: Brahms stop taking pics of me-” “Brahms: :(“
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1mxg1ne · a month ago
League of Legends/Arcane -Sevika NSFW
// i know i said it was gonna be Viktor, however, i am a creature ruled by her wants , and i want Sevika! 
//Sorry for any spelling errors!
Tumblr media
A = Aftercare (What they’re like after sex):
She stretches out her body and picks up a cigarette to smoke, lets her partner cuddle up to her but that's as far as she's gonna go, maybe pet you like a cat if she is feeling particularly loving that day. 
B = Body part (Their favourite body part of theirs and also their partner’s):
On her its definitely her toned stomach ,she has put so much work into her body, she would be a fool to not appreciate and show off how ripped she is, on he partners she usually enjoys any marks she puts on them, bruises , scratches, hickeys, her eyes always draw back to those.
C = Cum (Anything to do with cum basically… I’m a disgusting person):
Hates the mess, if her partner cums on her, you bet your ass she is having them clean up their mess with their tongue does not matter where they came.
D = Dirty Secret (Pretty self explanatory, a dirty secret of theirs):
She'd especially want a masochistic partner, someone she can push to their limits, she especially has this fantasy of her partner fully submitting to her, one hand holding some good liquor, the other a cigarette, and her feet rested up on her partner's back.
E = Experience (How experienced are they? Do they know what they’re doing?):
Very experienced but doesn't brag about it, it just makes her even more of a menace, how easily she can have her partners writhing and begging for her.
F = Favourite Position (This goes without saying. Will probably include a visual):
If she is eating out her partner the buffet ,otherwise its any position that will have her partner bouncing on her lap .
G = Goofy (Are they more serious in the moment, or are they humorous, etc):
She won't make jokes, but if she is in a more lighthearted mood she’ll be less intense, some affection slipping through all her roughness.
H = Hair (How well groomed are they, does the carpet match the drapes, etc.):
Probably doesn't care much ,she is clean and thats all that matters and whoever has a problem with that is not worth her attention. She doesn't shave, might trim a bit, but for most part doesn't care.
I = Intimacy (How are they during the moment, romantic aspect…):
Probably not very romantic ,but every now and then she pulls out some surprisingly soft nicknames in between her filthy dirty talk.
J = Jack Off (Masturbation headcanon):
Probably not a lot, if she is really horny, she will simply find someone to take her frustrations out on, especially if she has a partner, otherwise why bother.
K = Kink (One or more of their kinks):
Sadomasochism, Impact Play/Pain Play, Degradation are a few that come to mind.
L = Location (Favourite places to do the do):
She is a private person, what goes on in the bedroom, stays there away from her work, but if her partner is the teasing kind, she might have to teach them a lesson or two and won’t care who happens to listen in.
M = Motivation (What turns them on, gets them going):
Submission! Nothing gets her going like her partner being fully submitted to her, leaning back their head to expose their throat, sitting prettily on their knees in front of her, begging, she is just so ready to wreck them.
N = NO (Something they wouldn’t do, turn offs):
Probably have the tables turned on her, she tops and that's it, go find someone else if you don't like it.
O = Oral (Preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc):
She is all about receiving, clothes on, her partner fully naked on their knees pleasing her after a stressful work day, that's all she wants really, but she is not selfish, she will return the favour for sure.
P = Pace (Are they fast and rough? Slow and sensual? etc.):
Fast and brutal, will have you shaking and begging to stop while she taunts you about asking for it, will only stop if tears are shed, not out of pity though.
Q = Quickie (Their opinions on quickies rather than proper sex, how often, etc.):
Not really a fan, wants to take things in her own pace and a rushing clock just frustrates her.
R = Risk (Are they game to experiment, do they take risks, etc.):
Surprisingly, not that much ,she knows what she likes and sticks to that, might try a thing or two for her partner but they should align with what she already sort of likes.
S = Stamina (How many rounds can they go for, how long do they last…):
She will put that robot arm to god damn use if she has to. 
T = Toy (Do they own toys? Do they use them? On a partner or themselves?):
Has a big strap on, and she isn't afraid to use it, otherwise she doesn't care what her partner does when she is not around.
U = Unfair (how much they like to tease):
So fucking unfair, she will carry her partner's torment out for hours if she can, and even if you think she is gonna let you cum, she just keeps going, and then ends up overstimulating you while growling about how , isn't that what you fucking wanted gorgeous.
V = Volume (How loud they are, what sounds they make):
A middle ground, she grunts and groans and curses but nothing that will attract too much attention.
W = Wild Card (Get a random headcanon for the character of your choice):
Following on the idea of masochism, i think she would be game with some extreme methods of marking her partner, if her partner consented she would absolutely put out her cigarettes on them while fucking them.
X = X-Ray (Let’s see what’s going on in those pants, picture or words)
Y = Yearning (How high is their sex drive?):
Its not very high, but that’s like half the fun of it, how in control she can be while keeping her partner begging. She doesn’t even care if sometimes she doesn’t cum as long as her partner is left shaking and gasping for breath,
Z = ZZZ (… how quickly they fall asleep afterwards):
She will linger awake a bit in case her partner wants to tell her something, but will have her eyes closed, ready to drift off any second.
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tokiidokiicasket · 2 months ago
omg i love the kibbie headcanons! 💕💕💕
may i request kibbie Diasomnia next please? thank you!
⚰️ : G A S P- Diasomnia kibbies?! Of course!! O(≧▽≦)O
Tumblr media
-Majestic tall kibbie
-I like to think that Malleus is an outdoor kibbie, so sometimes if he's not in the shelter, he's probably roaming outside exploring {And he always comes back at the right time when give out food!}, but when he's not roaming, Malleus will be either lying around somewhere OR he'll come greet you at the door when you enter the shelter ❤️
Tumblr media
FLUFF!!!!! {Maine coon malleus, maINE COON MA L L E U S-} Although because Malleus is an outdoor kit, you'll have to clean his beanie paws in case of dirt or any bugs but other than that, he's very much a calm and cooperative kitty!
-OOOOO since Malleus is an outdoor kitty, sometimes you and the Diasomnikits would have picnics! Jsjdjdjxhcjdndj When you offer a tiny bit of ice cream, Malleus would accidentally lick it too fast and have a brain freeze. Luckily he drinks sum warm milk to recover from the brain freeze ❤️
-Oh my seven if you have a Tamagotchi, Malleus would stare with such a curious look and would even paw at the buttons gently, OOooOOo and one day you bring in a Tamagotchi plush for him, Malleus would be ecstatic! Sometimes you can even catch him sleeping with the plush! {A bonus : whenever Malleus comes back from exploring outside, he'll bring gifts to you, because of the plush you gave him, he comes back from outside to give you a smol pinecone as gift}
-The best part of cuddling with kibbie malleus, is that you don't even need a blanket to keep you warm, because Malleus has long fur! His long fur be soooo warm, he's a blanket himself!
Tumblr media
-Small peepaw kibbie
-Oh my sev- Lilia will greet you but be a complete menace, literally the moment you enter the door he finds any and I mean A N Y way to spook you. {However makes it upto you by wearing bat wings one time ❤️}
-While Lilia's fur may be short, he loves to be brushed anyways! OOOO and sometimes will paw at pet fur dyes to recolor his pink spots of hair!
-Pls if the lights were off or if it was dark out this cat will legit spook both Silver AND Sebek into hiding cuz the moment you turn around you see
Tumblr media
LILIA with his GLOWING eyes in the darksijxxjxj
-Ooooo sometimes Lilia would be near the speakers, meowing you while pawing at an album {Being an metal band album of your choice~} and just listen to the speakers blast the music
-Whenever you have a bad day, Lilia comes at the right time to cuddle and comfort you! Gives you these small licks of kisses on your cheek and nuzzle his cheek into your touch when cuddling ❤️
Tumblr media
-Sleepy quiet kibbie!!
-Despite being a sleepy bean, Silver does his best to greet you at the door! When he hears the jingle of bells, he'll wake up and walk toward the door to gently paw you as if saying hi ❤️
-Silver doesn't mind having his fluff of fur being pampered, it's just sometimes he accidentally falls asleep while you brush him, so sometimes you have to pat him to wake silver up!
-Honestly I see Silver as the type of cat that rarely meows, he'll gesture his paw or maybe signal at something but doesn't let out a meow. The only time he'll even let out a sound is when he's near peepaw kibbie, Lilia.
-OoooOoo Whenever he's very sleepy and doesn't feel like going to his bed or sleeping on the spot, Silver will come walking to where you are and rest with you. Sometimes he'll even look up with his beanie eyes like
Tumblr media
And gently boop his snoot on your hand in affection when cuddling
Tumblr media
-Ah, loud kibbie.
-When you hear the loud meows outside the shelter before walking in, that's just Sebek P A N I K I N G cuz Malleus is not tHERE. With sebek meowing loudly in pAnIk, it sometimes ruins Silver's sleep and disturbs the peace of any neighbours that live near the shelter, so Lilia or Silver will have to calm him down.
-Sebek's fur is ruffled floof! He's sometimes cooperative but not really, he literally fights and bites the brush sometimes when you pamper him. How E V E R, his scared of nail clippers. When it's time to clip his murder claw beans, he becomes tense and tries to escape nail clipping time. When you managed to get a hold of Sebek and successfully cut his claws off he's just
Tumblr media
Because he worked hard to make claws nice and sharp! >:( Luckily though, when you give him some treats and praise him on how brave he was, Sebek will forgive you ❤️💕
-Speaking of which, he's also stronk kibbie! You'll see him sharpen his claws on the scratching post of the kibbie house and even "fighting" {Quotation marks because heehee} with the stuffed cat toys to be strong kibbie, to protecc Waka-sama!
-Sebek doesn't like to think that he's a cuddle kibbie! Like the tsun cat he is, he smacks your hand and rejects any invitations to cuddle with you. H o w e v e r, when the others aren't looking and you're alone doing something, he'll come by and bashfully paw you to invite him for comfy hour. If you have good hearing, you can hear his rare yet quiet purrs~
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ice-cold-yeonjun · 5 months ago
Rabbit!Jungkook x Snow Leopard!Reader
SMUT under read more!!
Word Count: 1084
“Oh? Look who finally decided to join us! You done hiding from the big bad wolves today?” You snickered as soon as Jungkook sat down at the table in the seat directly in front of you. (Not by his choice, that was just the only available seat left at your friend groups table) You heard Joon sigh, before calling your name in warning. The wolf hybrid already knew that you were gonna tease Jungkook, I mean you did it every day. Jungkook rolled his eyes, ignoring your teasing. You went back to your conversation with Taehyung about how winter was obviously the best season out of all seasons, Taehyung being the polar bear hybrid he was agreed with you of course. Jungkook overhearing the conversation scoffed at the statements of winter being the best season. Your furry pointed ears flickered and you whipped your head around at the sound of Jungkook’s sound of disagreement.
“Do you have something to say Kookie?” You asked with a sneer. Jungkook grunted before expressing how Spring was obviously better due to everything being in bloom and new and how it wasn’t so deathly cold as well. You cackled at that.
“Oh of course a bunny would say that! I wouldn’t expect anything less from a prey hybrid!” You let out mockingly. Jungkook’s face went red with what everyone assumed was from embarrassment but in reality, was anger. You giggled seeing his red face, he was always so easy to rile up. You reached over pinching his cheeks which were puffed out in an adorable pout, cooing at how adorable he looked.
