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Tron person again. The nice thing about Tron Uprising is how it explains most of what you need to know about the world, it’s history, and how it works in the first half, usually though characters having flashbacks or bringing it up in conversation, then the second half goes all in on the story. Basically it makes the show accessible for people who didn’t watch Tron Legacy. (I was one of those people) There is still an ongoing story in the first half but it’s more character focused.

Huh. That sounds interesting. If/When I get the time, I’ll be sure to check it out. Hope you have a great New Years!

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I might’ve asked you about this before. Idk. It’s been a while. Sorry. 😅

I don’t recall getting any asks about Tron. Either way, no worries.

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It was meant to bridge the gap between the two Tron films but its more legacy than OG Tron. So yep.

Figures. I hardly remember anything about the new Tron, but I remember more about the old one.

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Honestly tho

Can we be proud of Miles and Kerry for this they said they’d take the criticism from last volume to heart and try to improve and if nothing else this episode shows they meant that like I know I’m quick to criticize RWBY but today’s episode was seriously amazing

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That’s the whole point, honestly. RWBY are in a no win situation.

They either get everyone up to Atlas where they can be safe, but are still in the clutches of the immortal witch who won’t let them go now that she’s here, or they somehow evacuate the citizens of Mantle but find that there’s no nowhere to go, people have lost their homes, and the immortal witch STILL has Atlas and both Relics. 

There’s no way they can have a flawless victory here, or even a pyrrhic victory at this point. There has to be a serious loss because of their actions now, or this will just be seriously contrived shit that benefits the protagonists. 

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I think there’s no chance of happening, I don’t like it in terms of timeline and story, and it’s just another example of CRWBY’s Orientalism on the women in their cast (Blake, Salem, Raven, Cinder) where they just pick oriental designs and put them on white women because they look cool. 

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So far my biggest problem with Volume 8 is really its tone.

Salem is here. She has a massive Grimm horde and a giant whale coming for Atlas. This should be the story’s darkest hour, like the fall of Beacon on steroids. 

So why then, are we having minute-long comedy segments that don’t even feel like they’re happening in the same universe?

I was mentally facepalming throughout the entire painfully stretched out “Bill” gag scene in Chapter 3. There are so, so many things wrong with it that I don’t even know where to begin. It destroyed any semblance of tension, made Atlas personnel look incompetent (well more than the show has already), it lingers on Ruby’s Sailor Moon pose at the end… It was like that drawn-out JNR food gag in Volume 7, only even worse because Salem is freaking HERE NOW

Just to be clear, I’m not saying that having brief scenes of levity in a tense scenario is a bad thing. On the contrary, it’s actually good when handled right; Lord of the Rings did this pretty famously in its bigger war scenes. Stuff like “Toss me!” is there to help the audience not just be nonstop bombarded by misery and action the entire time. My problem is that some of these moments aren’t brief; they take up minutes of screentime, and frankly feel like they should be in a different show at this point. 

Heck, I even think that the show has done a couple of these well; I was fine with Yang doing stunts with the Rhino, especially since her having the ability to do so became relevant in the chase against the Hound. Ruby saying “cool” when Penny showed off her hacking finger (? I don’t know what to call it) was fine too, and almost reminded me that Ruby used to be a tech/weapons geek. But when this show misses its comedy, it misses it hard, and that becomes even more damaging with the stakes they set up Volume 8 to have. 

I think it’s why I prefer JYRO’s story so far over RNBW’s, even if I have issues with them too. JYRO’s scenes feel more tonally appropriate for what is happening in the plot; things are tenser, they’re darker, the protagonists are anxious and even snapping at each other, and while there’s brief moments of levity they never completely take away from the tone and situations at hand. Their struggles feel more relevant to the plot and what’s currently coming for all of Atlas. 

RNBW’s… don’t. They mess around, have minute-long comedy segments that completely destroy any semblance of tension, talk about relationships… aside from a brief mention of “by the way Salem is here” every now and then, you’d probably think that it was any other Volume of RWBY stakes-wise whenever the focus is on them. And that’s not a good thing.

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I’m one of them. No Yang = No me.

And I honestly don’t understand why Weiss gets “best girl” treatment. I can understand why some people wouldn’t give it to Yang, or Ruby, but I kinda want to know why they’d give it to Weiss.

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I’m not against her paralleling Raven. But if we knew more about Raven, then it would make more sense. The mystery surrounding Raven is what’s most intriguing. Maybe she split the group up, maybe she didn’t. Maybe she treated the tribe the same way Yang is treating Mantle.

The bigger issue is that it doesn’t feel intentional. It feels more like it’s unintentional. The big thing about the main team is that where strq failed, rw/by succeeds. But without the context of strq and how they failed, this all feels forced in a way that makes it hard to see where they’re going with this.

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Adam’s treatment by the show and the FNDM will always be a chip on my shoulder. I don’t like yandere ex plotlines, and I ESPECIALLY don’t like yandere ex plot lines taking over serious racism arcs. 

