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Lol!! You would think the Toretto crew would be threatening, and you’d be right. But compared to the Shaws? Absolutely no chance


Looking up from sharpening his knives, Deckard raised an eyebrow at the people standing in the doorway. Both Dom and Brian were trying to give him serious looks, while Letty looked bored and Tej uncertain

“What?” Deckard asked, keeping his voice neutral. He knew they wouldn’t try anything, but he hated being cornered. They were on thin ice

“We wanted to talk to you about Luke.” Dom started

“What about him?” Deckard let a hint of threat drip into his voice as he brought the knife into eyesight

“We just want to make sure you’re not going to try and play the man.” Tej spoke up, but took a small step behind Dom when Deckard glared at him

“Are you lot seriously trying to threatening me right now?” Deckard asked, if a bit incredulously. These people really do have some balls

“Not really threaten.” Letty said smoothly. “We just want to know that you two are serious for each other. We don’t want any nasty break ups on our hands.”

“Yeah. I’m sure that’s it.” Deckard sneered and stood up, gripping his knife tightly. “Let me tell you lot something. Luke and I are not going to split any time soon. So, you can kindly fuck the hell off.”

“Alright, man. We got.” Brian said, not backing down even as Deckard got closer

Deckard met each other their eyes and could see that they all knew they were in danger. Deckard wouldn’t actually kill them, but he knew damn well how to maim and they all knew that perfectly well

Without another word, Deckard turned around and went back to sharpening his knives and didn’t bother to watch the crew leave


Owen was leaning back in a chair, eating chips and watching a movie on his phone when he heard footsteps coming closer to him

Looking up, Owen had hoped it would be Roman, but instead, Brian and Tej were standing in front of him.

“What do you want?” Owen asked them in a bored tone

“Look, we know you and Roman are going out.” Tej started, arms crossed as he stared down at Owen


“We want to make sure you know what’ll happen if you hurt him.” Brian grunted at him

Owen’s eyebrows rose

“Are you serious?” He asked

Brian and Tej looked at each other before nodding

Owen threw his head back and laughed, shocking both of his onlookers

“What the hell is so funny, asshole?” Brian hissed

Cutting off his laughte, Owen sneered at them. Pocketing his phone, he stood up and got into Brian’s space

“Do you really want to a rematch, mate?” Owen asked sweetly and watched with glee as Brian’s eyes widened with shock. “Because last I remember, I beat your arse six different ways.”

Owen smirked at the anger in Brian’s eyes, but he didn’t say anything

Smirking, Owen glanced over at Tej

“And if you want to try your hand, well. I’m free anytime you want.”

Without glancing back, Owen left the two shell-shocked


Leaning over the desk to stare at the computer in front of her, Hattie was focused on the firewall she was trying to hack. She ignored the footsteps coming closer


Looking up, Hattie raised an eyebrow at Letty, who was standing next to her with her arms crossed

“You got a minute to talk?” She asked

Hattie nodded and straighten up to look at Letty

“Look, the team wanted me to talk to you about Ramsey.”

“Is she alight?” Hattie asked, her heart speeding up at the thought of Ramsey being injured

“She’s fine.” Letty smiled at her. “The guys are just worried that you’ll do something to hurt her.”

“What?” Hattie hissed, and balled her hands.

“Whoa! I know you wouldn’t, but even you have to agree that you two didn’t get along when you first met.” Letty told her firmly

Hattie fumed, but had go agree

“She and I have sorted our differences a long time ago.” She said, staring Letty in the eye

“Glad to hear it.” Letty nodded in understanding. “We just want to make sure you treat her well.”

“And if I dont?” Hattie’s eyes narrowed

Letty just shrugged

“We’ll figure something out.” Letty said, but she had taken a step back at Hattie’s anger

“You lot can try, but you won’t get far.” Hattie hissed and turned away from Letty, anger still obvious in her stiff posture

“Good talk.” Letty sneered and walked away

Hoped you enjoyed friend!

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Omg yess! Can someone make a meme of three spidermans pointing at each other but with these three’s names?? “You’re fucking a Shaw too?!”

It was during a normal mission for Mr. Nobody when they find out. Dom was enjoying a job well done with the crew when he looked up and saw Luke and Deckard come into the room, holding hands

Dom raised his eyebrows at them in shock and waited for an explanation

“Well, I guess the cat’s out of the bag.” Luke said, rubbing the back of his head with his free hand. He looked a little abashed, while Deckard simply stared all of them down

“Congrats.” Dom said simply, giving them a small smile

“Yeah, congrats guys. I knew you guys would make a great couple.” Letty said next to him

“Wait, you were the one dating Deckard this whole time?” Roman yelped

“Yeah? But what do you mean? How’d you know he was dating someone?” Luke asked, eyes narrowed

“Uh well.” Roman coughed

“Owen told him.” Deckard said dryly

“Wait. When and why would Owen have told you?” Letty turned on Roman

“Um. He told me a little after we started dating.” Roman said, voice getting quieter and quieter with every word he said

“You what?!” Tej yelped.

“You’re dating a Shaw, too?” Dom grunted

What were the chances?

“Is anyone else here dating a Shaw?” Tej asked the room with full exasperation

“Ahem.” Ramsey cleared her throat and gave them a shy smile. “Hattie and I have been dating for the last three months.”

Dom didn’t resist facepalming at the news. Of course three members of their crew were dating the Shaws. Have to keep it in the family, right?

Hope you enjoyed friend!

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A stand alone Rattie fic?! Has my time to shine finally come?!