Jungkook smacked your hands away, his face turning even more flushed at your touch. “Don’t touch me!” He let out with a hardly menacing tone. You just smirked before laughing and turning away., giving your attention back to Tae.
It was starting to get late so you decided to head on home, since you had an essay that you needed to do research for. You got up from your seat, bidding everyone a goodbye, and then heading out of the cafe. As you were walking to your apartment which was a couple of blocks away, you felt as if someone was following you. You discreetly looked behind you not seeing anyone there. Suddenly you spun around trapping the person who was following you between the wall and your arm, which was pressed into their neck firmly. You let out a threatening growl before you realized it was only Jungkook. His face was one of shock but was also red due to the lack of oxygen flowing to his brain because of your arm on his neck. You immediately let go, and Jungkook gasped for air gripping his neck.
“Jungkook! What the hell?! I could have seriously hurt you! Also why the fuck are you following me?” You yelled out exasperated. Jungkook looked sheepish before rubbing the back of his neck.
“I wanted to make sure you got home safely...it’s dark out, and you never know who’s out there, I was just gonna follow you until I saw you go into your apartment building, then I would have left.” He let out softly. Your heart skipped at that. How could someone be so kind, even after all the teasing you give them?
“Jungkook, that’s really sweet of you, but you’re a bunny hybrid, you are hardly threatening.” You chuckled. You noticed Jungkook’s eyes go dark at that.
“You know what doll? I’m getting real sick of your mouth.” Jungkook let out, his voice huskier than normal. You froze at the change that just occurred. Junkook smirked at your state of speechlessness and then proceeded to push you up against the wall of the alley in which you just had him up against. Jungkook seemed to tower over you. (You never noticed how tall and muscular he was until now) Jungkook glared down into your eyes with a gaze so dark, he could have fooled you for a predator hybrid.
“What cat got your tongue? More like bunny…” He let out mockingly, a smirk on his face.
“K-Kookie…? What’s gotten into you?” You stuttered out, feeling nervous under his intense gaze. Jungkook scoffed at the nickname.
“Kookie? Doll you’re really testing my patience here.” Jungkook let out darkly. You visibly shuddered at his deep voice and intense words.
“I-I don’t… I-I’m sorry…” You let out, barely able to complete a sentence. Jungkook grinned at that.
“Oh baby, why don’t you show me how sorry you are?” Jungkook said, quirking an eyebrow up as he spoke. Your eyes widened almost comically at the question, which sounded more like a command to you.
“W-what?” You whispered out, not trusting your voice. Jungkook just chuckled deeply before pushing you down onto your knees. You looked up at him wide-eyed. Jungkook let out a groan at the sight. The noise went straight to your core. Jungkook began to unbuckle the belt on his black cargo pants. He pulled his boxers down with his pants down to his knees so that you had room. Jungkook’s hard length sprung out hitting his stomach, your eyes widening from how large and thick he was. You briefly wondered how that monster was going to fit inside you, but the thought was pushed from your mind as soon as Jungkook shoved his solid cock into your mouth, making you choke a bit. You got used to the feeling of his heavy cock on your tongue and proceeded to move your head up and down his length, loving the feeling of him in your mouth. You moaned around him, Jungkook letting a deep groan of pleasure. He gripped your hair tightly, pushing you further onto his cock. You gagged again when he pushed into your throat, Jungkook letting out an almost pornographic moan at the feeling of your throat constricting. You decided to step it up a notch being the sly feline you were and swallowed around him. Jungkook yelled out coming down your throat instantly at the feeling. You gazed up at him, as you slipped him out of your mouth, taking in his closed eyes and open mouth. He looked so fucked out and it turned you on to no ends. He finally opened his eyes and looked down at you with dark eyes.
“Oh doll, you wanna play dirty now hmm?… you won’t be grinning when I make you cum so many times you won’t remember anything but the way only I can make you feel…”
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narraboths · a year ago
you know that catco employees are already groaning whenever Kara walks into the office with a new hairstyle or a new outfit bc they know they're going have to put up with their boss staring like she's never seen a woman before
Kara Danvers is, objectively speaking, an incredibly worthy object of one’s workplace crush.
Most of CatCo’s employees will readily admit that they’ve all been there: Kara Danvers is lovely and kind, she has the nicest laugh, she’s practically sunshine personified. She remembers people’s birthdays, brings them coffee unasked, and attempts to temper Cat Grant’s wrath whenever it threatens to strike. Even when she gets bumped to junior reporter, she’s still the same charming goofball, only she now rushes in and out of the building chasing stories  with a vengeance instead of lattes. Who could ever resist a crush on her?
Most of CatCo’s employees, however, will also hasten to point out that they could at least keep their infatuation to a reasonable level.
When Lena Luthor first walks into the CatCo bullpen, heading towards Kara without sparing a look for anyone else, the bullpen falls so deadly silent for a second, the clicking of her Louboutins is the only sound that can be heard. Then they all go back to acting totally, extremely normal, as if the most notorious new citizen of National City (a billionaire tech genius at that) isn’t flirting up a storm with a cub reporter right before their very eyes. They only snicker about the gala invitation in a very restrained way, with the appropriate amount of concern and jealousy, Luthor sure knows what connections she needs, Danvers better look out and You’d be trying to make that connection too if you were in her position.
Then the visits become a regular occurrence. 
Lena Luthor, CEO of a Fortune 500 company and a staple of 30 under 30 lists, shows up every week, and patiently waits around till Kara, who earnestly says golly and has to be reminded that exclusive is spelled without a ‘k’, stumbles across her. She beams at Kara’s rambling, laughs delightedly at her bad puns, calls her darling in a tone of voice that makes eavesdroppers blush, and bites her lip like she knows exactly what it is that she’d like to devour, and it’s certainly not the vegan bar that she’s dragging Kara away to for lunch. (CatCo refuses to publish the paparazzi shots that surface every third day of the week, but other outlets are not so squeamish.) And Kara meets her every step of the way, face lighting up whenever she sees Lena (even on TV, some note), hugging her tightly with every hello and goodbye even longer than necessary. She gushes about Lena’s projects and meets Lena’s own compliments to her writing with bashful smiles and fidgeting hands. Properly and utterly enamored.
The office settles into the new status quo, young love and all, though it seems to be incredibly slow-burning, with the entirety of CatCo (and likely half of L-Corp) getting front-row tickets to its process. Snapper mumbles about professional boundaries. People start a betting pool, and stare at Kara with a bit more hopeless yearning when she storms past them to greet Lena with a wide smile.
But then, there’s something else that changes with their courtship: Kara starts to get dapper.
She’s already looked unreasonably dashing in thin cardigans and pastel button-ups before, drawing dreamy sighs from the interns she’d stroll past. Now, it’s starting to verge on it’s a public menace to look that hot. The shirts get tighter, more crisp, and with it, her biceps and powerful shoulders considerably more accentuated. Well-tailored jackets start to make an appearance in her wardrobe, along with slim ties (their quirky patterns a testament to Kara’s nature), and elegantly knit jumpers come winter. And Kara starts to stand a little taller, too, shoulders squared and chin held high, her steps ever so slightly wider and more confident every time she has to chase after Snapper in one of their daily bouts.
The effect of it in the office is most profound. A rolled-up shirtsleeve and a hint of tensing muscles, and Jen at the art department almost scraps a magazine cover in her stupor. An unbuttoned collar and loosened tie at a late night editorial meeting, and Mackenzie nearly pours her coffee into her lap. 
And the very cause of this upheaval is certainly not immune to Kara’s newfound charms, either. There’s already been plenty of physical affection between the pair, as most of the office and a whole wealth of pap photos would attest, but now, it’s bordering on handsiness. Lena takes any opportunity to squeeze Kara’s arm, run a hand over her shoulder, or rest a hand on her forearm as they talk, and the bullpen grows green with jealousy.
When Cat Grant departs for the White House and L-Corp swoops in for the acquisition, the mood turns explosive.
Any illusions about the lovebirds keeping things more strictly professional with the change of management are shattered when Kara strides into the boss’ office with a gift-wrapped planner, all giddy, only to be greeted with their usual hug. Someone lets out a groan.
It only gets expectably worse.
It’s no fault of Lena Luthor’s overall management style – she’s a decent boss, a shockingly good one, even, if one considers the family name and all its implications, and infinitely milder than Miss Grant had been. But there’s only so many times one can witness their chief blushing in the middle of a meeting, or get lost in impure thought staring through the glass walls of the boardroom, out into the bullpen where the office heartthrob is currently stretching, providing an ample view of her entire upper body musculature. There’s only so many times they can watch Lena lean against Kara’s desk and reach down to gently smooth out her shirt’s collar or fiddle with the lapels of her jacket as they talk. At some point, Lena helping Kara tie the bespoke silk tie that she’s recently gifted her after a trip to Italy, batting away her “Lena, you really shouldn’t have” with “Nonsense, darling” and then stopping to fiddle with the damn thing, staring up at Kara with that unmistakably smitten expression becomes just another Tuesday morning at CatCo.
To say that there is a sigh of relief once news of CatCo once again changing hands start to spread is no understatement.
Andrea Rojas seems like a hardass and people start to feel a sense of comfort. She’s a businesswoman through and through, one whose ideas about running the place might be battled, but one who certainly won’t be head over heels for a pair of pretty blue eyes and jacked arms.
Antsiness and relief thus both settle over the first office-wide meeting Ms Rojas calls, preparing to address the entire staff. The first couple of sentences are delivered smoothly, with none of the longing looks cast into the crowd towards a certain blonde that they’ve had to get used to before, and people are starting to feel safe.
Then, getting to the meat of her speech, Andrea Rojas takes a breath and turns towards where the cream of CatCo’s crop is gathered, with Kara Danvers standing at the very front, arms crossed, navy suit hugging her imposing figure tightly, forehead crinkled in annoyed concentration.
Andrea Rojas looks, then looks again, and skids to a halt, lips parting as she takes in the view. Twelve seconds go by, an agonizing eternity, before she’d continue her speech, her gaze returning to Kara again and again.
“If you have any questions about the future of CatCo, I’d be happy to hear them now,” she finishes. “Or in my office, if you’d prefer to sound your concerns in private.”
She looks around, almost haughty before she’d turn her gaze to Kara again, biting her lip as they lock eyes, and someone in the back finally decides to give voice to what they’re all feeling:
"Oh, for fuck’s sake!”
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fischltao · a month ago
Odd things that remind me of JJK characters
Tumblr media
Characters: Gojou Satoru, Nanami Kento, Higuruma Hiromi, Itadori Yuuji, Megumi Fushiguro, Kugisaki Nobara, Maki Zenin, Shoko Ieiri
Warnings: none
notes: work is pretty tiring but im glad that im back. hope you guys are doing well ♡
Gojou Satoru:
winter, popular but nice kids, mint gum, those aesthetic white tiled bathrooms, neon blue signs, 2017 when i was at my happiest, a road in thessaloni that has built in led lights in the pavement, my little cousin who's a menace just like him, high enough by k flay.
Nanami Kento:
the smell of coffee that lingers in the air after using my espresso machine, freshly washed button up shirts, sandalwood, nights out in Ioannina (my city), red wine, knowing that my parents would love him, beautifully decorated bistros' during christmas, art deco from lana del rey, the castle of my town and its beauty, true love.
