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abrilstevens · a year ago
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The art of subtlety, featuring Sterling and Blair Wesley
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luckithri-summaters · 3 months ago
I have two favourite m/f pairings which are Blair Wesley and Miles Taylor and Cletus Kasady and Frances Barrison.
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steriskks · 4 months ago
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I've been in a big fat rut lately artwise...honestly im surprised it hasn't happened sooner, these last few months have been the most productive months in many years (thanks TBH). have some half-baked sketches. April sipping starbucks is @/notesofhickory 's idea from their fanfic :)
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jonmercer · a year ago
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Teenage Bounty Hunters |1x10| “Something Sour Patch”
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liberalsarecool · a year ago
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If Trump says he does not remember a person, that means he definitely knows them. All lies, all the time. He treats everything like a cheating husband.
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jaybear1701 · a year ago
Manifesting a Teenage Bounty Hunters season 2 with:
April "I lift" Stevens helping out with the bounty hunting. Hell, if she can dig up dirt on debate opponents, she can dig up info on skips. Bonus points if Miles joins, too.
At least one episode of Blair and April forced to work with each other. The snark would be delicious.
Please, and thank you, universe.
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anarchistbitch · a year ago
blair and sterling:
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kp777 · 6 months ago
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nowthisnews · a year ago
‘I came away completely convinced based on firsthand experience that the president was ill-equipped and wouldn’t become equipped to do his job effectively’ — Former Trump official Miles Taylor explains why he’s voting for Biden in 2020
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geekofchaos · a year ago
Teenage Bounty Hunters Final Thoughts
Okay, this post will contain spoilers so avert your eyes if you haven’t seen it all yet. But here are my final thoughts: 
- I won’t call the first scene date rape since at the end he clearly did want to but it’s very iffy and I wish Luke had been just as into it as she had since it makes far more sense for BOTH character arcs. I feel like it was done to reverse the image of the “pressuring guy/reluctant girl” but it’s honestly not that funny. There were many ways they could have used to show that Sterling very much wanted sex. 
- One “stereotypical gender reversal” which I DID enjoy was Luke’s parents with the Dad trying to be supportive of Luke’s new music hobby and the Mom bemoaning that he was no longer part of sports. I wish they’d actually explored more into this as I was wondering why Luke’s Dad who was being supportive but had been golf captain was being so supportive. I know it’s a side character but it felt like a plot thread that was dropped. 
- Honestly, I liked Luke a lot more than I was going to. 
- I know I said earlier that despite Blair’s attempts to portray herself as a hard-edge rebel she’s still a soft marshmallow who thinks drinking/smoking is bad. But even the “bad kids” at her school are also just marshmallows who want to help underprivileged kids. 
- I like April/Sterling. I like it a lot and it’s cute but man, I really hate April’s dad. Is he going to be a major antagonist next season? 
- Speaking of Sterling, I get that this season she’s just exploring her sexuality but PLEASE PLEASE say the word bi or pan next season. Please. 
- I liked Miles actually being rich. I’ve got to admit my own subconscious bias got me - although helped by the show - that he had to be poor. Got to work on that. 
- I’m wondering if Miles is done now. Personally, I hope not. I think there was an interesting position at the beginning of the season where he was pursuing her, then she turned to the pursuer while he often had things to teach her (it’s shitty to assume my opinions, wealth status, etc). Now he’s on the lower moral ground and needs to be taught because not telling his family about her was shitty. But if he’s done, he’s done. That being said, I can’t help but side with him at the time when he dumped her - he is right, he did deserve better than that - but she also deserves better than somebody who is going to hide her from his family. 
- I really liked how the creators really tried to frame female sexuality as a good and enjoyable thing and not something to be shunned at whether that’s Blair’s constant thirstiness or Sterling exploring her new feelings for girls. 
- This isn’t a criticism so much as a bit of culture shock. Having been raised on the East Coast by an atheist family, it’s so insane for me to think of all the little things that they just do and don’t even think about that would seem strange to me. 
- I like Bowser a lot. He’s just an island of sanity in an ocean of teenaged hormones and craziness. But now Blair and Sterling’s parents(?) know or will know that he’s a bounty hunter and that he’s closer to Blair/Sterling than they’ve been letting on. 
- Blair and Sterling constantly trying to hook Bowser and Yolanda up. 
- Blair saying “I’m stupid and hungry and not a criminal,” was possibly the best line of the season. 
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incorrecttbh · a year ago
Blair: you’ve made an enemy this tuesday.
Miles: it’s friday...
Blair: good to know.
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abrilstevens · a year ago
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scapular-dyskinesis · a year ago
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Teenage Bounty Hunters// S1:E6
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jollyeaglecalf · a year ago
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I cried way too much during this scene
Teenage Bounty Hunters 1.08 -> From Basic to Telenovela
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jonmercer · a year ago
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Teenage Bounty Hunters |1x03| “This Must Be How Dumb Kids Feel”
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weepinasunlitroom · a year ago
i'm on ep 6 of teenage bounty hunters and I will die for miles idc he is precious and I love him and if anything happens to him catch me CRYINGGGG
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tomorrowusa · a year ago
Debunking Trump’s lies could be a full time profession for a bus full of fact checkers. Trump lies more in a given day than many people just talk that same day.
But it’s important to refute the bullshit regarding what the Liar-in-Chief says about former members of his administration who have resigned and now oppose his re-election.
Miles Taylor is one of those people. He worked at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) from 2017 to 2019. Here is what he writes about Trump’s claim that Olivia Troye was fired because her superiors were unhappy with her work:
The suggestion that the administration was so unhappy that they fired her is even more ridiculous because I can tell you firsthand that senior leaders sung her praises to me repeatedly during her two years at the White House.
Vice President Pence personally thanked me over lunch one day for referring Troye to serve on his team, saying she was doing an incredible job.
Likewise, retired Lt. Gen. Keith Kellogg, another top Pence aide who was trotted out to denigrate his former colleague on national television, gushed to me earlier this year that Troye was a huge asset to the team and that they were lucky to have her.
Trump can’t claim that these people who worked for him are anonymous sources or political enemies.
The number of people once close to the President who are now speaking out is growing. Many aren't doing it for political reasons. They're doing it because they've seen Trump's recklessness up close and believe voters need to know what's really happening on the inside before it's too late.
Trump can't dismiss the criticism as "fake news" from anonymous sources.  We aren't hiding. We are named witnesses to Donald Trump's unfitness for office.
These are people who have witnessed Trump’s recklessness, incompetence, and malfeasance in person. They quit because they know he isn’t going to change.
BTW, Olivia Troye continues to speak out. She had this to say as the number of US deaths from COVID-19 jumped over the 200,000 mark on Tuesday.
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anarchistbitch · a year ago
Tumblr media
cant blame him tho
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kp777 · a year ago
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miles-taylor · 8 months ago
Quantum computing was once the realm of science fiction. Today, given rapid advances in the field, it will soon impact our economy, society, and national security, according to Miles Taylor, Google's former head of advanced technology and security policy.
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