Adam is straight up one of the most oppressed Faunus characters in the entire show; he was literally a child slave and BRANDED, and we don’t even know how old he was when it happened. Compared to Faunus Princess, it’s not a good look that she’s shown as in the right while he is villainised and made into a one dimensional bitter ex.

As for the AZRE chapters, I will be including the school dance too! I enjoy them and they’re gonna be key moments to the characters and their relationships with their friends!

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This aged so badly in only a week jkghdfjkghdf

We got Ren and Yang arguing over whether they were ready or not to be Huntsmen, with Yang giving a rather lackluster counter to Ren’s honest truth. The only BB baiting was when Yang asked Jaune if “she” thought less of her because she didn’t believe the Amity plan was worth it. When Jaune told her that Ruby loved her no matter what, Yang straight up went “Yeah…. Ruby.” like??? 

Yeah, RUBY. The sister you were arguing with just a few hours ago and who’s been trying to contact you, only for you to turn around and worry about your stupid cat girlfriend. Priorities, Yang. 

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There’s nothing wrong with liking Blake at the moment. When she’s interacting with other people, it makes her more tolerable than when she’s just stitched to Yang’s side. 

I liked the idea of her talk with Nora, but it’s weakened since Blake herself has made Yang all who she is, to the point where she would rather go dance with Yang than go to a political rally despite being introduced as a character who is passionate about politics and helping the Faunus (Given that Robyn’s opponent is Jacques Schnee, the racist monopoly man responsible for the Faunus’ suffering in the mines).

As for the BB shipping? I think CRWBY is gonna drag it out as long as they can. Not only do BB shippers make up their bottom line since everyone else has already left, but they want to keep them around as long as possible before the writing of the show drives the rest away.

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Is it fine to keep Adam as he is in canon? Yeah. At the end of the day, it’s their story to tell.

But is it fine to also express annoyance that Adam is constantly reduce to a yandere ex? Also yes. Especially when there’s more that could be done with him. 

I think that’s one of the main reasons I wrote AZRE. I wanted to explore Adam, but not in the way canon wanted him. I didn’t want to write him as the villain, I wanted to see how someone so damaged and abused as Adam could work when taken out of the White Fang and pushed to find his own way.

And I like making OCs. That too.

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War is literally RWBY whining that the Ace Ops don’t like them after they lied and then beat them up because they didn’t want to risk their home on a plan that Ruby didn’t even have. 

I like smug characters. I liked Mercury and Cinder in her early volumes, being smug isn’t something that makes me hate you, but it is very aggravating coming from heroes towards people they once considered friends but didn’t think twice over lying to. Weiss definitely lost best girl points there, but she lost a lot more with her treatment of Whitley in the latest episode.

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If Emerald is getting redeemed, Mercury is getting redeemed. They’ve been shown to be the two sides of the same coin, abused children manipulated into a situation where they can now not escape from for different reasons. 

Emerald doesn’t want to leave because she loves Cinder and has been manipulated into thinking Cinder loves her in return. Mercury doesn’t want to leave because he had been raised into a life of violence and destruction, and now is terrified to leave it. 

Add onto how CRWBY treats their male abuse victims, redeeming Emerald but not Mercury would just be another slap to the face and cement the fact that if you’re not a woman, fuck you, you don’t deserve shit.

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I think they named her Ruby just because the show is a play on of her name and they needed a name that meant “red” and began with R. Honestly, if Yang only has her name to even suggest she’s chinese, Ruby legit has NOTHING. She doesn’t even have anything of Taiyang’s feature wise, she just looks like a younger version of her mother. 

I love the name Li Mei, though. It’s super adorable. 

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The worst thing is with this volume is that volume 7′s writing was so bad that it’s gone and contaminated this volume. A lot of problems now come off the back of the last volume. 

I wouldn’t care so much of Yang telling Ruby off if she had been honest herself in the previous volumes. I wouldn’t be so grossed out with Oscar being tortured if he wasn’t the show’s punching bag since Volume 5. I would actually be happy with the fact that Ren and Nora were getting some development if it wasn’t the fact that they had better development back in Volume 4 that were then dropped so they could go back to “quiet asian who speaks like a sage” and “loud comedic girl who’s jokes aren’t even that funny”.

Add onto problems from this volume too. Ironwood’s sudden drop into full blown villain who shoots civilians, Ruby straight up lying to Penny about the fight with the Ace Ops and that Ironwood was blaming her when he was in fact blaming RUBY, Weiss’ behaviour towards Whitley when just last volume we had Willow begging Weiss not to abandon her brother.

I’m not watching RWBY expecting anything good. Villain Ironwood is sexy and the villains are always fun to watch, so I’m hoping they score a win this volume and team RWBY eat dirt.

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Im sure m and k care (idfk about the other 2 though). Idk anything about writing a show and directing it but jfc some stuff in recent volumes doesn’t add up

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