Higuruma Hiromi:
long dark hallways that echo as you walk in them with heels, the smell of the drinks pantry, greek/turkish coffee, whiskey on a summer night, the photos my best friend sends me from law school, autumn, aftershave, men's perfume, beautiful vintage glamour aesthetic, born to die by lana del rey.
Itadori Yuuji:
beige labrador puppies thus my labrador frieda who passed away last may, soft sweaters and warmth, listening to troye sivan and conan gray, warm smiles, the kindness of a stranger that brightens up your day, buttercream frosting, hanging out with friends at the beach on a summer night, bite by troye sivan.
Megumi Fushiguro:
rainy days with music playing, cuddling with the windows open, chilly days, childhood nostalgia, developing a crush, black umbrellas fit for two, my quiet friend, watching constellations from your balcony with your loved ones, cry baby by the neighborhood.
Kugisaki Nobara:
my outgoing friend who always shows her affection and love to me, fashion magazines and magazines that have little "rub here" on products for scent samples, the smell of magazines, vanilla milkshakes, going shopping and coming back home happy with my purchases, singing doja cat songs with your girlies, primadona girl by marina and the diamonds.
Maki Zenin:
square glasses, good grades, the friend that is usually quiet but always stands up for me, not being scared, feeling powerful at the gym, feeling independent, this girl from my grandma's neighborhood that never had a crush on anyone, spray deodorant, women wearing "men's" perfumes, old yeller by joji.
Shoko Ieiri:
night shifts at the hospital, the cleaniness of a doctor's office, the light smell of cigarettes after smoking with an open window, waking up with smudged mascara, black opium by ysl, sleepy days in, studying for a chemistry exam, nostalgia for something that never happened, cudno by molchat doma.
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your-local-bnha-writer · a year ago
BNHA Incorrect Quotes
Warning(s): Swearing
Word Count: 736
A/N: I thought yall would like this lmao
I don’t own any of these quotes or the art!
Tumblr media
Y/n : [Trips on nothing]
Bakugou: Ha! You're so clumsy!
[5 minutes later]
Bakugou: [aggressively punching the air] What's your fucking problem huh? What did they ever do to you?!
Y/n: *showing up late for a meeting*
Aizawa: You're late
Y/n: You're stunning
Aizawa [blushing] You're forgiven
Y/n: [Eating gummy bears]
Kaminari: Can I have a slice?
Y/n: Sure
Jirou: I'm gay
Y/n: Hi gay, I'm Y/n
Jirou: For the last fucking time-
Kirishima [drunk]: What time is it?
Y/n: Huh?
Kirishima: [looks at the microwave that has 53 secs on it]
Kirishima: 53? Fuck it's late
Y/n: Kirishima no-
Todoroki [trying to get Y/n's attention]: *quiet incomprehensible mumbling*
Y/n: Sorry what was that?
Todoroki: *even quieter incomprehensible mumbling*
Y/n: You have to speak up
Todoroki [at full volume] FUCK.
Y/n: Trust fall!
Bakugou [scoffing from across the room]:
I'm not gonna catch you
Y/n: Trust. Fall.
Bakugou: I said no-
Y/n: [falling]
Bakugou: FCK ASHJDSKJ [scrambling over, diving down to cushion your fall]
Deku: I need you
Y/n: For?
Deku: Ever.
Y/n: [voice cracking and tears in her eyes]
Oh. Okay.
Y/n: I may be short but that doesn't mean I can't be tough! [aggressively tries to open a Caprisun]
Shoji: Do you want me to open that for you?
Y/n: [voice cracks] Yes please
Y/n: Wait, did you just flirt with me?
Kaminari: Have been for the past year but thanks for noticing
Y/n: Iida wants to play scrabble again, but it's gonna be a nightmare!
Deku: Scrabble? Scrabble's great!
Y/n: Yeah, but Iida uses words like iridium and I use words like pig.
Y/n: Hey Tokoyami, wanna hear a funny joke?
Tokoyami: I'm more into dark humour
Y/n: [Turns off the light] So the joke goes...
Uraraka: Who's turn is it to give the pep-talk?
Deku: [sighs] Bakugou
Bakugo: Fuck shit up out there and don't die
Y/n [wiping away a tear]: beautiful
Y/n: I want him to know that I love him
Aizawa: Sleep and then tell him later
Present mic: Scream that you love him into his ear
All might: Go to them and release your true feelings
Y/n: Its Bakugo
All might, Aizawa and Present Mic: Just slap him, he'll get it
Y/n: Listen Todoroki, anyone who doesn't like you can honestly fight me, I'll obliterate them!
Todoroki: [Sadly raises his fists]
Todoroki: okay, just make it quick
[Car full of boys slowly pull up next to Momo and Y/n while they're walking home from the beach]
Momo and Y/n: [Thinks they're about to get catcalled] f u c k
Kirishima: Yo!
Momo and Y/n: [sweats nervously]
Kirishima: Where'd you get the BOBA!
Momo and Y/n:
Y/n: Oh! It's just down this street on the right!
Bakugou: GOD I fucking TOLD you KIRISHIMA
Y/n: Stop drinking so much coffee.
Todoroki: No, coffee helps with depression.
Y/n: No that's not tr-
Todoroki: More espresso, less depresso
Bakugou: Alright, listen up you little shits!
Bakugou: Not you Y/n, we're thrilled you're here
Y/n: [says something dumb]
Iida: Remind me again why I'm so in love with you
Y/n: [smiles]
Iida: Ah, of course
Shinso: [walking in with a big box] Hey babe, what would you say if I came home with 4 cats?
Y/n: What's in the box?
Y/n: What's in the box Shinso?
Shinso: ...I think you already know
Y/n: Let them in
Aizawa: [nonchalantly] Yes, you have prevented me from doing my work by being so cute
Y/n: [in near tears] I'm so sorry
Aizawa: [looks straight into the camera like Jim does in the office]
Kaminari: [staring at Y/n]
Y/n: Do you need something?
Kaminari: No, I'm just surprised you're here
Y/n: Excuse me?
Kaminari: Well aren't masterpieces meant to be in a museum?
Y/n: You need a hobby
Todoroki: I do have a hobby
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imaginethatneathuh · 9 months ago
The Sun: Mad Sweeney - American Gods
Mad Sweeney x friend!reader, romantic
At a coffee shop, you annoy Sweeney and he snaps so you drag him outside where he confesses.
Part of @dragon430′s Tarot Troop, edited by her as well.
Requested by @dreamers-wonderland -  /knee slides in The Sun with Mad Sweeney?????
CW: Mentions of potential violence and you annoying the fuck out of Sweeney.
Word count: 1.1+ K
“O, O, O'REILLY’s AUTO PARTS!” You yell at the top of your lungs right into Mad Sweeney’s ear. Personally, you would have preferred to do the Red Robin jingle, but you did that yesterday and needed new material.
Mad Sweeney, more than a little hungover, groaned. “It’s too fucking early, Y/N. Go away, you chaotic fuck.” He tried to snuggle back into the sofa, but you had other plans.
“ALRIGHT, WILL YA QUIT YER YAPPIN’ ALREADY?” Sweeney shouted, snapping his head to the side, his upper body still resting on the sofa.
You snickered and smiled at him.
“Yer a menace, N/N,” he said. “A right fuckin’ menace.”
“It’s a glorious day, my redheaded friend! We should do something!” You bounced around, pulling at his jacket. “We could go to the park and throw bread at people who try to feed bread to the ducks! Or go for a swim in a public fountain! Or maybe-”
Sweeney cut you off. “It’s too fuckin’ early for this. I need a fuckin’ drink before we do anything at all.”
“It’s also too early in the mornin’ for that,” you said.
Sweeney groaned and face-planted back into the sofa. You, being you, started poking his face.
“Sweeney. Sweeney. Sweeney. Sweeney. Sweeney.” Between every call of his name, you poked him. “Sweeeeeeeneeeeey.”
You didn’t know when this started. When you’d started bothering him at every turn, just, generally, being chaotic and troublesome. But it sure was funny. And if he really hated it, he could just walk away.
Sweeney groaned and turnt his head. “I need fuckin’ coffee before I start dealin’ with ya, ya fuckin’ cunt.”
You grinned and bopped his nose.
“OH, she’ll be comin’ ‘round the mountain when she comes! Oh, she’ll be comin’ ‘round the mountain when she comes! She’ll be drivin’ six white horses--”
Sweeney clamped a hand over your mouth.
Wetting your tongue with as much saliva as possible, you start sticking your tongue out into his hand repeatedly, licking it like a cat licks their water bowl.
He pulled his hand away in disgust. It looked like he was getting ready to smack you.
“What the fuck is wrong with ya?” He asked. “Seriously? Why the fuckin’ hell would ya do that? I swear, yer battier than a fuckin’--”
An old lady with white hair muttered something. It was just loud enough for you to listen. “Big man like that. He oughta be ashamed of himself. Yellin’ at someone so sweet and innocent looking. Oh, that poor--”
He had enough of everyone in that moment. “How ‘bout you spend a day in my fuckin’ shoes. Deal with this--” he said, pointing at you. “--Little fucker for a day.”
The old lady glared at him then gestured to you. “They’re just a sweet, innocent little thing. And, you,” she said, pointing at him. “Are a brute.”
“Yeah, I’m sweet and innocent,” you said. The opportunity to fuck with him was right there. Of course, you’d take it.
Your false words fueled Sweeney’s rage. “Ya want a brute, I’ll show ya a brute!” He tried to get at the old lady, lunging forward and all that.
You were barely able to pull him back. “Nope, sorry, Sweeney, not today.” You push him toward the door and look back at the lady. “He’s a mess without his cuppa joe in the mornin’, ya know?”
As you meet Sweeney in the parking lot, you realize he isn’t just his usual angry. The look on his face screamed murder.
“Sweeney, come on, it was just a joke,” you said. “I know I’m not sweet and innocent, and you know I just do things to piss you off.”
“Ya do a lot more than piss me off! Ya make my life a living fuckin’ Hell, actually.” He neared you, a vein popping out of his neck. “I have no fuckin’ clue why da fuck I even hang ‘round you most of the time. Ya drive me fuckin’ mad, Y/N. Mad!” The tall man turnt his back to you and ran his hands through his hair. He seemed to be caught up in his thoughts as he stared into the sky. “It’s those stupid fuckin’ eyes, innit? And that laugh and smile.” He sighed and shook his head. “It’s just every fuckin’ thing about you.”
“What are you talking about, Mad?” You asked.
He looked over his shoulder at you. “You don’t see it, do you?” He asked. “You have no fuckin’ clue.”
“See what?”
“That I love you.”
Your jaw dropped. ‘When did that happen?’ You thought.
Then you thought back to this morning and remembered him staring at you as you rambled about the things you could do together. Then about the night prior and how he had called you on a payphone, asking you to come get him, and how he had fallen into your arms, nuzzling his head into your neck. It was sweet, and you had laughed, finding his action funny. You continued thinking about the past. About how he’d slip his hand into yours when he could. How he’d look at you when he thought you weren’t looking. How he’d call you late at night or just show up at your place whenever. It was so obvious now.
“Oh,” you whispered. “OH!”
Sweeney looked away, ashamed.
“Why didn’t you tell me sooner!?” You asked.
He shrugged.
You started moving side to side with a smirk, acting like you were dancing like Rick Astley. “We’re no strangers to looove. You know the rules and so. Do. Iiiii. A full commitment’s what I’m thinking of--” You sang before Sweeney stopped you.