Ramsey had no idea what she was doing

Peeking around the corner of the alley she was hiding in, she started to second guess herself

She was about to break into the house of a federal agent. And MI6 agent to boot.

Sure, Ramsey was wanted by at least twenty different countries and would be thrown into jail as soon as someone recognized her, but this. Breaking into someone’s house was frightening

She was a thief electronically. Never once had she gotten her hands dirty. She usually just hired muscle if she needed that sort of thing done

But she had to do this

She had to know more about the only person on the planet that knew how to hack into the God’s Eye

It was the middle of the day and still drizzling outside in London. The agent shouldn’t be home. Ramsey had made sure that she was still at MI6

Taking a deep breath, Ramsey pushed herself out of the alley and towards the apartment building Agent Hattie Shaw resided in

Nobody questioned her as she went up the stairs and there was no one there to ask why she was taking so long to lockpick the sliding door on the balcony. The front door had been too difficult

After what felt like an eternity, Ramsey was finally able to get in

Looking around the sparse apartment, Ramsey tried to locate any type of electronic. There was a poor looking desktop and a TV in the living room. Not much else

Frowning, Ramsey decided to explore before looking at the computer

There was only a bathroom and two bedrooms. Only one of the rooms was being used correctly, the other one used as storage

Ramsey would think it was a poor existence if she herself wasn’t living in an abandoned warehouse at the moment

Entering the furnished bedroom, Ramsey dug around and didn’t find anything too incriminating. That was until she found a box under the bed

Sitting down on the bed, Ramsey opened up the box and hoped to find some kind of blackmail on the agent

But there were only pictures

Pictures of three kids looking happy as they either posed for the camera, or didn’t know it was there. Ramsey recognized the little girl as Agent Shaw but didn’t know the two boys

Glaring, Ramsey threw the pictures back into the box and hid it again

She needed blackmail, not family photos!

She didn’t have any luck with the desktop either, only finding emails to Agent Shaw’s mother and a few friends

Sighing, Ramsey decided to leave, having found nothing.

Carefully relocking the door, Ramsey made her way outside. She was on the stairs in the apartment building when she ran into someone

“Ah! Sorry. Are you all right?”

Ramsey’s heart stopped as she stared at the person she had run into

Agent Hattie Shaw

Ramsey couldn’t help but gap at her

“Hello? Are you ok?” She asked again, concern growing in her eyes as Ramsey didn’t say anything for a few seconds

“Yeah! Yeah, I’m fine. Sorry about that.” Ramsey rushed to say. “Just in a hurry.”

With that, Ramsey stepped passed Hattie and rushed down the rest for the stairs. She prayed to every god she could think of that Hattie wouldn’t follow her

Luckily, Ramsey didn’t hear any footsteps coming after her. Ramsey didn’t stop running until she was back in the alley she had hid in earlier, gasping for breath

“That was way too close.” She panted. “That was so stupid!”

She shouldn’t have tried her hand at trying to get blackmail. She almost got caught.

Ramsey was so focused on getting as far away from Hattie, she never really thought about the pictures she found until years later

When Deckard Shaw introduced Ramsey to his little sister, Hattie Shaw

Hoped you enjoyed friend!

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Gosh, I couldn’t imagine trying to do anything with accounting or business. Leave me to my Japanese lol! And awww, this one’s going to be so cute!

Ramsey knocked on the door, and waited. She hadn’t been in America long, barely came over to the states when she needed to for business. But now, it seemed like she was there a bit more often

Especially when her girlfriend’s brother’s husband lived in the US, and said girlfriend didn’t like being away from her big brother too much

Ramsey didn’t mind. She enjoyed spending time with Deckard, and Owen could be quite amusing when he wanted to be.

Suddenly, the door was being opened, revealing one Luke Hobbs

“Hey! Just in time for our next movie,” Luke said warmly. “I swore Hatts was going to make us send out a search party for you.”

Ramsey laughed as Luke pulled her into a hug

“Sorry, bout that, mate. Still not used to the roads here. You guys have the worst counting system.”

“Yeah, yeah. You think I don’t get to hear about that from three other brits?”

“I don’t doubt it.” Ramsey laughed again. She followed Luke through the house and into the living

She couldn’t help the huge smile that spread across her face at the sight that met her

The coffee table had been moved to allow a huge nest of blankets and pillows to be made in front of the TV. Laying in the pile were Hattie and Deckard, with Hattie sprawled on top of Deckard, who didn’t seem to mind being used as a bed. Meanwhile, Roman was sitting back on the couch, Owen sitting on the floor in between his legs. Roman seemed to be trying to braid Owen’s hair, and failing

“So, what’re we watching?” Ramsey asked.

“It’s between Big Hero 6 and Pacific Rim.” Sam’s voice said next to her. Looking down, Ramsey smiled at Sam, who was holding a huge bowl of popcorn

“Honestly, I still think we should be watching one of the Terminator movies.” Hattie groused. She was leveraging herself off of Deckard, making him grunt in irritation

“I’m seeing a theme here,” Ramsey said, if a bit suspiciously. “Someone really wants to see robots fighting.”

“And who doesn’t?” Hattie pouted as she came up to Ramsey. She wrapped her arms around Ramsey’s waist, who wrapped her own arms around Hattie’s neck and played with her hair.

“Not saying its a bad thing, love.” Ramsey whispered and gave Hattie a chaste kiss. “Just wondering who needs to murder some robots.”

Hattie smiled at her

“Knowing you, you’ll make me some later.”

Hope you like it friend!!

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