Instead of putting his hand over your mouth again, he pulled you into a kiss, hands gripping your jacket. The force and passion behind it was intoxicating. You kissed back, setting your hands on his sides.
When he pulled away, he pressed his forehead to yours and panted. The connection was nice, calming in a way.
“Y/N, don’t ya fuckin’ start with me,” he whispered.
You laughed. “Well, I’m happy. You?” 
Sweeney looked at you, a slight smile on his face and kindness (or was it love? You couldn’t tell) in his eyes. “I’m very fuckin’ happy,” he said. “But will ya please not be so fuckin’ annoyin’?”
“Nope!” You grinned, mischief on your mind.
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straycatj · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
いまから いっしょに あさねでち
Kofu and master J are going to take a morning nap together
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mylastbraincellisrotting · 6 months ago
I’ve read UnO and I have headcannons
Be prepared…
Let’s talk about where they came from (in my head) :
Arlo is 100% English, you can’t tell me that he D O S E N T eat scones and Tea.
John is Half German, Part Thai and a tiniest bit of American.
Blyke has atleast has SoMe Russian in him, I’m calling it
Remi is from Singapore, I’ve been there and there the happiest people alive, fits her perfectly.
Isen is either American or Korean, haven’t really decided yet.
Elaine is definitely British, just not sure exactly where she would be. (Probably Wales)
Seraphina is Probably Polish, don’t know why but y e s. or Mexican
Arlo had an Emo/Alt phase (but quietly Ofc), that’s where the piercings come from
Arlo feels like he likes pastel gore, I D O N T K N O W W H Y
Remi definitely watches horror and mystery shows, like the most gruesome ones. It’s because all permanently happy people are into some really g0ry sh!t and you know it.
Isen tried to watch one and passed out (Blyke nearly did too)
John has stayed up till 3AM playing slappy pig
John probably runs on coffee, Him and Arlo look like the type to pull a Jake peralta and barely drink water. It’s coffee, Tea, boba or N O T H I N G
John, Seraphina and sometimes Elaine
Now time for some headcannons as them as children.
When he was like 11, John probably stabbed himself with a pencil. He would be the type of kid to flip a table over a juice box.
Arlo was either the super quiet kid who sat in the corner reading books and then the type to shove peoples heads down the toilet/sink as a joke. Quiet to MENACE
Isen was just crying 24/7
Remi and <redacted> were joined by the hip, people used to call them weird looking candy canes (don’t question this one, just go with it)
Remi had a stuffed bear named Rosa, given by her brother <redacted>
Blyke just I n h a l e d food as a child, every 20 minutes he just inhale food and then go back to sleep. (Eat, sleep , repeat)
Seraphina was just, stable.
Elaine played with dolls.
John threw cards at his dad for no reason, he swallowed one once.
Anyways pt.2
If Seraphina ever saw somone do something stupid she would just, stare. Like she would silently judge you as you break both of your legs somehow of a tree. (It was John after he threw something up there and a cat caught it)
Speaking of cats, every time he sees one, John pets it ^^
John has a Grenade, No questions asked
Isen had a pet ret, Blyke definitely called them siblings, he and his brother cried.
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imeverywoman420 · 3 months ago
The best part of this year was straycatj adding menace cat k to the mix…. Kofu my beloved
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caedun · 7 months ago
Caedun, in Categories
Tumblr media
Name: Caedun (no other names offered)
Alias/Nicknames: "Illidari” “Demon Hunter”
Gender: Male
Age: Not shared, but certainly past his youth.
Zodiac: Capricorn
Abilities/Talents: Outrageous physical capability and durability, knowledge of demonic anatomy (exclusively weaponized), wilderness survival, first aid, most standard Illidari powers.
Alignment:  lawful / neutral / chaotic / good / neutral / evil
Religion: He and Elune are at odds for many reasons.
Sins:  envy / greed / gluttony / lust / pride / sloth / wrath
Virtues:  charity / chastity / diligence / humility / justice / kindness / patience
Languages: Common, Darnassian, Eredun, functional Thalassian
Family: An inciting incident.
Friends: Maintains a professional friendship with @fel-temptation​. Owes her a letter. Concerned about her diet. Continues a menacing and distant friendship with @darthea-the-demon​, though she bought herself a lot of goodwill. Secretly making sure she’s behaving, without getting in the way of her and @smokingveil​ . Occasional odd-couple roommate and slaying partner of @monster-of-master​. Unsure why women find him so alluring, but unwilling to sacrifice his own pride to understand it. Still not certain what he’s up to. Very overdue to say hello to @aredhelvaltieri​. Disapproves of her habits, proclivities, allies, and just about everything else, but hopes she is well and healthy.
Sexuality: heterosexual / bisexual / pansexual / homosexual / demisexual / asexual / unsure / other
Relationship Status: single / partnered / engaged / married / widowed / open relationship / divorced / not ready suitable for dating / it’s complicated
Libido: sex god / very high / high / average / low / very low / non-existent
Build: slender / average / athletic / muscular / curvy / other (monstrous)
Hair: white / blonde / brown / red / black (indigo sheen) / other
Eyes: brown / blue  / gray / green / black / other (felfire simulacrum)
Skin: pale / fair / olive / light brown / brown / dark / other (dark, almost grey)
Height: 7′11″
Scars: A litany of trophies that were erased by his transformation and forever rendered him unable to get new ones. He misses them.
dogs or cats || birds or bugs || snakes or spiders || coffee or tea || ice cream or cake || fruits or vegetables || sandwich or soup || magic or melee || sword or bow || summer or winter || spring or autumn || past or future
Songs that remind you of them:
King Song - Kodjoe
t u s k - Yakuza 0 OST
Jaw - muzeONE
Pray For Me - Kendrick Lamar ft. The Weeknd
RICKY - Denzel Curry
Tagged by: @thalsianiii (thanks bud :))
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gamerwoo · a year ago
[Tales from the Pack] Jihoon: Unfamiliar (Part Five)
Tumblr media
Characters: Jihoon x female reader
Genre/warnings: werewolf au, familiar au, fantasy, fluff, slight angst
Word count: 2,675
Summary: Jihoon’s never really been considered a warm or affectionate person. His pack teases him about what it’ll be like when he finally gets a mate, but he doesn’t worry about it. Little do they know that his mate is a lot closer than they think.
Tag list: @choiminjae0325​ @heolykpop​ @fullsun-donghyuck​ @yoonbabe-d​ @exuwu​​ @lets-get-1t​​ @vintageot5​​ @sehunnies-hunnie96​​ @childfmoonn​​ @wobwobkpop​​ @henloimawierdobye​​ @dirinast​​ @joshwoah​​ @wreckedbytae​​ @salty-for-suga​​ @janellxu​​ @xu-miseo​​ @uglyratlmao​​ @sakura-uji​​ @littleheartsays​​ @onewoowonderboy​​ @xxbluestrifexx​​ @starlightshua​​ @artistic-rendition​​ @yunception​​ @mrsfandomz​​ @psshwa​​ @peachy-hoon​​ @chaseyui​​@haven-cove​ @jisungsdreamy​ @belledamsceno​ @saxtaee​ @k-pop-ology​ (if you wanna be added please send an ask!! also please know that unfamiliar is apart of the entire tftp series so this tag list carries over to all of the other tftp stories)
Unable to tag: @birthday-prinxess @sooooofrench @junuoyi
a/n: hi sooooo my new update schedule for tftp is going to be tuesdays and fridays!! im gonna try to keep this consistent, at least until i reach joshua’s series because the rest of the parts up until then are basically completely written but we’ll see :] 
Previous | Next | Unfamiliar Masterlist
There were a lot of sounds that went on during the day in the house. To say the least, it was loud. It sounded like utter chaos going on at all times in the house, the only exception being between the hours of 1am and 7am when absolutely everyone either seemed to be asleep or calm enough to be quiet. Jiwoo did sometimes wake up and cry between those hours, but because she was just a baby, you gave her a pass.
However, you slowly became more accustomed to the noises you heard in the house. You had hid under Jihoon’s bed for a good two weeks, and he never once saw you or heard you walking around his room. You never left his room, either -- at least that he knew of since he kept his door cracked just enough for you to sneak through for bathroom purposes or just to stretch your legs if you ever wanted. But he always heard you under his bed, so he figured that was where you stayed.
But like a stray cat brought into a new place for the first time, you did start to get used to the house and the pack, and you slowly started to become more comfortable. Thus, he was surprised to see movement out of the corner of his eye one night while he was laying in bed and staring into the darkness while trying to fall asleep.
“Look who finally decided to come out,” he mumbled, but the noise was enough to make you pause in sniffing around and stare right back at him. “Hey, make yourself at home. We were starting to get worried you’d never come out.”
Like you getting used to the house and the pack, Jihoon was starting to warm up to you more than he’d admit. He never needed Jia to ask him to bring you food because he had already done it. He never had her ask how you were doing because he’d bring you up all on his own, stating he was worried you were going to just rot away under his bed or something. Jia of course did visit you even though you would only inch to the edge of the bed but never quite come out. But other than her visits, Jihoon refused to let anybody else in his room to try their luck at luring you out.
“No, she doesn’t like you,” he’d state.
One time, Jooyeon tried to test him, snorting and saying, “Oh, but she likes you?”
“She went to my room, didn’t she?” he sneered.
So yes, he did take pride in the fact he was one of the few you liked enough to stick by. And the pack teased him relentlessly about how attached he’d gotten to the cat he didn’t seem to care about at all when Jia first began bringing you up. How the cold and uncaring werewolf was wrapped up in this fluffy little cat for seemingly no reason. And while Jihoon did care about his pack, he never outright showed it like he did with you by being so warm and forwardly caring.
However, as you started to become more used to the house, you started venturing out of his room -- but only when he did. You’d obviously heard him deny people access to his room, so you knew he’d protect you from Junhui’s pouting because you wouldn’t go over to him, or Seungkwan chasing you around in an attempt to cuddle you.
The problem with putting your trust in Jihoon was that you had felt a weird connection to him since day one. You never were quite sure what it was, but it never went away, either. So you had to constantly remind yourself to not get too attached to him or think he felt any special way toward you. To him, you were essentially his new pet. That’s it, and that was all it ever would be. You were just a cat.
But being a cat in a pack of werewolves would prove to be...well, a mess.
There’s that stereotype that cats and dogs don’t get along. Most dogs are more outgoing, rough, and enjoy company. Most cats are introverted, prefer the quiet, and enjoy being alone. Sometimes they like the occasional cuddle when they want attention, but only for a little bit. And considering your situation, you preferred being alone to being around people. Of course, not all cats were this way, but you were.
And most of the pack, although not dogs, were rough and loud and the stereotypical dog.
You’d been in the house for about three weeks now. The first two consisted of you hiding under Jihoon’s bed and becoming used to the new noises and all the people. The third week was you trying to explore the house and really get used to everyone. The first couple days you tried leaving the bedroom were a little rough.
“Don’t be afraid to hiss at them or bite them if they don’t give you space,” Jihoon chuckled after seeing some of the pack couldn’t manage to understand that just because you were in the house didn’t mean you wanted to be pet and chased around. 
And, at first, you were still scared to do that. You didn’t want to be mean to them, so you’d just run up to Jihoon or Jia and one of them or Minghao would put a stop to it. Sometimes one of the alphas would speak up for you, or even Jeonghan or Joshua or Hansol. You did let Seungcheol scratch between your ears once simply for the fact he told Seungkwan to ‘stop harassing the cat’, and then he got jealous that the older wolf could pet you when he couldn’t.
But as it got closer to the end of the week, you were starting to get really fed up with some of the pack -- namely Junhui who kept insisting he was some sort of cat whisperer. As if him constantly trying to pet you wasn’t enough, but he would meow at you all the time. Maybe you were only able to speak in meows, but that didn’t mean you understood a damn thing any other cat was saying.
As you were laying on the carpet by Seokmin’s feet -- you decided you actually quite liked Seokmin because he respected you, gave you food scraps, and also retrieved you from a tree in the backyard that Mingyu had chased you up -- you saw Junhui enter the room. As quick as he could with his werewolf reflexes, he ran up to you and stuck his hand out to pet you. And even faster, you hissed before biting his hand between his thumb and index finger.
Junhui replied with a growl of his own as he pulled his hand away.
“Whoa,” Seokmin commented lowly.
“What the hell was that?” Soonyoung called from the kitchen.
Maybe the whole ‘cats and dogs don’t get along’ thing wasn’t just a stereotype, because Junhui really seemed to not like you after that. His eyes narrowed as he crouched to your level, still growling lowly in his chest.
Soonyoung and Jeonghan both came from the kitchen as Seokmin, Soomin, Chan, and Hansol just watched the interaction happen. As Junhui grew more menacing, you slowly stood, your fur standing up as you let out a growl of your own. It wasn’t nearly as menacing -- especially when Jun’s growl grew louder and turned into an intimidating bark -- but you were essentially trapped between the couch and him. You didn’t really have anywhere to go.
Jihoon could hear Junhui’s growls mixed with your own and ran downstairs from his room.
“Stop it,” Jihoon barked, coming up behind Jun and whacking him upside his head before he scooped you up in his arms and glared down at the older wolf. “You’re really going to fight with a fucking cat, Jun? Over what?”
“She bit me!” he frowned. “I can’t control my instincts, okay?”
“Well learn,” he spat before walking out of the room with you held securely against his chest.
“_____?” Jia asked, looking around the witches cottage with her nose scrunched. “Why are you here?”
You shrugged your shoulders, “I just kinda...wound up here. It happens. Probably because this is where I’ve been the longest.”
You noted it was usually the cottage, or it was some clearing near the pack’s house that you’d only been to a couple times when you used to live outside.
“How long did you live here?” she wondered.
“Um...” you paused to do the math in your head, but also quietly began counting on your fingers when you couldn’t figure it out. “I’m not sure. Time blurs together when you can’t really go look at a calendar whenever you want.”
“Well you’ve been with us for almost a month if that helps,” she laughed softly. “I’m glad you stayed, by the way.”
“Honestly...me too. Although, living with dogs isn’t necessarily my favorite thing.”
“Jun got over the biting thing, though.”
“Yeah, but about five of them absolutely soaked me when they came in from playing in the rain the other day.”
She giggled at the memory of five werewolves trotting up to the porch and shaking dry while you were sitting outside the door, “It was a little funny, though. And at least Seokmin apologized!”
“Yeah, but Joshua said I was just ‘some dumb cat that wouldn’t understand an apology’.”
Jia frowned, looking down at her feet before she sat on the couch beside you, placing a warm hand on your knee, “_____, they don’t know you’re a human. And it’s not like I can tell them because you don’t want me to. I know it hurts that some of them treat you like an animal... But, hey! Jihoon seems really fond of you now!”
Somehow that didn’t make you feel any better. Your odd feelings for Jihoon seemed to only grow whenever he was nice to you or came to your rescue, but you couldn’t seem to tear yourself away from his side because of it. You even began curling up in his lap when he was reading on the couch or would fall asleep on his chest or stomach at night. And although it hurt, you had to keep telling yourself that it was nothing. It never would be anything because as far as he knew, you were just a cat. And because of that, you always would be just a cat.
“Where the hell is _____?” Jihoon demanded as he stomped into the house, slamming the door behind him.
The last time you went missing, it was because Mingyu was in his wolf form and thought you running around was you trying to play. When he chased after you, you got scared and ran right up a tree. Jihoon also wasn’t home when it happened, so he couldn’t necessarily be angry at the taller wolf.
But this time, he had spent all day scouring the house for you, and after checking every tree outside and even calling for you, he’d come to the conclusion that one of the wolves either chased you away or you just decided to run off on your own while he was asleep and nobody bothered to tell him. Because the only way that could happen was if someone opened one of the doors and left it open for you.
“She didn’t run up a tree trying to get a squirrel?” Joshua asked, quirking an eyebrow but not looking up from his book as he sat on the couch.
Jihoon let out a sigh, running a hand through his hair, “I’m being serious. What if she ran away?”
“You really care about this cat, huh?” Wonwoo noted, sitting on the floor across from his sister as they played some card game.
“If anything happened to her, I’ll chain up every single person in the pack until I find out what happened,” he swore in reply.
“She might’ve slipped out when someone went outside,” Danbi offered with a shrug.
“Why would _____ run away, though?”
“Maybe she’s sick of you smothering her,” Seungkwan grumbled.
Jihoon’s eyes locked on Seungkwan, who then began trying to sink back into the couch, “I’m gonna smother you if you don’t--”
Two scratches on the door followed by a meow made Jihoon stop talking and look toward the front door. He paused, waiting to see if he was imagining things before there were three more scratches and a louder meow.
Slowly, Jihoon’s head turned back to the few of the pack in the living room -- the only members of the pack that seemed to be awake since it was nearing midnight now, “How did she get outside?”
The sound of footsteps coming down the stairs could be heard as everyone in the den began trying to defend themselves. Minghao walked past the group, giving them a quizzical look and a chuckle.
“Were none of you going to let _____ in?” he wondered.
Jihoon whipped around and began following the Chinese wolf to the door, “You knew _____ got out?”
“I let her out,” he told him as he opened the door and you happily walked in, rubbing against Minghao’s leg as a thanks before you were picked up by Jihoon who began patting your head and scratching under your chin. “She was meowing by the door while I made tea this morning, so I let her out. I knew she wasn’t just going to leave; I figured she just wanted some fresh air again.”
Jihoon stared at Minghao with his jaw dropped at the younger wolf left to go back upstairs. He could hear the pack snickering in the other room from how he overreacted, followed by Seungkwan feeling brave and calling, “What was that about killing us, Hoonie?”
You weren’t really sure what had happened while you were gone, but you listened to Jihoon grumble to himself as he walked past the group teasing him to go back to his room with you. 
‘Did he really think I would leave?’ you asked yourself.
You’d grown too comfortable in the house to leave. Everyone finally seemed to give you the space you wanted -- including Junhui who you’d let pet you all of three times just so he’d stop sulking -- and they all took good care of you. Much better care than you’d had in years. You couldn’t see how you could go back to living outside or on your own in the cottage.
Jihoon sighed as he shut his bedroom door behind him, setting you on his bed, “Look... I think you have some odd sense of understanding, right?”
‘Yes, an odd sense.’
“I was really worried you had run away,” he admitted as he climbed into bed. You had moved away so he could get under the blankets, but then got on his stomach and curled up there to sleep. “It’s probably dumb since it’s been a long time since you lived outside. I don’t know, I guess...thanks for coming back.”
You lifted your head to look at Jihoon, tilting your head to the side. Why was he being so sappy? Did he actually care that much about you? But why would he?
“It’s weird to be so sentimental to a cat,” he chuckled, stroking your fur back on your head, “but we’re close. We spend everyday together now. I love you, and if anything happened to you, I don’t know what I’d do.”
Your pupils dilated hearing the L word. You sat there staring at Jihoon, waiting for something to happen but you weren’t sure what it was. But when nothing did happen and Jihoon said goodnight and closed his eyes, you sighed and laid your head down again. Maybe it was too late for you now. Maybe nothing would happen and you’d passed some sort of deadline you weren’t aware of.
Still, Jihoon’s last sentence played in your head over and over.
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ao3feed-dramione · 22 days ago
Victim of Baby Kneazle
read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/3FKvnr6
by IfBrainsWereGold
The one where Draco discovered he might be a cat person.
Words: 2114, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English
Fandoms: Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Categories: F/M
Characters: Draco Malfoy, Hermione Granger, Theodore Nott, Crookshanks (Harry Potter)
Relationships: Hermione Granger/Draco Malfoy
Additional Tags: Crookshanks being a menace in past tense, Kneazles (Harry Potter), Baby Kneazle, Draco Malfoy & Theodore Nott Friendship, Theo is the MVP, Draco and Crookshanks weren't friends
read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/3FKvnr6
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I Would Be Called Inhospitable If My Home Refuses Guests.
Jean Kirstein x Reader
(𝚃𝚑𝚎 𝚝𝚒𝚝𝚕𝚎 𝚒𝚜 𝚊 𝚚𝚞𝚘𝚝𝚎 𝚏𝚛𝚘𝚖 ‘𝙰𝚕𝚌𝚎𝚜𝚝𝚒𝚜’ 𝚋𝚢 𝙴𝚞𝚛𝚒𝚙𝚒𝚍𝚎𝚜)
𝐿𝒾𝑔𝒽𝓉 𝐵𝑒 𝒯𝒽𝑒 𝐸𝒶𝓇𝓉𝒽 𝒰𝓅𝑜𝓃 𝒴𝑜𝓊, 𝐿𝒾𝑔𝒽𝓉𝓁𝓎 𝑅𝑒𝓈𝓉 (𝑀𝒶𝓈𝓉𝑒𝓇𝓁𝒾𝓈𝓉)
(A/N): hello there, lovelies!
first of all: it is highly suggested to read this fic, if you are interested, since this is a ‘sequel’ I had planned for it.
secondly: I do know I have already created a sequel based onto a reincarnation AU for this story, but a few days after writing that and not feeling extremely confident in it, I had this idea for a story and just couldn’t help but write it down.
so this is just an alternative ending to the story!
as always: please don’t forget to leave a comment or reblog the fic, if you enjoyed it, because it helps me both understanding what you guys want to see more, it allows me to see where I could do better and it motivates me to write more.
so, don’t forget to leave a bit of feedback.
have a nice reading!
SUMMARY: Jean spots a familiar face in the shelter he volunteers at.
it’s the face of somebody he knows, but can’t remember anything about.
a rainy night and an offer might just change that.
WORDS: 4,9 K
WARNINGS: modern AU, homeless! reader (angsty backstory includes: parental abuse), reincarnation AU, slight spoilers for season four, not following canon, Jean just deserves the best (but also if you are in a similar condition don’t risk it, like reader!).
Tumblr media
Jean was a cynic man.
That’s’ why everybody would be surprised in finding him at a homeless shelter, on a Friday night.
He had to admit that he hadn’t started his volunteering work on his own.
It had been his friend Marco who had pushed him in such an activity, since he hadn’t found anybody that would cover his turns, meanwhile he went back in his hometown for a family wedding.
Jean hadn’t been happy of the work, at first, but he had to admit that the whole activity had grown into him and by the time Marco was back from his extended holiday, he had chosen to continue working at the canteen, taking in a few nightly turns, after his work.
Although he hid it well, the boy had a more idealistic side, and when he had chosen to start studying law, he had been thinking of doing it to change the world.
Instead, he had been stuck at the bottom of the chain and working on lawsuits that didn’t fully convince him but allowed him to keep up his lifestyle.
So, it felt good to be helpful to others.
And you were a huge bonus.
He had been working for a month, when he had first seen you and he had remained stuck on his own two feet, meanwhile you slid in in the place of his previous client.
You looked young and he had thought that you probably were at his same age, which was a startling sight to see, considering how different your two worlds were, since you looked famished and hurt, in the way your hands trembled lightly, and you refused to meet his eyes.
And yet, he somehow felt like he already knew you.
Hitch, one of his friends from the police department, was a fan of all new age theories, and she would have gladly said that you and Jean had known each other in past life.
But Jean refused to even believe the shitty stuff that Eren came up with when he was high off his ass.
So, to think that you had known each other in some kind of previous life, of which he had no memory but you, seemed much more than he was ready for.
This didn’t mean that that feeling went away.
He was always searching for you at the shelter and the few weeks he went without seeing you were the most stressful.
Since Jean couldn’t talk with you, considering that he’d constantly freeze up whenever he was confronted with you, he would sometimes use Marco as a buffer and through his best friend he had gathered the little knowledge he had about you.
As he had thought when he had first met you, you were as old as him and you had been homeless for two years, since your parents had kicked you out.
The bad system had just done the rest, stopping you from trying to pursue any kind of help or job and you were inevitably stuck in a cycle of small jobs and shelters, and neither of them seemed to work on the long run.
Jean had to admit that the worry he felt for you was much more than what he felt of the other people who visited the canteen and the shelter.
So, when that night it started downright pouring cats and dogs, he had immediately been waiting for you at the shelter.
Usually, in this kind of weather or on the coldest nights, you could stay at the shelter, but due to some problematics with the heat system, they had been forced to close it early and deny the access to the structure.
He and Marco had chosen to stay out and inform of the situation, those who came, redirecting them for various shelters nearby, although many were by now closed or filled to the brim.
When you had come forward, Jean had felt a knot stuck in his throat as he was forced to confront you.
He had been at first only able to lightly push his umbrella forward so it would cover you and shield you from the rain.
Your jacket was too entirely thin for the nightly temperature.
“… I am sorry but… to… tonight the shelter won’t be open”.
He had noticed immediately the annoyed look you had shot him, although it was obvious that you had heard the phrase.
“I heard you” you had replied, keeping up on standing under Jean’s umbrella “… I just wanted to know whether you… had any suggestions on where to stay the night… it is starting to be quite cold…”.
Marco beside him started giving you the discourse, they had given to all the people before you who asked that question, but Jean straight up saw the way your eyes looked darker and darker as they took in the terrible news that you’d be stuck outside in the cold and wet weather for that night.
“… we can walk you, there”
Technically both Marco and Jean were cleared for that night, due to the closing of the shelter, so they had been offering to walk people there, hoping to reassure them.
“… also, we have a few coupons for you to use at the coffee shop, near…”.
“… thank you”.
It was a straight up refusal, although you had worded it nicely.
After your rejection, Marco simply moved to the next person, but Jean couldn’t stop that hurt feeling in his gut.
So, he had gone after you once you had escaped the protective confines of his umbrella.
“You can come home with me!”.
He had immediately realized that he had just worded it truly badly.
Your expression had gone from surprised to downright offended.
“No, thank you”.
It was a veiled ‘fuck you’, but Jean couldn’t simply take a hint and he honestly felt this desperate need not to let you endanger yourself if he could avoid it.
“I didn’t… I didn’t mean it in a bad way, I swear…”.
He tried not to feel too bad about the way you flinched at his suggestion and had put a good distance between you two.
“… it is just that it seems like it’ll be cold tonight… and it is already raining… so I wouldn’t want you to catch anything”.
“I prefer to catch something…” you emphasized on the thing part “… than you, so sorry, but I’ll have to decline your offer”.
And you turned your back, shifting again into the rainy weather.
Jean knew that he should have probably just dismissed the whole subject and gone back to where Marco stood.
His friend was sending him a few worried glances, but his entire focus was onto you as he called out your name, surprising you, since you hadn’t ever given it to him, and your whole body became tighter in its posture.
“… I swear, I am not… some kind creeper…”.
It wasn’t all that comforting, but he had your attention.
“… I just want to help… and I have a guest room, back at my house, it can be locked from the inside, so you can go there inside… and just… stay there… or I can buy you a motel room and you can stay in there… I just want you, inside and dry”.
If you had been surprised by him knowing your name, you were shocked by his revelation of him caring for you, although you were both strangers.
And Jean thought that he had done it.
He had managed to push you away fully.
You thought he was some creep surely.
So, when you took a step to get under the coverage of his umbrella, he was surprised to find you looking at him with an attentive look that got him worried whether you were spying the infinite depths of his soul.
“There are so many people that you can help…” you shot a quick look behind you, depriving him of the softness of your eyes “… why me?”.
The answer would have gotten you to look at him like an utter menace, so he chose to just go with the most obvious of choices that wasn’t a full lie and neither an utter truth.
“… because I could have been you”.
It was downright insensitive to say, but Jean would be damned if he didn’t think about how easily the tables could have turned.
“… and if it had been me, I would like for somebody to offer me an helpful hand”.
“There is something more” you were definitely at unease, examining him sternly “… but you seem trustful, although I don’t even know your name”.
What a fucking idiot.
Jean moved the umbrella so it would cover you both and he held it now in just one of his hands, as he offered the other to you alongside his name.
And maybe it was the rain in your eyes, but he could see a bit of glimmer of recognition in them, as if he had said something that you had already heard.
He must have been seeing things.
“… well, if that offer is still up…”.
“It is” Jean had interrupted you with an eagerness that must have sounded suspicious.
Still you bit intensely your bottom lip and then simply craning your neck to the side, you let Jean guide you to wherever he had parked the car, making sure that you feel at ease and in control the whole time.
He didn’t want to make you uncomfortable in any way and neither give you the impression that he’d take advantage of you when you showed yourself vulnerable.
Inside the car he didn’t lock the doors and made sure to keep himself in his own space, so you wouldn’t be feeling oppressed.
When the radio had started up, he had sent you a quick look to ask you whether you liked the radio station, just to find that you had crawled in the passenger seat, fully enveloping your body in your arms.
It was obvious that although everything in you made it seem like you were sleeping, your muscles were too tense up to signal any kind of relax, so he let you feel at peace, meanwhile you tried to see whether you could trust him.
His trip back home didn’t take him more than fifteen minutes and he was glad of having splurged on the inside parking lot of his apartment, so you didn’t have to do any kind of run in the rain again, but he also immediately noticed the way you felt crowded in the underground level.
The stairs were a good choice and when he saluted the lady at the entrance who took care of the whole place, you relaxed a bit and tensed up again as soon as he got out the keys, once he approached the door to his apartment.
Once inside, it was obvious that you were still on the lookout by the way you refused to give him his back and you were very careful in looking at all the exit ways you could choose in case Jean turned out to be a threat.
“… you can use the shower” he had thought it’d be the perfect icebreaker, after he had shown you where the bathroom was, and he had noticed the way you had looked at the shower inside.
“Is that a nice way of saying that I smell?”.
He had rushed to apologize for his insensitive comment, but you had let out a light laugh at his confused expression.
“… yeah, I’d like that… very much”.
But it was obvious that you wouldn’t have done such a vulnerable act with Jean in the house, and he couldn’t fully fault you, although he was also extremely worried and angered by whoever had brought you to become so distrusting.
So, nervous.
“I am going to get to the grocery shop, nearby”.
He could have gotten his groceries the following day, but considering that you were staying, he thought that he could get something and leave you a bit of privacy.
“… in the meanwhile, please feel free to use anything in the house, and if you give me a second, I can get you a few clean towels and…”.
“Thank you”.
It was the first genuine expression of that sound that had ever heard from your lips.
And fuck if that sounded just right.
“Don’t… don’t worry” he had muttered, happy to duck for his own room, where he stored the towels and quickly offer them to you, before moving to collect his wallet and his keys and head out.
And that’s when he realized that he had just probably thrown all carefulness to shit.
And for a stranger.
The usually collected and ‘fuck you and your mother’ Jean would have straight up punched himself for what he had done, leaving a stranger in his house, and as much as he tried to keep an open mind, he should have been downright worried.
And yet, the sole thing that made him feel uncomfortable was the thought of you leaving him, meanwhile he was away.
He rushed through finishing up the groceries, and he was extremely surprised when he came back to find you still there, wrapped up in what looked like a pajama, created by a mismatched set of sweatpants and sweatshirt, both oversized and not your size.
You had been sitting on the sofa, slouching a bit against it, as you waited for your hair to fully dry, since Jean could see that their tips were lightly wet.
The whole ensemble just gave you a homely tenderness that left him speechless.
As you were startled by his presence, he managed to finally snap himself back from all his thoughts, meanwhile whatever softness you had shown immediately disappeared.
Your back straightened up and you jumped up from it, almost as if it was burning up.
“… ahem sorry…”.
It was so sudden that for a moment Jean didn’t understand what he was apologizing about.
“… I didn’t mean to… get too comfy”.
“Don’t worry” Jean muttered “… what is mine is yours and all that shit…”.
It was obvious that Jean’s brusque comment put you at more ease than any veiled kindness as you got back on the sofa, although sitting straighter and less relaxed, before rushing up again as your host moved towards the kitchen with the grocery bags.
“… ahem, can I help you?”.
“Ah… there is no need” at your protest he just shushed you off again “… my mom would be thoroughly annoyed if I made a guest even raise a finger”.
It was obvious that you didn’t fully believe in the guest definition, but you tried insisting again, obviously feeling a bit at unease unable to do anything else than relaxing.
You must not be understanding why Jean felt like he had to do all of this for you.
Giving him a hand was the least you could do.
“… why don’t you… why don’t you use the washing machine?”.
The same glare you had sent him for when he had suggested you used the shower hit him in the face before a bit of joking glimmer took its place.
“… no, you don’t smell, but your bag got caught in the rain so a round in the dryer will make them warmer…”.
“That does seem nice”.
And again, you sprinted off in the bathroom and as much as Jean’s apartment was little, it was still strange the easy way you moved around, as if you knew this place as if it was yours.
“… if you need anything, just whistle”
He hadn’t told you he could.
It must have been a lucky guess.
You reappeared again when you were finished with the dryer and the washing machine.
And by the time, he was starting the dinner and you had been able to make yourself useful setting up the table, meanwhile he cooked.
You were attentive at his gestures, probably worried that he might drug you, but also there was an easiness with which your eyes followed his hands, and you were unable to hide your amazement at his moves.
“Single mother” he commented, attracting your curiosity, as you shot him a confused look “… learned from her, since I was kind of the man of the house, but instead of teaching me to shoot with a shotgun or any other emblem of toxic masculinity, I got to learn how to cook”.
“Let me tell you, it is much more useful”-
And like that the conversation started.
“… so, aside from being a good Samaritan, what do you do?”.
“Lawyer in a private study, mostly solving civil cases”.
“And you are still single?”.
The laugh that accompanied the comment was crude, but it was obvious that it didn’t come from you, but more from the mentality that had been pushed onto you.
‘Well, it isn’t my fault that I only get hooked up with women that could kick my ass and people that reminds me of my past life…’.
But he didn’t think that would have been a proper answer, so he just went again with the polite half-lie.
“… just busy” he replied lightly “… what about you?”.
The incredulous look that you shot him gave him an answer, but it was obvious that you appreciated the fact that he somehow regarded you as a peer and not some kind of different being.
“Kind of difficult when you live day-by-day” you shot back “… and before you ask, no, it wasn’t a choice”.
Jean raised his hands, although he tried not to fault you too much for your anger.
During his time at the shelter, he had learned that homeless people were demonized in a harsh way that didn’t belong to the truth, to the point that many believed them to be just an assemble of harmful stereotypes, so he wasn’t too surprised by your harshness.
Although it hurt him, a bit.
It almost made him feel betrayed.
As if he had expected you to know that he wouldn’t think less of you.
“Got it” he replied, happy that the food was ready, and he had an excuse to change the subject of the conversation “… can you bring your own plate at the table?”.
You nodded, and he was thankful that during dinner you got both focused onto the food again as he discovered that you loved cherries, exactly like him, and that, back when you had been in your hometown, you and your grandmother had spent a lot of time picking them during the summer.
A small smile had appeared on your face, but you had immediately pushed it back, and Jean had felt compelled to tell you a stupid childhood story of his – he had plenty – and again that tight feeling of deja-vu reappeared in his chest as he took you in.
You traded silly stories till the dishes were empty and washed, with you insisting to help him, as the background of the rain outside enveloped you both.
Although you weren’t still relaxed, it was obvious that Jean’s actions made you feel comfortable had been accepted and noted down.
Once done, he didn’t want to say that you were more than acquaintances, but considering that you had shared your favorite colors, he’d say that you were both opening to each other, although you still made it very much aware that you would be gone the following morning.
Since both of you didn’t feel like going to sleep, he eventually chose to settle down comfortably onto switching on the TV and he plopped onto the bean bag in front of it, his favorite place, but also because this would leave you to take the couch.
The TV switched on a quiz show, and seeing as you didn’t protest, as you had done with the radio station, he kept it on the same channel, and he even got a small reaction to you, as you actively answered the questions.
Getting most of them right.
He was impressed, and you must have noticed it.
At a certain point, he had turned to you, and stared you up with an adoringly face.
And again, as it had happened in the kitchen your answer was hasty.
“I didn’t get a degree, but I attended some free courses, around town” you then explained that you had been trying to get a job in the library sector, since you loved books and had attended a few courses about archives, but everybody seemed to want a degree for such a job.
Jean could understand why they thought so, but this didn’t mean that you were less qualified, seeing as you had a lot of general knowledge and you had the willpower to give your best.
And an idea popped in his mind.
Armin, one of his friends, had been searching a bit of help to settle his grandfather’s library, since the man had died, and since both Eren and Mikasa were working abroad at the moment, he hadn’t been able to rely on them.
It might not be a long-term job, but it might give you something to get back on your feet.
You were surprised at his shy suggestions and, whereas he had expected gratitude, your eyebrows just scrunched up worriedly, as if you had to examine this thoroughly.
“… why are you doing this?”.
It hung heavily between you both.
And this time he knew that he wouldn’t have been able to get away with it with half-lies.
“… promise not to find this creepy”.
“I followed a stranger into his house” you shot back, your eyes were downright serious, but your mouth quirked up in a light smirk “… I won’t find anything weird…”.
“… I have this feeling we have known each other, before”.
He was already expecting you to bolt out of the door by the end of the phrase, but instead you tightened your hold onto the pillow you had grabbed up.
“… probably just a dumb thought, but I just feel like we are linked… not in a creepy… ‘you are mine thing’, but more like… it isn’t the first time we see each other”.
Your eyes followed all his discourse, as he felt the pain in his chest intensify as the confession became more and more clear, till it eventually broke and all the pressure in his chest exploded fully, asking a huge huff out of his lungs.
And he couldn’t face you.
“… I know what you are talking about…”.
He had whipped his head so quickly that he was sure his neck would hurt the following day.
“… but before you go on, I don’t believe in the soulmates shit…”.
“… got it” he replied, with a light smirk, as he felt your entire body stop tensing up “… also because I can’t find any red thread of destiny on either of our pinkies…”.
“Don’t tell me you are a fan of romantic comedies, Jean?”.
“… maybe” he answered, but then with a soft gesture signaled that you should continue.
And with a huff of your own, you did.
“After confirming that I also don’t believe in the soulmate shit, I do have this feeling of knowing you… and I am not sure if it is just a past life thing or simply meeting each other and forgetting it but I do understand what you are talking about” your eyes retreated on your lap “… thank you for being sincere with me”.
“Don’t think that I’d be able to shut up, even if I forcefully was silenced” he shot back, with a light wink that got an adorable red blush to appear on your face.
“… I would have said the contrary…” you replied, something in your voice seeming older and more distant “… you are more the type to stand back and think, before acting, sometimes you also withhold what you have to say. But also… you are a hothead… so…”.
Silence welcomed you and it was obvious it discouraged you from saying anything else, as you retreated in yourself, and Jean rushed to reassure you.
“No, don’t worry!” he said, as he turned fully to you “… I am just… taken aback by accurate all of that is”.
“… the link thing surely it is doing its best” you muttered, before straightening up fully “… but it is more due to being on the street, you learn to become a good judge of character”.
“… and you decided to come home with me, even if I seemed a hothead?!”.
You shot him a tired smirk, before pushing yourself towards him, lightly.
But Jean saw the movement.
“You might be a hothead, but I do think that you are good, on the inside” you replied, before raising your hands to capture his attention “… and no, this time it isn’t the fact that I somehow know you, but it is more about… about the fact that you seem like genuinely a nice guy”.
Jean wasn’t blushing.
Jean was burning up, on the inside.
And you had the guts to smirk at him before your attention was caught up by the next round of questions in the quiz show.
So, when you spoke again, he was surprised.
“My parents kicked me out”.
He knew about it, but it was an entire other thing to hear it from you.
It made it real and more hurtful.
Jean’s mother might be a bit noisy and overprotective, and Jean had learned the hard way how horrible he had been in his adolescence, but he had had the chance to make up for it.
His mother had always been accepting of him and his decisions, wanting his happiness, first.
So, to know that you had been pushed away from the same people who had the task to care for you, no matter what, no matter who…
… it angered him.
“… I refused to follow the path they had laid out for me and got kicked out” it was obvious that as much as you tried to be detached, the whole situation still had an impact onto you “… haven’t seen them in two years, not that they’d want me to…”.
“… I am sorry”.
You rushed to interrupt him, probably thinking that it was out of pity, but Jean somehow knew you better than he thought and that ‘sorry’ felt like something that was owed to you, not because of your horrible situation, but because he had to.
“… sorry you had to go through this”.
Sorry you had to go through so much pain that it just froze on your place, as somebody confronted you with gentleness.
You shouldn’t haven’t felt this way.
Nobody should have.
But somehow Jean felt like you, especially, shouldn’t have.
And somehow you understood what he meant.
You retreated again the sofa and away from him, but your entire position slumped down in a more comfortable position.
And for the first time, you were evidently comfortable.
And Jean felt at home.
You had locked yourself inside the guestroom, after you had both wished each other ‘goodnight’ and Jean had to admit that although he had expected himself not to fall asleep, sleep had come quickly to him in a way that he hadn’t been able to do in whole years.
And yet, it hadn’t been a comfortable sleep.
He had dreamed of giants.
Flesh-eating giants.
And you, in a green mantle and a brown military suit, somehow sweeter and older than you had looked on his couch, after you had slowly slumped up on it, meanwhile you and Jean exchanged lightly comments and laughs on the awful reality TV drama you had found,
But he knew that it was you.
You had been his.
He had been yours.
And he had lost you.
And as crazy as he all thought it was, it somehow made sense.
He couldn’t believe that he’d have to call Hitch to ask her about the past life stuff, considering that this either was solved with her or a therapist.
And Hitch was the cheaper option.
He had been surprised to find that he had woken up after you, and that you hadn’t straight up run away as you had told him the previous day.
Instead, you were rummaging through the food storage, looking for some stuff to do breakfast.
He couldn’t fully fault, even more when you looked beautiful completely unbothered.
Even in his dreams you had carried a heaviness that he felt was still around you.
But somehow you had another chance.
And when your eyes met his, he knew that you had also understood that.
That you were both together.
At home.
“… you cooked dinner, it’s only fair that I cook breakfast”-
You were a bit tense again, but he couldn’t fully fault you, in the end you were still strangers.
“… it’s only fair if we are going to be roommates”.
He was surprised that you had taken the initiative.
And he couldn’t deny you.
“… what makes you think that I am looking for a roommate?”.
Just a brief measure of worry appeared in your eyes and right as you were halfway through saying something he added.
“… because I’ll let you know that the owner of this apartment is a party-pooper”.
“That I’d know about it” you shot back, with a bit of a smile on your lips “… but I think that I can deal with him… I have done it once I can do it before”.
“Then the room is yours” he offered “… but only if breakfast is actually good”.
“Prepare to be amazed Kirstein!”.
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kyoonqs · a year ago
iluso amor ; first part.
Tumblr media
↬ summary: Cora has always considered herself elusive, easy to bore and adventurous to the last fiber of her body. One day for no apparent reason, she appears in front of the manager of a globetrotting circus passing through the city where she is temporarily staying to fill her life with magic. Baekhyun, as serious as he is handsome, has no intention of playing a role other than on the main canvas of the circus. He decides to separate Cora from her life of fantasies created by her travels and sets out to show her reality as raw and cruel as he knows it. Or so he believes.
Will time run out too quickly before love and passion devour him and he decides to risk everything for a love that lasts… Forever?
↬ pairing: baekhyun x cora fem!reader.
↬ circus!au ; illusionist!baek x hitchhiker!oc ; strangers to lovers au!
↬ genre: fluff ; romance ; angst ; drama.
↬ length: 2.8 k words.
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↬ author’s note: this is my first time writing a series, hope you enjoy it and any feedback will be appreciated. thanks for reading! ♡
Tumblr media
Vanilla, caramel and butter scents invaded her nostrils the moment she stepped on the re-centering and she reminded herself that from now on she should get used to the smell due to her timely madness. Beyond her view, occasionally blocked by some old trucks, a red and yellowish-white circus tent loomed along with several smaller tents and a host of caravans. The largest tent, dotted with gold stars, had a large, deep blue sign bearing the name of the circus and its owner. In addition to a few tethered horses, Cora saw a number of huge cages with animals and all kinds of unsavory people, including some pretty dirty men, most of them encrusted with mud and rust.
She was beginning to regret the moment when she had ripped the worn out brochure from the lamppost and the idea of joining the circus scene rose out of boredom. Yes, that was the case, curiosity had killed the cat and she could not contain herself that late afternoon when she had driven her bicycle past the front of the tents and the multicolored costumes of the artists had simultaneously caught her eye. But now it was not like that, the moment she advanced towards the train car where she was to present herself for the position, everyone stopped what they were doing and fixed their eyes on her. Without thinking too much, she stepped forward steadily as her sneakers sank into the sandy ground and she staggering as she stared at the ticket booth where the same brochure she was carrying was presented.
Away from the scrutinizing stares that once haunted her, she took the steps of the carriage two at a time and froze when she saw him inside. He had hair as dark as molten chocolate and chiseled features that would make his face look too beautiful if it weren't for the firm jaw and menacing frown. Men who possessed that brutal appeal had always attracted her but at that moment she would have chosen someone less intimidating to interview her. She tried to calm herself by reminding herself that she would not have to spend more than a couple of hours with him and that it would all be over as soon as she explained clearly why she was applying for the job, which she was still completely unaware of.
She cleared her throat and began with her introduction, first name, last name, place of birth, previous jobs and reason why she was there - from the latter she omitted boredom as a possible factor. The man in question did not give her a single glance and, of course, did not speak a word. She stared straight ahead, the unyielding lines of that hard profile making her skin tingle.
–“I, I want to learn about the trade...” She swallowed.
–“I'm really interested in the job, whatever it is...” She swallowed again.
Until the man in front of her turned his head and looked at her, she didn't realize what she had said. He arched a dark brow with mild curiosity, as if he wasn't sure he had heard correctly. Her impulsiveness took control and she felt her lips tremble, for it was clear that they didn't share her problems in restraining her inappropriate thoughts.
The metal legs of the chair where he was sitting screeched against the hard floor of the wagon. He stood up, ironed the wrinkles of his pants with his hands and looking into her eyes for the first time, he said in a stern and inflexible voice:
–“You are hired. Meet me after the last show behind the main tent.” And without further ado, he passed her by without giving any other explanation.
She could barely suppress a sigh. She directed a furtive glance at the boy, still nameless and wondered what she had gotten into but an irrelevant part of her was dying for new adventures and without a doubt, he would be the greatest from that precise moment.
Tumblr media
–“Ladies and gentlemen, the show is about to begin! Come closer everyone!”
The man who made the announcement was the same man who was encouraging people to buy tickets the day the circus had arrived in town, although now he was wearing a red master of ceremonies jacket. At that moment Cora appeared before the young man in the carriage, leading a black horse by the reins with one hand. It was then that she realized that he was not only the manager of the circus but also one of its performers.
He was dressed in a velvet jacket, a velvet vest with nothing underneath and black trousers tucked into high leather boots that snuggled over his calves. A jewel-encrusted band of all colors surrounded his torso accompanied by fine iridescent chains and some ribbons of razo that fell from his pocket. He also carried a rolled whip hanging from one shoulder. Curious about the skills he would display in the arena –she had gotten one of the dancers to tell her when they would leave and to her surprise it would be the next morning– she followed the man with his eyes. At that moment he saw her. The decision she had made had been too recent to seek a way out and she still did not feel comfortable talking to him. Cora tucked her hair nervously behind her ear and refuse to take her gaze from the horse following him when he began to walk towards her.
–“There are unsavory people hanging around the circus. Until you know how everything goes, stay where the rest of the audience is, always” he told her as he adjusted some rings on his slender fingers.
–“Understood.” She responded, since she had just promised herself that she was going to put forth her best effort and not get carried away by first impressions that day. 
 –“Come in and take a look at the show.” His tone was firm, despite the fact that she was already heading back to where she was previously. 
 –“Wait! What is your name!?” She asked hastily, not realizing that perhaps she had sounded somewhat desperate.
He glanced at her over his shoulder with the corner of his mouth slightly curved. “Baekhyun!” He said, chuckling, and with that he returned to his place in line with the rest of the artists.
Tumblr media
She was still feeling hot as she circled the crowd and entered the tent through the back entrance. She found a free spot in the stands. They were weathered white-painted planks of wood, hard and narrow, with nowhere else to rest one’s feet but on the seat of the spectators in the row below. But she quickly set aside her feelins of discomfort the awkwardness when the lights dimmed, a drum roll crescendoed and a spotlight illuminated the emcee on center court.
–“Welcome to the happiest circus in Valencia, welcome to Gran Fele Circus!”
The music exploded, played by a band consisting of two musicians with drums, a synthesizer, and a consola. A lively version of New York, New York began to play and a white horse entered in the arena with a girl who carried a flag with the name of the circus. The other artists followed, carrying colorful banners, smiling and waving to the crowd.
It was the troupe of acrobats that caught Cora's attention; three handsome men and a beautiful woman –whom she identified as the dancer who had helped her earlier– named Laia, dressed in gold sequins, shiny leggings and thick makeup. They were followed by a group of horsemen, clowns, jugglers, and trained dogs.
Baekhyun entered the arena alone, riding his fierce horse, and unlike the other artists, he didn’t wave his hands or smile. As he circled the track, he seemed such a distant and mysterious being. He was no stranger to the presence of the people, but somehow he remained isolated and gave a strange dignity to the colorful display. 
As the show progressed, Cora was amazed at such talent. 
Suddenly, the lights went out and the music died away. A blue spotlight illuminated the master of ceremonies, the only one occupying the dark center court. His voice turned dramatically low and a haunting, folk melody began to play in the background.
–“How many times have we wondered if we were crazy? How many times did someone make us doubt our actions? How many times has someone come before us with the idea of changing our thinking? Sanity makes us useless, many times it is better to be crazy. Life is made for taking risks and if you don't think so, let the next person convince you otherwise...before time runs out.”
The lights began to gradually increase in intensity, the music resounded and Baekhyun entered the middle of a path that seemed illuminated by small streetlights, thin beams of light that danced around him and that were reflected in the small sequins of his suit. With indisputable ease, he untangled the whip dangling from a waistband and sliced through the air in all directions with it. Small particles, like glitter, floated in the air suspended around him. He performed a series of skillfully executed feats that were both daring and dramatic. They had brought a few accessories onto the floor during the emcee's presentation: ribbon targets, fluorescent balloons, chandeliers, and more. Circling the runway, he popped the balloons one by one, and a bright red explosion, like drops of blood, shot through the air with each snap of the whip.
The lights dimmed until only he was illuminated by the spotlight, and he grabbed a second whip and made them pop and dance in all directions with such masculine grace, Cora gasped. The dance was increasing, with faster and faster movements and, as if by magic, the two whips became one. With a powerful twist of his arm, Baekhyun lifted him above his head to set him off in flames. The audience gasped, the lights went out, and the flaming whip danced wildly through the darkness. When the lights came on again, he had vanished.
Tumblr media
–“What are you doing here? Hasn't anyone taken you to the motorhome yet?”
Cora roused herself, her eyes snapping open. Looking up, she saw the same deep brown eyes plaguing since afternoon that day. For a moment, she couldn't remember where she was but then everything came to mind: the circus, the manager, the show, his whip.
She suddenly became aware of Baekhyun's hands on her shoulders, it was the only thing that had kept her from falling off the old stool that she had been seated on while waiting for him. She had decided to wait there since it was the most illuminated area around the tent, next to government mandated public toilets where there was still a queue to pass them.
She shifted uneasily under his hands and tried to regain her balance with the idea that he would release her.
–“Could you tell me what time it is? I've lost track of it waiting here for you.”
–“It's about 30 minutes to midnight,” Baekhyun put his hands in the pockets of his coat. Instead of the suit he donned for the show, he wore jeans ripped at the knees and a white t-shirt printed with the word ‘Supreme’ in terms of design. Despite the casual attire he didn’t look any less intimidating.
–“Look dulzura, you will have to get used to my presence, since I will be your guide and housemate from now on”. It wasn’t as if Cora hadn’t tried to do it before, in fact she had been attracted to him the moment she met him, only his personality –and now a whip– had slowed her down. He, at her lack of response, muttered something under his breath and after a sigh, spoke again.
–“Come on dulzura, I'll show you where you'll sleep for the next few months.” He turned and left at a fast pace to where the group of caravans were together, paying little attention to the fact that she had luggage that weighed a ton, the consequence of her idea to buy a memorable garment from each city she had visited until now.
–“Wait!” Her scream had an edge of hysteria, but he seemed not to hear it as he continued walking toward the line of caravans. She rubbed the sole of her sneakers across the ruff, gathering some on the toe of it as she dragged her foot. With a gasp, Cora started walking again. Baekhyun approached two vehicles that were parked next to each other. The closest one was a modern white caravan, it looked spacious inside and on its roof you could see a satellite dish. Next to it was another caravan, dented and rusty that appeared to have been silver previously. She begged to herself that it was the space caravan and not the other.
He stood in front of the ugly rusty trailer, opened the door, and disappeared inside. Cora grunted but conceded since she had stayed in worse places. Perhaps the inside wasn’t as hideous as it looked on the outside. Baekhyun reappeared at the door a moment later and watched as she approached fighting with her backpack towards him. When she finally reached the metal step, he offered her a cynical smile.
–“Home, sweet home, dulzura. Come in and settle”.
Cora had always found the Spanish language something to delight in but this was the third time the nickname had come out of his mouth directed at her and she could swear that the way the word rolled on his tongue and briefly hissed before pronouncing the syllable "zu", surely it was close to the song of the angels that received you when you entered paradise.
She sniffed and climbed the four steps that separated her and...the interior was much worse than the outside. Narrow, messy, it smelled musty and old, with a hint of  mothball. In front of her was a miniature kitchen, the countertop metal, it had spots with peeling paint. To the right of the kitchen, the faded upholstery of the small sofa was barely visible under a pile of books, newspapers, and men's clothing. In addition, she saw an old, medium-sized refrigerator, wooden cabinets, and a bed with rumpled sheets.
Baekhyun stared at her blankly, genuinely doubting whether she had noticed. 
–“It is a small caravan as you can see, but it is comfortable and cozy in the cold. It's all there is and all I have.” 
The bed took up most of the back of the caravan, nothing separated it from the rest of the "rooms", the only thing that seemed to be secluded was the bathroom –which she would make sure to explore as soon as she had the chance. On the sheets there were tangled clothes, a towel, and something she couldn't make out from where she was standing.
–“I think I'll sleep on the couch, it would be better…”
He gazed absently at the tip of his foot, then looked up. She stared into those dark eyes –which depending on the light could be paler or even more blackened– and she felt a chill run down her spine, followed by another strange sensation that she did not want to examine further. 
He slowly raised his hand, adjusting a lock of hair that had been tousled while she was struggling with her backpack, Cora froze and pursed her lips as she felt the softness of his thumb brush the hollow under her ear with something that it seemed like a caress.
–“Do whatever you want, dulzura. I have to go, I still have things to do.” 
Cora gasped when she realized she should have felt danger but her skin had taken the brush of his thumb with pleasure. She felt Baekhyun's insolent hand move away from her hair as he pulled away from her, even though he had left something light on the trailing of her ear. The trailer door swung on its hinges. Baekhyun looked at her and stepped out of it, dropping his gaze from her face to a nonexistent point. Once he was out of sight, she reached for the object that was barely tickling her cheekbone and held the geranium between her fingers with a furtive smile on her face.
Tumblr media
↬ This is all for this chapter, I promise to try to write more in the following parts. I will try to update every Saturday. Honorable mention: Oliv (@changshapatrol​) without her this story would be nothing, thank you for your patience and trust in me. I love you, a lots ♡   
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@nishinoya-yuu-rolling-thunder - cheetah cause yer fast and small
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@official-kunimiakira - sand cat
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@officialojiroaran - jaguar
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@dxddytetsu -puma. I read it in a fanfic somewhere
@daddydaishouu - snow leopard
@kodzukenanon Geoffroy's cat
@thexyakuxmorisuke - ocolot
@mod-x - lynx
@kodzuken-queen-cece - lioness
@gods-favorite-angel - cheetah
@chaoticryder - clouded leopard
@kitandstar - sand cat
@nascar-menace - tiger
@daddyhajiandpeachy - cheetah
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